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Lie Xin came from Mar's strongest family, which had held its title for over a thousand years. Pursuing strength was ingrained into her. Although she was a female, she was very strong. However, Lear had never felt that a woman would be able to obstruct his path to conquest, even though she was nicknamed the Flame Queen.

Raston was from the Republic of Caragal. It was made up of a federation of one hundred space cities. He was a person who was not rooted to a specific location. Even though he was strong, his might was fleeting. He was known as the Hundred Battles King.

Taros was from the Pluto Republic. It was actually a small planet on the edge of the Solar System. The environment was terrible, but as the exit point of the Solar System, It was an important location. However, from a personal perspective, he was a true genius and was known as King Pluto.

In a situation like this, a one on one fight was dumb. If one was able to take one competitor out, they would technically be strong enough to take all of the competitors out. The rule of the game was simple: whoever had the last laugh would be the victor. The process was not important.

However, as a competitor from Earth, he needed someone to distract and disrupt the others. Ares College was useful for this.

This Wang Zheng person was quite capable. It was a pity he was not an Ability X user. As a result, he would only be able to go with the flow and play a supporting role. Who was important was Meng Tian. Meng Tian's abilities were sufficient to attract everyone else's attention. He had never expected a wildcard like Zhang Runan to appear with a strength-based Ability X. In this situation, the board was set.

Zhang Shan, on the other hand, was easily provoked. This small team was quite flawed, but it would turn out to be quite a good weapon.

Compared to Lear's leisurely mood, a group of people were not taking it so easy.

Su Yan was standing at the side respectfully. In front of him were three aged soldiers with numerous shining stars on their shoulders.

"Old Meng, your daughter's temper isn't bad. She is still able to hold back in such a situation. If it was you in the same situation back then, you would have knocked everyone down."

The three of them were able to see the situation clearly on the video screen.

All three were generals of the Solar System Federation.

Meng Ao who was from Earth.

Lie Wuqing who was from Mars.

Drachmach who was from the Moon.

Although space cities developed quickly, in the Solar System, the core was still dominated by the big three, the Earth, the Moon, and Mars. The Solar System was always quite peaceful, with peace lasting for uncountable hundreds of years. However, the peace had also brought about checks to its power, but in light of the serious challenges that arose, the Solar System's power had gradually increased once again.

Meng Ao let out a smile. "That Zhang Runan is very interesting. I hope that there are more youths like her."

"Although the main competitors have been chosen, stronger helpers are always better."

Drachmach said, "In order to bring out the full potential of these kids, let's make this selection a bit more chaotic."

"You are trying to say that we ought to increase the stakes?" Lie Wuqing revealed an interested smirk.

"Exactly. Taking it step by step isn't good. Why don't we go with Plan A? Instead of going out there to humiliate ourselves, why don't we settle things here?"

"Meng Ao, you are quite vicious. I am beginning to think that Meng Tian is not your biological daughter."

"Old Lie, your niece doesn't look like she's faking it. If she is not able to survive such a small test, what hopes can you have?"

With regards to the experiences these three had, it was likely that an average person would not understand what they were talking about. Hence, Su Yan just quietly listened.

"Xiao Su, go and carry out the plan. No need to be nice. We have faith that we can make this event a little more chaotic," Lie Wuqing said.

Su Yan saluted. "Yes, Sir. I will accomplish this task."

This session was indeed different, and their luck had changed. Su Yan could only envy this situation. Their confidence had stemmed from the appearance of those five. They had already gone through two sessions of Academy X and had even officially graduated. In the Solar System Federation, this was something that had rarely happened. However, this time, when it actually happened, there were five of them! This was their human capital.

The tone for this IG had already been set. The five of them were the key actors and the teams would be tailored around them. At the same time, the three old generals had plans of their own. They needed a proper leader this time.

The Solar System Federation's disease was not something that happened deliberately. Before peace happened, everything was fine. At that point, there existed only the Solar System Federation, but things were not the same now.

Currently, there were several strong empires and republics who had centralized their administrations and placed their strength and efficiency as their priority.

The Solar System Federation also required a strong leader. At least strategically, the transition had begun.

Whether it would be successful or not would depend on whether there were capable individuals. The stage had already been set and the opportunities were available; however, if the people were not capable, it was because they were just too weak.

Lear, Achilles, Lie Xin, Raston, and Taros. Which of the five would eventually become the true king?

Su Yan did not know that the five of them had already made preparations. It looked as though Lear and Achilles had taken advantage of the opportunity to develop their teams. However, no one knew if others would be given an opportunity in the current political situation.

Lie Xin was the only female and seemed to be at a disadvantage. However she had become the number one amongst all the females in the Solar System Federation, so it was not impossible. Although they needed to choose a strong leader, there was still a need to maintain a certain amount of stability in the system. In the Solar System Federation, many standards were relative.

Regardless of what happened, it would definitely be exciting.

The vast majority of students selected for this competition were very excited. It was the first time many of them had gone to the Moon. Furthermore, Moonlight College was famous in the Solar System. It had always been the top college for countless years, leading to the envy of many. However, it also had to do with the strength of the Moon people.

Every planet had their own traits, and the Moon was unique. In the Solar System, the Moon's welfare was the best. As the Moon's best military college, the cradle of human talent, Moonlight College's students were able to enjoy significant benefits. Transport within the city was free and so was the food provided. Even if there were administrative fees, they were negligible and were for show.

Moonlight College also possessed large amounts of scholarships, unlike many other top colleges of different planets, which might have issues with funding.

Coming to this place could be described as going back to a home away from home. However, there were some students who were exceptions to this. Wang Zheng, for example, was not very interested in all this. To be frank, he was not interested in going to the moon. The place felt ephemeral to him. Even though everything was wonderful, it felt fragile and without a foundation to hold it down.

However, this feeling was what he felt. If he dared to speak his thoughts aloud, he would definitely be beaten up by everyone around or taken to be a petty individual.

Meng Tian and Zhang Runan acted like little girls. They were very curious about this different place. Zhang Shan was also actively exploring the place. Only Wang Zheng quietly stayed in his dormitory.

Wang Zheng was not wasting time, however. He cultivated his breathing technique in his free time. Although his Primordial Regression Technique could not advance, after experiencing the Five Elements training, Wang Zheng felt that his technique had changed qualitatively. If he experienced some external shock, it would be possible for there to be a breakthrough.

This was his epiphany.

After experiencing Bonehead's torment in the Rubik's Cube, Wang Zheng's strongest trait was perseverance. This sort of stability was something that could not be developed without ample experience.

The next morning, Wang Zheng finished his breakfast and headed to the venue. Although he thought that he was early, he realized that there were many people already there.

Everyone there was wearing the uniform of their school. It was a form of pride and it was easy to identify rivals.

Even before 8 o'clock, almost everyone was here. Su Yan had also arrived with a slight smile that comforted the people around.

When he was about to speak, a small fatty stumbled over quickly. "Sorry, sorry! I lost track of time while eating."

The entire venue erupted with laughter. Was he actually a pig? He was still concerned with eating now.

Luo Fei immediately found a seat and sat down. Even if it wasn't here but his classroom in Zeus College, a situation like this would definitely cause him to be scolded and cursed at immensely. However, Su Yan merely smiled as though this was all just a small matter.

"Hello, everyone. I am extremely happy to meet you all. I am Su Yan, as per my introduction yesterday. I will be the Solar System's IG selection's team leader. If anyone has any questions, they can look for me. My Skylink can be found on the booklet in your hands. Right now I would like to introduce the selection test."

After he finished speaking, everyone perked up and listened intently. It was finally time.

Wang Zheng looked around in every direction and realized that Lear had not appeared.

"F*ck, it looks as though we cannot be compared to him. Is Lear that good?" Zhang Shan curled his lips in disgust. It seemed that nothing would be fair from the very beginning.

"Everyone might be wondering why some people have not arrived. I will explain why later. This time, the selection has been divided into two. One group will be tested on their ability to lead as part of the commander's test, while the other group will be tested on their ability to work as a team as part of the supporter's test. The first group will be testing one's ability to fight and their leadership abilities. The second group will be testing one's ability to work as a team and collaborate. We will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the selection tests." Su Yan smiled.

The entire audience burst into an uproar. This selection was quite different from before.

The problem was who would be chosen for the commander's test and who for the supporter's test.

Everyone who came here was ambitious, so wherever they went, they wanted to be in the limelight; no one wanted to be in a supporting role.

"Currently on hand, we have temporarily chosen 20 commanders and 5 captain candidates. The rest will be part of the teamwork test."

After Su Yan spoke, the venue become even more rowdy. Currently, there were over a hundred people, but there were so few commanders. Did that mean that everyone else would be a supporter?

Su Yan beckoned for everyone to be quiet. "This is only a temporary arrangement. Everyone's training is the same. If you demonstrate the ability to do so, you will become a commander. The commanders who are incapable will not even become supporters."

At this point in time, the venue gradually quietened down. Everyone understood his meaning. Those who were chosen to be commanders or captains had to uphold greater responsibility. In the IG selection, being paid attention to was not necessarily a good thing.

Additionally, everyone now had the chance.

After which, Su Yan began to announce the 5 captains and the 20 commanders. Regardless, this was still a form of pride. The 5 captains were not around, but the 20 commanders were there.

Everyone whose name was announced had to stand up and let everyone see their face. When it came to the participants of Earth, Ares College's commander was Meng Tian.

Meng Tian stood up and was subject to the gaze of numerous people. Of course, it was due to her beauty. How could someone who was awarded the role of a leader be found in such a place?

Zhang Shan and the rest were a little shocked. Meng Tian's strength wasn't bad, but it wasn't exceptional. However, Meng Tian seemed quite nonchalant, as though it didn't mean much.

When it was Zeus College's turn, their commander turned out to be that fatty!

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