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An Mei then gave another kick to Zhang Ke on the ground. Deep down, she felt quite lucky. It was wonderful that Meng Tian had actually taught her a few savage moves to protect herself.

This woman, Yue Jing, was like a ghost that would not leave. She knew that she had struck it rich with Xiaosu and hence did not leave him.

Yan Xiaosu feebly continued to enjoy the consolation of Yue Jing.

"Xiaosu, we were destined to be together."

At this point in time, Xiaosu's Skylink rang. "Student Xiaosu, taking advantage of her slightly is enough! Are you pretending your wife doesn't exist?!"

Yan Xiaosu suddenly quivered and immediately sat upright. Yue Jing looked shocked as well.

Tyrant Su let out a pitiful smile. "I'm sorry, I already live with a tigress at home. If you don't mind being my second wife, I can accept that! However, you need to gain the approval of the tigress."

"You! You were acting?!" Yue Jing shouted angrily. It was no wonder that b*stard's hands were unreserved when touching her. Now that she thought about it, how could an angry man actually act hurt?

Tyrant Su shamelessly waved his hand. "Student Yue Jing, it's not that I am not a match for you; rather, I was worried you would suffer!"

"What are you talking about? How could I have been mistaken? Xiaosu, I really want to improve our relationship." Yue Jing aggrieved.

"Ah, Yue Jing, let me tell you what I think your good points are. I found out that after I graduated, your IQ has not improved. I also found out that you are so generous that you hired a gigolo to stage a show. However, next time you ought to think things through better. How in the world can something happen so coincidentally? Also, when you're acting, you have to do a better job. Whenever you're near me, you have this look of absolute hatred." Tyrant Su laughed. After tidying up his hair, he said, "This brother here is now the man of the moment. Did you actually think I was as naïve as I was before?"

Of course, Yan Xiaosu was truly shocked by the pictures. However, it was a pity that Yue Jing had a record for doing such unsavory things. Also, the entire thing seemed too coincidental, and those pictures did not seem to say anything. Most importantly, the current Xiaosu was not the naïve Xiaosu of the past.

He would not be a loser forever.

"You misunderstand. This situation has nothing to do with me. It's that woman…" Yue Jing continued to try to explain herself.

Yan Xiaosu waved his hand. "Yue Jing, don't continue. You are just insulting my intelligence now. I am very curious, why do you hate me to the point that you are willing to cross vast distances to find trouble with me again and again? This is just too strange. Wait a minute, it looks like you weren't just looking for me, but also Wang Zheng. Haha. Perhaps you're secretly in love with Wang Zheng, yes? Then why are you disturbing me?"

Yan Xiaosu shook his head. "This situation seems pretty strange. There is

no reason for such love. There is also no reason for such hate. I can smell a plot afoot."

Yue Jing's heart skipped a beat. She was very clear that if Xiaosu suspected something, then she would definitely be finished.

"You are right. I hate you. I hate Wang Zheng. I hate Ye Zisu. I thought that we were meant to be close sisters. However, she only saw me as a joke. Now that she is so close to Wang Zheng, I just can't stand the sight of it. Yan Xiaosu, remember this now: so long as I live, this is not over. Even that wreck of a company your family owns, I can destroy it at any moment. Right now I will give you an opportunity. Kneel down and beg for forgiveness. If you don't, just wait. You will be sleeping on the curb!" Yue Jing said angrily.

Yan Xiaosu couldn't help but laugh.

"What are you laughing about?"

"Keke, if it was a month back, I might have been afraid. It's a pity that Little Fortune Star is now a company even you cannot touch. If you dared to do so, would you have waited until now? Please, why don't you act a bit smarter?"

Tyrant Su shook his head disapprovingly. This was too disappointing. That snowy white cleavage had lost all its allure for him. "Furthermore, Ye Zisu is one of the most honest girls I have ever met. She doesn't even look like someone who has ever rebelled in her life. I don't think that she has ever mistreated you. However, everyone is a mature adult now; only you are left wallowing in the past. This world does not revolve around you."

Yue Jing pursed her lips and stopped herself from talking. What was happening? What happened to the Yan Xiaosu who could not even stand the sight of his own shadow?

"Alright, I think we have talked enough. My Meimei is waiting for me. Since you were the one who invited me, I will trouble you to pay for the bill. Bye bye."

Tyrant Su confidently stood up, and before he left, he even gracefully picked up an apple off the table.

After this little fiasco, Yan Xiaosu's and An Mei's feelings had taken another step forward. An Mei was an intelligent girl, but Yan Xiaosu had times where he faltered. However, he was still a good person at heart and would not do anything that would affect their relationship negatively. To Yan Xiaosu, after experiencing this situation with Yue Jing, he had become calm when it came to such matters of feelings.

"Xiaosu, you said that Yue Jing just couldn't let things go and had even created such a ruckus. You didn't happen to do anything to her family and caused trouble, did you? " An Mei teased.

Yan Xiaosu did not laugh. An Mei could not laugh either. When Yan Xiaosu was not playing the fool, he seemed very domineering.

"This situation seems very fishy."

However, after discussing it with An Mei, he could not discover any traces of a plot. Hopefully Yue Jing would not continue to cause trouble after being taught a lesson.

In Europe.

In the Chronos Courtyard.

"Patriarch, Yue Jing has failed," Drupe said, before explaining what had happened.

A cold smile appeared on Lear's face. "It's a pity. I have to start by dealing with Yan Xiaosu before dealing with Wang Zheng. Brothers falling apart. This is truly a woman's story. This will be an interesting show."

Drupe nodded his head. At the same time, it would allow General Meng's daughter to get a good look at what Wang Zheng was really like. He would be able to kill two birds with one stone.

"Patriarch, how should we deal with Yue Jing?"

"Get rid of her along with her father, Yue Long. He has already attracted the hate of too many people. It's time to give everyone else an explanation," Lear said faintly.

"She did not expose your plans even at the last moment. Do you want to give her a second chance? With her relationship with Yan Xiaosu and Wang Zheng, this pawn can be used again," Drupe said.

Lear's gaze turned chilly. "When did you become so dim-witted? The Chronos family does not need someone who has failed twice."

"Yes, Patriarch. This old one has become muddled," Drupe said respectfully.

Lear smiled. "You weren't muddled. You were trying to probe me. This is the last time. I am Lear Chronos, remember that!"

Drupe bowed deeply and no longer spoke a word. His job was to nurture Lear. However, after the last failure, Lear had completely matured. From that point on, he would be a blade; he would no longer need to think.

Military might would not even allow them to dominate the Earth. However, intelligence would allow him to conquer the universe!

Five hundred years of planning had come to an end. The prophecy was about to come true. The Earth would be revitalized as the majestic general Lear would dominate the Milky Way!

In the classroom, Zhuo Mu and Luomu were very satisfied with the class' performance. "Everyone, we have chosen the individuals who will be participating in IG. It will be Wang Zheng, Zhang Shan, Meng Tian, and Zhang Runan. The four of you will represent Ares College and enter the Solar Systems IG competition. Remember that you will not only be representing Ares College; more importantly, you will represent Earth. I believe that you will do Earth proud!"

Zhuo Mu had never imagined that this group would end up being trusted with his expectations. However, he understood the strength of those competing. So long as they tried their best and showed their strength, that would be enough.

"Next, Teacher Luomu would like to say a few words."

Luomu smiled. "I won't talk much about the battle itself. When it comes to the time where you familiarize yourself with mecha, the amount of time you will have is very little. In addition, the amount of information given will be paltry. You will have to learn just by looking at the pictures. Perhaps when it comes to this aspect, we are disadvantaged, but what I would like to say is that regardless of what mech you will be using, all of them will have their own spirits. Their nature is the same. So long as you observe carefully and be one with the mech, you will discover things you have never imagined."

"Teacher, are you saying that mecha have life? That sounds very mysterious." Zhang Shan laughed.

"Hehe, mecha do have a life of their own. From a tangible point of view, when you develop an emotional attachment for the equipment you use after going through life and death situations with it, the potential you can bring out from your mech will be different. You will also gain a form of self confidence. From an intangible point of view, sometimes you can feel a force within the mech. You can choose to grasp it or ignore it. I hope that all of you will use your hearts to feel these mecha. IG is a competition, but it is also an excellent opportunity to learn. I hope to hear of your victory!"

Luomu said. He was very thankful to Ye Zisu's chiding. With this new group of kids, he was able to find someone to be his successor, and more importantly, he was able to rediscover his reason for living!

"Alright. You won't have to train in these next few days. Take the time to refresh yourselves and make arrangements for your classes. In three days you will leave." Zhuo Mu smiled.

"Instructor, you won't be bringing us along?"

"There are no entourages in IG. From now on, you have learn to be independent and make your own decisions. Remember to help each other and trust each other. Only then will you be able to create miracles. Wang Zheng, stay behind for a bit," Zhuo Mu said.

Zhang Shan smiled. "Then I will be off. See you guys later."

They could finally relax, and Zhang Shan was extremely excited. During the training period, Wang Zheng's attendance was actually the lowest because had a lot of things to do. Zhang Shan was the most hardworking. Ever since he started focusing, he discovered a new world. He used to study physics only because of his family's background. What he truly enjoyed was warfare, hence he improved extremely quickly. His previous educational foundation from physics did not diverge from what was needed in warfare, and he was even more logical than others, so he was able to look at warfare from a different angle.

Mang Tian had a very cold exterior. It was as though whatever happened would not affect her at all. She would not be rash nor angry. She attended training on time and left promptly when it was over.

Although Zhang Runan was one of the 4 members, she did not speak much. This was quite a unique team.

"Instructor." Wang Zheng knew that Zhuo Mu had to inform him about something.

Zhuo Mu patted Wang Zheng's shoulder. "Regarding the competition, I will not say much more. Your calmness exceeds your age. I am not worried, I just want to tell you that with great power comes great responsibility. The results are not what is most important. What is most important is that you can use this competition to understand your teammates and bring them to greater heights."

"Thank you, Instructor! I will do my best!"

"Haha. However, if you can teach the other arrogant competitors a vicious lesson, that would be even better!"

Just when would Earth be able to let their pride shine brilliantly?

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