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A+ A- Chapter 155
Chapter 155: Stubborness?

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At this point in time, the entire discussion forum was turned upside down. The heroic netizens thought of 36,000 ways to torment Young Deer. However, all of these plans were useless as it was clear that Deer God would not care.

His heart had already transcended such minor things.

This was Skeleton's toughest battle yet. Although his previous opponents were strong, at least he was using a mech he was comfortable in. This time, however….

"Can you continue to watch this?"

"I don't know.

"I can't take it, I'm just going to leave."

"Let's leave. I don't want my heart to feel this kind of torment."

"F**k. This is a waste of time. If I knew this earlier, I would not have come."

"Granny's leg. I ran over here while I was still at work. If my boss finds out, I'm dead."

"Boss, the number of viewers has decreased by 500,000." The staff were now anxious. It had been a long time since a situation like this happened.

"It is continuing to drop. What do we do?"

Solon grasped the table. It was as though the table would be crushed by his grip. Oh, man! If Skeleton had trouble with finances, he should have just said the word! He would have been given every single mech!

Other people made small mistakes, but the first mistake he made would take his life!

However, it was now too late! The battle had begun!

The Hercules mech. It was OMG's top selling agricultural mech. Its current sales were excellent and it was one of the most important mech to the company. From the construction of the mech, the Hercules was made with good materials. As a result, the mech was not bad. Users of the mech gave it good reviews and also, as it was a maintenance mech designed for long-term use, it was durable and rarely had any issues.

However, it was used to dig ditches and crush boulders!

The Skeleton Corps had already become Earth's largest CT corps. However, this situation had also shocked all of them. Other people could choose to not watch the livestream, but as a member of the Skeleton Corps, it would not be nice to do so.

Student Rainbow's holidays had ended and he had gone back to his SWAT training. Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu were in charge of hosting the overall situation, but this sight even left them speechless. At this point, it was not appropriate to chant their originally planned cheers. It seemed quite unsightly to say that the Hercules was undefeatable.

Bragging Simon chose one of Earth's commonly used mecha, the Bata Type V. It was clear that Bragging Simon did not use his professional super mech. However, even then, the

difference between his mech and the Hercules was already heaven-defying. The Bata was the basic mech that Bragging Simon was most comfortable with. Its balanced ability allowed him to showcase the full extent of his skill.

Looking at the Hercules, which was moving in an almost rickety manner, the audience did not know whether to laugh or cry…

"Now it's time for Deer's commentary. This Deer has created a survey in his Skylink Blog. Everyone can choose to comment. Do you think that Skeleton will be able to last five minutes, or maybe six minutes? Perhaps seven?" said Comrade Old Deer, with a slight smile. His smile was light and carefree like the spring breeze. It truly showed that he had reached a new state of nirvana when it came to commentating.

Black Deer was truly evil. At this point in time, Deer had received a message from the administrative staff. Did he want to make a bet with milk cartons again?

Young Deer shuddered. No matter how he saw it, the opportunity in front of him was just too good to pass up… However, whenever he thought of milk cartons, his stomach would retch… was there really a need to do this?

Solon had no choice. He wanted to use such a move to incite the audience. Regardless if he was successful or not, he was finished this time.

Deer was not foolish. It was better to be safe than sorry. Although it was unlikely that Skeleton would win, he felt no need to put himself in such a situation.

He directly rejected the idea.

"Hello, everyone. Although the disadvantage is extremely great, I feel that as Skeleton has not surrendered, with his spirit, I think everyone should watch this to the end. Winning or losing is not important, what is important is one's will to fight!" Bubbly Foam said attentively.

Old Deer at the side started to laugh. To him, the process was not important. It was all about the result.

"I agree with Little Bubbly's point of view. How can everyone miss this opportunity where a miracle might happen?"

Everyone knew that Old Deer was being sarcastic. A few people were gathering milk cartons, hoping that if the chance arose, they would suffocate Old Deer with them.

There were numerous people who asked Old Deer to bet on the outcome of the match with milk cartons. However, no matter how much they howled, Old Deer refused to budge.

B*tch! It's time to teach this group of vagrants a lesson!

He had no other choice but to stay silent. The competition was about to begin.

Map – Roman Coliseum

Bragging Simon had given Skeleton no place to run!

It was clear that from the previous competitions, Skeleton had used

used the terrain to his advantage, and this skill of his had been discovered. The audience had even though that Bragging Simon had a conscience, considering he picked the Bata basic mech, but in truth…

The Coliseum map was one that allowed one to demonstrate their piloting capabilities. There was no space to run, so the Hercules would definitely be destroyed.

"Boss, another 200,000 viewers have left."

Although the number of viewers was still frightening, the staff felt as though they had been doused with a bucket of cold water. In the past, all of the matches had had a rapid increase in viewers without much being done. Now, after various tactics were employed to increase the viewer count, the numbers were dropping. Perhaps they were finally beginning to enter a period of slow decline?

This could very well be the last match, could it be…

Solon had no other options. He could not stop this match. Regardless, he was clear that the other members of management were quietly watching him. They were all awaiting his fall from grace.

All of his results relied on Skeleton's performance. If he failed, forget about the promotion to the president of CT, he might not even be able to maintain his current position.

To live was to go forward without retreat!

Wang Zheng, on the other hand, was not worrying about such complex things. He was never picky about his choice of weapons.

Yet the Hercules wasn't anything special.

As a mech used for labor, the important thing was durability, and it was extremely stable. However, when it came to movement speed and agility, it was slightly poorer. This was something that was not obvious when being used day to day. Even if one had amazing piloting abilities, the mech itself imposed limitations on the pilot's abilities.

Its weapons were a shovel and a hammer. The hammer was extremely heavy and not suitable for offense. The shovel, on the other hand…

In the coliseum, the Hercules waved the hammer in the air a few times before hanging it on the wall.

"Stop playing around with that toy. It might flatten someone to death accidentally."

"Is he going to use the shovel to smack the opponent to death?"

"The problem is that the shovel is not strong enough."

"You guys are worried about the durability of the shovel?"

The Hercules was currently prancing around, executing a few exaggerated movements. Wang Zheng was currently testing the extent of the mech's abilities.

It was not bad, there were some strengths to the mech. OMG's construction abilities were good. It even felt like the practice mech which Wang Zheng had tried in OMG's Beijing factory. However, using this mech prevented him from executing any exaggerated movements.

Bragging Simon smiled. He threw

He threw the laser rifle in his hands onto the ground and unsheathed his alloy sword.

Against such an opponent, if he had to resort to his laser rifle to win, it was no different from a loss. It was truly shameful.

Battle begin!

Following the sound of a "bang", the Bata rushed forward. Its movements were fluid like flowing water. Bragging Simon's abilities could be clearly seen.

The alloy sword flashed like a bolt of lightning towards the Hercules. Wang Zheng immediately used the shovel to parry the blows.

Peng! Pengpengpeng!

There was no doubt that it was a sided suppression of the opponent. The Bata furiously attacked the Hercules. On the other hand, the Hercules continued to wave the shovel gracefully, parrying the blows as he retreated backwards. There was no way to dodge the attacks. The Hercules' movements were too slow, so if Skeleton tried to dodge, he would definitely be sliced in half by the sword.

"OMG's shovel is pretty durable!"

"Excellent shovel!"

The audience was not focused on the technical aspects of the fight. There was not much skill involved, and hence it was not exciting in that regard.

What they were curious about was how long Skeleton would be able to survive in his Hercules.

Bragging Simon was not paying much attention to the fight. He was interested in the opponent himself and not the mech. Even if wanted to focus on the fight, the opponent had to be strong. His plan was to play around with the opponent before giving him another chance to have a proper fight after this.

He wasn't concerned about winning in this fashion. He wanted to let the opponent learn a lesson. There were many experts around, and Skeleton was not the best.

However, after 10 odd exchanges, Bragging Simon began to feel that the opponent's defense was gradually becoming stronger.

The shovel was large, and it had actually turned into a strong point when it came to defense. It didn't require him to dodge much.

Was he truly this stubborn?

At this point, the crazily attacking Bata suddenly stopped and retreated a few steps backwards.

The audience's hearts skipped a beat. What happened? Was Skeleton going to perform his finishing move?

Bragging Simon pointed his sword at Skeleton. "Are you sure you want to continue fighting this way? You don't want a rematch?"

Wang Zheng smiled. After those brief bouts, he had finally gotten accustomed to the mech. To be frank, such an environment suited his mech. If the terrain was more complex, he would definitely be at an even greater disadvantage. Mecha with weak mobility would definitely be more easily trapped by the terrain, but the coliseum was simple, and it suited him.

What others saw as a disadvantage was an advantage was an advantage in Wang Zheng's eyes.

He raised his shovel to point back at Bragging Simon. This was a declaration of war!

Bragging Simon smiled. He had originally thought that he would just take out Skeleton after a few bouts to save him some face and that would have been the end of it. However, the opponent wanted to play. In this case, he would definitely not be as polite anymore.

The Bata rushed forward explosively. Bewildering Repeating Steps!

F**k. He was being serious! He was using his special move against a Hercules?

Wang Zheng closely followed the opponent's rhythm. Even with his skills, the mech's reaction time was just too slow. He could only do so much even if he could see through the move. Hence, in order to solve this problem, he had to play to his own strengths.


The shovel intercepted the alloy sword.

Without a doubt, the Hercules had finally counterattacked!

The shovel parried the alloy sword aside and then proceeded to slash towards the Bata.

The audience was bubbling with excitement. This was not a competition, they were watching a comedy! They wanted to see what tricks Skeleton possessed and were completely disappointed. So long as he did not lose too disgracefully, all would be great.


Bragging Simon used the mech's backhand to knock the shovel away before preparing to retaliate. What a joke. The movement of the mech was just too slow. Its strength was insufficient. It was just looking to die!

The stronger the attempt to counterattack, the more humiliating it was when they lost!

"Bragging Simon is about to use his killing move, the Pentastrike!"

The Pentastrike was a technical move. It was like the X shot and the Bewildering Repeating Steps. It was a very basic move with basic movements. It could be distilled into 3 parts.

The stab, the slash, and then followed by another stab.

Bragging Simon possessed the most agile wrists and was also able to execute the move with the greatest amount of force on Earth. Hence, he was able to execute five attacks in just a single set of movements.

One stab followed by three slashes and then another stab. After his attack was executed, the opponent would have been destroyed unknowingly by those quick moves.

At the moment, only Bragging Simon was able to execute the Pentastrike on a Bata Type V.

With how slow the Hercules was, after the blow was parried, its movements would have been affected even more and more. Even a mechanic would not be able to make it move quickly enough to dodge.

If one wanted a good result, they would first have to sharpen their tools!

The audience seemed regretful. It looked as though Bragging Simon was not planning to drag things out any longer.

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