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A+ A- Chapter 114

It was obvious that the Martians didn't seem very cool at that point. However, the crossfire from both sides made their intentions clear.

The Skeleton Corps did not seem exceptionally skilled. However, the Martians seemed to be having a tough time. The reason was that the opponents were surprisingly well disciplined; despite all their provocations, the opponents did not rush forward.

In such a large group battle, what was most important was coordination. Whoever rushed forward first would face the entire enemy force and their fire. It would devastate themselves.

"Gecko" was the Martian team's captain. He was also a Diamond 1 ranked player that was quite famous on Mars. He considered himself lucky to be able to crush noobs. He would be able to gain quite a few benefits by doing so. Of course, if the battle was more exciting, that would be even better.

This was the last battle. The number of livestream viewers had already surpassed 20,000.

Once they trashed Earth, they would go and compete on a stronger planet.

However, currently, the battle had fallen into a stalemate.

The Flame Conqueror Corps continued to push the assault. Their style of battling was more aggressive. The Skeleton Corps, on the other hand, were playing defensively. With Wang Zheng's orders, they would not be disadvantaged in any way. The two sides continued to battle at range, with their energy shields dwindling.

At this point in time, the two sides' snipers began to shine. In a group battle, a deadlock would often happen. In such a situation, it was a competition of the team's gunnery skills and how well they were able to conserve their energy shields. Following which, they would allow their scouts to move away and hopefully attract the opponents' attention.

However, on the Skeleton Corps side, there was a Brittleskin. Although this Brittleskin's gunnery was quite accurate, a normal laser shot was not as dangerous. Having said that, a laser shot was still a laser shot, so if it hit, it would still cause significant harm.

"Captain, that Brittleskin is very good at dodging. We should think of a way to crush him."

"Yes. That b*stard is so slippery. F*ck his grandma. He even hit me three times. I don't dare to poke out and scout anymore."

Gecko nodded his head. He had been observing the situation intently. This Brittleskin was quite the wretched enemy. He was quite skilled and it looked as though he was even the captain. The opponents had been focusing on him this whole time. However, they were left injured instead of taking him out. This battle was no longer fun. Even if they won, it was not in the dominating fashion he wanted. Even their provocations were not met, as they refused to take the bait. He didn't know how whether he could quell his anger.

Usually, in such a situation, once the battle became stale, the viewers would leave. How could this be called a battle? A bunch of terrified noobs they were! When one faced an enemy, they ought to be ferocious. Only then would the battle be glorious!

Gecko was good at using the terrain. However, thi

s time, there was something strange. The opponents were very calm; it was as though their audience was also watching calmly.

"Comrade, can you restrain that Brittleskin?"

Comrade was a famous Martian support player who had developed an unfathomable device. Not only did this device possess conventional support functions, it was an emergency rescue system on real mecha. It was an energy-powered magnetic cylinder that was able to rescue teammates in danger. It could even be used to eject precious equipment. This was something the police often used; however, it had been brought to the battlefield.

However, in this case, he was not saving his teammates, he was going to eject the opponent away.

It was said that the equipment could be used to capture wild beasts.

Without saying, ever since Comrade developed such a move, he had become a famous support player among the Martians, so many experts wanted to battle him.

He named his move the "White Wolf Barehanded Catch." In CT, nothing was kept a secret for long. Any move that was developed would be copied. However, the problem was that when you tried to catch teammates, they would not dodge and would instead try to match their support. Yet enemies were not dumb enough to merely stand there, so many people who tried this move were scolded pitifully as they failed.

A comrade who could catch opponents was a good comrade.

Without saying, as the person who invented the move, Comrade was a real expert. Hence, for Gecko's expedition, Comrade was a person he had to bring along.

"Not a problem. However, the distance is still too far. Our formation has to close the distance." Comrade smiled. He had not participated much in the last few battles. This move was his killing ace, and it was finally time for him to shine.

"Maintain the formation, advance and suppress them!"

At a glance, the opponent's fire power increased. Additionally, when the opponents started to advance, Rainbow frenziedly shouted out, "Everyone be careful. The opponent is equipped with an energy powered magnetic cylinder. Once you are caught by it, operate your engine at max capacity to block it!"

Comrade had already performed his move before. When he started using it, the opponents did not react in time and were shot into the midst of his team. Once the enemy's shield was depleted, they would only be mercilessly killed. It was quite a domineering move.

However, after that, individuals who fought him in subsequent matches smartened up. When they were sucked in by the magnetic cylinder, they would immediately try to escape. However, the problem was that Comrade operated a Martian mech, the 9th Generation Barbarian Bull. It possessed a heavy equipment load and was slow-moving with high energy reserves. If forced into close single combat, it would easily crush its foes. However, in a group battle, this was a completely different situation. The previous energy consumption was insignificant to it, and it had preserved the majority of its energy. Furthermore, the player was quite skilled.

Wang Zheng laughed. "Maintain the formation. In a moment, when I get sucked into the cylinder, no one needs to worry. Just rush into them and attack them all out!"

No one refuted him. They could already see that the opponents' mecha were in a wretched state. That Brittleskin had ceaselessly fired at them while hitting a few rounds. It has to be said that he was quite accurate.

On Earth's livestream, there were already 2 million viewers. This was not the same as the previous competition, as this battle was meant for leisure. A few of those who had watched the Flame Conquerors previously were eagerly anticipating the show.

The Martians then began their show.

A scout which looked as though it had rushed forward too eagerly headed towards the Wargod No. 1. He looked like he was just looking for a beating. No one could have missed that.

Since the opponent was acting so well, Student Wang wouldn't let them down.

The Wargod No. 1 opened fire fully, its laser hitting endlessly. Although the person was quite skilled, his energy shields were ripped apart by Wang Zheng.

At this point, Wang Zheng felt that the mech had been forced to stop. The entire mech was covered in an energy cage.

This also provided a protective shield.

Comrade's mouth turned into a smile. He did not rely on the auto targeting mechanism to target the opponent, he relied on his gut feeling, which was he had always been imitated but never surpassed.

The Wargod No. 1's energy output competing with the Barbarian Bull's was just a fantasy. This had nothing to do with skill, this was the difference between the mecha.

The Barbarian Bull had caught the Wargod No. 1, but it had also revealed its position. Rainbow and Wild King shouted a battle cry and then all the mecha began to rush forward madly. As the opponents had to protect the Barbarian Bull, they had to retaliate. However, they lost their momentum.

The Wargod No. 1 was not worried. This energy cage was the best form of protection. Furthermore, what the Martians wanted was to feel the thrill of being berserk.

"Hold it! Just 10 more seconds and victory will be ours!"

Although their formation had been disturbed, the opponents had good mecha and were skilled. However, the situation was completely chaotic and both sides had their energy supplies depleted rapidly.

The Martians were extremely excited. After violently fighting for so long, victory was finally in their sights.

"Hide!"Gecko ordered. After a certain amount of time, the Barbarian Bull no longer needed to manually operate the cylinder, as the Wargod No. 1 was sucked away.

The Wargod No. 1 had been sucked into the midst of the enemy. All of the Martian mecha drew their beam sabers and prepared to attack.

The moment the Wargod No. 1 landed, the energy cage dissipated, and then endless beam sabers hacked towards the Wargod No. 1.

Had anyone ever seen a gang fight?

This was the very definition of allowing one to live out a gang fight! Only Martians with their strange hobbies and moves would do such a thing.


Leaning Landslide!

One mech was knocked flying. The Wargod No. 1 did not even look as its titanium alloy knife lashed out in a backhand strike. Without looking back, he took 4 steps back, dodging another two blades.


Double Kill!

Gecko was shocked. F*ck, what kind of godly skill was this!?

While he was still stunned by what had happened, the Wargod No. 1 executed an Arced Slide Step and rushed over… next to him, an explosion sounded out and fireworks spluttered in every direction.

Triple kill!

"F*ck this b*tch. I didn't see him and he got me!"

"He's rushing to you, I got him! I…"


Quadra Kill!

In a brief moment, four mecha had already been turned into scrap metal. All of the audience members on Earth were cheering. B*tches. This bunch of b*stard Martians. They definitely had something wrong with their heads. They could have caught anyone else. Instead, they chose to catch Skeleton. This was definitely them wishing to die!

Comrade then rushed forward. As he was so embarrassingly close that he would not even have time to draw his weapon, he tackled the Wargod No. 1 and opted to grab him.

However, the Wargod No. 1 disappeared in front of his eyes. Instead, he had been grabbed by the Wargod No. 1, and with the help of his own momentum, he was flung into the blade of his own teammate as he stared onwards with wide eyes.



"Kill! Kill! Kill him regardless of the cost!" Gecko was infuriated. All of the Martians were furious! In the heat of the moment, all they could see was red and a single Brittleskin in front of them. They were supposed to able to easily crush this Brittleskin to death!

In such a gang fight, unless their lineup was exceptional, his teammates would be no more than punching bags for Wang Zheng. Simply said, without sufficient skill, this gang fight was just them seeking death in front of a real expert! However, finding a person Wang Zheng considered an expert was a completely different story.

Killing Spree!

Another mech had turned into a smoldering pile of sparks. At this point, the Skeleton Corps mecha had turned into viewers. They wanted to help at first, but it looked as though it was not necessary.

A chaotic battle without an announcement or planning had actually attracted 2 million VIP viewers. This was truly heaven-shaking!

"Hurry! Go, go! Skeleton is abusing some Martian kids!"

"One killing ten! This is truly heaven-defying!"

"This is just senseless. The opponent's Barbarian Bull is just watching his teammates get slaughtered!"

"Hey, Barbarian Bull! You're as dumb as a bull! Does your mom know that?!"

The atmosphere was boiling hot! This was a completely different sort of excitement!


It was like hunting rabbits. His knife swept forth smoothly before twisting and killing a mech! Yet another mech was completely unable to respond before getting destroyed!

Within a short span of time, 7 mecha had been destroyed. The last 3 were shocked and did not even know whether to attack or to run.

"You guys attack! I will support from afar!" Gecko shouted.

The moment he spoke those words, the Wargod No. 1 landed from the sky. The two Martian mecha were hacked apart. His obvious tactic was ruined. With their skill level, this should not have happened. However, anyone who was placed in such a battle would definitely have panicked and their hands and legs would have become jelly.

The Wargod No. 1 rushed forward as expected but then suddenly dived as he approached, spinning as he tackled Gecko. Gecko's hand twitched as he fired his laser. That last shot had missed, but he heard an explosion.


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