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A+ A- Chapter 131

Masasi had not eaten well in the past few days. He did not like this type of food in the past, but the food tasted absolutely delicious to him now.

"I inspected the cave last night and it was a standard low-grade ethnic cave", said Wang Zheng.

Only now did everyone realise that a simple picture was drawn on the ground.

"This cave is divided into three levels. The Queen Zerg is on the third floor, most of the Brainworms are found on the second, and on the first is a labyrinth and some guards. It will be manageable as long as we lure the Zerg out." As Wang Zheng said that, the people around him looked surprisingly at one another while wondering to themselves how much work had been done by Wang Zheng the night before.

Actually, Wang only spent a small amount of time at the cave before he headed to the seaside to catch fish.

Because he felt the surprise in everyone, he laughed and said, "I sprayed Zerg liquid on myself and was able to conceal myself for a while. However, since it didn't work while I was close to the area with Brainworms, I had to kill the Brainworms. Without them, the Queen's defence will be reduced by half at least."

Among the Zerg, the Queens did not have much battle capabilities and merely reproduced. The Brainworms actually held the most power.

"We have an idea!" proclaimed Song Li.

"Are you thinking of….. It's too dangerous!" Yuan Ye frowned.

As long as it was within range, when an Ability X triggered, it would attract the Brainworms, and it was then when the Brainworms should be killed.

"Brother, we have confidence. This is also a form of practice for us, but the Brainworms are very sly. You only have one shot at killing them once they show themselves, so Meng Tian's archery skills have to be accurate".

"Once it shows itself, I will definitely not let it return alive", said Meng Tian. "These actions are full of peril, so you all must think about it carefully."

Everyone around was aware that failure would mean elimination at most. However, as Ability X was tied to mental strength, as such, one slight moment of carelessness would lead to them becoming an idiot.

Song Li and two others exchanged looks and grit their teeth. "Since we have reached this point and us Europa Military College students are no wimps, let's do it!"

"That is right, the three of us have faced resistance in this area, we can remind each other!"

"We can do it!"

It has to be said that the fire in everyone's hearts were lit up and hope was evident. Everyone here except Meng Tian and Luo Fei were auxiliary and had ordinary abilities. They had rushed here and had not given up hope, and now they wanted to fight together.

People began to move towards the entrance of the cave. The process of attracting the Brainworms was dangerous, so Song Li and the rest had to maintain a fairly defensive posture. The control

they had to exert needed to be firm to ensure that the Brainworms would be attracted.

In the control room, Meng Ao and two others frowned. "These guys are playing with a lot at stake here."

Generally, when the participants faced life or death situations, they could employ the protection of their bracelets. But in this case, no protective measures could be adopted.

"That's more like how soldiers behave. These few guys are not too bad. The Europa Military College has been rising quickly over the last few years, and their students have been performing very well.

It was true that due to political factors, Europa had a tiny voice in the solar system. However, their production of machine-like warriors was by far the best, and they were known for their courage and having no fear of death.

This could be seen from the students' styles, in their willpower.

"As the saying goes, the diamond cannot be polished without friction, nor can a man be polished without trials. These three fellas deserve extra credit for having the courage to try."

The three people nodded. On the battlefield, there was no perfect strategy, and much effort was required. To have fifty percent odds was already not too bad.

With the ambush, defense, and sniper teams all ready, Song Li and the two others glanced at each other and their abilities were aligned.

Not long after, their bodies shivered and their expressions turned grave as if they were battling the Brainworms.

Thankfully, these Brainworms were bred and therefore were relatively less wild. The three of them were suffering, but they held on.

Luo Fei quietly lied on the ground and whispered, "The worm is beginning to move and is headed towards us at a low speed."

The slow speed was due to the fact that they wanted to follow the worm at a slow pace in order to guarantee the success of attracting them.

"300 meters to go," Luo Fei continued.

There was no one joking anymore, because everyone had felt the shuddering of the ground. People understood now that those who were powerhouses had the capabilities to do something.

Yuan Ye was worried about his three buddies. Song Li and the two others had pale faces, and evidently it was their first time in such a battle.

Wang Zheng kept quiet, but he could clearly feel the battle between Song Li and the Brainworms. It was a bizarre situation. Ever since he had received training for the Five Elements and coupled with his previous epiphany, there seemed to be something close to him and yet he could not grab it.

According to Bonehead, the second layer of the Primordial Regression Technique was an immaterial force which could not be fathomed. It could have involved secrets from the Rand Empire. Only when super soldiers understood it could there be progression to the next level.

Now that Wang Zheng had a clear direction, the second layer should be about mankind's Ability X. However, evidently, the methodology employed by the Rand Empire was convoluted, resulting in their human genes being eliminated from them.

Wang Zheng appeared stunned and was immersed in the middle of this battle. Zergs loved human brains as they discovered the ability of human brains to evolve. This was also the power of humans and the reason for their place in the universe, while Zergs underwent evolution phagocytically. Legend had it that Zergs managed to metamorphose in the past but failed to reach the peak. Without a doubt, Zergs had a strong desire towards the strengths of other species and thus the Brainworm was born.

A bunch of worms suddenly appeared around them. As they were too far, Meng Tian did not shift her vision and was oblivious to it. Despite being in the best position, she was still too far by about a hundred meters. This distance was not fine since the laser could not hit. A laser attack could not kill the Brainworms. Once it was fired, there would be protection by other worms, and the Brainworms would not appear again after retreating.

The three of them were defending mightily as the Brainworms were greedily invading their mental world.

Meng Ao and two others were observing the situation. Compared to the physical attacks from the direction of the Milo and Lin Ruofeng, this was more interesting and insightful, but also more dangerous.

"It is slightly dangerous."

"Weird, there should be movement from Wang Zheng. This kid might be poorer at commanding. How could he blank out at such a key moment?"

Wang Zheng, on the screen, was stunned and was holding his hands together, as if he was very concerned about the ongoing battle.

"He is reaffirming the rhythm of battle. Although his sense is good and his technique is fine, his ability to improvise on the spot is slightly poor. However, there is not much that can be done to help this." Meng Ao let out a sigh of relief.

The three of them had Wang Zheng's detailed information in their hands. The biggest problem with Wang Zheng was that he did not possess Ability X!

This was also a point that the three generals overlooked. They discovered too many wonderful qualities on Wang Zheng, but in the world today, people without Ability X were faced with a huge bottleneck. It was not possible for someone without the ability to grasp battle situations accurately and thus he could not become a commander in the future.

One's capability determined their horizon.

At this time, the color of Song Li's face began to change, his mouth began to bleed, and his eyes began to blur.

"Not good, Song Li will not be able to hold on much longer. Do we attack?" said Yuan Ye anxiously.

"No, the Brainworms have not entered the range of attack!" Meng Tian shook her head and was so calm that some might consider her to be aloof.

In this life-and-death situation, Yuan Ye was biting his teeth, and the Brainworms could feel their weakness. Therefore, they improved the pace of their footsteps. There was about twenty meters, but this distance felt like the distance of the gateway to hell.

Zhao Wanxin and Qu Qiuzhi started to assist with sharing the pressure. However, their reparation skills were subpar and they looked clueless.

Meng Tian knew about this, but in such a situation, the only option was to give up.

Wang Zheng felt this invisible confrontation.

The Five Elements was a feeling between materiality and nothingness. After training, he could feel that, but he did not know how to insert himself, because he did not possess Ability X. Using what Bonehead said, the first step to become a super soldier was to be awakened.

"We have to give up!" said Masasi calmly. This was no longer a risky affair, there was no chance anymore!

At this moment, Wang Zheng placed his hand on Song Li's shoulder/ Yuan Ye, who was beside them, wanted to stop him, but he failed.

At this time, no one ought to have approached. Someone mentally vulnerable would be attacked by Brainworms and could jeopardise the rhythm of the group.

The three generals looked at each other. They realised that it was not very wise and it was a huge mistake.

Masasi and Meng Tian froze, while Luo Fei's tiny eyes flashed. They did not think Wang Zheng would make an unwise move at this time.

However, a strange change happened. The three of them, who were about to be lost, regained their energy magically, and their pale faces started blushing again. The Brainworms appeared to have gone mad and wanted to retreat desperately. Their bodies, however, went forward uncontrollably. The worms surrounding the Brainworms were confused and did not know whether to proceed or retreat.

A ray of chilly light illuminated the sky, and everyone felt a biting chill.

The Brainworms shivered and lumped together, while the other worms fled.

Zhang Runan and Zhang Shan immediately rallied the others and rushed forward. Zhang Runan acted like a boss and single-handedly dragged the Brainworms while others were behind her.

It was a rather domineering situation.

After succeeding, everyone started to leave quickly. After all, waiting for the worms to recover was rather troublesome.

Luo Fei quietly scattered what looked like liquid from the worms along the way.

Although Song Li and the two others had pale faces, it did not seem like anything too serious.

In fact, the three people were quite curious what had happened.

"D*mn, even this was successful? I thought we were done for. Wang Zheng, you are too brave. Your act could have led to disturbances which could've even accidentally caused you to become crazy!" Yuan Ye loudly said. He was slightly angry, and this immaturity could've put someone in harm's way.

"Brother Ye, at first we could hold no longer. Once Wang Zheng put his hand together with us, we suddenly recovered. It was rather bizarre!" laughed Song Li, who had energy to laugh about the situation.

This battle provided invaluable experience to the three of them.

"You have Ability X?" Everyone was surprised, including Masasi, who felt strange.

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