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A+ A- Chapter 154: The King of Dueling

Gu Te felt quite proud. This was what it meant to live. He had originally thought that he had been forced into a dead end, but in the darkness, a glimmer of hope appeared. These four really made him feel quite happy.

When one reached Gu Te's age and position, all that was left to do was bicker and compete against other similarly old and prestigious people. However, what was most important to them was to prove to themselves that they too could be a good principal and develop their students to their best.

At their age, withdrawing from society quietly was equivalent to denying one's achievements throughout their life! They had to go out with a bang! Being mediocre was something no one wanted.

In the group of people, Yan Xiaosu, Ye Zisu, An Mei, Du Qingqing, Yao Ailun, and Chen Xiu were cheering the most vigorously.

Frankly speaking, when Wang Zheng and the rest had left for the selection, they did not expect much. So long as they did not get themselves eliminated, that in itself would be a blessing. But who would have expected such a result?

Upon returning to a familiar dormitory, Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan heavily collapsed on their beds. It was truly too comfortable.

"Hey! Don't just lie there. Did you meet any pretty girls who you can introduce me to?"

"Yeah! The selection was full of beautiful girls!" Zhang Shan smiled. "As beautiful as the Manly Sister!"

The looks of anticipation on Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu's faces were quickly replaced by looks of shock, as though they had been hit by a lightning bolt.

"I can't believe that you were able to obtain such results… it looks like the standard of this batch isn't much," Yao Ailun spoke candidly.

Zhang Shan immediately sat up. "Bulls**t! This brother here lost a few layers of skin to obtain these results. With your puny frame, you'd definitely die in just half a day!"

Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu looked at Wang Zheng. Wang Zheng merely nodded his head. "Mountain Maiden isn't bragging, it was truly difficult."

At this point, the entire dormitory fell silent.

"Mountain… Maiden?"

Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu looked at each other in the eye before exploding in laughter. Zhang Shan felt quite helpless. That b**tard had clearly forgotten to tell them why.

On the other hand, in the female dormitory, a large group of girls had crowded together. They were currently asking Meng Tian all sorts of questions.

Meng Tian was not used to telling long stories; she would reply bluntly whatever came to mind. However, when it came to the story of the Mountain Maiden, at that point in time, everyone burst out into laughter.

With the speed of which girls spread news, even Student Zhang Shan could only feel embarrassed in times to come.

Zhang Shan sneezed. The dormitory seemed quite cold; it seemed as though something wasn't right.

As Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu listened to Zhang Shan's vivid description of training, their faces all turned pale. How was this a selection? It was basically a death camp!

Zhang Shan did not exaggerate things. He had relied on the last phase of training for his comeback. On the other hand, Wang Zheng had remained silent from the start of his story till the end. It was like he had fallen asleep.

Zhang Shan shot a glance towards Wang Zheng. From a young age, he had never been seen as incapable. Even when he was faced with something he was unable to accomplish, others couldn't even imagine the difficulty of his problems. However, he truly felt respect for Wang Zheng and his abilities.

With someone like him, they would definitely rush into the skies above and make an impact! More importantly, if he were to battle alongside him, he would never have any regrets!

Just before he left, Su Yan had also personally talked to Zhang Shan. What Zhang Shan lacked was a systematic form of training. He recommended him to go back and not take things easy anymore. At this point in time, Zhang Shan's potential had already been ignited. He had decided to abandon the path of a physicist. During the second round of selection on Demon Island, he would definitely lose the infamous title of the Mountain Maiden!

On the other hand, in the female dormitory, Ye Zisu was quietly listening to Meng Tian's stories. Every time she heard of something that concerned Wang Zheng, Ye Zisu would anxiously clench her fists. It was as though she could live his experiences vicariously.

An Mei sighed beside her. This was driving her crazy. During the period where Wang Zheng was not around, she had wanted Ye Zisu to meet some outstanding guys. That way, she could save herself the suffering. However, it was no use. When Wang Zheng was not around, Ye Zisu was dispirited and unenergetic, yet when he came back, she was back to normal.

This was really driving her crazy. As sisters, An Mei really wanted to destroy Wang Zheng!

However, Ye Zisu's words had left her speechless.

As one lived, they would meet people they liked. This was already their greatest fortune.

After IG training, these kids had been awakened; it was like they had a qualitative change. As a result, they felt quite uncomfortable in this peaceful and harmonious environment. Such a feeling felt foreign, as though it was from a previous life they had. At the same time, this was something that was difficult for them to feel again.

Before sleeping, Zhang Shan was determined to wake up early. However, when he awoke, the sun was already high in the sky and his companions had left already. It seemed as though he could not control his body when it needed to relax slightly.

Zhang Shan looked over at a neat and tidy bed. That b**tard Wang Zheng had woken up early again. He was like a robot. Regardless of the changes to his environment, he didn't react. How could he adapt so well?

Taking a break for a day wouldn't kill him. Student Zhang Shan hummed a little tune as he brushed his teeth. He felt quite proud as he looked at his face which held a trace of heroic temperament. He ruffled his hair. It seemed slightly long, and if he could cut it a bit shorter, he would seem more alert. Only then could he live up to his idol's image.

Meng Tian had also woken up a bit later than usual. She first took a bath before attentively styling her hair. This was a habit she had. She was able to organize her thoughts as she sat there quietly. Even with a change in environment, she was able to adapt more quickly than others. Yet having an opportunity to rest and relax also made her extremely happy. That sort of strict training was truly unbearably tormenting.

For these two days, other than maintaining her usual training, she would take the opportunity to relax.

Although they were back in school, Gu Te gave the group three days of rest. Everyone understood how intense IG training was. The four students being able to return unscathed was a blessing from the heavens, and he could not be cruel.

Zhang Runan had awoken early. She immediately went to the Art Club and unsurprisingly was the first one there.

In the world of art, she would be able to obtain peace of mind and strength. In here, she had something she wanted to pursue. However, after experiencing the IG selection, her person had changed. Compared to the time before, she was now a little more calm and a little less willing to run away.

Looking at the rays of light that passed through the window, she could see a crow occasionally fly by. This feeling was truly beautiful.

Compared to Student Wang… there was no change in him at all. He woke up early as usual, went for his morning exercise, and then proceeded to fill his tummy. If he had to make a comparison before the training and school, to him, the main difference was that one allowed him to eat his fill and the other did not.

However, there were still minute changes to him. Wang Zheng felt more carefree. Otherwise, he would not be able to be one with his environment.

Furthermore, he had missed quite a few classes, so he would have to work hard to make up for the lost time. However, the notes for class had already been sent to his Skylink. He would just need to spend some time to catch up. For practical experiments, the school had given him the green light to use it freely, so there were no problems there as well.

After all that had happened, Wang Zheng did not change significantly. However, his and the team's success had brought about changes to their historic college. Before long, there were numerous students from other colleges coming and going through the now famous Ares College.

Visiting other colleges was a time-worn tradition. However, it was usually people from less prestigious colleges visiting more prestigious ones. Ares College was a military college, so there were generally fewer females. Furthermore, they weren't allowed to show off their prestige, and as a result, few people paid attention to them. However, things were different now. The IG training results had been released throughout the colleges, and it had been announced throughout the internet in numerous different shapes and forms.

However, the most famous individual was definitely not Wang Zheng but Meng Tian instead. She was beautiful, intelligent, and also a goddess of war on top of that!

Moving back to the four participants, they had become busy with their own activities. Summer vacation was approaching and so were their exams. Regardless of the reason, failing was something they did not want.

On the practical aspect of things, they had experienced IG training and did not have to worry about it. However, when it came to the theoretical aspect of things, they had to quickly grasp the concepts. Tyrant Su had wanted to host a celebration but cancelled it in the end in light of the situation. There would be opportunities to do so in the future anyway.

After busying himself for a week, Student Wang had finished cramming the topics he had missed for the Mecha and Physics Departments. Physics was pretty easy for him, so simply scanning through the information was sufficient. The Mecha Department topics, on the other hand, were very operational, hence it was easy to understand. With regards to memorizing information, although Student Wang had a low gene score, his memory was still pretty good.

The weekend had arrived and Wang Zheng met up with Tyrant Su. He still had to comply with his contract, and he had not played CT for a while. It would be good to relax and go for a spar or two.

It was quite unfortunate that the IG training did not possess any mecha training or battles, but it looked as though this would be part of the second round of training. Wang Zheng was eagerly anticipating it. If it was the case, that would be wonderful and would just be too cool.

Days without Skeleton around were usually quite dull. Solon spun his pen around his finger listlessly. His current position in the company was tied to Skeleton's success, and it was slightly challenging to maintain it. However, what truly worried him was how Skeleton would always appear out of the blue without a fixed schedule.

Although Skeleton had defeated the Shadow of Atlantis as well as the Strongest King of Mars in the previous battle, it did not deter any of the challengers who were interested in fighting Skeleton. Instead, it had only kindled the desire of more players who wanted to challenge Skeleton. Within the challengers were people from the Tyrannical Clash of Kings competition.

These experts had finally decided to show themselves.

One of them was from Earth's Clash of Kings competition. In two years, he had obtained the title of the strongest player seven times. He was part of the professional team COO and was their mid laner, the Killing God "Bragging Simon". He had announced a challenge and was confident he would beat Skeleton. He also claimed that he had discovered Skeleton's greatest weakness.

People who bragged like him were too many to count. However, Bragging Simon was not the same. He was one of Earth's brightest and strongest CT stars, so it was likely that he was not exaggerating.

Furthermore, although he was known as Bragging Simon, his skill was truly at the top. He piloted his mech with monstrous skill and was calm and collected even in the heat of battle. His ability was proven time and time again during the Clash of Kings competition.

When it was announced that Skeleton was online, the first challenger that came to Solon's mind was Bragging Simon.

Like a well-trained military platoon, when Solon walked out, all of the staff started to work feverishly.


"Yes, Boss!"

All of the people got to work. It looked as though the salary this month might be doubled.

The CT administrators released an announcement: Skeleton VS Bragging Simon

It did not require any fancy advertisement. Bragging Simon never bragged. His position in the Earth's CT circuit was incomparable. Even in the past, the most popular players of the amateur circle were not even worthy of his attention.

However, things were different now. Everyone wanted to see a battle between Simon and Skeleton to see who was the real god between them.

From Simon's self-confident expression, it seemed as though he possessed a trick up his sleeve. Even numerous players in the professional circuit had chimed in with their views on the forums.

They had also seen Skeleton's competition videos. His solo fighting abilities were unparalleled. In a group battle, although Skeleton's performance was decent, it was still dependent on one's ability. His team play was good, but not godly. However, in such a competition, people were not concerned about one's team battle abilities but rather their own personal strength!

This was extremely important to professional players. One first had to have personal skill to reach the top. Only to rise further did they have to develop their strength as a team. However, without personal skill, it was meaningless to talk about one's team fighting abilities!

Simon, who had been doing daily training with his corps, immediately accepted the invitation.

It has to be said that even his teammates were excited.

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