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It seemed An Mei was still displeased with Xiao Shi.

What else could Yan Xiaosu say? With the sensitive nature of Aina's status, if Ye Zisu was not saying anything, he could say even less.

After travelling, Yan Xiaosu had a deeper understanding of how big this world actually was. It was useless to have thought that he was capable of achieving anything. Actually, he leaned towards An Mei's way of thinking.

Putting all things aside, he and An Mei could not even attend those kinds of gatherings, so even if Wang Zheng had the ability, even if he received the highest award, so what?

As a country, Aslan would value talents, but that was the extent. If Wang Zheng wanted to marry the Princess of Aslan, putting aside distance, the royal family would not allow it, even if it was just a romantic relationship.

Perhaps the person within the situation could not see the implications. But from another perspective, wasn't the purpose of life to live it to the fullest? Who knew about the future? Also, giving up was definitely not what Wang Zheng would do.

"Alright, don't frown anymore. Other people may think that I'm bullying you."

When they woke up the next day, Wang Zheng was already back. Xiao Fei and her group had already submitted their preliminary research findings. As for the other details, they would work them out when they returned to Earth.

Everyone needed to pack. The flight was booked and they were going back to Earth.

After all, this was not a tour, so they had to follow the itinerary. Besides, there was no good service for their returning journey. The New Olympus still had to carry out other missions. They were taking the transportation line back.

Even though she did not sleep at all, Xiao Fei was very energetic. Wang Zheng sat upright and still. He was thinking how he could explain the matter.

"The new report has already been submitted. Your name is once again in first place. We made this decision together." Xiao Fei did not even give Wang Zheng the chance to reject.

"Teacher, I'm just a student. I will be put in a troublesome position if you do it this way." Wang Zheng smiled bitterly. Also, Wang Zheng felt that he was advancing further and further on the road of research. You should know, even the Old Merchant did not recommend him moving down this path.

"Really? I think that it is indeed a problem for you to be a student. I'm planning to apply for you to be a teaching assistant at school." Xiao Fei winked.

Obviously, with Wang Zheng's current situation, it was a waste for him to continue being a student.

Professor Wang, it sounded fun.

Wang Zheng was so shocked that he jumped up. "Please spare me. If I do this, the Mecha Department will expel me."

"Don't worry. I will settle the other things. This matter is decided. It won't delay your IG selection. Besides, after becoming the teaching assistant, you'll enjoy more freedom in organizing your time. Don't you want to spend more time training?"

Xiao Fei had highlighted what Wang Zheng wanted the most. Putting other things aside, just based on the attendance requirements, it would make things more convenient for Wang Zheng. He could mark his own attendance.

"Going back to the topic, let me know what you think. Why did you think in that direction?"

"When we were chatting, we actually discussed these questions. I went back to do quite a bit of research. During training, I would brainstorm. When I'm exercising, my brain always comes up with some unique ideas, but I still could not solve the last step."

"You have already completed 80% of the work. The last part is simply a question of time. Sometimes I wonder if you come from the future. How do you know so much?" Xiao Fei looked at Wang Zheng suspiciously.

"Ahem, Teacher, if I was from the future, would I dare to apply for Ares College?"

"You mean you feel wronged to have gotten me as your teacher?"

"No, you are the best teacher."

Wang Zheng smiled. Luckily, Xiao Fei had no intention of pushing the topic. Maybe it was because Wang Zheng was too outstanding, but after some time, Xiao Fei had already gotten used to it. Anyway, they did discuss the project from many aspects. It was just that they did not expect Wang Zheng to link the different aspects together so perfectly; he was just like an old scientist who had been in the physics world for decades.

"Oh, yes, tomorrow we will be taking the Aslan Empire Princess's ship. Princess Aina wants to send us off, but don't be enticed!" Xiao Fei said. Even she could not reject Aina's offer, but she also thought that it was because Aina wanted to entice Wang Zheng. It was known that Aslan treated talents very generously.

Wang Zheng raised his head and proudly proclaimed, "Reporting, Teacher! Wang Zheng was born an Earthling and he will die an Earthling. Even if Princess Aina wants to marry me, she can only marry to Earth. Wang Zheng will not marry into Aslan."

Xiao Fei did not know whether to laugh or cry. "You think too highly of yourself. Okay, go pack up. We have to board the ship tonight."

The others also received the news. They were complaining about how the Earth Federation was unsupportive, having such a large difference in the quality of service for sending them off and back. The Milky Way Transportation line obviously could not compare to a private spaceship. Who would have thought that the Princess of Aslan would want to send them off on her own flagship? This was just too much. They could also see the beautiful princess. What good fortune!

The Aslan Empire's Princess - even though everyone acted like it was nothing much, Yan Xiaosu really wanted to howl. This was too damn fancy!

They thought that the New Olympus was already amazing, but compared to Aslan, it was nothing. They were on entirely different levels. The difference was even larger when comparing the facilities inside the ship.

It felt as though they belonged to two different generations of technology.

"These are your rooms, please help yourself. As the Princess's esteemed guests, you will enjoy the best service on the Princess. I'll be your personal server for this trip. I'm Luo Lin."

The server receiving them was a very beautiful girl. She wore a unique style of clothes. It was the Aslan Palace uniform. She was likely a member of the Royal Service Crew.

An Mei could not wait any longer and opened the room door. It was too grand.

Once they heard that they had to go back using the Milky Way Transportation line, it would mean that there would be a number of people squeezed into one ship. Even if it was an economy class bunker, it would be uncomfortable. Obviously, they could not afford the cost of first class bunkers.

Yet the room in the Aslan Princess looked to be at least 50 square meters. This was simply extravagant.

"This is for us?"

"Yes. Everyone's room is the same." Luo Lin smiled. She was very polite and confident, yet not prideful. This was a trait of Aslan citizens.

An Mei's mouth dropped. This was too grand. The interior was designed like a five-star hotel. There was even a huge bathtub.

"This is too grand," An Mei was not one to be easily shocked, but this was indeed a little shocking.

Luo Lin smiled.

Xie Yating was speechless with surprise. As Xiao Fei had invited the people from Caragal to leave together, the team from Caragal would enjoy the honor of entering the Princess as well. It was good that there were only three of them.

However, who would have thought that Princess Aina would give them such a grand reception? It was too extravagant.

"The Aslan Princess is the princess' private ship. It services only the princess."

Everyone was stunned. This Zeus-sized ship was a private ship? This was too awesome.

Everyone said that those who were born in the Aslan royal family were the most fortunate. Looking at the situation now, this seemed to be true.

There was a joke regarding the Aslan royal family: one time, during the Milky Way Alliance Children's Day, children from all countries met to chat. They started talking about their journey to the meeting. One child who was a member of the Aslan royal family was puzzled and asked: "Why would there be so many people on a spaceship? Aren't spaceships all private?"

Then the other children could not continue the conversation.

Yan Xiaosu secretly gave Wang Zheng a thumbs up. This good service was obviously prepared for Wang Zheng, or else why would it be so extravagant?

Of course, Aina's identity as a princess in itself was highly regarded. After all, Xiao Fei and Wang Zheng had received the highest praise at the gathering. Aslan was also famous for valuing talents.

At this moment, Luo Lin's Skylink rang. "Everyone, the Princess will be arriving soon together with her distinguished guest, a prince from Atlantis."

If not for something important, Aina would definitely come to meet them, but the Prince of Atlantis?

Yan Xiaosu did not know why, but his heart skipped a beat. This was bad. What was this stupid prince of Atlantis doing with Aina?

Wang Zheng's facial expression did not change at all, but Luo Lin really could not read the atmosphere and added one more sentence. "Prince Hao Lin and the Princess were like old friends upon their first meeting."

An Mei, on the other hand, was quite interested in seeing what the Prince of Atlantis would be like.

Not long later, there were sounds of footsteps approaching. Aina and the prince of Atlantis had arrived.

At that moment, everyone was stunned.

Tyrant Su was surprised. This Prince of Atlantis was just a child who was not even 10 years old. Truly unbelievable.

An Mei was shocked too. At this distance, with this demeanor, An Mei felt that this Princess looked familiar.

Who did she look like? She could not recall at the moment.

Just as she was going to tell Ye Zisu, she realized that Ye Zisu was very calm. It was as though she knew the Princess. Then she looked at Tyrant Su. He was also calm. Something was wrong. What was going on? Why were they all calm? Was she the only one who seemed like a country bumpkin?

This was not logical.

Then Princess Aina gave her a very familiar smile. In that moment, An Mei felt as though she was struck by lightning.

Oh god!

This was not true.

Don't tell me… Don't tell me… Xiao Shi was actually Aina Aslan?

An Mei opened her mouth and looked at Yan Xiaosu. She hoped that Yan Xiaosu would give her an answer that this was not true and that it was all a coincidence.

But Tyrant Su slightly nodded his head. An Mei froze.

Xiao Fei and Aina did not have much contact, so she did not really have any great reaction. However, she also felt as though she had seen Aina before. At that moment, she did not have the time to react. However, she was still very grateful for Aina's invitation. This allowed their travels to be more relaxing.

After having some small talk with Xiao Fei, Aina introduced, "This is the second Prince of Atlantis. Right now he is on his way to Aslan and he really wanted to get to know you all."

This little boy was very handsome. He was young but very calm. He looked so cute wearing a tiny suit.

The little prince smiled. "Hi, everyone, I'm Hao Lin Zou Atlas. I'm nine and a half this year. It is nice to meet you all."

Everyone smiled. This cute little boy was like a doll. If not for his status, An Mei would hug him. He was too cute.

Hao Lin was judging Wang Zheng strangely. "Wang Zheng? Nice to meet you."

As he said this, he took the initiative to put out his hand.

Aina, who was right beside him, was stunned. The usual Atlantis etiquette had very limited body contact. They would not shake the hands of people they had just met. This was true especially for the royal family, unless that person was very interested in the person they met.

When Aina talked about Wang Zheng, this little prince said he wanted to meet him. She, of course, would not talk about the relationship between Wang Zheng and her. She simply said that he was an award recipient.

For some unknown reason, when Wang Zheng looked at this little guy, he felt a sense of familiarity, a feeling that could not be described.

The moment he shook that small hand, the two of them felt as though they were shocked by electricity.

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