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Upon departing from the space station, everyone looked at their surroundings with great interest. It was…..cleaner than expected. The air was fresh, lush plants were everywhere, and even the roadsides had flower beds that contained different flowers and grasses. It was not the run down place that they had imagined.

But upon further inspection, they noticed that most of the people here were businessmen. These businessmen possessed tough exteriors with solemn faces plastered upon them. Behind them followed fierce bodyguards. This proved that this was still Yagorus after all, and their own youthful faces were the odd ones out.

The next moment, two maglev vehicles appeared in front of everyone. These were their means of transport.

"Holy crap, this looks sturdy. Does it come with its own energy shield system?" Atos asked. Although he had been disqualified, he had come along with the others as a sparring partner.

"That is correct. Who knows if a person is aiming at your head right now with a laser weapon?" Baldy stated.

Their destination was a mercenary barracks that was heavily guarded. It even looked like a prison. Masasi and the others felt puzzled. When had the boss changed his style? Why did he end up fraternizing with such people?

They changed into the mercenary combat suits and went directly to the training grounds.

Rattle rattle….

A rack of mecha came rising out of the ground. They were delivered directly from the mecha base via elevators.

Twenty mecha in total which consisted of all the five types. Support-type, mobile scout-type, heavily armored defensive-type, offensive sniper-type, and balanced-type.

"Pick whichever you like and familiarize yourself with it." Achilles smiled.

A group of pilots who looked like mercenaries stepped out from the cockpits to make space for them. The looked at Masasi and the others with curious eyes as if they were animals in the zoo.

"Dorisius, I have the feeling that these people are interested in males," Dong Xiao joked.

"Damn, Pi Xiaoxiu, you got to be careful then. You look just like their type."

"Scram!" Pi Xiaoxiu replied with one word.

This place seemed extremely shady. Who knew what weird activities the locals were interested in? It gave off a shady feeling. If it were not for Achilles's request, they would never have come to this sort of place. They were not lacking in mecha either.

Milo picked the offensive type, Masasi picked the balanced type, Pi Xiaoxiu casually picked the support type. In his words, the support mecha would usually stand in the backlines where it was safe and secure.

None of the twenty mecha consisted of what they were familiar with, so they just randomly picked one.

It didn't mean much to them.

They had trained with hundreds of mecha before. In fact, the mecha they had trained with were not restricted to those of the solar system, they also used those of other galaxies.

If Zhang Shan could know what the Eight Stars were thinking, he would definitely have fainted from jealousy. A person would be frustrated if he constantly compared himself with others.

On the training ground, Masasi and the others undertook maneuvers to familiarize themselves. Knowing that the others were mercenaries, they wanted to show off a little of their skills too. They did not think highly of the mercenaries. Only those who did not want to join the army or were rejected by the army would join the mercenaries.

Although the exterior of the training ground did not look luxurious, its facilities were comprehensive. Milo piloted the mech to a footwork training field and started training her footwork.

The training field remotely controlled the power system of the mech. If the footwork was not up to standard, the mech would be forced to brake and the training session would be terminated.

An indication light appeared on the ground of the site, and the moment the Milo stood on top of it, a new indication light quickly appeared ten meters away with a hum. The mech had two seconds to move into the new position. With a bang, the mech dashed forward and stepped on the new indication light.

More indicator lights appeared in the distance. The mech moved rapidly to each one of them. Initially, the distance between the indicator lights were within a reasonable range, but gradually the distance between them grew larger and the time limit grew shorter.

Rumble rumble rumble…..

Milo had fun. Song of the Storm required one to have good footwork. It was a dazzling move in CT, but it was also a useful skill in reality. Although the skills used in CT may not be directly transferable to reality, this move was a true trump card she possessed.

Boom! The difficulty was increased and various laser obstacles appeared to obstruct Milo. If Milo touched any of the obstacles along the way, the system would force the mech to stop. Milo merely smiled, and with twisting, evasive maneuvers, dashed past all of the obstacles. Such speed gave a person the feeling that the mech was a ghostly spirit, able to pass directly through all sort of obstacles.

Obviously, this simulation presented no challenge to Milo.

Dong Xiao laughed and rushed towards the strength training ground. The objective of this training was simple: to collide with the laser road obstacle in front of the mech and use any means to punch through the enemy's formation. Additional requirements were to disrupt the enemy formation and prevent the opponents from destroying his own damage-type mechs. The heavy armor-type mech was suited for this role.

Dong Xiao continuously punched the obstacles. Every impact required him to have perfect form. Speed was of the essence, and the mech had to recover quickly to initiate another striket.

Under normal circumstances, achieving three strikes per minute was considered a pass in the collision training. Achieving five strikes per minute was considered excellent.

However, Dong Xiao never thought of settling for anything less than perfect. He struck out again and again, never stopping…..rumble rumble rumble…

Ten obstacles were broken in a minute. The mech also did not suffer much damage; the heavy shield expenditure used was not more than 30%.

Although he was only hitting obstacles, he had done it elegantly. It was not like others, who were slumped over after the training.

The Eight Stars had all performed well. But this was due to them being familiar with the chosen mech. They had chosen the mecha and the training fields that suited their playstyle.

Could this be called training? There was no need for such a big fuss….these mecha were old ones anyway.

The mercenaries at the sidelines watched with interest. They would occasionally whisper to each other.

"What do you think?" Achilles smiled and asked the bald team leader.

The bald team leader smiled and replied, "They have good foundational skills and abilities. They are definitely geniuses."

Achilles smiled and looked at the bald team leader. "I didn't come here just to hear praises from the Wolf King."

The Wolf King Yazzo. He was a famous person in the mercenary circles of the solar system. The Wolf Spirit Mercenary Corps that he led could easily be ranked amongst the top ten. He was a true expert.

"A pack of trash," Yazzo stated and stared blankly at Achilles. Achilles smiled as if he had expected that.

"Hoho! This was my intention for bringing them here."

He pointed at the mercenaries who were watching from the sidelines.

Yazzo looked at Achilles with one eye and stated, "I owe your family a favor, but that does not mean I am interested in childish games."

"Of course, if any losses are incurred in actual sparring, I will pay you double the compensation. I know that you have been wanting to upgrade your mecha."

Achilles had immediately struck the Wolf King's weakness.

Yazzo looked at Achilles. He knew that this young man was a capable person. "Are you sure?"

"When have I ever said something and not backed it up?" 

The young man in front of him had a mild smile, but his eyes made him seem like a trustworthy person.

For Yazzo, this was indeed a good deal!

Upon hearing that there would be sparring, Masasi and the others were excited. They had gotten bored of training alone, where was the fun in that?

"Who shall go first?"

Yazzo asked the group of youths.

Dong Xiao stood out with a bang. "I shall go first. I heard that you guys are mercenaries, I will go easy on you so as not to ruin your reputation."

Both Yazzo and the mercinaries laughed, but their laughter contained a hint of malice. "Black Skin." 

"How could I bully such cute kids like them?" a black-skinned man with thick lips said. His smile revealed a mouthful of yellow teeth. He then entered the cockpit of a similar defense-type mech.

Within five minutes, Dong Xia's mech was on the ground. All of its limbs had been shattered and it had lost its ability to fight. Had this been an actual enemy, Dong Xiao would have already lost his life.

"Little girl, you put up quite a fight." Black Skin chuckled as he hopped out of the mech. Dong Xiao could be seen trembling in his cockpit

Who the f**k were these guys? He did not understand how he had gotten flipped over, nor why he was not able to get back on his feet.

"Let me try," Milo said. Her eyes gave off a cold stare. These people did not look like much, but their accumulated combat experience should be respected and feared.

Milo was flexible, but she was unable to land a series of blows. She was unable to unleash a flawless barrage of attacks like she was known to do.

The opponent was not a target dummy nor used as a prop. They had combat experience, they knew how a person was going to attack from the way the limbs moved. Once you had made your move, they would be able to counter it the second time.

Milo lasted a little longer, but in the end was beaten down all the same.

In the blink of an eye, both of their mecha were smoldering wrecks. Milo's face was totally pale when she got pulled out of the cockpit.

To have the mech's shields totally destroyed and all of its limbs shattered, that sort of feeling was utterly humiliating.

Dong Xiao would be okay as he was a man, but the psychological impact must have been even greater for Milo.

All of the others were silent. They now understood what the mercenaries was laughing at.

Yazzo roared with laughter. "Thank you for your business. Will it be cash or credit?"

Achilles laughed. "Your guys were pretty good, I'll pay you triple. 50 million will be in your bank account within half an hour. You don't have to do anything else within this time."

"We, the Wolf Spirit Mercenary Corps, are the most professional. Our customers are like Gods to us."

Yazzo laughed and took stock of the group of students. He was surprised at the deep pockets of Achilles, but there was no need for it.

Because Achilles' family was well known. There was not one person who could offend that family and still survive in this solar system.

Achilles walked right up to Masasi and the others and began to lecture them.

"We don't have much time to train. If you guys can't even beat these mercenaries, then don't even bother thinking about going to IG."

Achilles stated bluntly. His goal was not the solar system, only the vast expanse of the galaxy was the limit!

In fact, all of the major military academies had already begun their preparations. But a lot of them had already lost right from the beginning.

Meanwhile, Zhang Shan was doing somersaults with the Demon Wolf right this moment. Holy f**k, who the hell was so perverted as to invent an animal mech!?

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