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A+ A- Chapter 116

Ye Zisu smiled wryly. "Indeed, it does seem that way. Those that graduated from Academy X are all extremely strong, but I don't have more information on them. However, it is likely that they will appear during this time's IG selection, since this the first confrontation for the new generation. I'm afraid it is just to prove that they are the real kings within the Solar system."

"Who's that guy from the Moon?" Wang Zheng was a little curious.

"Not sure, he's been very secretive. However, Masasi is under him." Ye Zisu replied.

"That can't be, Masasi was only his underling?"

"There are still seven others with the same caliber as Masasi, and they will be present this time. Some will just be there as a formality, while others are just there to broaden their horizons. However, the contest for the seat of the king has long started."

The comments by Ye Zisu opened a whole new world to them. Despite this, Wang Zheng did not feel that it was exaggerated, as he had already given up on things such as the gene score; it could even be negative for all he cared.

But regarding Ability X, Wang Zheng was still rather interested.

"Ability X, is it a superpower?"

"You may consider it to be so. However, it shouldn't be described as a superpower, as the human brain does indeed possess extremely strong powers by itself. During the Zerg era, mankind had the choice to give up the power of science and technology for the advancement of themselves. But it's unknown why it suddenly disappeared, or if it has been suppressed by other causes."

"What era is this even? In a mecha battle, what's the use of human strength?"

"You can't put it that way. Wang Zheng should have been clear about this before. The current design of mecha is the product of biological technology, genetic technology, and mechanical design. The ability of the pilot is also essential. Simply put, Ability X can be amplified by the mech, giving rise to a surprising result," Ye Zisu said.

"If I understand correctly, the use of mental force in combat is only different due to each person's characteristics and variations in strength." Wang Zheng said.

"That is about right. However, the use of Ability X is not even known by the government, it's controlled by a small group within our galactic allies. Academy X is such a place, and of course it is also known by a few strong empires, such as Aslan," Ye Zisu said.

"Wouldn't it mean that Xie Yuxin is a big shot?" Yan Xiaosu gaped. "That idiot, there was no news from him once he left. Hah, isn't he stronger than Lear, since Lear wasn't eligible for those intergalactic academies?"

Ye Zisu shook her head. "No, Lear's class should still be higher than that of Xie Yuxin. The earlier your ability awakens, the stronger it is. Ability X is still dependent on individual practice, but it is necessary to mention that a humongous team is needed as a support, as the promotion of this ability requires expensive equipment and resources."


"F*ck, this is too unfair. Listening to what you just said, I think that Boss might as well not attend, this is just being tortured," Yan Xiaosu complained helplessly. The recent happenings had been rather uneventful, which caused his self-confidence to raise by quite a bit. But upon hearing Ye Zisu's remarks, he immediately became deflated.

"Without competition, there would be no progress. Others may not be able to do it, but Wang Zheng definitely can. Let me toast you a cup. I wish that you will obtain good results," Ye Zisu said. "I know you are a resilient person, and you definitely will not give up."

"Haha, it seems that I must live up to the expectations of Ye Zisu and show some results before returning."

Both of them toasted each other and downed their glasses.

"Don't think so far into the future, just focus on today. Being able to attend is a good thing. Beauties, let's drink more!"

Yan Xiaosu quickly put his worries behind him. With his tiny influence, he wasn't able to change anything about the larger affairs.

With Yan Xiaosu around, no one would ever be worried for long. This guy was just constantly babbling on. An Mei was slightly amused, and Ye Zisu was smiling while looking at Wang Zheng. Honestly speaking, after saying so much, most people wouldn't still be in the mood for drinks, but there were no such thoughts from Wang Zheng. His calm eyes exuded an aura of self-confidence, and it was precisely this gaze that had attracted her, making her unable to avert her eyes.

An Mei was also secretly paying attention to this scene. 'Tsk tsk, she can't even look away. Is Wang Zheng that good?' However, she was aware that the stream of males chasing Ye Zisu was unending and that her mailbox had always been stuffed full. Only Ye Zisu could cause the awkward and clumsy boys to be this detailed, and this was not only limited to their own school, there were even admirers from other schools.

There was no choice, as Ye Zisu had to personally attend some of OMG's activities just to show her face. Within Beijing's socialite circle, Ye Zisu was named as the number one beauty, as her demeanor and commentary were unparalleled, much better than any celebrity endorsement.

Tyrant Su was the first to get drunk amongst the four of them. He had been too excited, constantly dropping explosive information, and had drank way too much. After the three of them sent Yan Xiaosu back, Wang Zheng accompanied the two beauties home. When they were reaching the dormitory, An Mei quietly found an excuse and left first, thus creating an opportunity for Ye Zisu.

Perhaps it was due to the alcohol, but the rosy face of Ye Zisu was too beautiful to behold. "Wang Zheng, the moon is really pretty."

Wang Zheng lifted his head. It was indeed pretty. He had never been to the moon before, but there was finally an opportunity now.

At this time, Ye Zisu finally took the courage and lightly kissed Wang Zheng's cheek before swiftly fluttering away like a butterfly. "Don't think too much, this is to encourage you. Good luck, friend!"

Wang Zheng touched his face, holding back his laughter while looking at the cute Ye Zisu. What was that?

Nothing in this world would able to stop him, not even those invincible families' children, or those self-proclaimed Ability X elites!

Over the next two days, everyone was busy arranging their classes. Upon reaching the headmaster's office, Zhang Shan scratched his head when he saw Wang Zheng and Meng Tian. "What's up?"

Meng Tian shook her head. "Not sure."

At this instant, they saw Zhang Runan and the dean's assistant walking out from the corner of the corridor.

"Everyone is here, let's go in."

The assistant nodded and motioned the four of them to enter together.

Upon opening the office's door, the antique red carpet was indeed striking.

On the left was a row of bookshelves with ancient paper books and a variety of academic medals and souvenirs. A tea table which could sit at least twelve people was placed in the middle of the room. Further in, there was the headmaster's desk, decorated with various medals and awards.

On the right was a row of half-meter-tall portraits. They were the previous headmasters of the college, a total of eleven. Ares Academy had hundreds of years of history, so it was obvious that only the most outstanding headmasters had the honor of leaving their portraits on this wall.

Presently, the headmaster was standing right in front of these portraits, and upon hearing the four of them enter, he slowly turned around.

"You've all come."

The headmaster pointed towards the tea table in the center and motioned them to be seated.

"Headmaster, the graffiti at the school's gate was not done by our Arts Department."

Upon being seated, Zhang Runan immediately spoke up. Thinking back upon it, it was the only matter that would require the headmaster to personally send his assistant to investigate.

The headmaster opened his mouth. "So it was you all who did it!"

On the wall of the school's gate, a life-sized picture of an Olympian god had appeared overnight. Additionally, the pigments used were unique, such that they could not easily be covered up by other coatings within a short period of time.

Graffiti was a type of art. However, the key was that the 'gods' depicted in the drawings were extremely bloodthirsty, which had severely affected the physical and mental health of Ares College's primary and high school students who had just happened to pass by. It was even rumored that a primary student had written to his teacher that the painting had a negative influence on him, that it caused him to sleep in classes and his grades to decline.

Even worse, this incident had been reported on the news.

Zhang Runan quickly shook her head. "Headmaster, you've misheard me. I'm saying it was definitely not us. Rest assured, I will find out who the culprit is as soon as possible and deal with him under the school rules."

"Sigh, forget it. The reason I'm searching for you all is not due to this small incident."

The headmaster cleared his throat. "For this time's IG, the initial training camp for the Solar System has already begun. As the head of Ares College, I have said this before… know yourself and know your opponent. Just fight using your own style."

This was such a large event that Gu Te could not ignore it. The original plan was to let this four students relax a little, but there would be no motivation without any pressure.

The path had to be taken step by step, and the headmaster had already set his sights far into the future. This was an opportunity to let Wang Zheng practice his strength and accumulate experience, all to collect the harvest in the next semester.

The headmaster poured tea for the four of them and instructed them sternly. This year's tea was produced from the alpine mountains near the southern coast of Asia, and it was rather valuable. "Don't be too stressed. I don't require you to obtain exceptional results, but don't be too relaxed either. Just try your best to follow the training."

Ares College had not attended IG for numerous years. The current situation was already an improvement over the past, but it would be best if the results were not too disastrous, as that would invite ridicule from others.

Regarding the IG training camp, Wang Zheng had been looking forward to it. The elites of the whole Solar System gathered together, with this kind of interaction, thinking about it made his blood boil.

Zhang Shan's battle genetics had been fully awakened, and it was obvious that he was interested in exchanging pointers with other experts. This was not due to arrogance, as he clearly knew that he had a late start. The intention was to simply find out where he stood amongst others and to have a clearer grasp on his own strength in order to find the fastest way to become stronger.

Zhang Runan looked the most composed, while Meng Tian had a glimmer in her eyes. Among the four of them, she had the best understanding of IG. Gu Te may have been encouraging them, but it was clear that even he had not much confidence in them. While leaving the headmaster's room, Meng Tian opened her mouth. "The training this semester will be extremely difficult. Previously, the Solar System was ranked at 75th place. This time, the training will certainly be even more brutal."

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