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A+ A- Chapter 157: The 9th Godly Technique

It was a simple action. The rotation was flawless. What was most important was that the Hercules was first and foremost an agricultural mech. It required immense wrist and finger strength to operate it. Yet the Hercules possessed a dexterity not unlike that of a magician, its movements were as quick as a shadow.

However, this was just one part of it. Just that alone would not have been amazing. Facing the opponent's rush, he was able to hold his ground and deflect the opponent's strike. This strength was truly heaven-defying!

In Lie Guang's eyes, the three instances where the rotations blocked the strikes were completely different.

The first instance was just a defensive move, a necessity. The second attempt was an active attack. The third and final instance was not to deflect attacks but to use the momentum of the opponent's strikes to increase the potency of the rotation to strike!

That strike was truly that of a master!

If he had developed such a move in the midst of battle, it would only show that his comprehension skills were godly!

"Have you finish your investigation?"

"Patriarch, it is quite difficult to do so. The ID is not fixed, and if we were to take action, Cronos' side will think that we are…"

Lie Guang waved his hand. "It's fine. This is not important."

Who this person was was not important. What was more important was that so long as this guy really existed, Lie Guang had the feeling that they would eventually meet.

"Oh, yes. Wait a minute. Help me do something and send this message out." Lie Guang smiled.

"Yes, Patriarch."

The battle ended, but the livestream continued. Although Comrade Old Deer had ran off, Bubbly Foam continued to stay.

Everyone was waiting for the video analysis to be out. This battle had demonstrated numerous high level skills. The Rotating Shovel also required a professional explanation for it.

The average technique, when shown in slow motion, would usually be easily dissected. Within five minutes, there could be an explanation for it. However, this time, it had already been 10 minutes, but the analysis had yet to be completed.

The various amateur "experts" had already pushed out several theories. However, the results were the same. They were unable to bring out the true strength of the Hercules mech.

Just how

could the Rotating Shovel deflect the Pentastrike?

Solon was as anxious as ants on a hot plate. How could this be? The staff had no idea what was going on.

They could not understand the essence of the move.

The current skill level of the viewers were too high, so if the analysis was done shoddily, the staff would definitely be berated to death. However, what was fortunate was that up till then, no one had released an analysis that was sufficiently in depth.

Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu were also hard at work. The two of them were professionals when it came to physics and mechanics.

Under Chen Xiu's lightning fast coding skills, a three-dimensional image was being created. It was simulating the rotating shovel in several hundred simulations!

Chen Xiu was in charge of breaking down the move into its simplest parts, while Yao Ailun was in charge of analyzing it. The two of them were so excited that it was as though they had taken a tonic of youth. They were experimenting and wildly shouting.

This was their bread and butter. They were extremely excited. Never would they have expected that a CT competition would require their skills in their specialties.

At this point in time, Solon had received Mclaren's Skylink call. Although he was anxious, after receiving the call, he calmed down.


"Solon, you have performed excellently. You also settled the last situation well. The Lie Family has even sent a token of appreciation. You should receive it. I believe it should solve this current problem."

Mclaren was as efficient as ever. When Solon received the files, he displayed it on the screen.

At the same time, he was dazed for a moment.

He did not berate his staff for being unable to analyse the move. It had surpassed the depths of their understanding.

The Rotating Shovel's three different moves had caused everyone watching the analysis to be completely flabbergasted.

At this point in time, the official video analysis had been released. The number of VIP viewers was quickly increasing.

In the first part of the analysis, the slow motion camera appeared. What seemed to be a simple rotation actually required the mech's arms, wrists, and fingers to be extremely dexterous in order to block the move. After all, the opponent was Bragging Simon. It has to be known that the force absorbed by the rotation was immense. Even though it was CT, the move still required one to possess at least half the amount of dexterity as they would to do so in a real mech, so it was practically impossible to do this.

The first rotating move would probably be imitated by players in the coming weeks. and if the mech was more capable, numerous people should be able to do the same move.

The second rotation was then shown. It was obvious that it was not the same as the first one. While the first rotation required strong wrist and finger strength, the second rotation required the fingers and wrist to exert a strong burst of strength. The arm served as a bearing and the rotation was different. The aim was to unload force and not to absorb it. It made use of the rotational force to direct the move towards the enemy. Bragging Simon's Pentastrike was extremely quick and it was a killing move. Being able to withstand the move a second time was truly amazing.

Under the slow motion camera, the Pentastrike could be seen to be completely ineffective against the Rotating Shovel.

When it came to the third rotation, it was the most shocking one. The shovel had actually penetrated the opponent's energy shield. Only a strike with sufficient force could do so.

The livestreaming desk was silent. For the Rotating Shovel's final phase, the entire arm and wrist of the Hercules mech had become a bearing. The entire move had relied on the finger's ability to exert strength. Furthermore, when faced with Bragging Simon's Pentastrike, it was better to say that the rotational force had managed to absorb the momentum of the assault. This served to increase the speed of the rotation and at the same time gave it enough strength to break through the energy shield!

When the accumulation of force had reached its peak, the shovel was already releasing humming sounds. At this point in time, the godly shovel had smashed downwards.

Forget the fact that it was a Bata Type V. Even if it was a stronger mech, it would have also been smashed to death.

Simply said, Skeleton's skills were truly expert. He had a super sense for comprehension, even in battle!

Lie Guang also held back slightly. It was clear that the opponent was a disciple of a famous family. Although the opponent did not seem like he was from a family he already knew, it was not impossible that this opponent was from a disgraced family that had recently recovered.

The Solar System was the place where mankind originated from. Producing an expert was normal. However, there was no need to do anything at this point.

The three Rotating Shovels were of three completely different worlds.

The audience let out shocked gasps yet still felt like they had not fully expressed themselves. At this point in time, an awesome video analysis was released.

It was released by the Skeleton Corps' Super Awesome Association.

Similarly, under the view of a slow motion camera, the Rotating Shovel's angle and force were completely dissected. At this point, Chen Xiu's simulations were shown. It not only demonstrated the angle of the attack but also the amount of force needed. It also showed what sort of movements were necessary.

It was broken down layer by layer.

It was a completely different view compared to the official staff's video analysis, yet it complemented it as well.

Chen Xiu's analysis was very aesthetically pleasing. In the multidimensional model, the shovel could be seen to be rotating perfectly on its axis. All of the force was concentrated on one point. Looking at the mechanics behind it, there was intermittent rotation to maintain the spin, and there was only just a brief moment before the rotational force would lose control, which Skeleton had to use to execute the move.

At this point in time, Skeleton's Hercules had launched its assault. After determining the direction, the following strike was an unblockable super attack!

According to Chen Xiu's estimations, in the last moment, regardless of the environment of CT, each of Skeleton's fingers had to lift at least 50 to 60 pounds of weight to be able to execute such a move.

Although the first rotation could be mimicked, the third one was no different from a godly miracle!

After the two video analyses appeared, they reached the top of the charts in terms of views.

One analyzed the fight while the other analyzed the technicalities behind it. They completely analyzed every aspect of the battle.

Among CT's numerous regions, the Hercules' usage rate had increased by tens of thousands of times. The shovel had also become the most used weapon in numerous custom-weapon battles.

CT had eight Godly Techniques. All of them were unexplainable. The truth was, these were all just jokes. Compared to the Rotating Shovel, that was the true godly technique!

Furthermore, it was something that everyone could do.

When it came to battling, how could one forget to bring a shovel?

Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun's video analysis had also been bought by Solon. The two of them had even acquired a tidy sum.

With Mclaren's full support, this battle was not only released on Earth but in the entire Solar System. Furthermore, it had even entered the Milky Way Alliance's CT Battle of the Year.

What Zisu and her family did not imagine was that because of this, five times the amount of Hercules mecha were sold. Half of the orders were from Earth and the other half were from other galaxies!

This was an opportunity that had fallen from the sky for OMG, considering the fierce competition it had in the market.

Ever since they had invested in the Spatial Movement Theory research, OMG's luck had been improving. Ye Zisu was also quite surprised that luck had even fallen from the skies!

In the following few days, Student Skeleton had become a hot topic. If his skills in piloting the Wargod No. 1 were merely decent, then his skill in piloting the Hercules was truly godly! It had completely swept away everyone in the Solar System.

In the Solar System, there was an upsurge in popularity for this battle. Although it had to do with Mclaren's promoting, there was a unanimous agreement that the Solar System CT Region had not seen such an amazing battle in ages.

It has to be said that in CT's pursuit of creating a realistic mech experience, it allowed for the potential of a mech to be shown in its full glory.

On the list of most popular battles, Skeleton vs Bragging Simon had rushed to the top.

Numerous individuals began to practice using the Hercules.

"Bro! Please stop. If you want to practice, why don't you go to the training area? Don't play games and ruin us! Do you think you are as good as Skeleton?"

"F*ck. It can't be. Not another one. I've already met three people playing the Hercules. They dragged down the team each time!"

All of a sudden, another person guffawed, "No worries. The opponent has two Hercules! HAHA! We are going to win!"

This time, there were pitiful things that happened, and even more pitiful things.

It was easy to rotate the shovel. The problem was that it was difficult to pull the move off in the pressure of battle. There were some people who sought to find inspiration in battle… or to brag.

It was clear that in the coming weeks, the advancement matches would be paved with tragedy. It would depend on whose luck was better and not who was more skilled.

Perhaps she wanted to compete with Skeleton, but Lin Huiyin had also released a new song. As Princess Huiyin had visited Earth, she had become a lot more famous in the Solar System. Her new songs immediately rushed to the top of the charts.

The song was a love song, "I Really Miss You."

It had a tender and mellow feel to it, especially since the song was about a certain girl's ignorant thoughts and feelings of infatuation. It had instantly mesmerized numerous youths.

This was Lin Huiyin's style. It was clear that after experiencing NOT AFRAID, War of the Blind, and My Heart Would Go On, her songwriting had improved greatly.

Previously, she only relied on a sweet voice and her beauty. However, her songs now also had a certain soul to them.

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