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Chapter 319: The Final Showdown
Similar to the fourth round, Flash didn't rush for the second base. Instead, he focused on producing more anti-air units since he wagered that his opponent would not fall for the same trick twice.
Although Wang Tong's expression was placid, a luster burned in his eyes. He seemed to have picked up the clue as he adjusted his strategy. Instead of producing stealth units, he chose to go with standard infantry, and instead of aggression, Wang Tong focused on expansion.
Audiences felt that something was amiss, but they couldn't put the finger on it.
Zhang Jin rested her head on the cup of her hands, and batted her eyelashes, "Is it possible?" She muttered to herself, seeming astonished by what she had seen.
Wang Tong drove his force further to the furthest point of his expansion. Meanwhile, Flash had finished building up a formidable force, but instead of charging it into Wang Tong's base, he used the force as an escort to open up new bases. Things were looking good for Flash so far; Wang Tong seemed to deploy neither the Art of the Soaring Heaven nor the turtle defense.
After a few small skirmishes on multiple fronts, the two both started using the aggressive Art of Karl, hoping their opponent would slip up amidst the flurry of actions.
Both players had competent micro control, and therefore, both held their ground firmly. The audiences were surprised to realize that Wang Tong was as efficient in his attack as he was in defending.
Zhang Jin stood up from the sofa and stretched her body. "What a pity, the battle had already ended." She said and then she started off to the gym.
Flash could feel that the scale of the battle was tipping in his favor. His second base had started production, and he had tried air-dropping a half dozen units deep into Wang Tong's lines. Although the air-drop units were not able to do much damage, it had served its purpose of distracting Wang Tong.
While Flash was steeped in his content for the apparent course of the battle, Wang Tong started a full-on assault.
Although Flash was caught off guard by Wang Tong's action, his units were prepared.
Both sides immediately sustained heavy casualties, but continuously supply of reinforcements had help the two armies to hold their lines.
Flash was determined to hold off Wang Tong's attack. As long as he could defend this bout of attack, Flash reasoned that Wang Tong's inferior economy would put him in a disadvantageous position.
However, as Flash focused on the confrontation with Wang Tong, he heard the system alert for the low reserve of his fleet coffer. It suddenly occurred to him that Wang Tong had timed this attacked so that the depletion of his economy was inevitable—much like what Flash had done to his opponents.
Flash never thought that he would be staggered by the same perfect sense of timing that he was also well known for.
Wang Tong's face was calm, but his mind was racing. He was elated to have finally grasped the meaning of the so-called "timing." He realized that to obtain the perfect timing, he should start from the beginning, since the first move would directly affect his opponent's subsequent movements.
Wang Tong enjoyed the feeling of having his opponent pinned under his thumb unwittingly from the very beginning. The joy also made Wang Tong understand the source of Flash's confidence.
Without committing too much effort, Wang Tong had obliterated Flash's defensive line. All that Wang Tong had to do was to merely send in his forces, since the outcome of the battle had already been determined.
After having mastered the tactics of defense and aggression, as well as the strategies of obtaining the perfect timing, Wang Tong had finally lived up to his nickname, the "Ultimate Weapon."
WINNER—Wang Tong!
Wang Tong finally won the semi-final and entered the finals.
Although the two had mixed and matched many diff

erent fighting styles in their match, the game was the rivalry between two of the most potent fleet commanders that earthlings had ever seen.
In the earlier rounds, the experts in the audiences were convinced that Flash were going to win the match, because they believed that Wang Tong's fighting style, however powerful it was, was no match to Flash's ability to control the timing and the flow of the battle.
However, after having witnessed that Wang Tong had learned from his opponent's strong suit, everyone was convinced that Wang Tong had reached the pinnacle of fleet battle, because he had mastered both the combat tactics and battle strategy.
The last match was the epitome of confrontation between two ultimate powers. Their battle had gone beyond the skills on the keyboard, and reached deep into their mind and psychology. Wang Tong had won the psychological war, since he was able to walk out of the shadow of defeat, and didn't give up the fight. In the end, the defeat only spurred his determination.
So subtle was Wang Tong's control over the flow of the last battle that many audiences considered his victory a coincident after failing to see Wang Tong's careful planning from the very beginning.
Everyone rose to cheer and applause; they were not only cheering for the victor, but also for Flash. The brilliance of the two players’ performance had outshone the outcome of the fight.
The two players walked out of their simulation room and bowed to each other, then shook each other's hand heavily. All the while, they both held a knowing smile.
Flash was an unusual talent in fleet combat, yet he was stopped cold on his way towards the title of champion.
However, Flash was content to have such an opponent, as he would not feel lonely for the rest of his career as a fleet commander.
Audiences from the three factions had given up their differences and joined together in praising the two players.
When Wang Tong returned to his resting room, he was greeted by his elated friends.
"Haha! Well done, Boss! I knew nothing would be able to stop you! To Hell with those who dare challenge you!" Karl shouted as if he had won the battle.
"My job is done. Now it's your turn. Get rid of KKK, and we will meet on the final stage. "
Cao Yi smiled wryly and then said, "I am afraid that's not gonna happen."
Cao Yi explained briefly what had happened on the night of the incidence. Karl had insisted visiting the local Ivantian bar, but he had unintentionally started a fight and broke his arm in the process. Therefore, he would not be able to compete in the tournament any longer.
Karl had kept his injury away from Wang Tong, fearing that it might affect his mood while fighting against Flash.
Seeing Wang Tong's knitted brows, Karl apologized, "I'm sorry Boss, it was my bad."
"Not entirely your fault. I wager the Ivantians must have recognized you as the opponent of the Ivantian player KKK, and therefore injured you intentionally. " Zhou Sisi said.
Wang Tong registered that there was some sense in Zhou Sisi's suspicion. Karl said he had barely offended the Ivantian hooligan, and it was clear that the Ivantian wanted to instigate a fight to injure Karl. Wang Tong was convinced that KKK was behind this.
However, without any evidence, there was nothing the earthling students could do. Plus, they were on the Ivantian turf, Wang Tong doubted the local authority would treat it fairly.
The three watched as Wang Tong gritted his teeth and clenched his jaw.
"Boss... Don't clench your jaw so hard. It looks ...scary." Karl said as he scratched his head with his good arm.
"Sisi, would you please draft a complaint to the tournament committee? I want to see how they would respond to it. KKK...I will let you regret even clawing out of your mother's womb." Wang Tong said as anger burned inside his eyes.
He was certain that he would make Ivantian worm pay.

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