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Li Shiming gathered his strength and soul energy, and passed Vayu to his left hand. Although Li Shiming was right-handed, the blade was as deadly in his left hand as it was in his right.

Despite the fact that Wang Tong's lance attack had overcome Li Shiming's Waterfall Flower, Patroclus was not all that impressed by its power. However, a tinge of surprise finally crept onto Patroclus's face when he watched as Li Shiming slowly picked himself up.

Wang Tong could feel the presence of the power as well. For some inexplicable reason, Wang Tong felt that Li Shiming had become a much more threatening opponent after he had received the blow.


A loud and clear cheer erupted from the front row seats; it was from Patroclus. It was the first time Zhang Jin ever heard praise coming out of Patroclus' mouth. He had remained silent even during the memorable fight between Wang Tong and Michaux Odin.

Ye Kai found it hard pressed to believe what he was watching as Li Shiming gradually merged his soul energies with the Blade.

This was the ultimate state for any sword user. So seamlessly was the soul energy intertwined that one could hardly tell the difference between the sword and the wielder.

So many blade masters from the Templar's Court had tried hard to reach that state. However, they all just failed.


The silvery blade slithered towards Wang Tong at lightning speed.


The two warriors both fell to the ground. Wang Tong had received a blow in his side, but Li Shiming was not having a good time either. Only because of Wang Tong's incredible battle awareness did he avoid being hit at his vital point. Li Shiming's attack was so powerful that Wang Tong was caught off guard, and therefore, lost the precious time to evade the attack completely.

Although there were a handful of warriors, who had a power superior to Wang Tong, no one had seen a battle awareness as sharp as his.

On the other side, Li Shiming had pushed his limits during his last attack, and the overexertion had exacerbated his old wounds.

It was still hard for anyone to tell the outcome of this fight.

"One with the blade! Li Shiming had become the one with the blade!" Zhang Zhongren, the fanboy, shouted at the top of his lungs.

To be the one with the sword did not entirely depend on the wielder's skills and power, as the weapon's "will' also played an important part. It was as elusive as it sounded, and most people had only heard of such skill in legends. However, Li Shiming had proven to everyone its existence with his actions.

"Do you think I was finished that quickly?" Li Shiming's eyes lit up with a new found confidence. He had redeemed his name by unleashing the legendary skill.

Wang Tong clenched the lance tightly in his hand, trying as hard as he could to swallow down the pain. He conceded that Li Feng had a worthy heir after all, but he believed that he was better than Li Shiming. He wouldn't and couldn't lose!

Wang Tong suddenly realized that he was not fighting for Old Fart or Ma Xiaoru; he was fighting for himself. He had known it ever since the beginning, but not until then did he finally became willing to come to terms with his true desire.

Both warriors slowly stood up and started to gather their strength again.


A swirl of energy burst into action around Li Shiming, tossing his long hair above his shoulder. Vayu hummed as if it were celebrating finding a new owner after three hundred years.

Patroclus watched quietly, but he could not hide the excitement inside his eyes and at the corners of his lips.

The God of Wind was reborn!

Wang Tong spun the lance like the blade of a helicopter. Whenever the lance touched the air, a thousand wisps of golden tendrils were born in the air, swirling and boiling within the tumultuous current. The splendid display was a testament to the power of the Dragon Warrior, the miracle of the confederation.

The lance spun even faster as Wang Tong charged up his energy; he finally had come to terms with his insatiable desire for power. With his desire for victory unshackled, Wang Tong wanted it more than ever.


Li Shiming had fully blended himself with the blade aura, and both him and Vayu had transformed into an intense brightness that sent a ray of light directly at Wang Tong.

This was an unblockable attack, since the light seemed to come from all directions.

Wang Tong was quick to react as he twirled the lance, which transformed into a great serpent. Unknowingly, Wang Tong had unleashed the power that was beyond his current level of comprehension, as his attack shifted and warped the space in the most inexplicable way.

Li Shiming was still hovering in the air, unwitting of what was going on around him when a stream of blood gushed out of his mouth, before he thudded heavily back to the ground.

This magical development was not only the pivotal moment for this match, but would also become the pivotal moment in the human history.

As Li Shiming fell to the ground, Wang Tong was just ready to lash out his attack. However, much like his opponent, he was also dealt an invisible blow as he stumbled back, blood gushing out of his mouth.

No one could comprehend what had just happened; all they saw was that both warriors had fallen to the ground, and that was all that mattered to them.

"Who will eventually stand up?"

Li Shiming's hand twitched once as he struggled to stand up but failed. All the while, he clenched Vayu tightly in his hand, as if he were afraid that it would grow a pair of legs and walk away.

Wang Tong moved as well. He half leaned on his lance, and slowly but surely rose to his feet.

Li Shiming saw the shadow cast by Wang Tong, and finally gave up his effort. He had fallen, and so had House Li. Although Li Shiming possessed the rare talent and had unlocked the ultimate sword master ability, he was still no match with Wang Tong.

A tsunami of cheers and applause exploded in the arena. Wang Tong stood at the center of the stage, savoring the victory. Not only he had won the fight, but he also had finally come to terms with his desire.

The entire city of Shangjin was steeped in celebration. Even the majors and politicians joined the street party and shouted out their excitement like children in Disneyland. It was a miracle through and through, and it was the greatest honor that Shangjin ever had in the last three hundred years.

Karl and his friends rushed onto the stage and lifted Wang Tong high up into the air. The excitement and joy inside every S-club member were beyond description. From that day on, the S-Club was officially recognized as one of the most influential parties on earth because of their leader, Wang Tong, the Dragon Warrior.

Ma Dutian and Wuxin were taken aback by the result of the match. They were already pleased after Wang Tong entered the quarter-final, and never had they imagined that their would-be son in law would defeat Li Shiming.

" did he do it?" As a level six fighter, Wuxin had no idea what had happened.

Ma Dutian grinned and then confessed, "I don't know either."

Wu Xin was shocked by her husband's reply. Even an Einherjar couldn't see through Wang Tong's abilities?

Patroclus's eyes didn't leave Wang Tong ever since the latter stood up and claimed the victory. For the first time in his life, Patroclus felt being challenged.

Seeing Wang Tong's victory, Samantha jumped out of her chair in sheer joy. The only one left for him was Patroclus.

After so many centuries, another youth embarked on the journey to save the world, and his name was Wang Tong!

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