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A+ A- Chapter 121

Unexpectedly, that weakling was a part of the main lineup, which immediately caused a commotion. Hadn't this guy been influenced by Lear?

Looking at how Fatty was waving his hands, he did indeed look like a commander.

After his introduction was complete, the remaining participants instead remained silent. Inadvertently, this had already demonstrated the difference between the teams.

Su Yan smiled. "Seems like most of the crowd was not prepared for this. But looking at the reactions of Luo Fei and the rest, it is obvious that they were already aware of it."

"Sir, where should we go?"

"Congratulations, you all shall be going to Paradise Island's… twin brother, Demon Island!"

Demon Island?

None of them had ever heard of it, and before they could prepare, they were immediately sucked away by the levitating bus through the door. Once on the bus, they verified their information with other members. Although all of them had done their research previously, none had any links to this Demon Island.

Luo Fei sidled beside Wang Zheng and the rest. "Dear brothers, please do take care of this little brother once we reach Demon Island."

"Fatty, how can you be in the main lineup? Where's the justice in that? When the time comes, taking care of us is of course a given," Zhang Shan replied.

"No, no, this is just luck. Sometimes your luck is good, sometimes bad. Since our boss isn't here, we must cooperate fully when on this damned Demon Island," Luo Fei helplessly said.

"He's not here? Lear isn't participating?" Zhang Shan questioned.

"Our boss, Achilles, Lie Xin, Raston, and Taros, the five of them don't need to. Seems like they already participated when they were still taking classes at Academy X. Don't compare ourselves to those monsters."

"Damn, this isn't fair."

Luo Fei just smiled, refusing to comment.

The guy built like a titan suddenly leaned over and asked, "What is this Demon Island? How much do you know about it?"

"Since Demon Island is named as such, it mustn't be anything good. In any case, this is one of Academy X's training grounds, specifically one of the training grounds for their specialist squads. This should rarely be used in our IG selection round, but it seems like the old guys above are pissed. The casualty rate might be significantly increased this time. Everyone, I do not wish to alarm you, but please do quickly withdraw if you are afraid of death."

Luo Fei cautiously said, "In fact, I would already like to quit."

Everyone smiled. "Fatty, you might as well pass your spot in the main lineup to me."

"Indeed, there are quite a few others at your skill level. However, for those that are participating and can still be so optimistic, yo

u can be considered one of a kind."

"Haha, thanks for the compliment. As for me, I have no other good points but to eat, sleep, and cherish my own life."

Fatty seemed to be rather cheerful, yet his eyes were fixated on Wang Zheng from the start till the end. Wang Zheng was just quietly staring out of the window and enjoying the ride, lost in his own thoughts.

"Student Wang, as our boss said, you are the one with the most potential out of all of us, and he definitely isn't wrong. When the time comes, please do cover our backs."

This single statement by Luo Fei suddenly attracted everyone's attention. Even if the younger generation of the Five Heavenly Emperors were not previously aware of him, the events of yesterday night had made it extremely clear. Amongst all of the legendary feats that had been circulating about, no matter how exaggerated, those five certainly possessed the skills to back it up, especially Lear, who was one of the most prideful people within the group.

And who would have thought that this Lear would actually be praising someone else.

Wang Zheng gazed back from the window and quietly smiled. "Is that so? I'm not really sure."

"What kind of response is this?" Luo Fei was speechless, but his aim had already been achieved.

"Wang Zheng, Zhang Shan, Runan, Demon Island is indeed dangerous. Rumor has it that the Zerg tribe is present there."

"Bugs? Why would there be bugs there? Those things are dangerous. What if… " Zhang Runan wrinkled her eyebrows and frowned.

Within the main territory of humans, the Zerg tribe was to be exterminated at all costs. Their species was similar to a cockroach, reproducing and spreading rapidly in the absence of proper countermeasures. Although they were no longer feared by humankind in current times, they were still a significant threat.

"Demon Island is a space city where everyone's position is being monitored. Additionally, the number of bugs is strictly controlled. On one hand, it allows for further research into the reproductive capabilities of the worms, or alternatively, to serve as a training ground for our students."

"Damn, they want to let us murder these insects, this is too cool! Give me any mech, let me trample them!" Zhang Shan said cheerfully.

Meng Tian glanced at Zhang Shan. "You are only half correct. They may use the bugs for our training, but they may not give us any mecha."

Immediately, Zhang Shang was petrified, only muttering after a long pause, "F*ck! Is this even training? Isn't this toying with our lives?"

"That's why it's called Demon Island…" Meng Tian slowly spoke up. "If you meet with any danger, do remember not to be overconfident."

Regarding IG, although there was a strong medical team and there were plenty of resources and funding, the technology was not omnipotent, so there was still a significant danger to one's life.

The spaceship swiftly left the moon, and after a two-hour voyage, it arrived at the spaceport of Demon Island.

Bit by bit, the spaceship glided into the spaceport and completed the docking procedure.

At this point, Su Yan appeared with a face full of smiles, causing his handsome appearance to be even more dazzling.

"Dear students, welcome to Demon Island. Next, everyone will be assigned to a launcher, which will leave at random intervals. You have one week to kill the Queen Zerg. The killer will awarded 20 points, while other participants will be awarded with 10 points. Survivors will be awarded with 5 points. Each of you will be provided with a bracelet that can be activated during emergencies. Of course, that will mean that you will be disqualified. However, I recommend that you do press it if necessary, or else those hungry bugs will not stand on ceremony. In fact, pressing it too late will leave you with a fate worse than death," Su Yan said.

Everyone was stunned. How was this a selection competition? It hadn't even started and they were already talking about death!

Each of them were quietly whispering amongst themselves, but everyone had the same confused expression.

"You can immediately withdraw now, and in fact, it is a smart choice. According to my knowledge, even the special forces have a casualty rate of 10% each year, so there is no shame in quitting."

Everyone hesitated. Some of them retreated slightly, but despite the warning, they were unwilling to drop out before even participating.

"Looks none you are very smart. Whatever. Head to the back to collect your weapons, each person may bring two. Once chosen, board the launcher yourself."

Su Yan pointed to the back.

"In a moment, let's look for adjacent launchers so that when they're fired, the distance will not be too far apart to for us to gather together," Meng Tian said.

Wang Zheng and the rest nodded. The weapon stockpile at the back of the ship caused a flurry of excitement. There were countless, rarely seen weapons, including cryo weapons and all sorts of laser rifles.

Zhang Shan carried out a submachine gun and an alloy knife, while Zhang Runan chose a small pistol and a large, alloy spear. 'That is the Overlord!' Zhang Shang recognized it and inwardly sweated.

Meng Tian also chose a small pistol plus an alloy bow. There allowed a greater focus on mobility.

Wang Zheng chose an alloy knife and a set of twenty flying knives which could be tied around the waist.

"Huh, Wang Zheng, you're not bringing a gun? That's too dangerous," Zhang Shan said.

"The main objective is survival, so you guys try not to shoot too much. The noise will only attract even more bugs," Wang Zheng said.

Su Yan had been quietly observing these people, and he noticed that only Wang Zheng was not carrying a gun. After listening to Wang Zheng, the surrounding students instantly reacted. Some students immediately put down the miniature cannons that they were holding, having realized that carrying that would only lead to their deaths.

Zhang Shan hesitated before putting down his favorite submachine gun. '…That gun is a little heavy. Let's still bring along the pistol though; it can still be useful at critical moments to attract the attention of the bugs and buy some time.'

Wang Zheng slightly smiled. "It would be the best if we could group up. However, without any coordinates as a guide, we can only depend on luck. Therefore, survival is the most important. If we survive, this round can be considered cleared."

Wang Zheng's statement saw through the underlying intention of this round, which did not mention that the condition for passing was to kill the Queen Zerg. Surviving was sufficient to pass, even if only a few points were gained. This was as none of them knew the difficulty in killing off the Queen Zerg and the kind of price they would need to pay.

In fact, they did not even know what the situation was like in Demon Island.

Excitement, apprehension, motivation, and even fear merged together. In the end, only anticipation remained.

"Let's depart!"

Those that were able to reach IG were the elites of each school. They could no longer be considered rookies and were brimming with confidence.

Each of them carried their own weapons and entered their personal capsules.

"Everybody, don't be impulsive, the main priority is to survive." Wang Zheng smiled.

"Good luck!"

"Good luck!"

"Demon Island, your brother Zhang Shan is coming, surrender to me!"


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

One by one, the launchers were ejected, and the sky above Demon Island was filled with shuttles.

Demon Island, although it was called Demon Island, it was in reality a beautiful little island, with sunny beaches, lush forests, tall mountains, and flowing rivers, with little valleys dotted throughout, emitting the feel of a pristine resort location.

However, as the shuttles entered the airspace above, pairs of eyes emerged from the shadows with the foliage and emitted rustling sounds before disappearing back into the darkness.

Once all the students had flown towards Demon Island, Su Yan started up the video transmission.

"Reporting, all the students have entered the battlefield." Su Yan saluted.

Meng Ao nodded, and standing behind him were five youngsters.

Lear, Achilles, Lie Xin, Raston, and Taros.

"These hundred plus people are the elites of our solar system. Take a good look at them. In the near future, they will be your important assistants. Remember, those who want to succeed must break the national barrier. You must choose your own goals, then use your charm to win over the rest of the team, as those who remain stuck within their small groups will eventually be eliminated. What I need is the strongest team, one that is able to represent our solar system."

"Yes, Sir!" the five replied in unison.

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