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While Wang Zheng and the others were training hard, on the other side of the distant galaxy, there was a story of a wild romance going on.

This was the busiest part of the Milky Way Alliance, the Andromeda galaxy. In this location lay the most famous empire of all, the Aslan Empire.

Both large and small space stations surrounded a blue planet, connected to the planet's surface by metal structures. All of the merchant ships from the Milky Way hastily unloaded specialties obtained from all around the galaxy in these space stations, and when their payments were received, the merchants rushed off to obtain more. It was as if the entire Milky Way was theirs for the taking.

It was in this planet where the core of the Aslan Empire lay. It was the origin of the expansion of mankind's influence, an area where the entire galaxy looked up to.

It held a magnificent capital, full of bustling activity. The people worked efficiently and without error. Every citizen's face showed almost eternal elegance. All this hailed from the Aslaneans' self-confidence, as they lived in the galaxy's greatest and strongest country.

This was truly the center of the galaxy, a title well deserved.

The Aslan Royal College was the most important location in the capital. The defense here was even tighter than at the palace of the Aslan Empire. The most elite Royal Knights and two full brigades were stationed here for the long-term.

The greatest scientists in the empire, perhaps even the universe, could be found in this location, whether it was in physics, biology, planetary ecology, and all other aspects. The vast majority of the most advanced technology research started and was developed here.

Technology was the root of a strong country, and for the Aslan Empire it was clearly so.

In the imperial capital, the Royal College took up a vast amount of space. In the college, students came and went, all wearing different clothes. There were many students from other countries as well, such as Atlantis and the like.

"Bordia! Congratulations! Your electromagnetic evolution theory has been verified. The University Science and Technology Contribution Award which is given out once every four years will certainly have your name on it."

"Oh, Sir Aurora. Thank you for your praise. But instead of the Science and Technology Contribution Award, I would have much rather preferred to get the Aslan Empire's Knight's Medal."

The youth called Bordia was rather thin, but he had handsome facial features comparable to a god. When he was talking, his sharp ears would twitch from time to time, and his faint smile exuded a charm that appealed to both men and women.

Aurora, on the other hand, was a typical Aslanean aristocrat. He was tall and handsome, wearing elegant clothes. Every part of his clothes looked carefully curated. Whether it was the watch, the tie, his top, or his trousers…. This elegance he held was not something people were born with, but a natural behavior accrued after spending many years in the presence of similar people. This was Aslan's aristocracy.

Even the Galaxy's greatest actor could not replicate that feeling that came from one's soul. In the entertainment industry, there was a saying that only an Aslanean could act as an Aslanean.

"You have won the Patriots Medal of the Atlantis Republic. The Knights of Aslan, compared to someone with your qualifications, are just nobodies." What Aurora said seemed sensible. Every word he said sounded attractive to people's ears. On the other hand, an incomparable heroic temperament could be felt exuding from Bordia, an individual from the mighty Atlantis.

"A nobody? Then why has the Knights' Hall not approved my application yet?"

Aurora revealed a bitter smile. Bordia was too serious. "Keke, that medal generally isn't granted to non-Aslanean individuals."

"You are talking about the general situation! I understand what you are saying, and this is what I like about you Aslaneans. Sometimes I even feel that Aslan seems more like Atlantis than Atlantis itself, the once brilliant and brave Atlantis."

As the two people talked, the people around them could also be seen engaging in their own conversations in hushed tones.

All of them were just standing there. Obviously it was not because they had nothing to do, but they were waiting for something or someone.

The truth was that there was only one person who could make the people of the Royal College stop caring about time and wait quietly.

It was Aina Aslan, the first princess of the Aslan Empire.

The princess had disappeared for some time after the adult ceremony and that had surprised the Royal College students. Everyone knew that after the adult ceremony, the princess would have to enter the Royal College to study, as this was the royal tradition. Before the adult ceremony, she received a private education by the royal family's teachers, and after the adult ceremony, she would study in the Royal College. The royal family was not an unapproachable existence. On the contrary, they needed to stay in contact with the country's elite and guide them.


Ancient bells rang melodiously. This was the sound of classes ending.

The two people that were talking stopped and their eyes turned to a building not so far away. A few people came out, men and women filled with unspeakable self-confidence. They whispered when they talked and made no trace of noise. Their walking pace was measured as they walked out in an orderly fashion towards the two.

When the crowd approached the place, the two stood, then the crowd slowed down a bit and most of them even stopped walking. At the sight of this, the two who had been chatting made their way down the steps towards the crowd. The crowd separated and made a salute.

A beautiful figure, slowly walked out from the crowd. Her face and her temperament were truly extraordinary.

Aina, the Light of the Empire, the future Queen of Aslan, the current Crown Princess.

"Bordia, Aurora, why are you here?"

Aina smiled and walked towards them. Every step exuded the grace of an Aslanean princess. Her beauty and her temperament caused the gazes of the Aslanean people to become heated. This was the Crown Princess of Aslan.

"Princess." Aurora just smiled and raised his hands, giving a standard Aslanean knight's salute. He did not explain why they were here.

Bordia just smiled. The unique temperament to the people of Atlantis could now be felt in full force; it was as if he had an eye-catching spirit-snatching aura. "I came to ask the princess about the impact of energy transmission in the universe which you talked about in the classroom last time."

Aina faintly smiled. "I just heard this theory from a friend and borrowed it. I could not understand it well enough."

Bordia slightly raised his eyebrows. "Oh, who could this friend be?"

"He is not in Aslan right now."

The curvature of her mouth made Aurora squint his eyes slightly. Compared to the smile just now, the princess now showed a happiness from her heart.

Ever since the princess had been to Earth, real smiles like this appeared more and more often in front of everyone.

Bordia seemed very disappointed. They conversed politely for a short moment before he took his leave.

Aurora then said, "Princess Huiyin is at Stonehenge."

Aina shook her head and sighed. "She's probably disturbing the peace, and I apologize for her actions."

"This is my duty." Aurora shifted his posture into that of a guardian's position before politely guiding Aina towards Stonehenge.

Aina nodded. She was accustomed to these rules and etiquette from when she was young. It was instilled into her bones. Yet this time, her mind thought of an unrestrained individual who knew nothing about rules and the helpless smile he had on his face when he was using the his last bit of money to pay for a stranger's debt.

He was not handsome, but she still thought of him from time to time before feeling happy secretly.

Aurora's eyes blinked as the princess blanked out. Her star-like eyes couldn't hide any deep thoughts from him.

Earth… What was so nostalgic about that primitive place?

In the Stonehenge Entertainment Area.

There was an entertainment area meant for the serving Aslan royal family. It was safe and it paid emphasis on privacy. It was also the most preferred place for the royal family members to chat and invite guests.

"Your Royal Highness."

Upon seeing Aina, a petite figure jumped up from the sofa, bowed, and raised her hands.

A pair of starry eyes flashed with vigor.

"Don't be naughty." Aina smiled, stretched out her arm, and embraced Lin Huiyin. "Naughty" here had a different meaning.

Lin Huiyin hung on Aina's shoulder with her whole body, "How am I naughty? Hee hee hee."

Aina just looked at her deeply.

"Well, okay. I give up. I have to say that Aurora is a really good choice. As one of Aslan's aristocrats, he is not only polite and is known as a sword master, his father is the Duke, who is an imperial descendent. The rarest part is that he's also very handsome. "

"Since you appreciate him so much, I will leave him to you."

"I do not want to ..." Lin Huiyin covered her mouth. Talking before thinking was really not a good habit.

Aina only faintly smiled. Her star-like eyes looked as if they were saying, "You didn't want him, so you pushed him to me?"

"If a mere swordsmaster is not good enough, how about the Sword Magician Oz? His strength is not below Aurora's, and he is from an ordinary family and is determined to rise. A princess dating a commoner. It would truly be a romantic Cinderella story, and it would certainly cause a sensation throughout the Empire. As long as we give him a little bit of territory, he will surely become the first marshal of the Empire."

"We have to win over such talent to our side." Aina laughed.

"Yes, yes," said Lin Huiyin while nodding like a chicken pecking at rice grains.

"Well, maybe I can talk to my aunt. Someone seems too leisurely and free. Perhaps finding a reliable boyfriend in advance may make her act more like a princess."

"Hey, I was being kind! I'm not an adult yet!" Lin Huiyin jumped up.

Aina just stretched out her hand and rubbed Lin Huiyin's head hard. "Since this is an adults' business, children should not interfere."

"I'm not a child. Well, okay, I'm young. I'm a child. It's too early to look for a boyfriend for me, as there are a hundred harms and no benefit." Lin Huiyin stuck out her little tongue, thinking to herself, "It's all Wang Zheng's fault." How long had her originally cute and sweet sister hung out with him? This little lamb was dyed black.

"By the way, don't say I didn't help you. I know that you have been very busy recently and certainly would not notice these things, but your Mr. You-know-who, his name was in the student science and technology contribution list. I don't know how he got mixed into it. Seems like the standards for these things have been low recently," Lin Huiyin could not help but say.

Aina finally revealed a pleasant look, then she embraced Huiyin and gently kissed her. "My good sister, rest assured that in the future, when you meet someone you like, I will definitely support you."

"Hee hee, the person I like must be famous across the Galaxy, at the top of the world, unparalleled ..." Although the little princess was young, even young girls had their own standards.

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