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A+ A- Chapter 156: Elegant Explosion!

Seeing the Bata's posture, the audience knew what was coming. This move had caused the deaths of numerous professional experts. To execute the Pentastrike, it required one to possess an extremely strong body. The body had to enter an entirely anaerobic condition and still have the ability to execute the move, as it was performed too quickly. Many times, one's mind was not even able to follow through with the movements, not to say the body. Similarly, the one who was struck by the move also felt quite disappointed as they would be destroyed without being able to respond.

It was clear that from the previous battles, Skeleton's ability to block was utterly marvelous. If he was in a similar mech, it might have been five blocked moves. However, Skeleton was using the Hercules… Even moving quickly enough was a problem already…


A sword stabbed forward.

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

Following five loud, clashing sounds… it was over…

However, the explosion which everyone was expecting did not appear!

The Bata Type V began to retreat quickly. The entire mech seemed to be staggering.

The entire audience of six million had suddenly quietened down…

What in the world had happened?

Old Deer's heart skipped a beat. Could it be?

It couldn't be!

How could this be possible? Skeleton! Was he a punishment sent by God to punish him?

The Hercules had not only blocked the Pentastrike but had even used the shovel and slapped the Bata Type V.

The previous exchange had been just too fast. Almost no one had seen what happened, including the numerous professional players. None of them saw what happened.

The Hercules' shovel did not seem damaged. It was as though he had not blocked any of the alloy sword's strikes. What was going on?

Bragging Simon's face was furious. How was this possible!?

Even professional players found it hard to block his killing move, much less an amateur.

After a few seconds of silence, as no one had seen what happened and the commentators were not speaking, there was a deathly silence.

This was because everyone saw a glimmer of hope. A tiny, tiny amount of hope.

At this point, Bragging Simon became careful. The Bata Type V had slipped up despite having the momentum of the match. However, there was no need for all this. The Hercules mech was flawed. Other than being able to circle around, it did not possess many ways to retaliate.

Everything was in his grasp. He only needed to attack!

The Bata attacked viciously with its alloy sword. He rushed forward with everything he had. That previous exchange was definitely just a fluke!

At this point, everyone's eyes were on the shovel.

Ding ding ding ding ding!

Everyone saw it clearly this time. The shovel had rotated, dissipating the force of the attack. As a result, even if the strike only had just 10 percent of its original force after all that, that would already be considered a great result.

B*tch. Was this something humans could even do?

After seeing his killing move get blocked again, Bragging Simon's reaction slowed by just half a beat. He was not just a professional player for show. The problem was that this was just truly unbelievable! How could this happen?

He could not even imagine such a sight in his dreams.

At this point, the shovel lashed out towards him once again…


The energy shield activated.

Energy shield!


The Bata Type V had to turn on its energy shield to fight a mech used for agriculture? This…

This sight caused a roar of laughter from the people watching.

In the midst of all the depressed moods, an unbelievable glimmer of hope had appeared.

The slow motion camera had finally shown what had happened.

It was outrageous control of the mech!

The Hercules only had one method to deal with the Bata: it was to rely on its special hand technique. Only the rotation of the hand could keep up with the opponent's speed.

The Hercules' fingers spun the shovel around agilely. What was most important was not that the shovel could be spun quickly but that the rotation could sustain enormous amounts of force. At the same time, it could redirect the force and could stop the opponent's attack.

"F*ck. It would not be an easy game for me if I had to fight him!"

"If the Pentastrike could be described as a top tier skill, then what do we call this shovel rotation?"

Wang Zheng's strike with the shovel was quite vicious. Although the Bata had an energy shield protecting it, it was still knocked backwards quite a distance.

Without even including the audience, even the staff were stunned by this sight. They even began to suspect that they were dreaming and not actually working!

CT had been around for a long time, and many tricks had already been discovered. Trying to find a new one was practically impossible.

Agriculture mech… spinning shovels… what was going on?

"Boss, there are now 200,000 new viewers. Boss… this is truly amazing!"

The staff was going crazy. The screen showing the number of viewers had been steadily dropping, but all of a sudden, it was as though a magic pill had been eaten. The viewer count was once again flying through the roof.

Bragging Simon had completely calmed down. Furthermore, he was a professional player, so regardless of the situation, he would approach every situation with the will to fight to the very end. Even if the situation seemed incredible.

The opponent was able to take advantage of the strengths he had and was able to showcase the full potential of the mech.

If it was any other person, they would definitely have picked up the laser rifle and ended it. However, Bragging Simon was not like that. The opponent definitely possessed a weakness.

This could be seen in the opponent's movements. Every time the mech was forced to move, the movement showed flaws in it. This was the time he had to make his move.

However, even after thinking for a bit, Bragging Simon could not think of a way to penetrate the defense of that strange, rotating shovel.

Hence, the Bata Type V adopted a defensive posture.

At this time, other than those in the broadcasting room, on Earth, numerous people were tuned in to this battle.

Even some screens downtown were showing this battle.

Bragging Simon with a Bata Type V was being suppressed by an unknown individual using a mech meant for agriculture!

Was this a defiance of the natural order of things?

In Brothers Net Café, the boss was currently watching on in trepidation with his daughter-in-law.

Every time Skeleton was online, his business did exceptionally well. His business for that day would be as good as the business he had for a week. This man was his god of fortune! Skeleton definitely had to hold on!

Many players had stopped playing. All of them were gathered together. In fact, most of them were here to watch the livestream. They were worried that if they left, they would have missed the opportunity to witness a miracle.

They were at a loss.

However, the professional players couldn't help but nod their heads. Bragging Simon was just too calm. This was a good plan.

He had to force the Hercules to come to him.

Would Skeleton move?

Would he?

The Hercules began to move towards the Bata Type V. Would he rush towards the Bata?

The numerous professional players' hearts skipped a beat. The Hercules relied on the rotating shovel to block the opponent's moves. Once he rushed forward, he would basically be a target board. Staying static would be the best move to make. If he attacked, Bragging Simon would see the direction from which the mech was coming from and would take advantage of the low mobility of the Hercules and strike from a direction he could not react from.

Bragging Simon made his preparations and waited. His time to strike was fast approaching.

The distance between the two mecha slowly decreased. Just as Bragging Simon was about to strike, the Hercules suddenly flew upwards.

… To be more accurate, it actually jumped upwards. This jump was not quick, but no one expected the Hercules to jump upwards. The distance between the two was not significant, and in a blink, it landed right in front of the Bata Type V.

It all depended on one's

on one's abilities now. The Bragging Simon's sword hacked at Skeleton, but it was once again blocked by the rotating shovel.

Dang dang dang dang!

A vicious flurry of attacks was launched. Bragging Simon had no other alternatives. One had to die as there was nowhere to run.

A series of sparks could be seen as the weapons clashed. Pentastrike after Pentastrike was executed. Bragging Simon was doing his best, but the rotating shovel completely blocked all his moves. Furthermore, the shovel was rotating quicker and quicker.

God! He was borrowing the momentum of the strikes!

Bragging Simon also understood what was going on. It looked as though his sword was being sucked into a vortex. He turned on his energy shield

This was the only thing he could do.

Bang! Wengwengweng!

That rapidly spinning shovel flew towards the Bata Type V.

An earthshaking explosion could be heard.

The Bata Type V was knocked flying, its energy shields completely broken.

An energy shield that could absorb almost 10 laser rifle shots was actually destroyed by two hits of a shovel!

However, as the force of the strike was too great, the shovel broke.

It was truly a savage blow.

All of the audience members felt their hearts jumping.

This… what was going on?

The Bata Type V's energy shield was destroyed!

But the shovel was broken as well?

At this point, the people suddenly realized that the Hercules was holding a huge hammer.

The hammer was also rotating…

At this point the system announced. Skeleton WIN!

Bragging Simon had surrendered.

Skeleton had achieved victory with a large hammer!

At this point in time, the audience was over 10 million large. At the same time, there were almost eight million VVIP viewers. This was a new record.

The cheers were resounding. If anyone said that an agricultural mech could be used to beat a professional using a military mech, there were only two possibilities. One, the person was crazy. Two, the world was crazy.

In this case, the world indeed had turned crazy.

It was the first time that a new special technique had appeared – Rotating Shovel!

An unexplainable, heaven-defying special technique!

Wang Zheng was extremely happy. He could feel that the battle energy in him had increased by a large amount. This move was borne out of desperation and played to his strengths.

"I finally realized why I've been losing!"


"I've been choosing the wrong mech. The Wargod no. 1 is the god of war, but the Hercules is the true god!"

Hearing such cheers, Student Ailun became cocky. "Dear friends, you finally understand the strength of our true god! From the very beginning, I knew he would win!"

"Stop lying, Ailun. Weren't you proposing for a second round?"

"Haha. Enough enough, let him have his time."

Following which, they were drowned by the innumerable cheers.

Such a victory was truly breathtaking.

Old Deer was sitting there in a daze. If things continued to go this way, he would definitely get alzheimer's, even despite his age.

A rotating shovel?

This was truly out of this world!

It was thankful that Little Bubbly did not like to make fun of the people who were already down. If she was like him, his days would truly be quite hard to bear.

This successive chain of victories was devastating on his outlook on life.

All of a sudden, Old Deer let out a cry. "I will never believe in love again!"

Following which, he cried and ran off.

Everyone was looking on at the scene in shock and wide-eyed. Had he gone crazy?

However, he could not be blamed. Anyone else would have also gone crazy.

The entire staff room was also cheering. Solon could not hide his excitement and fervor. This match determined his future. He had finally succeeded!

"Everyone, you are going to get a three times bonus!"Solon cried. His words were followed by even greater cheers as he was hoisted up by his staff.

They were truly reborn! They had been vindicated!

The battle had ended, but this craze had just begun.

This was truly something that would resound throughout the Solar System.

Lie Guang quietly stared at the screen with unblinking eyes. He had finally returned. When one finally understood that they were not as strong as they thought, they would develop a fearsome strength!

This rotating shovel had been imprinted deep into Lie Guang's mind. It had reached the pinnacle of basic skills!

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