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Chapter 226: Savor of the Enchantress
Mike nodded in disappointment and gave up his persuasion, because he was able to see the strong will of Wang Tong. After all, not all men would easily give into the temptation of money and power. "Go now, or else you’ll be surrounded by the press… Sigh… Remember not to forget about a friend called Mike when you’ve successfully joined the military someday." Mike then waved and let them go. In order not to be noticed by the keen press, Mike told them to escape from the rear exit.
Soon, the post-concert meeting began. Originally, this meeting should only be attended by a couple hundreds of media press, but the appearance of the masked dancer had attracted the attention of more than two thousand media companies. Some other media companies were even trying to approach this matter with different methods.
The conference room instantly turned into a room full of chaos. Everyone’s mind was blown away by the superb dance moves of the mysterious dancer.
Meanwhile, at the concert hall, a small number of audiences left because the venue was too crowded, yet more than a hundred thousand spectators were unwilling to leave. Apparently, they were still waiting for the masked dancer to reveal his real identity.
Mike was flooded by a flood of questions, and all of those questions were about the masked dancer.
"Mr. Mike, how old’s the masked dancer and where’s he from?"
"Mr. Mike, do you know the name of his dance moves? Do you know its origins?"
"Mr. Mike, in your opinion, is the concert a huge success? Is the mysterious dancer from one of your next projects?"

Questions from the press kept piling up, but unlike his talkative personality, Mike chose to remain silent this time. He used to think that music was just his stepping stone towards fame. However, this mindset had changed after meeting Wang Tong. Originally, he was just an artist focused on making his own music, yet, he was later blinded by the allure of fame and lost himself. Nevertheless, Mike had finally realized his true self after meeting Wang Tong.
The host signaled everyone else to calm down as Mike slowly stood up and said, "I’m aware of your concerns, so allow me to explain briefly. As a matter of fact, the masked dancer was a friend of mine who’s not in the entertainment business, and I asked for his help this time due to an unexpected happening. It was only a one-time favor, so it’s unlikely he’d make another public appearance in the future."
There was a short pause in the room, and the press began to bombard Mike with more questions.
"Mr. Mike, so you were saying that he’s a male? How old is this person?"
"Mr. Mike, the mask and all the fuss, are these your gimmicks of trying to increase publicity?" One of the reporters asked.
Publicity gimmicks were common in the world of entertainment business. In fact, Mike had been known for doing things like this. Back in the days, the quick-witted Mike would’ve argued with the reporter to heat things up, yet this time, Mike faked a smile and replied, "If what you said is true, I’d be very happy right now. Do you think all of this was just for show? In fact, this dance is a revolutionary set of movements. It’s art, it’s powerful! Do you think I really have to go through all of this just to increase some publicity?"
Mike was replying the questions from the press by questioning back the reporters, yet he was being cautious and tried not to overdo it. Or else, it would look fake, and the press would suspect that he was hiding something else.
"Mr. Mike, why didn’t you reveal that person’s true identity to everyone? In fact, many are still waiting for you to tell them who he is in the concert hall as we speak!"
Actually, the press was not interested in how the public reacted. All they cared was the real identity of that mysterious figure. If they were able to find out who he was, they would be able to dig up more stories about this person. "I promised him that I would keep his identity a secret because he doesn't want his life to be affected. Are you guys good in keeping secrets?"
"Of course, I promise I won’t write anything about it!"
"Haha, well, so can I." Mike said with a smile on his face.
The press immediately realized that they were tricked.
"Ladies and gentlemen, personally, I do hope he’ll perform once again. So let’s put this to an end and treat it as if it was an extra performance. Starting from now I’ll only be answering questions regarding HG."
Clearly, the press cared more about the masked dancer than HG. Everyone was dazzled by the emergence of this mysterious man that had combined his creativity with performing art.
In the end, the press conference turned into a battle of wits as the press kept pushing and tried to squeeze in questions about the masked dancer while asking about HG. Nevertheless, Mike was smart enough and didn’t get deceived by the press throughout the interview.
Amongst HG, only Zhou Yiyi knew about Wang Tong, yet she had already promised not to reveal his identity, and fortunately, the rest of the members knew nothing about him. Being one of the big shots in the entertainment business, Mike was really good at keeping secrets.
Aside from him, perhaps no one would’ve foreseen that there would be such a huge impact.
In the end, the whole press meeting lasted for more than one hour, and the pretty girls of HG were completely neglected. Yet, Zhou Yiyi didn’t complain. After all, she was absolutely amazed by Wang Tong’s revolutionary performance.
As a matter of fact, Zhou Yiyi didn’t believe that there was such thing as an extraordinary genius, but everything changed after she met Wang Tong. Her sister had always been talking about how strong Wang Tong was, but she had never been able to understand the level of strength he possessed. To her, Wang Tong was only a soldier who possessed extreme physical fitness and outstanding cleverness. However, she burst into tears at the backstage after witnessing his marvelous dance moves.
It was way more perfect than the previous ones, the moves were absolutely mind-blowing. Even Mike would never be able to mimic Wang Tong’s dance moves.
Perhaps, this was also the reason Mike realized what he really wanted.
As for Zhou Yiyi, she had finally learned the true meaning of art. It had been a wonderful and emotional night. In fact, Zhou Yiyi even felt like writing a song about this unforgettable experience.
Everyone else was startled by her idea.
Mike would’ve already achieved what he wanted if his original intention was to earn some publicity, yet all of this would be meaningless if the masked dancer, and of the fuss was just for show. In the beginning, the press decided to dig up the real identity of the masked dancer by themselves upon realizing that Mike had no intentions to reveal who he was at all. However, Wang Tong had already left when that happened. In the end, the press looked into the wrong direction and began their search by going through the personal information of Mike’s stage crew.
In order to outrace each other, the press began to "fight" among themselves in order to obtain as much exclusive content as possible.
Sadly, the masked dancer had vanished without a trace. In fact, the press had been trying every method they could, but the security measures were extremely high recently because FFC was having their own conference as well. In the end, nothing was found, and the press was deeply saddened.
Wang Tong and the team left happily after the concert ended, and the girls immediately began their shopping spree. After all, there weren’t many girls that could resist the temptation of shopping. As for the boys, Mike kept his promise and got them what they had always wanted. Carl had been hugging his hi-fi set for the rest of the day like it was his long-lost lover.
Yet, Wang Tong didn’t ask for anything. To him, the experience was the best gift. It had uplifted his emotion, and he felt energetic once again.
Honestly, his thoughts were similar to Apache’s. To him, all that mattered was the opportunity to take a break. Although Aurora City was warm and beautiful, yet a relaxing trip was not his cup of tea. Instead, he would really like to see how surviving in this harsh environment felt like.
Wang Tong’s body was tougher than Apache’s. Hence to him, a parka was more than enough for this climate. In fact, Apache had left Wang Tong an access pass. After all, Apache had known Wang Tong long enough that he could tell what he wanted.
Wang Tong went back to sleep while the others were crazily having fun in Aurora City. He had decided to go for a little "adventure" around the South Pole region on Sunday morning.
Meanwhile in the other room, Ma Xiaoru was taking her bath while Li Ruo-Er was sitting on the sofa thinking in silence. She might have looked calm on the outside, but she was extremely nervous inside.
In fact, she was utterly surprised by Wang Tong’s capability. Li Ruo-Er knew he was an interesting person. After all, he was fancied by both Samantha and Ma Xiaoru at the same time. To her, Wang Tong was more like a toy, perhaps his presence could even strengthen her Soul Energy as well as practice of Tactics of the Enchantress. Nevertheless, it was obvious that she would get rid of him when she had grown bored of this boy. Li Ruo-Er believed that he was definitely fir for being her "toy". After all, he was the one who had conquered the heart of Ma Xiaoru.
Obviously, Li Ruo-Er knew about the presence of the team as well. To be honest, this wasn’t her first time coming to Aurora City. She was totally not interested in HG’s concert, and of course, this trip was never about accompanying Ma Xiaoru and relaxing. The only reason that Li Ruo-Er came to Aurora City was none other than the VZPE Battery, and clearly, Ma Xiaoru knew nothing about it after observing her movements for a few days. Hence, Li Ruo-Er decided to set this aside. After all, this had nothing to do with her. To Li Ruo-Er, conquering men would be her way to conquer the world.
Instead, she had decided to focus her attention to Wang Tong and his team. As a student of Capth and the young miss of House of Li, Ayrlarng’s victory was definitely an unforgettable humiliation. After witnessing Wang Tong’s performance, Li Ruo-Er had come up with an idea to mess with this young man.

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