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A+ A- Chapter 123

Underneath the tree, a sickle-wielding Zerg had crept closer. Very slowly, Meng Tian drew an arrow… Zoom!

A ray of silver light cut across the night sky and instantly disappeared into the Sickle Zerg's body. The Zerg fell to the ground without even the slightest chance to scream in pain. Its claws spasmed and it died.

Lie Xin looked over. "Hehe! That weapon has the ability to make nerves turn numb? Interesting. Seems like she's not merely Meng Ao's daughter."

Achilles smiled. "Not numb. Meng Tian has a rare Ability X that can mature and grow. Even I want to win her over."

That was enough said. Achilles didn't say it all, but Lie Xin had turned pouty. She could not stand how Earth women were always wishy-washy, neither could she appreciate it.

Masasi and his company's performances were rather steady. They did not panic a bit, and they knew the Zergs' weaknesses well. It was evident that they had a lot of practice.

What they needed was to calm their emotions and treat the battle like a routine practice.

To them this was just a test.

Another Zerg bounced and dashed towards Zhang Shan. Before it could reach him, a wooden stake pierced through it. Zhang Shan had been waiting for a long time now. He waved his knife and chopped the Zerg's head off.

"What an idiot! Your Grandpa Zhang works his brains! Playing mind games? You're still far from it!"

Unsure of the others' situations, Wang Zheng did not have much to worry about as long as he didn't play with fire.

On the other hand, Wang Zheng did not play with fire. Zhang Runan did.

The Zergs were not afraid of fire. Two Sickle Zergs stared hard at Zhang Runan with their bloodshot eyes and ran towards her, howling and bellowing.

Looking at the flames, Zhang Runan leapt up all of a sudden. The spear in her hand launched out like a flash of lightning.


It pierced right through the tough Zerg shell. Another Zerg made its attack from behind her, but without even looking at it, Zhang Runan fired a backhand shot.

The two Zergs fell and spasmed on the ground.

Having ended her battle, Zhang Runan sat right back down next to the fire.

Lie Xin's attention was drawn to the two red lights going out at the same time. Zhang Runan's performance piqued her interest. This was an interesting person. Physical appearance was unimportant to Mars people, and this one gave off a feeling of strength.

Not bad for someone with the Ability X of strength. The ability may not have matured, but it was decisive and strong.

It seemed like there would be pleasant surprises.

Fatty Luo miscalculated. He felt a strong sense of danger despite being underground and burst right out from the ear

th. A razor sharp sickle stuck in the ground, leaving a small cut on his buttocks.

"Damn you! You almost cut my important parts!"

Shocked, Fatty buried his head in his arms and ran. A Zerg chased him down furiously. He could never beat a Zerg with his speed.

The Zerg fell from the skies. Seemed like Fatty had no place to hide. He covered his head and squatted.


The Zerg was impaled.

Fatty was not sure when he had made that trap. He felt his bottom. "Sigh, it's better to have keep some tricks up my sleeve."

He felt blood flowing on his buttocks.

Fatty dashed right back to his shelter. He was obviously worried that his buttocks would rot.

But Zergs were not poisonous, or at least most were not. Their abilities as individual soldiers were sufficient, so there was no need to use tricks like poison.

The control room Lear was in did not have the highest authority.

The generals' control room had a more complete data analysis and could see things more clearly. Plus, whenever somebody's attack reached the standards of "outstanding", the screens would cut straight to those attacks.

"This woman has got monstrous physical strength! How did we not discover that earlier?" Lie Wuqing asked.

"You don't recognize her?" Meng Ao smiled.

"Uh, do I know her?"

"Actually, you've all met her before."

Lie Wuqing and Drachmach looked at each other, but neither of them remembered. A master like that should not be unknown. Moreover, with top-notch Ability X, this person should have entered Academy X.

The screens cut to another few faces. They were all that of the definite strong players. These people were emotionally calm and could display their abilities well.

Presently, with mankind's understanding of the Zerg and their all-rounded training, outstanding warriors should be able to take control of the situation. Moreover, their weapons were exquisitely made.

"All passable."

"A pity there are no surprises. With this standard, we can only rely on Achilles and the rest. It's a risk."

Just as the voice faded, the warning lights flashed across the screens, cutting to another scene.

A silhouette. A Sickle Zerg. Or more accurately, a Zerg was cut into half.


The red warning indicated a high-level attack.

But the simple replay left the three generals stunned.

Wang Zheng wandered about aimlessly. The darkness didn't affect him. He wasn't sure why, but coming to this place felt like being in the Rubik's Cube again. It was kind of real, but also kind of dream-like.

This was not a good feeling. This could awaken some negative emotions.

What is the true meaning of being a warrior?

No matter how beautifully explained or packaged, the true essence was hard to mask – to kill!

But mankind were rational beings. That's why they converted these negative emotions to comfort themselves, be it justice or morals. But what Wang Zheng had to go through was too extreme. He could not die, and with the holding of the Primordial Regression Technique, his spirits would never be crushed. But some things were indeed not within his control.

This could not be controlled by Bonehead, and neither could he ever understand it. Luckily, Wang Zheng was a born optimist and a tenacious person, especially after meeting Aina, which allowed him to become even more firm and unmoving. But this did not mean that his innate desires to kill had disappeared. Some environments naturally awakened that desire.

As Wang Zheng moved about, he was unable to calm himself down. He tried his best to do it, but he could not suppress the excitement.

Darkness, danger, desire. They dangled right in front of him, seducing him, tempting him.

A greedy Zerg spotted Wang Zheng, and at top speed, pounced at this lost prey. In an instant, it was right in front of Wang Zheng. Wang Zheng could only look up and cut away the man-shredding sickle off the Sickle Zerg.

Meng Ao watched intently. This student was undoubtedly going to die. Had somebody come to his rescue?

In the next moment, a shocking scene unfolded before him. The Sickle Zerg missed, and this student's arm went right through the Zerg's body and tore it into two halves as though tearing up a sheet of paper.

Blood spewed, but all to the front. He did not even have a single drop of blood on him.

The control room was in complete silence. A few moments later, Meng Ao spoke. "Close up. I want to take a look at his face."

The three of them saw a calm, peaceful face that had a little smile and a tinge of satisfaction.

Become a demon or die.

"Ares College. Wang Zheng. 16 years old. Physics and mathematics prodigy. Outstanding contributions in space physics."

Meng Ao read the information. Wang Zheng's introductory portfolio was actually about science! This…

Drachmach was startled. "What? He is that Wang Zheng?"

Lie Wuqing clapped and declared, "What are you talking about? This kid has got character. I like it. He's mine!"

Meng Ao shot a look at him. "Are you off your meds? He's an Earthling."

"I remember someone saying that there are no boundaries," Lie Wuqing rebutted.

"Well, no one said he will go to you Mars people."

"You two, stop squabbling. Let's take another look. Tsk, tsk. This kid is universally renowned. To think he's actually here! It's incredible." Drachmach shook his head, smiling. He just could not believe it.

"Don't beat around the bush. Spit it out!"

"Remember Xiao Fei's latest achievements in space navigation recently?"

"No sh*t. The news of that was all over the place. If done well, it'll be a military revolution. What's with that?"

"Heh heh. From what I know, the core findings in the subject were done by this lad right here. I thought it was just some kid with the same name when I scanned through the name list," Drachmach said. "Seems like we were blind. We almost ignored a true god."

What space navigation and its developments meant, these soldiers knew best. If the theory could be applied in real life, it would first be employed militarily before civilian use.

"Brains and brawns. Just right as an assistant to Lie Xin. That settles it!" Lie Wuqing said.

"Is your Lie Xin a God?" Meng Ao was displeased. This kid came from Ares College and seemed to have a good relationship with his daughter. Meng Tian's Ability X was slow to develop, and her level was not high enough. Otherwise, he could really be made Meng Tian's right-hand man. Now with him, Lear's abilities would definitely be strengthened. It was going to be harder for the Moon to shine.

Frankly speaking, Meng Ao appreciated Lear very much. He knew about the Cronos' political appeals, but that was not the problem, it was actually a strength. Of course, Lear had to be good enough, and his daughter had to be willing.

Back in the days, he would have done everything to make it happen. But times were different now; it was no longer an intra-planet war era. The Solar System Federation had to unite. There could only be one leader out of the five, and Meng Tian should assist the strongest leader. However, Lear was not the one, not yet at least.

So he chose to sit and wait, to see what abilities this Lear kid had.

"I think this guy's style could make Achilles soar," Drachmach said very seriously. He rubbed his chin subconsciously, as if trying to make out the possibilities of this combination.

While the three men chatted, Wang Zheng entered a cave.

"Don't tell me this kid wants to…" the three of them started. Everybody knew that there was definitely not just one Zerg in the cave. Yet he went in.

Drachmach thought for a bit, and all of a sudden, he punched a button. Wang Zheng's signal disappeared from the screens of the five kings downstairs.

"Cover it up for a bit. Let us look at his abilities before deciding. Who knows, he might be a talented warrior," Drachmach said, smiling.

Wang Zheng was excited. He felt awake. Five Zergs were surrounding him, two above, three below.

"Has he gone mad? He didn't bring his laser gun!" Lie Wuqing exclaimed. The Zerg nests on Demon Island were controlled. Wang Zheng was in an average passageway, and there not many Zergs. If he had a laser gun and good reflexes, it wouldn't be a problem. Even the five people downstairs could take it down easily.

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