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Rainbow: Tempest Condor (Aslan), Luoluo Tracking System, Beam Saber

Wild King: Light Cavalry Type D (Aslan), MP5 Laser Rifle, Beam Saber

Skeleton: Wargod No. 1 (Default)

Prince: War Emperor Type V (Mars), War Emperor's Electric Halberd

Lucky: Ice Falcon 9th Gen (Earth), Zero Degree Laser Rifle

Hammer: Gold Guardian (Moon), Hammer Auxiliary System

This was the Star Emperor Corp's full lineup.

Although the competition would start soon, the commentators had already started talking.

"Ah, Comrade Old Deer, your clothes today look… celebratory. Did you win the lottery? Did you get a girlfriend?" Bubbly Foam mocked.

Today's Deer dressed extremely festively. "Hehe, today is the last day I will be commentating on Skeleton's battles. Of course I have to dress for the occasion."

"Oh, Comrade Old Deer, why are you so sure about this?" Bubbly Foam smiled.

Old Deer admitted that he did act quite rashly. However, he let out a faint smile. "The opponent this time is completely different. I think everyone understands. With the Star Prince Team on red and the Skeleton Corps on blue, both are extremely famous corps. However, when it comes to skill, I think even the audience has their own opinions. Why don't we let the audience vote for who they think will win?"

Old Deer pressed a button and a voting interface popped up. 83% of the audience felt that the Prince's Star Prince Team would win.

The Skeleton team were the typical folk heroes. They had a lot of support. However, the Star Prince Team was full of professional celebrities. Furthermore, they had a long and distinguished record. The Prince's status did not even have to be explained. Even on Earth, he had over a million fans.

It was a case of a pagan god fighting against the established gods.

At this point in time, the hype for the Skeleton Corps was extremely high. However, looking from a broader point of view, it could be seen that they still had a large distance to go before reaching the level of the Star Prince Team.

"Dear Student Skeleton has constructed many miracles. I hope that it will happen again," Bubbly Foam said determinedly.

Old Deer laughed. "Little Bubbly, I heard that you are dating the Skeleton Corps' Rainbow. Is that true?"

Bubbly Foam gave a slight smile. "We are friends."

"Keke, as a commentator, I would advise you to aim a little higher. A diamond-ranked player is the lowest you should go," Old Deer chided.

"This is my own problem. Furthermore, I believe the Skeleton team will definitely win!"

"In this case, you can watch and learn. Dear audience members, you might not be familiar with the situation. Let me introduce the teams."

From a professional standpoint, Old Deer was very skilled. However, when it came to his knowledge of the game, it was extremely complete. Furthermore, he had come prepared this time.

The Star Prince Team had a string of glorious results, especially because the Prince had been in top form recently. In professional battles, he had achieved a string of 8 victories. It was in the top 3 longest streaks for the year.

The Prince was the pearl of the professional players. Without saying, Hammer and Lucky were also specially picked by the Prince. They were not concerned with their CT rankings; however, in professional competitions, Lucky was the team's main sniper, while Hammer was the support player with keen insight. He was CT's number one support player. However, after joining a professional team, his CT play time had reduced drastically. Hence, he was only ranked at the top of the diamond ranks.

If these team members wanted to rush into the king rankings, they would be unstoppable. However, to professional players, other than a few captains, the rest of them used CT as a form of practice and relaxation. They would not seek a high rank. What was most important was gaining victory during competitions.

Professional and amateur players would constantly compete together. This was mostly due to the workings of the CT company. However, such a serious match was rarely seen.

In professional competitions, support mecha were often used. Some players were in charge of detecting enemies and making the appropriate judgment. They even had to defend themselves from attacks. They would fill up the gaps in the battle line and would even have to sacrifice themselves. Hence, for the sake of victory, everything had to be done.

In such competitions, the mecha used were of a higher caliber and were outfitted with numerous equipment. These also had to be countered with support mecha. The Tyrannical Magnetic Guardian was one such mech.

However, the requirements of amateur players were not as stringent.

This was also one of the reasons why the Star Prince Team were the favored winners. Excitement and hype was just that. Those who were logical all knew that the result of this competition was clear. What was important was if the process would be exciting.

Within this short span of time, the people who favored Star Prince Team's victory had increased by another 2%.

It was impossible.

Old Deer had never possessed as much confidence as he had today. He was very familiar with the Prince and the Star Prince Team. He had commentated numerous competitions they had participated in.

"Now let us talk with the Prince and hear his opinions on the match."

Not every commentator would be able to interview the Prince.

"Hello, Prince. This is Old Deer. I am very curious, why were you so interested in such a competition?"

On the screen appeared the Prince. The Prince gave a wry smile. "Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for their support. I had watched Skeleton's fights previously and they were very exciting. He has already reached the level of a professional player. I would like to use this competition to see his performance in a group battle."

"Ah, so that's the reason. This is extremely high praise for Skeleton. However, it looks as though he has chosen to stand out. He chose to use the Wargod No. 1 and rejected working as a team." Comrade Old Deer laughed. "As a loyal fan of the Star Prince Team, I hope that the Skeleton team is not too scared!"

Prince also gave an inadvertent smile. This Old Deer was a big mouth in the commentator circle. Once again he had proved his reputation right.

"Let us exchange pointers."

The discussion forum was extremely heated. Originally, they were excited about the upcoming match. However, now they had been thrown into disarray by Old Deer's words. This guy was not even fearful of the world falling into chaos. The brothers and sisters of the Skeleton Corps were not to be trifled with. They would naturally show their true colors when dealing with Old Deer.

Although the Prince seemed to take this competition pretty lightly, it was not wrong of him to feel that way. He had the skills to do so.

Teamwork was not created by merely talking about it.

Teamwork would allow one to conquer the heavens! It would allow one to surpass their individual limits!

Rainbow and Wild King had also gone online. The two of them had a level of tacit understanding between them. However, they did not possess much confidence.

Rainbow was in charge of sniping for this round and had to face off against Lucky. However, he did not possess any hope in beating Lucky. He had watched him compete often. That ability to remain calm even in dangerous situations was truly heaven-defying.

Wild King had it even worse. Most scout players who entered the professional circuit chose to use support mecha, a jack of all trades. Additionally, Wild King had once faced off against Hammer. At that point, Wild King was extremely arrogant. His personality was exceptionally reckless to begin with. He had felt that his ability was exceptional. So what if Hammer was a professional player? He would crush him.

However, he was truly too arrogant. When he faced off against Hammer, he had faced off against him in the Dark World map. He was completely annihilated, beaten to a point that even his mother would not recognize him. It was a massive blow to his confidence then.

Although he had lost badly, the audience did not think much of it. It was simple. All of them felt that losing to a professional player was normal. Even being annihilated didn't seem out of the ordinary.

However, in Wild King's heart, it was a significant blow to his confidence. It was completely different compared to the battle with Skeleton. After the battle with Skeleton, Wild King had sought to improve himself. Hence, he had entered the Skeleton Corps. However, the battle with Hammer was just something he wanted to forget.

However, people in the same river would meet each other eventually while they drift. Yet he did not expect it to happen so soon.

After the interview with the Prince, numerous CT players wanted an interview with Hammer and Lucky.

Lucky was only interested in being interviewed by beauties. This fellow was a playboy. It was in contrast to his calmness in game. When it came to beauties interviewing him, he would brag endlessly and would even stay in contact with the interviewers.

"Brother Lucky, what do you think your chances of winning are?"

Lucky couldn't help but laugh. "It doesn't matter; any of us can take all three of them on at the same time. Do you think that this is for real? Nah, this is just a game. There's no need to be serious."

On the other side, a male interviewer asked Hammer, "Player Hammer, what do you think about these three? Do you feel that they can win?"

Hammer shook his head. "No opinion."

"Have you seen him fight before?"


"Do you know who he is?"

"Don't know."

His replies were all very blunt.

"However, from what we know, you actually fought against Wild King before. At that point, he had just entered the diamond ranks."

"Don't remember."

Wild King tightly clenched his fist. Failing was not the worst. What was worse was that the opponent did not even remember him.

Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu had finally come online. They were highly anticipating the upcoming battle.

This was because up until now, regardless of whether it was in real life or in the Skeleton Corps, they had never had any form of coordination. Up till now, even the battle plan had not been decided on.

Would they fight on their own?

Would they fight head on and win like gods? Or would they bunker down?

Online opinions had divided into two factions. However, the Prince's side had the upper hand.

Perhaps there was a lot of doubt whether they could win. Furthermore, there had been a lot of precedence for this. Even Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu were extremely worried.

They couldn't help but to watch the Prince's video replays seriously.

Currently, the Prince's team's replays were the most watched on Earth. This was something that the Prince did not imagine. Usually, he was only in the top 10. However, because of this "small matter," he had catapulted to the top. It could be considered to be the silver lining in this cloud.

Yao Ailun was extremely angry at these numbers. "What in the world? They are challenging us. Why are they on top?"

Chen Xiu shook his head. "Brother AIlun, you are too impatient. In a moment, after we win, we will be at the top. Even if we are not at the top, they will lose their position."

"Boss, the number of viewers has exceeded 2.37 million! It is still increasing steadily."

Listening to the warnings of his staff, Solon nodded his head solemnly. Had he become addicted to taking risks?

At the very least, he still looked to be the same in the eyes of his staff.

Since Skeleton had been singled out, he should at least have made it a solo battle. Even if the risk of losing was extremely high, it would not be as risky as the current situation. However, now it was too late, as he had chosen a group fight and it was even against a strong team.

Winning would be great, but was it necessary to take such a big risk?

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