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"Xiaoru, I can't just sit here and wait. Let's start practice."

Seeing the Patroclus' power, Wang Tong's patience was wearing thin. He conceded that he would have only a slim chance of winning the fight if he were at 100%. Without a full recovery, Wang Tong doubted the fight would last long. It would be such a pity to end the fight after he had come so far.

"Hey, kiddo! You better lay low" Mr. Wannabe appeared out of nowhere.

"Master, your body needs to rest." Charcoal agreed.

"Do you think I can just sit and let myself be defeated? I will regret it for the rest of my life if I don't push myself now."

Ma Xiaoru was the only person who truly understood where Wang Tong came from. It would be a fight between the heir of Rilangalos and Blade Warrior. It was going to be a hell of a battle if Wang Tong did not fully recover by then.

A real warrior would never back down from a fight no matter what the reason was. The next fight was not only a fight for the Blade Warrior, but also for Wang Tong himself to conquer a powerful foe such as Patroclus.

"Well, I'm sorry to bring this to you, but you don't stand a chance against him. You might have had a chance if I had met you three or five years earlier." Mr. Wannabe said with a solemn face and credence.

"It's not that bad, Mr. Wannabe. I think Wang Tong can still win the fight" Ma Xiaoru replied.

"A fight? You have mistaken. This is a WAR!" Mr. Wannabe rebutted.

"A war?"

"Yes. Patroclus had that craziness in his eyes. He was looking for a bloody brawl, and if you show up limping and injured, it would aggravate him and make him want to take your life. "

"You talk too much, Mr. Wannabe. I will only be truly defeated if I give up. "

"As long as you know what's coming... It's your call, but I still strongly recommend you to give up the next fight."

Although Ma Xiaoru was taken aback by Patroclus's ulterior motive, she had long sensed that Patroclus was up to something more sinister than what met the eyes.

She reckoned that Patroclus had used his last fight against Lie Jian as a perfect warm-up. Now, he was more ready than ever. So much careful planning had been done by Patroclus to secure the fight against Wang Tong that if the latter showed up unprepared, the let-down alone would become the reason for murder.

"Don't give me that sour look. I will be fine! I am the heir of the Blade Warrior, remember?" Wang Tong relaxed and announced. Mr. Wannabe faded out of sight as he thought that there was nothing more to say. Regardless of the outcome, bards would sing songs about this fight for generations to come.

Despite the concerns that weighed heavily on her mind, Ma Xiaoru plastered an encouraging smile on her face.

No doubt the final fight of the tournament would attract million's attention. The arena had already started the preparation work to turn the fight into an extravaganza.

As workers decorated the stage, everyone was convinced that the winner would be Patroclus. The activity on the moon was more than the combination of that on Earth and the Mars. Those earthlings who still lingered in the arena would be watching the fight without much anticipation of Wang Tong's victory. That being said, Wang Tong had already won their hearts for being able to come this far while starting out as a no-account.

Most Martians had already left the moon. Only a handful of them remained, and even fewer of them would attend the final fight.

Despite the reduced rating from Mars and Earth, all major news outlets across the Confederation followed the reparation with enthusiasm. All experts' outlooks on the result of the fight were the same: Patroclus would win with ease. Even without injuries, Wang Tong was not likely to overcome the Ivantian, and his recent trauma would only eliminate more uncertainties. In the heat of battle, Wang Tong's injuries would become his downfall.

Meanwhile, inside a meeting room, the organizing committee members looked at each other with disbelief.

"Delay the match for seven days?"

"That cannot be done. I don't care who he is. Does he have any idea how important the final match is? Billions are watching."

The committee members talked while Zhang Jin sat quietly and listened.

"Miss Zhang, we wholeheartedly understand where Patroclus is coming from, but... this has never happened before. Plus, Wang Tong is already walking about outside the medic bay. So, he should be recovered in no time."

"I agree! It is unnecessary, if not outright preposterous." Another angry old man chimed in.

Zhang Jin felt their searing glares and conceded that no one on the committee would understand how Patroclus felt. They must have wished that Wang Tong simply ignored Patroclus's request. Zhang Jin understood the financial implications of delaying the final. However, she also knew that Patroclus would not give a damn about those things.

Nonetheless, she had delivered the message, and the rest was up to Patroclus and the committee. She knew Patroclus's request would upset the sleazy politicians. Despite the clout of House Dower on the moon, Patroclus was nothing but another pawn in their game of power. So far, the tournament had been carried out according to the plan, and they hardly saw any reason to disturb the status quo.

Seeing the strong opposition, Zhang Jin left the meeting with a faint smile that looked too smug—she knew no one could stop Patroclus from doing what he wanted.

After Zhang Jin had left, a dozen old men laughed out loud.

"Haha! Too young, too simple, sometimes naive! "

"Indeed! That's why we elders need to give them a lesson from time to time."

"True... But, what about the others? What would they think?"

"The moon doesn't belong to the Dower alone. Even if it does, I doubt the Dower family could reach a consensus on this matter."

"Haha! That's right! Haha!"

The crowd laughed again, their voices laced with conceit.

There was an untold truth about the world politics that no politician would like to admit openly: the Zerg should not be eradicated even if they could be. Without the need for weapons and armors, an entire industry would collapse and would follow suit. Some politicians saw the fact as a necessary evil, but others saw it as a useful tool in their arsenal of mass manipulation.

"Oh shit! Chairman! Where is the Chairman!"

"I'm here, what's the matter?"

"Patroclus is hosting a meeting with the media. I'm afraid he is going to—"

"WHAT!" Chairman Wakana jumped out his seat in disbelief and shock.

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