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This was unbelievable!

This young man's speed was actually much faster than Gail. The first few questions were easier, so it was natural that the younger player had faster responses.

It was when Wang Zheng swiftly solved a mathematical theory that everyone there froze.

The disposition of the group of middle to old-aged men started to change unconsciously.

Wang Zheng was faster by three questions. This was about the same situation as with Old Mu previously. At this point, another question emerged.

The audience sighed. Gail had quite good luck. There were some problems in the question bank that could not be solved.

Once such a problem appeared, it usually ended up as a draw. Stimulation could be achieved through these kinds of games, providing a source of inspiration. Sometimes players could be inspired by some of these unsolved problems. This game added a little fun to work.

Wang Zheng frowned. The Mu Five Dimensions Reaction Problem. This was a troublesome problem to solve.

The Mu Five Dimensions Reaction Problem was a theory that proposed a hypothesis, but it lacked a sound reasoning process. Even so, this theory had great influence in the fields of space and mathematics. Many scientists believed this theory to be accurate, it was the process of proving it that was a headache. There were a few reasons provided; however, they all had their flaws.

After pausing for about a minute, Wang Zheng started to solve the problem. He had discussed this with Old Merchant before, and Old Merchant's comment was that this theory was a smart theory, but it was too conservative.

The middle-aged men surrounding them laughed. Random writings and drawings would result in a loss of points.

Old Mu laughed too. However, soon after, his expression froze. At the opposite side, Gail was originally feeling proud, but soon he gave up on solving the problem and looked at Wang Zheng.

His expression became more and more serious.

"How can it be?"

"That's not the way, I have tried it before. I got stuck halfway."

"Eh? Why did he change methods?"

"This...This is solving the Five Dimensions from the perspective of the Thirteen Dimensions?"

"That is really daring!"

As the solving progressed, there was not a sound in the room, leaving only the tick-tock of an old mechanical clock.

After more than one hour, Wang Zheng finally finished his calculations and let out a sigh. He felt a tiny sense of accomplishment. His brain had become active again.

Subconsciously, he looked at his Skylink...Three missed calls and more than an hour had passed.

Oh no, damn mathematics! Such a waste of time, a waste of life!

Wang Zheng did not even bother to say anything before escaping. Zisu must have waited for him for a long time already.

No one noticed when Wang Zheng left. Their eyes were all on the screen.

A long time later, Old Mu was the first to react. "The old adage is true. You can see more with an open mind. Looks like I've been too narrow-minded. No wonder I couldn't solve it."

After a while, Gail shook his head and asked, "How does this rascal's brain work?"

Most of them ignored the possibility of different perspectives when they solved the problem to this stage, because this was a directional theory. Who would have thought that he would use a Thirteen Dimensions perspective to solve a Five Dimensions problem before converting it back to a Five Dimensions perspective?

"This rascal...Eh? Where is he?"

Only now did everyone realise that that strange young man had disappeared.

Only Old Mu and Gail were able to solve the problem; the others were still struggling in understanding the process. After all, they were experts in different fields. They may understand a little, but they did not understand it all.

"Old Mu, is this reasoning correct?" The one who spoke was a famous middle-aged chemist. His specialty was not in this field, so he could not understand.

"It is right, and it is, until now, the best reasoning."

"This rascal. Who is his teacher? I have not heard of him."

"Yes, we would know about such a genius."

"Old Mu, don't tell me that this rascal is your bastard and you are in some sort of collaboration with him."

Mu Fengchun was an expert in this field. If there was anyone who had solved this problem, it was not possible that there would be no news at all.

"From what I know, it has not been solved up till now."

"Please don't tell me that this unknown rascal just happened to walk through the wrong door and then solved the problem that has been challenging us for so many years. And then he simply mysteriously disappeared? Is he a time traveler?"

Gail said in disbelief, "It must be that you're playing a prank on me!"

Mu Fengchun shook his head. "I myself did not even solve it to this step. This is unbelievable!"

The people in the room started to whisper amongst themselves. It was impossible. Everyone here was at the top in their fields. They always knew about any new developments in their fields. For instance, if anyone solved a famous difficult problem in their field of study, there's no way they wouldn't publicise it at the first instance. It was even more impossible that they would send a kid to play a joke on them.


Gail and Mu Fengchun looked at each other. It was obvious everyone had noticed the root of the problem.

This kid looked only to be 16 or 17 years old. How could he have solved the problem?

This was not a problem that could be solved through memorisation.

"Hey, isn't that university award ceremony two days from now?" someone reminded.

"Oh, that kind of thing has no meaning. I don't have the time to go to such a thing."

"You mean that this rascal is a recipient?" Gail said.

"I'm not sure if he is a recipient..... But I suspect that this problem was solved by that rascal," Mu Fengchun said.

The room was silent. Was this possible?

However, Mu Fengchun was the one with the most authority to say such things.

"Oh, yes, Xiao Fei, that girl came. She invited us. I rejected the invitation. Shall we go take a look? Maybe that rascal will be there."

"That makes sense. I don't believe that this rascal is just some nameless guy. We'll take a look tomorrow."

"If you all are going, I'm going too. Looks like we have belittled these youngsters."

"Yes, it's a rare chance to have our yearly meeting. I wanted to avoid these troublesome things. Looks like I still have to attend."

Ye Zisu was not anxious. When she saw Wang Zheng hurrying towards her, she smiled. "Where did you disappear to in just this little while?"

"Originally, I wanted to drink a free cup of coffee. But then I entered an elderly club and was chatting with them just now. Have you chosen the clothes?"

"I know you can't stand it. I've chosen them all for you."

"Miss Ye is the best. You are the queen." Wang Zheng quickly praised her.

"Not bad, Eunuch Zheng. Let's return to the palace now." Ye Zisu quickly posed like a Queen Dowager.

The clothes that Ye Zisu chose were definitely tasteful. Wang Zheng knew about his poor fashion sense. What he liked would not be suitable for that kind of formal gathering. Well, it was simply a formality, there was no big deal about it.

When they returned, there were no signs of Xiao Fei or Marcus. Perhaps, since they were at Roland Garros, they were taking a hard-earned break to meet some old friends.

Ye Zisu and An Mei were discussing their shopping spoils. Girls were always so excited. Tyrant Xiaosu was already losing interest in Roland Garros.

How to put it? This place was filled with elitism. Tyrant Xiaosu had no place to exhibit his talents.

If not for the distance, he might have returned to Earth already.

Different from Tyrant Xiaosu's internal struggle, the others in group 007 were happily enjoying their holiday.

"Why don't you come along? I have a private gravitational room in my house. It can be adjusted to a maximum of triple the gravitational pull. Brother Ailun has already booked the plane ticket to come here."

Chen Xiu said. It was a good opportunity for a gathering.

This young little boy thought that if he had more friends over during the holiday period, he would stand a better chance to avoid his sisters' harassment. Perhaps he could even get his friends to occupy his sisters' attention. Then he could meet girls at the beachside. In the past, every time he almost succeeded in his efforts, his sisters would come up and destroy it.

Zhang Shan laughed. "Thanks, but perhaps another time. I'm going to do some private training soon."

If they went to the beach side, it would be difficult to train peacefully. There was a difference between training wholeheartedly and training halfheartedly. He had started later than others, so he had to work harder.

After hanging up the Skylink, Zhang Shan changed his clothes and went to the nearby dojo. The dojo owner's daughter was his highschool classmate.

"Zhang Shan, I heard that you transferred to the Mecha Department."


"Do you want to try dating me?

"Ahem, Beauty Xu, please stop joking."

Xu Ying was definitely a popular girl in highschool. She was attractive and tall, and she had a pair of long legs that was touted as the most beautiful pair of legs in the school. Her ancestors, up to three generations ago, all owned dojos. Within a radius of 10 streets, there was not one gangster. It was rumoured that her family's way of training involved getting rid of those powerful street gangsters.

In highschool, any bully would be punished by her. Her presence ensured that the school was kept in order. In fact, with her keeping order in school, the school produced more talents than the previous years.

However, the most impressive thing about Xu Ying were her admirers. Other than the males from other schools who did not know the truth about her, there were many pretty girls!

"I recall that you wrote a love letter to me before. Why? Has seeing other girls in university caused a change of heart?" Xu Ying smiled. Zhang Shan could not tell if she was serious or joking.

Zhang Shan did not know whether to laugh or cry. "What love letter? That was a challenge letter. You beat my classmate, I was just taking revenge for him."

"No wonder your love letter looked so different. In that case, I'm relieved. Looks like I'm not the reason that you transferred to the Mecha Department."

Xu Ying laughed. She was also from the Mecha Department. However, she was not in Ares College, but in Apollo College from the Americas. It was a cross regional invitation to attend their college.

"Miss, aren't you thinking too highly of yourself? Shall we go in and train?"

Zhang Shan pointed to the gravitational room.


10 minutes later…

Xu Ying pressed Zhang Shan onto the floor. Xu Ying was surprised. "You have gotten stronger."

"Of course! I graduated from IG training camp. Again!"

"You're no match for me."

Xu Ying was very calm. Zhang Shan had good basic skills, it was a pity he had not had any systematic training. His skills were a little messy. To her, with his skills at this level, even though he was stronger than her, she could still beat him easily. Her Kung Fu was not there just for show.

One hour later...

After being beaten 16 times, Zhang Shan finally succeeded in holding Xu Ying, the little dojo master, down. He could not suppress his feelings and let out an animalistic howl.

"Are you supposed to be happy to have beaten a woman?"

This sentence dimmed someone's sense of achievement.

"You're right."

"Haha, okay, you have more potential than me. It's a pity you did not undergo any systematic training. All of your attacks are based on brute strength; you need to use techniques in a fight."

After joking, Xu Ying, the little dojo master, started to teach Zhang Shan.

There were some things that could not be learned from attending school. Formulating personal fighting styles or methods would take double the effort without any professional guidance.

Another hour passed quickly.

"OK, we'll stop here today."

"OK...." Zhang Shang was reluctant to end his training. He looked at Xu Ying with fire in his eyes. "Suddenly, I feel that dating you might not be that bad an idea."

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