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"What has Old Mu done? Why did he let a random person in here? Didn't he say that he would only add Xiao Fei and Marcus into this group? "

Wang Zheng was dumbfounded at seeing the group of uncles pick on him. He did not know how to reply either because these "top scientists" were apparently judging him as if he was some kind of low-class animal.

Fortunately, Old Mu arrived just in time. He said, "Hey, guys, don't scare the young boy away. He is Wang Zheng, I mentioned him before. Don't be so arrogant, he might be better than you guys in some aspects."

The group chat suddenly became abuzz. Apparently they had all heard about him.

Wang Zheng was once again on the sidelines watching.

"Old Mu and Xiao Fei have spoken really highly of you. Why do you need to consult us about Chekhov's Geometric Number Theory?"

Mu Fengchun was also a little confused. "Wang Zheng, why are you asking about this?" he asked.

"Well, it is because I was working on this assignment that Xiao Fei had given me. This Geometric Number Theory thing was really a pain in the a**, so I had to spend six or seven hours on it every time."

The group chat was filled with laughter.

"Old Mu, is this the genius you were talking about? Though Chekhov's Number Theory could be a bit confusing, it usually only takes us at most one hour to derive it. But...six or seven hours? "

"Yeah, even my student could derive it within three hours if he tried his best. Is this boy your secret illegitimate child, Fengchun?"

The group ridiculed him.

Wang Zheng felt a bit awkward in front of all these geniuses from the Milky Way Alliance. He would not even dare to think of deriving the theory in one hour.

Mu Fengchun got a shock, as he knew Wang Zheng's mathematical skills. He should not be struggling this badly, so why did it take him six or seven hours?

"Wang Zheng, we are sort of free right now. Just give it a try in front us, we can help you to check which are the steps in your derivation took so long."

Said Mu Fengchun.

Wang Zheng was about to tell them to forget about it. He would work on it by himself, but now everyone was looking at him. He was trained to be respectful to his seniors by Old Merchant. Now that he had disturbed so many experts in the group chat, he could not just leave like that.

So he began his calculation. At first, the experts planned to give him a little bit of help here and there, but from the starting equation, they felt that something was off.

Was this the Chekhov's Geometric Number Theory they knew?

Half an hour had passed, and the number of onlookers increased from 5 to 12.

"Can Chekhov's Geometric Number Theory be interpreted in this way too?"

"The result was the same, but the derivation was completely different."

They finally understood why it had taken him six or seven hours, it was because he was approaching it from a completely different angle.

Wang Zheng was in good form and he was naturally competitive. His condition got much better when there was a group of people observing him. He felt that his brain was performing better than usual. It was as if Old Merchant was supervising him.

He calculated while the others were whispering to themselves. Mu Fengchun was also watching from the side, and he would clap his hands once in a while. He then started to derive his own calculations as well.

Wang Zheng finally finished his derivation after five whole hours. This was his new record. At this time, there were 25 people in the group chat already. For some of them, it was late at night and already dawn for the others. But no one left the chat.

"Who would have thought that he could derive the generalized Chekhov's Geometric Number Theory?"

"Yeah, the one we were used to talking about was actually a narrower version. The application range of it was too limited. His derivation was really eye-opening."

Mu Fengchun gave Wang Zheng a look of excitement. He was also wondering who else in this world could have such a deep understanding.

There was only one person in Mu Fengchun's mind, his mentor.

"Old Mu, where did you find this boy? He is a boy wonder!"

"Oh gosh, we are going to lose our jobs soon!"

"Young man, welcome to the Genesis Coffee group chat. We have finally seen someone new here."

Wang Zheng made a few polite greetings and then left the group chat. Mu Fengchun was about to say something, but he held it back.

Student Wang checked the time and was speechless. He had planned to seek a shortcut, but in the end he had to do the whole derivation late into the night once again.

He checked his Skylink again. There were numerous missed calls from Tyrant Su.

"Boss, we are unable to stand this anymore. The Immortal Barbarian team was too flashy!"

"Damn! They think that there are no better players from Earth, Boss! What do you think about coming here to slay them?"

"Solon left a message, he said that if you are willing to fight, he could offer you a higher pay."

"Boss, Solon came again. He said that if you are willing to fight, he will meet any demands you have."

"Boss… Solon is crying."

Wang Zheng was dumbfounded. What in the world had happened?

He checked the trending video section...the most popular video was the King level confrontation between the Immortal Barbarian region and the Earth region.

Wang Zheng clicked in the video… and the single impression he got from it was "MISERABLE!"

The opponents were well prepared for the battle. On the Earth side, the skills of Prince and the others were a bit inferior...on top of that, they were not mentally prepared. It was no wonder they were unable to withstand the attacks of their opponents.

By defeating the strongest Kings of the Earth region with no casualties, the Immortal Barbarian team was indeed worth their salt.

Wang Zheng did not think too much about it, as winning or losing a battle was a common occurrence. No one was invincible... you would just keep winning until you finally lost.

Yan Xiaosu and Solon were just making too much of a fuss out of it.

But Wang Zheng finally understood after he saw the ending.

That Virbius in the middle, he had left a message after the battle. It was both like a question and an answer. He wondered how a third-rate region like this had won the battle against Yuan Long.

They did not pay heed to the Earth team's capabilities from the beginning to the end.

Wang Zheng had just dialled up Yan Xiaosu's Skylink when the other side started talking. "Boss, I called you like a hundred times, but you were always busy."

"I had something come up. You were not asleep, right?"

"How could I sleep!? I am so furious right now. The Immortal Barbarian team was too arrogant! Even if Solon wasn't asking, you'd need to come out and teach them a lesson!" said Yan Xiaosu unflinchingly.

"Oh, come on, what did Solon offer you this time?'

He would not be Wang Zheng if he did not know what Tyrant Su was up to.

Yan Xiaosu squeezed out a smile and said, "Solon had promised me a full set of limited version Diamond Division mecha. Well, I don't really care about the petty advantages. The main reason I called you was because I could not stand the Immortal Barbarian team running a riot on our turf. "

"Go and ask Solon to donate half of the profits this time to the veteran welfare associations and hand out the remaining parts in proportion," said Wang Zheng.

"Don't worry, Boss, he would comply even if you asked for the full profit," Yan Xiaosu said. But he knew Wang Zheng would not have requested that.

Yan Xiaosu was not greedy either; he had asked for the set of mech just to satisfy his hobby. He just wanted it for his collection. In other words, it was more for show.

Tyrant Su was a very simple person, and he enjoyed showing off.

Solon did not sleep; a lot of the players could not sleep either. What had happened today was unbearable.

They had suffered even more miserable defeats, but somehow they were particularly angry this time. They just could not accept this outcome.

Prince and the others were also having a bad time. It was a humiliating defeat; they were so suppressed that they did not even have the chance to exert their strengths and strategies. They were merely following their opponent's pace. No one felt happy about the battle, but reading the comments made them felt even worse.

"Prince, what the hell were you doing? Were you faking your moves? You did not even hit a single enemy."

"Bragging Simon, you ought to change your name to just "Braggart". How about you switch to become a cook, where you could put your chopping techniques to full use."

Of course, the mocking from their opponent really drove them nuts. But the CT circle followed the law of the jungle. Either you mocked, or you got mocked.

The reason why it ended like this was because the starting point was too high, and the expectation for them was too high. In the end, it formed a sharp contrast with reality.

In the CT forum, everyone was thinking of countermeasures. They could not let the Immortal Barbarian team walk away so easily. That would be too degrading to all of them.

There were quite a few masters other than Prince and his team, but good coordination was the most crucial factor in the battles at this level. No matter how the team was set up, the best choice for the mid-lane was always Skeleton.

The Skeleton Corps had already started to call for Skeleton.

Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun had also been affected by the result. Especially Ailun, he had bragged in front of three beauties about the greatness of the Earth region and the Skeleton Corps.

While watching the game with three beauties and showing off his knowledge, Chen Xiu surely would have joined in…

And the result...

The disappointed looks on three girls when they left almost made Ailun want to kill himself.

Where was Prince's combo clutch shots? How about Bragging Simon's Pentastrike legend? None of those got executed in the game. How could they stand watching a game like this?

Solon was waiting silently in the dark. Finally, his Skylink flashed. Solon almost jumped immediately. It was true that he had accomplished his goal of becoming the CEO of the Solar System region, but everything changed after he had gotten this position. The more power he had, the more responsibility and burden he had to take on. This defeat was a real knock to his position.

He could only pin his hopes on Skeleton to turn the tide, but he could also feel that Skeleton held less and less interest in CT as time went by.

When he saw Yan Xiaosu's reply, Solon threw his hands in the air. His eyes were glowing in the dark!

The official website sent out a notification at midnight, which was quite bizarre timing.

----Skeleton is here!

This title was enough to put the sleepless fellowers to bed soundly.

It was dusk in the capital of the Immortal Barbarian Star. This was the busiest time of the day in CT and their forums were bustling. They heard that their Immortal Barbarian team slew the Earth team who had just defeated the Norton team.

If it was in the past, perhaps the crowd would only have read the title. But now that the Earth team had just gained fame, they had to read the details. After reading, they felt like there was nothing much to show off about. The gap between two teams was just too significant.

They really could not understand how the Earth team had managed to defeat the Norton team.

What truly attracted the Immortal Barbarians was the trolling and complaints in the comment section. It was almost like a blockbuster movie to them. They all had heard about the theorists on the Earth, now they had seen them in action. They came up with numerous useless plans and tons of tactics…It might have seemed quite persuasive, but this was merely entertainment to the Immortal Barbarians.

Their liveliness was also incomparable to other places. In just a few hours, tens of millions of posts emerged.

However, the whole comment section had quietened down after a CT official published a new announcement.

This caused great curiosity among the Immortal Barbarian onlookers. What was going on?

The people of Earth were known as the least chill people in the whole universe, and they had suddenly calmed down.

What? Could it be that the server had crashed?

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