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A+ A- Chapter 113

Zhang Shan decided to go back home to relax. When it was time, he would go to the spaceport to gather. He had made such big changes ever since he went to college, and he had yet to tell his family. This was the perfect time to go back and explain himself.

Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu had also disappeared. It looked as though they had been kidnapped by Xiao Fei to be used as aides. When it came to overtime work, these two were extremely smart about it. Wang Zheng was not around, but this was what they had strived to do their entire lives and hence were more attentive and hardworking than anyone else. Therefore, they also improved rapidly.

Wang Zheng had nowhere to go. The Old Merchant appeared and disappeared randomly, and he could barely contact him. Yan Xiaosu and An Mei were basically stuck together all day, and Wang Zheng did not want to be the third wheel. Being a light bulb was not moral. Furthermore, Tyrant Su said that Yue Jing wanted to ruin the relationship between the two of them. Although she did not succeed, Wang Zheng felt very moved. After all was said and done, they were still classmates. Regardless of what had happened, it was all easily forgiven. However, after this situation, they would not want to take their relationship for granted anymore.

After thinking about it, Wang Zheng thought of the Skeleton Corps. Deep in his bones was a desire to cause a ruckus. Yet, after experiencing many unique situations, wanting to be a normal person was just not possible.

He came to Brothers Net Café alone. Wang Zheng did not feel like competing and hence ordered a set meal, casually registered a new ID, and entered the Skeleton Corps. Going in with his usual ID would cause trouble, and he wanted to enjoy the peace and quiet.

CT's facilities were very comprehensive. The living community area was similar to what was seen in real life. It provided a space to chat as well as a place to discuss business. If there were other requirements, the user could click on an empty part of the interface and a window would pop up, showing forum discussions on the Military Corps and even a marketplace. It was all extremely convenient.

Wang Zheng did not have any goal and was just wandering around looking at things. The numerous parts of mecha on the catalogue were the most well received. Low end mecha were very cheap, while high end mecha were exceptionally expensive. After a mech part was destroyed in battle, one definitely had to repair it. However, some people preferred to customize their mech and would do so.

However, in CT, the mecha could not be customized to an extent like that of reality. There was still a gap, and hence Wang Zheng was not as interested in understanding the different mecha parts.

His aim in playing CT was not the same as others'. He found a place with beautiful greenery and then lied down in the sun before opening the discussion forum on the Military Corps. The discussion was quite heated.

"Let's group battle then!"

"Is anyone doing the Iron City mission? Im looking for a group! Seeking pros!"

"Pretty girl looking for help! Is there any kind-hearted brother willing to teach me how to use the Flame Serpent Laser Gun?"

"B*tch, is this your tr

ue self? I demand a live video, otherwise, I won't go with you!"

"Stomping noobs! Stomping noobs! Fresh Silver rank looking to rush to Gold! Looking for a skilled team! Bad players need not apply!"

"Rainbow, Wild King, do you have time? Let's go stomp some noobs!"

"Old Cat, wait a moment. We are currently watching a competition. Some fireflies from Mars seemed to have found their way onto the Earth region."

All the major regions had a clear division between them. However. from time to time. there were activities that spanned across all of them. Furthermore. there was a desire for each region's players to beat those from another, especially when it came to beating others from different planets.

The feeling of accomplishment when beating someone from a different region was also significantly greater. Earth challenged the Moon, the Moon challenged Mars, and Mars challenged Earth. This was all a common occurrence.

Recently, there had been an undefeated group known as the Flame Conqueror Corps. They often fought group battles in the Earth region. They had already obtained nine consecutive victories and were stirring up the community.

However, after people realized their identities, they had attracted the Earth players' ire and counterattack. However, these Flame Conqueror Corps players were quite strong and still continued to maintain their winning streak. They wanted to obtain a 10 win streak before leaving.

This situation was very common. Professional players and professional teams would not lend a hand in defeating these players, because doing so with their original accounts would reduce their own standing. However, using a smurf was a completely different situation.

On the other hand, this new group of players from Mars wasn't bad, and they were not from any named corps. They were likely either Platinum or Diamond-ranked. Generally speaking, most of these teams would aim to achieve a 10 win streak before leaving. It was enjoyable and would not give others anymore chances to retaliate and end their streak.

Perhaps on Mars they might have been broadcasting this show of conquering Earth's players to a small crowd.

It was not an official activity and it was meant for one's own entertainment. However, it was still quite interesting to watch.

When one saw the situation of "conquering another planet," there was pride involved and things became heated. However, the main problem was that "invading" another region could be done without joining any corps, but to properly set up a group battle, one was required to form a new corps to do so.

10th Battle, Skeleton Corps vs Flame Conqueror Corps.

When it came to the sheer number of players, the Skeleton Corps had already become the largest of corps. Hence, when they came to such battles, they generally had a high chance of playing against these people.

The Skeleton Corps was filled with endless passion, and they had recruited only Gold ranked players and above. Their will to battle flowed endlessly!

Those who failed to be matched against the Flame Conquerors could only wring their hands and sigh. At the same time, Skeleton was not there. Why were they so excited? They ought to have given the opportunity to a stronger corps to challenge them. If it was a normal battle, it wouldn't matter. However, this concerned Earth's reputation!

Furthermore, everyone believed in their own abilities more than others'.

The Skeleton Corps was now filled with quite a few experts. Rainbow and Wild King had joined relatively early. However, now they had also recruited some Diamond-ranked experts. These individuals enjoyed lurking around, but they did not like participating in the activities themselves.

Martians enjoyed 10 vs 10 battles, to kill without end.

Rainbow and Wild King were currently waiting to register. Little Red Noob was currently extremely happy; however, the requirements to play now were very high, and he was worried he would not be able to make the cut to join the team. Yet, as Rainbow himself said, it was currently the holidays, and he was very free. Other than training, he had nothing else to do.

Regardless, he could spend time chatting with Bubbly Foam and hence he enjoyed his time very much.

Rainbow did not care much for this particular match. He just wanted to challenge the players from Mars. Whether he won or lost did not matter to him. What mattered was enjoying himself.

However, the reactions from the players were more intense. One should not be playing casually.

A large number of people had registered. They were all remarkably brave. However, for the sake of winning, they required individuals with higher win rates.

Rainbow, Wild King, 2 Diamond-ranked players, and 5 Platinum ranked players were chosen. Rainbow then got a message.

"Add me to the game and let me have some fun."

Rainbow was shocked. Who was so bold to want to merely have fun? This concerned the reputation of Earth's players.


It was Skeleton!

Student Wang had already changed to his original ID. Creating a ruckus would be fine.

"Fellow brothers! Look who is here!"

The audience was currently having an intense discussion on battle tactics when a new ID appeared on the team. Skeleton.

"F*ck, is this for real? Even such a thing can happen!?"

"Haha, these Martian kids are about to run home crying."

"There is a strong desire to broadcast this! Live stream! Live stream!"

Wang Zheng possessed a lot of fame, so his live streams were always in high demand. Even though some did not think it was important to commentate, since the audience wanted it, they would do so. The more people watching, the more exciting it would be.

A 10 vs 10 chaotic battle would be extremely entertaining.

They very quickly entered the matchmaking screen. Solon had not even made any preparations, as he had never expected Wang Zheng to appear. Such a casual battle was very common, and the officials would not concern themselves with these inter-regional battles, hence he had not made any preparations or announcements.

However, there was a type of communication also known as the word of mouth!

The Flame Conqueror Corps were very arrogant. During battle they would spew taunts over the public channel. In this regard, they were very serious about it and maintained a high standard.

What was this wool?

Just as they guessed, the Flame Conqueror Corps had turned on a livestream. It looked as though it was part of their plan. Even then, there were several thousand people already viewing the match.

The Skeleton Corps also launched their own livestream. What was important was that everyone had been infuriated by the Martians. When they saw the player list, everyone was in joy.

Even though there was no announcement of this match, the number of VIP viewers was already more than a million.

"B*tch, Skeleton is just too mean. These Martian kids are going to cry."

"Get rid of these maggots. Let them see what they are facing!"

"Make sure they cry for their mommies and daddies! Get a legendary Decakill!!"

"This will be fun!"

There was a festive atmosphere about.

10 vs 10, the entire audience was in an uproar!

It was obvious that this group of Martians wanted to enjoy the thrill of beating the people of Earth.

The two teams entered the battlefield.

The Martians' taunts and jeers could be heard over the public chat channel. They intentionally chose to not speak in the Alliance Common Language but to use their own Martian tongue.

Without courage, how could one triumph? The ten mecha rushed forward in a team formation. The one with the loudest voice ought to be their captain. It was just like a real war.

The Skeleton Corps had also formed their own formation. However, for some reason, everyone felt like laughing.

Without saying, when the battle bgan, they would be serious. 10 vs 10 and 5 vs 5 were completely different situations. The mecha were plentiful, and in a split second, one could be destroyed.

Hence it was important that they maintained their formation and didn't leave the group. The more people there were, the harder it was to manage, especially in CT. Additionally, the opponent would even reveal flaws to bait the enemy. If one was not careful and fell for the trap, it would destroy the formation and could very possibly cause the deaths of their teammates as well.

Martians enjoyed jeering, and this was also a battle tactic. If one could irritate their opponents, they would be able to gain victory even quicker.

During the first engagement to probe the opponents, both sides were very anxious. They wanted to see how strong the opponents were and how well they reacted. The Martians were well trained in this aspect and would not have come over to the Earth region otherwise.

"Ah! Captain! There is a Brittleskin!"

"Are these Earthlings crazy?"

"Haha. They were probably nervous and picked the wrong mech."

"Ah, we will target their weakest link and deal them a vicious blow. Strike them where they are weak!"

"Yes, Captain!"

When the opponents realized that there was a Wargod No. 1 in their midst, they were like bees to honey. They targeted Wang Zheng and opened fire viciously.

This was a standard textbook technique to gain an initial advantage. Since there were more people, it was even easier to cause a domino effect when one fell.

Wang Zheng was also extremely cautious. Ten mecha firing upon him was no joke. Even though he had godly abilities, he would still get destroyed.

Both sides exchanged fire, but no one had gained any advantage.

"Boss, this d*mned Brittleskin is very slippery. We can't seem to take him out."

"Old rules, toy with them!"

"Hehe, all you Earthlings. It seems like they are also livestreaming this match. I wonder how many people are watching. On this side there are almost 10,000 viewers. How many do you have? However, from the Martians' point of view, you are just going to be destroyed. You guys are no different from kindergarteners," one Martian player shouted over the public channel quite arrogantly.

In actual fact, they only had 7,000 viewers, but this fact was just a triviality.

However, the audience on Earth was laughing. F*ck, there were almost 1.9 million viewers already. This was not even a publicly announced event!

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