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Lear wanted to be the future leader of the solar system. That meant that Taros had to be dealt with, it couldn't be helped. His position in the Republic of Hades was too low. It was not that he didn't want it, it was just that his ability was simply insufficient. But through Lear, he would be able to achieve his interests. Lear was also very generous and seemed to mean well.

He decided that he might as well work with Lear to defeat Achilles. This was because Achilles looked stronger on the surface.

Lear was the one who had taken care of the entire first phase. Now that training had entered the second phase, Taros' strengths could be put into play in the battle of the leaders.

The five prepared leaders at the pinnacle were: Lear, Achilles, and Lie Xin as the main pillars. Raston and Taros would decide which way the balance would tilt.

Raston upheld the characteristics of the Caragal people, neutrality and competition, and opted not to participate in the upcoming factional struggles.

If Taros were to lean towards Achilles at this moment, the balance would be broken. Achilles was already extremely strong. This would create an opportunity for Lear to join hands with Lie Xin, so it would be a three-versus-one as Taros was secretly on Lear's side.

Once Achilles had been taken care of, taking care of Lie Xin would be simple.

Lear knew this very clearly. They had all been battling since their time in Academy X. To resolve this battle, a good head start was half the battle won. He would be the one to represent the solar system this time.

On Mars, Lie Xin's situation was simpler. The Lie family had a higher amount of control than others did over the military. The most important thing was that Mars was not restricted by arbitrary taboos.

The Lie family was in a position of hegemonial power on Mars, and in some ways, it conferred more advantages to them.

In contrast, Ares College's situation was actually the only one that resembled "normalcy".

After training, Yan Xiaosu hurried over and invited the others to a meal. As An Mei was not around, he could banter to his heart's content. It seemed as though he had limitless energy.

"Training is important, but don't forget to enjoy the good things in life. Don't tire yourselves out too much. I wonder how Little Xin is doing in Aslan. He didn't even come back during the holidays, what kind of ghoulish school is that?! I've sent him several messages, but none of them got through."

Yan Xiaosu complained. He had hoped that all three of them would be able to meet up during the holiday.

"He should be busy. He is very tough despite his usual calm appearance. He is definitely doing Earth proud in Aslan.."

Wang Zheng laughed. He felt that the place Xie Yuxin had gone to would most likely help develop his Ability X.

The Erillo Star that belonged to the Aslan Empire was like a blade that stabbed into the Milky Way. This was a star that was far from the homeworld of the Aslan Empire and it served as a springboard on which they could launch an invasion in to the galaxy.

This was a symbol of the Aslan Empire's age of expansion.

During times of peace like now, these springboards of invasions were given new meaning.

The Erillo star became a hub for cultural exchange of the Aslan Empire. It was through here that their culture radiated to the other galactic states.

This was also a sort of expansion, a cultural expansion.

This was a bustling and vibrant planet. The city at the center of the planet had hundreds of colleges and universities. Exchange students from all over the Milky Way Alliance received the best Aslan education here, and only those that retained the best performances would get the chance to go to the capital of the Aslan Empire.

After being cleared by the planetary defenses, a spaceship shrouded in dark light entered the planet's atmosphere directly from outer space.

The spaceship swept through Erillo's atmosphere and passed through the Litton Mountains before it made its landing. The spaceship's light convergence dissipated and revealed the shape of the spacecraft. It had the appearance of an Aslan ship, but the technical characteristics showed that it had traces of Atlantis technology.

The other side of the Litton Mountains was a vast stretch of desert.

The spacecraft swept through the desert and signaled.

"Alpha No. 07, the 57th flight test is completed. Requesting permission to return to the college."

"Alpha No. 07, you may return to the college. Welcome back."

The spaceship disappeared in a flash of light. There were no gusts of wind on the ground nor was there the sonic boom that indicated the breaking of the sound barrier. It was as if air resistance did not apply to this spaceship.

The spaceship stopped deep in the desert and started to land slowly. Just then, the desert grounds shook and the dunes cracked open, exposing a metal door hidden in the sand. The metal door had a huge X-mark painted on it.

The huge, metal door opened and the spaceship proceeded to land in the middle of it. A metal arm stretched out and held the ship in position. Another conveyor belt would carry the spaceship deeper underground.

This was a huge underground base.

But the people coming and going about in the base were not soldiers, they were mostly students wearing a variety of uniforms.

But it was obvious that this was different from the average college; it looked a little bit less like a college and more like a high-tech lab.

Even under a tense and efficient atmosphere, each person's face was full of spirit coupled with a look of self-confidence.

The 28th floor underground was the Department of Occult Science.

Not everyone could access the 28th floor. A security access card must be swiped when one was in the elevator for verification before the 28th floor could be selected.

The walls inside the laboratory were white and the ceiling and floor were a deep black. This contrast in color brought about a sense of mystery.

In the middle of the room, Xie Yuxin and a middle-aged man were sitting across from each other at a glass table. The chairs were transparent too, and it looked like the both of them were floating.

Xie Yuxin smiled and looked at the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man held a deck of playing cards in his hands.

The middle-aged man drew a card, took one look at it, and said, "Let's play one more time. This card that I've drawn, what is it?"

"The time starts now."

At the same time, he opened a website full of jokes and started to read them.

Xie Yuxin frowned. His Ability X was perception, and it also had a little predictive potential, but he still was not very sure what it could do.

This so-called perception perceived the information that the other party was thinking about via subtle movements from them. The more the other side was focused on the information, the greater the likelihood of Xie Yuxin being able to perceive it.

Xie Yuxin focused on the subtle movements that the middle-aged man gave off. Naturally, the other party was already immersed in the jokes, but he would still subconsciously give hints as to the card itself. The middle-aged man knew this as well. What Xie Yuxin needed to do was filter out the distractions and narrow down the information that he needed.

Sweat started to drip down from his forehead. Although it was an Ability X, it did not guarantee that he would definitely be right. A combat-oriented ability such as his was often unstable.

"It is the five of hearts…..wait….I also saw that...the king of clubs?"

Xie Yuxin exhaled deeply and answered.

The middle-aged man frowned and flipped the card over, it was the five of hearts.

"That was the wrong answer….but…how did you arrive at the king of clubs? I did not use any misleading tricks this time."

Xie Yuxin had been here for half a year and his ability had improved quickly. These sorts of mistakes would not have happened even a month ago.

Xie Yuxin was shocked. "I don't know either."

"Maybe you are tired. Get some rest for today," the middle-aged man said. He looked at the time, they had been at it for two hours already.

Xie Yuxin shook his head. "I'm not tired, let's try it again"

"No need to overdo it….but okay, if you insist. We'll call it a day if you make more one mistake."

The middle-aged man said. He shuffled the cards again and casually drew a card. He took a look at it and his face instantly turned white.

"Mentor?" Xie Yuxin's eyes flashed and quickly captured the information. It was the king of clubs! The card he just drew was the king of clubs!"

"An improvement….very good. Looks like we'll have to redesign your training all over again."

The power of prediction! And it was not a vague feeling but a clear prediction!

It was unbelievable! Ability X was largely based on the development of human instinct, but taken to the extreme. However, certain users had touched upon uncharted territory. Xie Yuxin was clearly one of them.

Zhang Qing's voice was a little agitated. He took a deep breath and calmed down. " Hoho….Xie Yuxin, you're been here for half a year already?"

"Yes, half a year."

"Congratulations….your ability rank has increased. You are the first of Earth's representatives to do so. Your isolated training will thus conclude, you are now allowed to enjoy a higher level of treatment and authority!"

Aslan's Institute of Capacity Studies was similar to the Milky Way Alliance's Academy X, but it was run independently by the Aslan Empire. Its main research direction was directed towards non-combat Ability Xs, especially those that involved prediction and time.

Humans had always been curious of about some of the runes of Atlantis, especially their religious beliefs and the existence of God.

The words of God.

Ever since humans entered the era of science and technology, this belief mainly stemmed from the heart. But it was clear that this was not the case for Atlantis. Such power truly existed for them.

The Aslan Empire was the one faction that had significant interactions with Atlantis. This was also done in the event that if something disastrous was predicted, they would have ample time to prepare for it.

When Atlantis chose to join the Alliance, it was to comply with the will of God. The same reason was given to external parties. However, it was, in fact, pure nonsense. They had not connected with God for countless years since.

But there was no doubt that it was a win-win situation for both parties. The Aslan Empire was an elite empire, and they had been curious about this power.

There were many students like Xie Yuxin who had accepted the best education that the Aslan Empire offered. This was the most comprehensive way to develop their abilities, something that schools could not do.

Xie Yuxin had learned a lot here, and he had also made many friends.

Students with exceptional grades could become citizens of the Aslan Empire and enjoy the best benefits. This in turn had attracted many students to come here.

But this was not what Xie Yuxin was after, he wanted to learn more, especially regarding his Ability X.

When Xie Yuxin thought about his own understanding of Ability X and the information he had collated about it, he could not help but show a confident smile. He would be able to send the information to Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu soon. He knew that this was especially useful to Wang Zheng.

He did not know why, but his instincts had told him so.

Alas, it was a pity that Wang Zheng was a not a beautiful babe.

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