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On the battlefield, no one should neglect any foe.

It was truly carefree. Qiangsen was someone who could not wait; he wanted to open his eyes and see his fellow brothers.

"Mr Qiangsen, your Skylink. It's from the military," a beautiful nurse said softly.

"Help me open it."

"Aimar here. Qiangsen, how is your recovery?"

"General, the doctor has says that I have 70% chance of success for recovery. I will definitely return to the team! Thank you!" Qiangsen said as he sat up.

"No need to thank me; it is deserving of your status as an honorable warrior. However, this time your treatment fees are from CT. I personally hope that you can put on the military uniform once again and not let down all the people's feelings."

Aimar put down his Skylink. Paradise Island was not a place ordinary people could enter even if they were rich. The military had given the green light, and furthermore, Qiangsen was an excellent soldier.

Qiangsen was slightly shocked. The doctor had asked him to rest, but the situation was just too strange. CT was a profit driven company; why would they help him?

Was it because of those few battles he had?

That would be impossible.

Faced with his burning questions, Qiangsen went to inquire with customer service. Regardless if the other party ignored him or not, he would express his thanks.

What was unexpected was that his Skylink quickly rang.

"Mr. Qiangsen, I am Solon. I am in charge of Earth's CT."

"Hello, Mr. Solon, I would like to thank you. I don't know what I should say."

Solon gave a slight smile. "You are thanking the wrong person. Your medical fees were mostly paid for by Skeleton; it was he who requested for it. Of course, it is also our honor to help a veteran get better. We from the CT company are very willing to pay a part of the fees and hope you recover quickly. Perhaps in the future you might be busy, but we hope that you will come back to the game to take a look every so often."

Solon was very busy and thus he did not beat around the bush with Qiangsen. He then turned off the Skylink.

Qiangsen quietly lied on his bed as he closed his eyes slowly. However, his heart could not stay at ease…

After finishing another refreshing battle, Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu made their way back to school.

"Little Red noob is just too sly. He actually took such an opportunity to confess to Bubbly. Ah, the poor little cabbage has been taken!"

Yan Xiaosu laughed. A group of people in the Corps were mad. Bubbly Foam was an idol to numerous people. However, she had managed to be wooed by Rainbow.

"I feel that everyone's standards have improved."

"That is the case. The entire Corps is extremely motivated. Furthermore, everyone has improved their awareness in the game; they no longer rush in recklessly and get killed. Naturally, they will improve." Yan Xiaosu laughed again. "Although Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu are average players, their ability to make accurate judgments is extremely strong. Furthermore, the two of them are good teachers and give good pointers. Their help has been quite useful."

Wang Zheng gave a slight smile. Before he could open his mouth, his Skylink rang. "Wang Zheng, where have you run to!? Come to the laboratory immediately!"

Xiao Fei's voice echoed from the Skylink.

Yan Xiaosu looked extremely happy. "The king has called. Student Zheng, you have to go! Quickly!"

Wang Zheng gave a bitter smile. "She's not a king, she's the Empress."

He had turned off his Skylink during the battle. Xiao Fei had a bad temper and had definitely flipped.

Wang Zheng hurriedly walked away. Not long after, Yan Xiaosu received a Skylink call. Could it be his beloved Meimei? It was truly a perfect night. Right after this battle, would he engage in another passionate one?

Yet when he saw the number, he could only stare at it blankly. This number was one that he had managed to obtain through great difficulty, but he had never called it before… Yue Jing?

Why would she contact him on her own initiative?

However, Yan Xiaosu still picked up the call.

"Student Xiaosu, it's Yue Jing." The voice on the other end was very warm.

Yan Xiaosu coughed dryly. "Student Yue Jing, what seems to be the problem?"

"I am in Beijing and would like to chat. Would it be possible?" Yue Jing said almost pleadingly.

Yan Xiaosu hesitated for a moment. She was his previous secret crush. Regardless, it was just a meeting. She wouldn't be able to eat him alive, would she?

An Mei was actually looking for Yan Xiaosu that night. However, a big problem had happened in the Drama Club. Her middle school idol, the popular actor Zheng Ke, had come!

Zheng Ke was once a student at Ares College. However, after he was talent-spotted, he immediately entered showbiz. He had managed to make it big and had become the idol of numerous young girls.

His visit had attracted a lot of attention. To the students, this was big news. His fan club had completely surrounded the area!

Zheng Ke was not only exceptionally handsome, he also had a quality of a new student surrounding him. His deeply emotional gaze was able to completely knock out a young girl.

An Mei did not have such an exaggerated reaction to him. However, her heart was still very excited. Hence her performance was also exceptional.

Zhang Ke was here to give pointers to some of his juniors. However, the entire Drama Club was inspired by his words.

When the production ended, Zhang Ke took the initiative to invite everyone to dinner. It brought cheers from everyone. This was what it meant to be an idol. He was a big shot but did not act like it. Instead, he was still so amicable and approachable.

However, when An Mei reached the dinner place, she realized that she was the only person there.

"Senior, where are the rest?"

Zhang Ke gave her a wry smile and pulled a chair for An Mei to sit in. "Have a seat." At the same time, he couldn't help but to caress An Mei's waist.

"Your performance was amazing. Congratulations." As he spoke, he raised his wine glass as his eyes affixed themselves on An Mei. This girl was truly very well developed. She was truly quite sexy.

"Thank you." An Mei had an imposing feel to her.

"Haha. Great. That's wonderful. Actually, I have my own selfish reasons in meeting you. An Mei, your performance wasn't bad; it was full of potential. I feel that you can consider developing yourself in showbiz. Although there are still minor problems with your acting, I feel that after you accumulate some experience, everything will be fine. If you are interested, I can introduce you to my manager."

Zhang Ke immediately pulled out his trump card. An Mei was a girl who loved to perform; she liked the feeling of being on stage and to flaunt her beauty. This was one part of her that Yan Xiaosu did not oppose. However, competition was fierce. She would never had expected that such an opportunity would appear.

An Mei couldn't help but be pleasantly surprised. "Really, Senior? You can do that?"

Zhang Ke had a mature, entrancing smile on his face, with eyes that seemed to be saying "You mean you don't believe me?" as he held An Mei's hand.

An Mei was quite shocked. She pulled her hand back silently. "Mr Zhang, could you tell me what are the conditions?"

"Haha. Truly amazing. You are an intelligent girl. I will not beat around the bush. Your potential is unlimited, but if you want to ascend to the top, you have to pay a price. In Beijing, I will be your supporter. So long as you listen to me obediently, I will not mistreat you!"

Zhang Ke's smile was very natural. This was because he had made preparations to handle such a girl. What did a girl truly want? Of course it was to be a celebrity. To satisfy their vanity.

To meet the goddess of his dreams once again, Yan Xiaosu felt a little emotional. Although she was still beautiful, Yue Jing seemed a little gaunt.

Yan Xiaosu and Wang Zheng were people who did not remember grievances, especially when it came to such things. What had passed had passed. Furthermore, Yue Jing had taken the initiative to mend their relationship.

The two of them talked about the interesting things that happened in school, and their laughter resounded throughout the place. Yan Xiaosu could feel that Yue Jing had transformed yet again, into the goddess of his dreams.

"Xiaosu, I heard that you have a girlfriend now. Furthermore, she is the number 1 beauty of the Drama Club. You truly fell in love with someone else really quickly. I feel hurt," Yue Jing teased.

The usually outgoing Yan Xiaosu looked slightly embarrassed. "I am happy that someone wants me."

"Xiaosu, Wang Zheng and you are capable people. However, the two of you have bad eyesight. As a girl and as your friend, I would like to say that a wild girl who wishes to develop in showbiz is someone that cannot be relied on," said Yue Jing.

Yan Xiaosu suddenly had a foolish smile on his face. "Really."

"Do you understand what I mean?" Yue Jing asked. Why was this fool still so silly?

"I understand. You said that wild-hearted girls are not reliable," Yan Xiaosu said.

Yue Jing nodded her head. "That's correct. For the sake of climbing higher, they will resort to any measures. This includes selling themselves."

"Ah. That's pitiful. A sea of bitterness lies ahead with no hope of shore, but instead salvation exists when turning back," Yan Xiaosu said as he sighed.

Deep down, Yue Jing was furious. How could this fool not understand? At this moment, her Skylink rang. Yue Jing stared at it smiling briefly before her face turned into one of anger and shock.

She suddenly stood up. "Xiaosu, take a look. This is truly infuriating. How can An Mei do this? For the sake of becoming famous, she actually did such a dirty thing!"

A few pictures could be seen on the Skylink. It was that of Zhang Ke holding An Mei's waist. Another picture showed Zhang Ke holding An Mei's hand, and An Mei even had a look of happiness on her face.

Originally, Yan Xiaosu thought that Yue Jing had changed. However, after hearing her words, he knew that she had not and thus replied sarcastically. Yue Jing, on the other hand, did not understand. However, he had not expected such photos to appear.

He had dedicated himself to An Mei. At the same time, he felt absolutely furious.

"Xiaosu, don't be angry. You still have me." After saying so, she grabbed Xiaosu's hand before gently caressing it. She was extremely close to Yan Xiaosu, and she even rested her head on Xiaosu's chest. "Xiaosu, you are amazing. I made a mistake by not seeing you for who you are. Let's start again from the beginning."

On the other side, the exact same story unfolded.

"Mr. Zhang, I think you have misunderstood. We have no reason to continue talking. Goodbye." An Mei stood up. Being used as an entertaining toy was not a foreign concept. However, she did not expect it to happen to her.

Zhang Ke did not expect that either. He looked at the pompous An Mei, who had rejected him. "Xiao Mei, you are a good girl. However, there is nothing great about a rich playboy. Take a look."

It was a picture of Yue Jing consoling Yan Xiaosu. The picture even had a close up on the bountiful breasts of Yue Jing.

Zhang Ke smiled. "Living is meant to be for enjoyment. That bastard only has dirty money. He is a wastrel and nothing more. Once you are famous, money is meaningless. Why shortchange yourself? Could it be that you think I am not his equal?"

An Mei picked up the wine glass, her face forming a smile. The smile became larger and larger. Suddenly, the glass of wine was thrown onto Zhang Ke's face. At the same time, her left hand smashed a plate onto Zhang Ke's head. In one swift motion, she had knocked Zhang Ke into a daze.

"Watch yourself! Why don't you go and find out what kind of person I, An Mei, am. Such small tricks. Go and tell your grandma (Yue Jing), that s*ut, if she has any ability, she can come and face me directly. Don't play these petty games with me!"

Zhang Ke touched his head. His hand was smeared with blood. Then he rushed at her angrily. "Little b*tch, you are looking to die!"

As he prepared to hit An Mei, An Mei reacted naturally and lashed out with her legs.

A pitiful cry resounded throughout the place. My jewels… jewels… my imperfect jewels…

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