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A+ A- Chapter 115

White Beheading Steamboat's mech exploded. He was Mars top Diamond-ranked close combat expert, but against that Brittleskin, he was killed before swinging his sword. Under the relentless assault, he thought that his word would be the first to hit, but… that was a misjudgment!

At this time, all of the Martians were simply wishing for the battle to finish, having given up on all their pre-planned tactics. While watching a single mech rush towards their location, they had been completely suppressed by Skeleton's imposing manner.



The engine of the ninth mech exploded. The system voice rang loudly once again, there was only one enemy left.

Currently, Wargod No. 1 was akin to an invincible killer, and Skeleton was a god of death!

It was possible to imagine the Martians' state of mind at the moment: absolute fear.

While holding on to a dented titanium knife, Wang Zheng walked towards Gecko, the leader of the Martian Conquest Army.

However, a surprising scene suddenly occurred. Gecko turned his laser rifle towards himself.



In the first place, the one who could come up with such a plan was a strategist, not a warrior. After deliberating, he decided that he would not let the opponent achieve the tenth kill.

But before the muzzle could be stabilized, a tearing sound came from the mech.

The titanium knife had already penetrated through his mech, a quick stab with deadly precision!



The announcement rang throughout everyone's ears and an extremely deep reverberation that had not been heard before shook the cores of their souls!

A light shone from above the city!

Team Skeleton Wins!

This was Wargod No. 1, the Skeleton Wargod!

All of Team Skeleton raised the laser rifles in their hands and cheered!

Everything was possible.

The crowd of Martians slowly trickled away, but the lesson this time had left them with a deep impression.

However, Wang Zheng was not affected by this match, as the display of skill could only match up to that of a primary schooler's. Frankly speaking, a one-on-one match might have even been better. During the training within the Rubik's Cube, the emphasis was to remain calm under all circumstances. Yet this was the main weakness of the others; once under pressure, their ability to make decisions would be hampered.

A few Martians stole looks at the group, faces white as ash.

"Ten kills for the Ultimate God, are we even playing a game?"

"I don't think that Barbarian Bull will use his catch move ever again."

This was definitely a suicidal move, messing with a death god.

"Damn, Barbarian Bull, are you out of your mind? Dragging this type of guy over, how are we supposed to meet others in the future!?"

"Are you crazy? If you had just fought properly, how would they have stood a chance!? F*ck!"

"You blind idiot, this was obviously to lure us into fighting them, and you still bit the bait. What an idiot!"

The Martians began infighting amongst themselves. In fact, they were initially just here to enjoy themselves and at the same time attempt to raise their own reputation. Yet despite this being broadcasted, they had shown such a disgraceful sight, so they could only prepare to be humiliated in the future.

The indignant Bullhead suddenly erupted, "Get lost! You all were still cheering and laughing when I started the bout, and you dare to blame me now!?"

There were countless reasons for the loss this time, but it was evident that for the others, the days ahead would not be smooth sailing.

After the battle, Wang Zheng was simply relaxing and listening to music, downing the beverage that the boss had sent to him. A one-on-one duel might have been fun, but group battles also had their own charm.

In fact, the military college's focus was primarily on group battles, which did make sense. In the previous bout, if not for the compatibility with his team, the chances of him winning would have indeed been low. While it might not have been impossible, with a bunch of mecha constantly keeping track of their energy shields, it would be hard to make any plays, not to mention the chance of getting surrounded.

While individual skill was taken into account during team battles, it was in fact not the most crucial factor, as extraordinary strength could be shown simply with great coordination. The average power on the Martian side was indeed slightly higher, but they were still easily beaten by the teamwork and tactics of the others.

Additionally, the abilities of a leader was essential. During the battle, there had been a few times where the other teammates were prevented from rushing forward. One had have confidence in his judgement, as a wrong command would mean a total wipe.

At the time when Wang Zheng was caught, the energy shields of both him and his opponents were nearly depleted, which caused the opponents to fall into a panic.

Once their psychology had been understood, the actual execution of the move was simple.

Of course, this was due to the lack of experience on the other side. Luckily, they weren't against more difficult opponents, ones who would not lose focus at any point during the match. For guys like Qiangsen, it was impossible to even cause him to be careless for a moment.

A serious fight was indeed a joy, but an occasional relaxed bout was enjoyable too.

Team Skeleton immediately broke out in cheers, as these kinds of fights were great for their morale, especially when they had only been spectators in the past. It was a different experience altogether, and it had indeed gotten everyone's hopes up.

One thing that Wang Zheng had neglected to mention was that with the exception of Rainbow and Wild King, the skills of the other eight members had drastically improved within a short time!

This change of mindset, while it may not immediately have translated into results, would surely have an effect on their state of mind. Those who had experienced such a fight would surely have had a significant boost in their confidence, and at the same time, set their sights toward other experts. In future fights, they would be even more focused, and their individual judgment during macro plays would also be different.

This was not something Wang Zheng would have thought of.

Likely, this was an example of how the environment would influence your character.

"Boss, where are you?" Tyrant Su's excited voice rang out from the Skylink.

"Just finished a bout, why?"

"Since you are about to set off, come out and drink. How can Mei Mei and I leave you alone?"

Tyrant Su smiled.

"Alright, give me the address." Wang Zheng was still not used to life without Yan Xiaosu.

At another corner, other than Yan Xiasu and An Mei, Ye Zisu was also present.

"Is it alright for me to be here?" Ye Zisu replied, with a hint of embarrassment.

"Why wouldn't it be? The only ones that came from Dawn were us three, we're just like trench brothers!"

Yan Xiaosu smiled, as it was him who had called both of them out. Ever since Tyrant Su left Ares College, his skills in handling relationships improved drastically under the encouragement of An Mei. Admittedly, there was still a significant difference between a boy and a man.

Amongst the girls that he had interacted with, Yan Xiaosu felt that Ye Zisu was the most suitable for Wang Zheng, especially since her family would not be able to hear any rumors as they were still within a closed space. In addition, Ye Zisu would be a great help to him in the future.

Yan Xiaosu was different from Wang Zheng, as within the period where he was following Old Yan to deal with other businesses, he began to be more familiar with the unwritten rules of the society. Alternatively, it could be said that he had dropped his earlier naivety. No matter if Wang Zheng wanted to fulfill his dreams or to be more successful in the future, it was necessary to have a suitable companion.

There was no one more suitable than her. More importantly, Ye Zisu was infatuated with Wang Zheng.

It was nearly impossible to find such a girl.

An Mei was also in favor of Ye Zisu, as she was ready to help others and did not have a temper. Admittedly, that Xiao Shi was indeed beautiful, but what of it? She had still disappeared without a sound. In fact, this encouraged Ye Zisu to make the first move.

Noticing the presence of Ye Zisu, Wang Zheng was not in the least surprised, as he had already been treating her as a close friend.

"Boss, we're leaving in two days. Do you have the confidence to bring back a victory?" Yan Xiaosu heroically asked. "Two beers please!"

"I don't know; I heard there were quite a few experts," Wang Zheng said. He was quite interested in the selection this time.

"The thanks goes to Susu this time. She's done quite a bit of homework," An Mei said while hugging Ye Zisu.

Ye Zisu smiled. "It was still okay. OMG has a few convenient channels for information. IG is not an Earth-based event but rather a Milky Way Alliance one. Their aim is to test the skills of the elites from each sector. Eventually, it became a confrontation between all elites, no matter whether they were from the Solar System, the Aslan Empire, the Atlantean Republic, or other major powers. Basically, for those with good results, you will be treated well regardless of which group you join, be it the Galactic Federation Army or any other regional legions."

"What, I thought it was within the Solar System. Seems like there is still another layer above it. It may be difficult this time round," An Mei replied exaggeratedly.

"The difficulty is indeed high. Not to mention the scope of the galaxy, even the solar system is also full of difficulties. But this year should be different; at least I feel that there is some hope." Ye Zisu smiled slightly. "With Wang Zheng's abilities, it may be possible to win, but we do need to pay attention to Lear too."

"Lear, huh? You mean from Zeus Academy last time? He didn't even enter the finals. What's there to be afraid of?" An Mei questioned with a puzzled expression.

"Lear has already entered the IG Galaxy expedition team, and I'm afraid even he might not have anticipated the previous incident. His personal strength is undoubtedly up there, he has S-class genes, and he's also an Ability X wielder. Also, he is from X-Academy, which is Earth's only academy that has matched up to the galactic standards, and he has been often called 'King Lear.'"

Ye Zisu's speech stunned the three of them. "King Lear, what era is this? Why is it so exaggerated?"

Tyrant Su absolutely couldn't imagine it.

Yet Ye Zisu did not laugh and simply shook her head. "It's true, the so-called X Academy only accepts students who awakened their Ability X before ten years of age. Nobody knows where it is located. Lear previously attended two sessions. In fact, those participants that could match up to the galactic standards, there are only five in the Solar System, and Lear is one of them. I think the reason why Masasi left our school was to distance himself from Lear's strength."

This information was beyond everyone's imagination. "Need it be that exaggerated? The fight has already begun, although it seems like we are still living in a different world."

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