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The booming noises of the sports cars roared as they raced across the road. The three cars with advanced designs caught everyone's eyes as they blazed past.

After driving for a while on the road, they got onto the magnetic levitation lane on the side. The speed of the cars reached 400 km/hr as the magnetic levitation accelerated the cars further.

After 10 minutes, three cars entered the Stargod Race Circuit in the suburbs. Masasi typed something on his Skylink and then the staff came up to them instantly.

"Young Master, have you come to test drive the cars? Could you please wait three minutes? We are emptying the race track right now."

At this time, the race cars on the track were exiting the site swiftly. Smart track-maintaining robots inspected the tracks at the same time. This was the training spot for Masasi's car-racing team. The car-racing team had always been Masasi's stress relief.

The race course possessed maglev tracks with bi-directional gravity devices. There were not one but three layers of tracks interlaced in the air. The racing cars could make various kinds of drifts and leaps by utilizing the magnetic force provided by the tracks. Compared to conventional tracks, it had more uncertainty. Besides technique, the driver's judgement and observation power would be crucial.

The track inspection was accomplished quickly, and the drivers from the Odin racing team were the audience for the race. They were cheering and screaming on the sidelines... Milo was too hot, and...the opponent of their master was Achilles. There were countless legends that had immortalised Achilles on the Moon. There was one about how he won the Auto Master title on the Moon when he was only thirteen.

What was more impressive was that it only took him one month from learning to drive to winning the title. Moreover, it was the month of February. Precisely speaking, it only took him 28 days.

"Do you think Master stands a chance? The Gaia sports car's engine is at least one grade worse on these tracks."

"Wait and see, newbie. The legendary 28-day Auto Master will show you what he is made of. "

As the drivers were discussing, the Odin 9 series and Gaia slowly moved onto the tracks.

Milo stood in the center of the tracks, waving the checkered flag coquettishly. A beauty combined with the thrilling sight of a race. This perfect image excited everyone. Milo was flamboyant and vibrant like a fire. The beauty of youth was in full bloom at the passionate racing game.

Milo suddenly waved the flag downwards and said, "Go!"


Two sports cars flew out like two rockets!

The roars of the engines echoed throughout the arena... This was what it meant when one spent the summer holiday on the Moon... It made others jealous just thinking about it.

Apparently, not everyone was having such an exciting summer holiday. After An Mei got back from Roland-Garros, she got called home by her family, so Lucky Star Su had to cancel his "schemes" reluctantly.

After all, they were not officially married. Although Tyrant Su felt that it was difficult to be apart from her, her family wanted her back as soon as possible, so he could not hold on to her any longer.

When they were in school, they could have lovely conversations at any time. But when she got home, she could only contact him on Skylink every other day. Time became so hard to kill. It was the first time that she felt like her summer holiday was boring. It was mainly because Yan Xiaosu had been a lot busier recently. Lucky Star Su had a lot going on in his company too, where his talking skills could be placed to good use. Hence he could not afford to chat with her on Skylink for hours like before.

"An Mei, this is the new product from daddy's company. Do you have any comments?"

They said daughters were like their fathers' warm little jacket. However, recently, An Mei no longer seemed like the warm little girl he once knew. He knew that his daughter had grown up and had become concerned with other things.

"Hmm... well...this perfume is not too bad, but who was in charge of marketing it? This perfume was marketed as a seductive fragrance, but apparently it doesn't smell exceptionally alluring. On the contrary, it has a pretty girly smell. If you changed it to a smaller bottle, I bet that it will be popular among college girls. By the way, Dad, are you free tonight? You haven't taken me out to eat for so long."

An Mei held her daddy's arm, smiling. It seemed like she had neglected her dad recently; otherwise, he would not have brought the company's business to her attention.

"I am free, of course I am free. How about going to the seafood restaurant?"

"Daddy is the best."

An Fengtang beamed with delight. His daughter's compliment was better than anything else in this world.

At this time, a teenage boy came out from the side yawning. "I am so thirsty. Sister, can you get me some juice?"

Bop! The boy was knocked on his head.

"Little An, have you forgotten your position in the family?! You should be the one to pour your sister some juice!"

"What did you learn at college? You have not changed at all."

An Shijie murmured reluctantly and placed a glass of juice in front his sister and said, "Sis, I have checked the ranking of beauties in Ares College. You are in the ninth position. Hehehehe."

"What are you laughing about?!"

An Mei turned her head. She was a bit speechless. Her brother had no interest in studying, his biggest interest was gaming. Even his girlfriend got together with him after they met each other in the game.

"Hehe, Sis, I don't think that you have no admirers… but your boyfriend has to have my approval! Otherwise, I will definitely drive him away," An Shijie said as if it was the most normal thing to do.

An Mei glared at him defiantly. "You think you are old enough to get involved in my business? I think you are asking for trouble."

An Shijie got a shock seeing his sister being serious, as he knew his sister had an issue with violence. God knew how she had evolved further in a military academy.

"I wouldn't dare! My sister has the beauty of a goddess, I am just worried that a beauty like you will get fooled easily." When he saw the doubtful look on An Mei's face, he dry coughed and said, "Well, of course, my parents will not be able to take care of me for my whole life. My sister, you are the only one I can depend on. With your beauty, you can easily marry the heir of those big companies… in the future, won't it be his responsibility to take care of his younger brother-in law?"

"Take a hike!" An Mei had mixed feelings of anger and amusement. Anyone with a brother like this would turn completely speechless.

"Okay! As long as you can find me a good brother-in-law, I can even take a hike in the bathroom."

When they were talking, a good-looking middle-aged woman came in. She was dressed in all designer clothes and the handbag she carried was a limited edition design from the top luxurious brand, Colo. There were only 100 bags like this in the whole Solar System.

"What? Brother-in-law? An Mei, didn't you just choose a random boyfriend?"

"Mom!" An Mei bemoaned.

"You should have listened to me in the first place. Why did you even put Ares College as your first choice? I mean, are there any good boys in Ares College? They are just a bunch of feckless poor boys." Han Susu glared at An Fengtang resentfully when she said that. The first choice was supported by him, but if it was up to her, An Mei would have gone to the University of Beijing.

"Mom, how can you call them feckless if they could get into Ares College?"

An Mei argued. Every family had its problems. She did not know when her mom had become so snobbish.

"How much can army academy graduate make every month? 100K? One million? An Mei, my daughter, please don't think your mom is snobbish. Marriage is the key in a woman's life. Don't end up like me. I have gained nothing from marrying your dad. I had to save up for more than half a year to buy this handbag. Those girls I looked down on when I was young.. they all live much better than me right now… Anyway, trust Mom's experience."

An Mei sighed lightly. Those words had fallen on deaf ears.

An Shijie finished his drink on the side. He felt very helpless against their snobbish mother, but he was stopped before he could leave the conversation.

"Don't go. There's a banquet tonight, and I have bought new clothes for you. An Mei, go try them on. Shijie, stop hiding in the house all the time. Go and see the world. I don't want people to call you an otaku, I would be so ashamed."

An Shijie had a bitter look on his face, but he knew that no one in the family could reject his mom's decisions. It would be better if they just followed her orders and let it pass smoothly.

"Mom, I don't want to go." A banquet? An Mei knew it was just a match-making session in disguise.

"You will go no whether you want to or not. Go and meet some real talents. Once you have seen them, you won't get impressed by those poor guys anymore. Anyway, I did it for you own good… "

It was yet another long-winded speech.

An Mei sighed silently while looking down at her fingers. An Fengtang also felt awkward in such a conversation. He wanted An Mei to marry a wealthy man, but he felt that a true connection between them was important. Though An's Beauty wasn't that big a company, there were still hundreds of employees working for them. It was a company of repute in the cosmetics market.

An Shijie came towards An Mei. "Sis, Mom's words were pretty blunt, but the key point was right. Don't get fooled by those poor guys, my happiness depends on you."

An Mei could not take it anymore and she kicked him away.

Her mom was a snob, her brother was a clown. How could she bring Yan Xiaosu home? How could she bring up the issue of Yan Xiaosu in her family?

They got dragged to the banquet by their mom in the end, as no one in the family could do things against her will.

"Sis, here are the latest updates. Mom was talking to the wife of the board chairman of the Kaiyang Group, I think that boy, Qian Xuan from Kaiyang, will come over next. Sis, just a warning. You should leave him alone, I heard that he is stingy as hell."

An Shijie wanted his sister to marry a wealthy but not miserly man.

Sure enough, the young master of the Kaiyang Group came over soon after. Arrogance was written all over his face. A flicker flashed in his eyes when he saw An Mei.

"An Mei, it has been a while since we last met."

"Have we even met before?" An Mei didn't really want to talk to him, but she knew her mom was watching her from not so far away.

"Of course we met before. When you were in secondary school, I went for the meeting in your school…"

An Mei made the effort to listen to his boasting. He was so boring! He thought that she was just a naive little girl.

"An Mei, I feel like we will make the perfect couple." The young man couldn't contain himself; he drew this conclusion after his self-promoting.

"Emm, sorry… I think I did something that made you misunderstand me. We aren't compatible. Sorry."

Her rejection was straight forward. In the past, she would usually put it more euphemistically to save her mom some face, but she could no longer stand it anymore.


"Thank you, but I am playing the Angry Snowman game. I am busy right now."

Qian Xuan walked away seething. In his eyes, there was something more than pure anger. He held a deep desire for her. He desired what he could not get, but he could not do much in public. He was scheming a way to get her, perhaps even through violent means.

Han Susu rushed over and stared at An Mei. "You just ruined your rare chance of meeting the young master of the Kaiyang Group. What was that attitude for?"

An Mei sighed. The summer holiday was just too long for her to keep her little secret from her family. "Mom, I'm seeing a guy already."

"What did you say?! You stupid girl, I told you don't get close to those poor lads…"

"Mom, his family owns a company too."


Han Susu got curious. "He owns a company? In which field?"

An Shijie came forward from the side as well. This was no joking matter. His future brother-in-law's wealth was directly linked to his own happiness in the future.


There was anger burning in Han Susu's eyes. "What! That is even worse than your dad!"

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