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A+ A- Chapter 158: Forgotten History

Even some of her harshest critics had a change of tone. Only those who had talent could sing this way. Who would have expected Huiyin's improvement to be so large? However, to her fans, this was truly like a gospel.

To the majority of youth idols, there always existed the perennial question. Would they choose to embark on the road of innocence and cuteness with an open private life? However, any drug addictions or scandals would destroy that image.

Regardless of how open a society was, deep down, they pursued a specific ideal aesthetic. However, one's requirements of others was always greater than that of themselves.

Numerous large agencies sought to create such an idol that was innocent and untarnished. However, after being popular for several years, these idols would eventually pursue happiness and other materialistic desires instead, ruining their original unblemished image. The idea of an innocent idol was not realized until today, in the form of Lin Huiyin.

As an Aslan princess, she was a true member of royalty, an innocent princess. Her identity alone was enough to ensure that. In fact, among the numerous empires, Aslan was most strict about the image of their royalty. It was almost as if they did not live in a modern and open society. They possessed strong beliefs, and their princess was their representative.

Hence, fans were not worried about Huiyin falling into a life of debauchery.

Hearing Lin Huiyin's grieving sound, numerous fans started to tear. It was clear that this song had moved their hearts.

The person who had written the lyrics was known as "Little Zi". No one had ever heard of her before, and her fans thought that she might have been a newcomer to the industry.

"This song is just too amazing. Meng Tian, what do you think?" An Mei asked.

Meng Tian let out a wry smile. "It's not bad."

"Che. I'm beginning to wonder if you're really a guy in disguise. Qingqing, do you like this song?"

"Its really emotional." Du Qingqing was wearing earphones, her head swaying gently with the music.

Ye Zisu listened to the song again and again. Huiyin sang the song a lot better than she did. She had only done this wistfully and had never imagined that she had been chosen. Perhaps Aina would hear this song, but she was not afraid.

The previous training was considered a success. However, to some, it was meaningless.

For example, how did Lear feel about it?

As the hope of Earth, the successor to the Cronos family, Lear was burdened with numerous things. Originally, as Lear was young, he was not expected to be responsible for many things. However, his parents had died in a military incident, causing many of the plans of the Cronos family to turn into dust. Hence, when he was young, Lear knew that he was the only hope left for his family.

No one knew just how much longer the Cronos family's old patriarch would survive for.

When facing his own grandfather, Old Cronos, Earth's number one politician, Lear was extremely respectful. He had never seen his grandfather smile before, but today, Old Cronos was actually smiling.

"Lear, you have performed excellently."

Lear nodded. He did not know if Old Cronos was being sarcastic. Ever since he was young, regardless of what he did, his grandfather was never pleased.

Old Cronos looked at Lear. He knew what he was thinking. "Being strong does not mean that one is brave. Showing one's strength is necessary, but hiding one's ability will allow one to have the last laugh. Your father never understood this point."

"Grandfather, what are you trying to say?"

Old Cronos waved his hand. "You don't need to think too much. It is not a conspiracy. Even if it is, it's out in the open. Belief is a good thing, but one has to survive on their own. I need to tell you some things today."

Lear listened quietly. He did not feel that what old Cronos was talking about was something important. All of his decisions were made with his own judgment, and there would eventually be a time and place for him to show his true colors. Blindly keeping a low profile would not allow him to become the king. However, there was no need to show his strength just yet. One should focus on what needs to be done. This was just a small matter.

"The Sixteen Skies Refinement you've been cultivating is merely just the start. From today onwards, you will cultivate the Sixty Four Sky Refinements. If you are successful, you will truly rock the world," Old Cronos said. At this point, Lear was dazed. Sixty Four Skies?

"Grandfather, how can this be possible?"

"This is a long story. From the long annals of mankind, there once appeared two heroic kings. They were from Earth, our ancestors. The two of them dominated the world. One of them was known as Li Feng and the other was known as Wang Dong. The two of them walked different routes but had conquered the world all the same."

(Note that the Li Feng is 李峰, which is the same Li as Lear's 李尔.")

"There were two of them?" Lear asked.

However, in the official history of mankind, these two individuals did not exist. Only in some unofficial sources, traces of these two could be heard of. How could men wield the power of gods?

Old Cronos' mouth turned up into a sneer. "Politics is the breeding ground for scum. The winner is the king. Mankind had almost been destroyed, but because of the appearance of these two men, they were saved. Furthermore, technology also took a significant leap forward. How else would they have the strength to rule over the Milky Way?"

"But since they were so strong, why…" Lear could not believe it. A strong person would definitely leave behind a strong legacy. How could they just have disappeared?

"This is mankind's history's biggest secret. The first generation Li Feng mastered unfathomable scientific and technological power, possibly that of an extraterrestrial civilization or that of the universe. The second generation Wang Dong grasped the strongest internal art and sparked a century of genetic evolution among mankind at the same time. At this point in time, mankind's fleshly body was so strong that they could crush the heavens! The current Ability X cannot even hold a candle to it."

Old Cronos looked engrossed in his deep thoughts. Although he had never seen it, he had explained it the same way his own father had. Not being able to live in the same era was truly unfortunate.

"If this is true, how did they disappear?"

"How can a beggar possibly understand a king's thoughts? That era is from long ago. Almost no one knows what happened. However, Li Feng's achievements were greater than that of Wang Dong's. The Zerg's main forces were destroyed in the Solar

the Solar System. Furthermore, a terrifying thing happened."

Lear did not consider himself to be a curious person, but what he had heard up to now had shaken his entire world. It seemed so illogical.

"The Zerg had begun to evolve, gaining traits of humans. Those bugs felt that we were too terrifying. A pity that in the final battle, they were all defeated by Wang Dong. Mankind had finally defeated the last obstacle of their voyage through the stars." Old Cronos swallowed some of his saliva while looking attentively at Lear before giving a wry smile. "At that point in time, Wang Dong had demonstrated the strength of a god. However, after that battle, he disappeared. Mankind prospered in the following decades, but at that point, another problem arose. What exactly happened, I am unclear of, but mankind seemed to have received some form of divine punishment after infringing upon the powers of gods. Mankind then seemed to have suffered an unprecedented catastrophe, one of their own making."

"How could this have happened Grandfather? How could this be true?"

"Keke. In this world, there are few things that deserve our faith. This story can be used to serve as a reference, a more reliable reference to what truly happened in the past. After the catastrophe, mankind had changed from one that initially pursued only science and technology, to one that focused on genetics, to the one we know today, a combination of both genetics and science. As it turns out, this was the best choice as mankind has never suffered a catastrophe again and we have been able to dominate the Milky Way."

Old Cronos was so enthused that it seemed as though he had experienced this part of history himself. When they had reached this point of their lives, fame and fortune were no longer things that they sought. What they hoped to do was to achieve something heroic, something that would resound through the annals of mankind.

"After that point in time, the Solar System Federation completely purged all of the internal arts that could change one's genes. Many families fell into tragedy as a result, and even their temples were ransacked. A few mighty families were even destroyed. However, this also happened to create an opportunity for our Cronos family. We were the ones who had led the obliteration of these families as the one leading the government at that time!"

Lear looked dazed. "Then the Sky Refinements…"

Old Cronos gave Lear a calm look. Lear immediately understood. Purging the others was meant to snatch power from them. The aim was not destruction alone.

"Since they were so strong, why would they be sitting ducks, waiting to be destroyed?"

"Now that is the key question. The strength of internal arts had been gradually weakening. In the war against these temples, things were extremely strange. Although the internal arts were still there, the people had disappeared. Even our own internal our own internal arts had been gradually weakening year by year. In the end, it could only be used to develop one's fitness. However, now that we have found out that it can help to advance one's Ability X, we have to take it step by step. If these internal arts are not cultivated properly, one will be in danger. I believe you already know that this is the only way for you to occupy a place in the future competitions. This will then allow our Solar System to rise again."

Internal arts had caused the decline of the Solar System. When it was found that these internal arts could strengthen Ability X, the families of the Solar System Federation could finally see hope that they could be restored to their prime.

During that year's turmoil, the Lie Family had preserved their internal art. This likely had to do with their immovable relationship with the Jail of Mars.

This event was truly earth-shaking, but it was only an empty gap in the annals of mankind's history. During the following times of peace, this part of history was completely rewritten. Unfortunately, after the end of that heroic era, it looked as though the Solar System's destiny had run dry, and ever since then, they had only declined.

Old Cronos gradually awakened from his memories, his gaze suddenly turning sharp. "All you need to know is that you just have to understand what has happened. Times have changed, and the only family that possesses the legacy of internal arts is us. The Moon's legacies have disappeared, but Mars still possesses the Lie family. Our days of glory will start from Earth. It is mankind's source, and it is the will of the heavens. You have to grasp this opportunity, bend heaven's will to your control and become that person!"

Looking at the passionate Old Cronos, Lear felt very calm. To him, this was nothing more than a story. The strength that he wanted was something more tangible.

Regarding Lear's calmness, Old Cronos was not angry at all. On the contrary, he was very happy. Lear seemed as immovable as a mountain and possessed his own judgment. This was what Old Cronos truly expected of him.

Some people were different. Lear was like this. He was far, far stronger than either his father or Old Cronos himself. Thinking back, the first time he had heard this story, he was completely mesmerized. Lear's father was also completely enthralled by the notion of these internal arts. Neither of them were able to stay as calm as Lear.


"Yes, Patriarch?"

When the voice sounded out, Drupe appeared out of the shadows like a ghost. On the contrary, Lear did not react.

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