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Chapter 131: 131
Not only the disciples of Thunder Sword Sect, but almost all the nearby cultivators focused their attention here, and many people even showed expressions of gloating.

"Oh, it's just a little misunderstanding, many thanks to Brother Xu's kindness, this junior brother can handle it by himself."Lin Xuan pondered for a while, and then said this sentence without changing his expression.

The Thunder Sword Sect disciples were relieved, and Lei Ao's face showed a strange expression that was both fortunate and unwilling.

"Since that's the case, then this foolish brother will not trouble you. If junior brother wants me to help, don't hesitate to speak."

Xu Feng said that, as he sneaked a peek at Lei Ao, who quickly bowed his head and did not dare return his gaze.

"Hehe, rest assured brother Xu, in my heart, I have always regarded you as a friend."

As soon as Lin Xuan said this sentence, he saw the little girl next to him jump up: "Elder Brother, Big Brother Lin, look."

Looking in the direction of her fingers, he saw in the other side of the Celestial Yin Bridge, surrounded by fascinating lights and dense Spiritual Qi, dozens of Blue Cloud mountain disciples floated up, headed by an old man of about 70 years old, but he's obviously no ordinary mortal, he arched his hands: "Sorry, I have kept you all waiting, I'm the deacon that deals with Blue Cloud Mountain's foreign guests, please follow me. "

This veteran has the cultivation base of the Foundation Establishment Middle-Stage.

From this we can also see the strength of the Big Three, an Inner Disciple in charge of chores, has a cultivation base not inferior to the elites of the second and third rate Sects.

For Blue Cloud Mountain, a Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator is not unusual.

"Fellow Daoist is too polite."

The people on the Celestial Yin Bridge said some words on the scene, and then followed Luo Wei to another section of the bridge.

A beautiful garden appeared in front of them.

All kinds of exotic flowers and Plants were blooming, which looked very beautiful.

But the most striking thing is that in the middle of the garden, there is this huge Teleportation Array.

Although Lin Xuan's time spent in cultivation was not long, it has been several years. And compared with other cultivator of the same rank, he can be said to be more knowledgeable.

As far as he knows, a typical Teleportation Array can only transmit a few people, and a Teleportation Array that can carry more than a 100 people at the same time is unheard of.

Not only Lin Xuan, but the cultivators who came with him, all of them showed shocked expressions.

"haha, you needn't laugh Fellow Daoists, this giant Teleportation Array was recently researched by several elders of the sect who are good at formations. We often have many foreign visitors. For example, at this conference, there are thousands of fellow daoists. If the Teleportation Array is too small, wouldn't it a hassle? "

Luo Wei's introduction was like a spring breeze, but he was quiet arrogant, the cultivators here are not stupid. How can they fail to hear what he meant.

It should be noted that if it were another Sect, how can they can research such a powerful Teleportation Array. Luo Wei's words may be polite. But in fact, it's a stern warning.

Lin Xuan noticed that the expressions of Rogue Cultivators were good, and the expressions of the sects and immortal families looked unnatural. Looking at Xu Feng next to him, he noticed that his eyes were cold, and he didn't know what he was thinking in his heart.

Only Lin Xuan's expression looked as usual, pretending to be as if he did not understand.

Everyone came to the Teleportation Array, and Luo Wei directed the other Biyun Mountain Disciples to inlay Spirit Stones around them, and then he used a Secret Art in the middle of the formation.

An incantation sounded. The Teleportation Array was up and running, and after a colorful glory, everyone disappeared from the place.


Looking at the beautiful scenery that appeared in front of them, many people's faces appeared astonished.

What is a paradise on earth?

The best description is right in front of them.

Pavilions and towers, birds and flowers, all kinds of rare birds and animals are wandering around in front of their eyes, standing here with a thick mist under their feet. It is like being in a sea of ​​clouds.

"Dear Fellow Daoists. We have already arrived at the inner section of our sect, and the Nescent Soul event will be held tomorrow. You can walk around and watch the scenery of my Blue Cloud Mountain. Of course, there are some forbidden places that cannot be barged into. I have marked them in these Jade slips. "

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As Luo Wei said that, he took out a storage bag from his arms and patted it lightly. Suddenly, countless red light flew out from inside and landed on the hands of every foreign cultivator.

It was a Jade slip with a map of Blue Cloud Mountain.

"If you're tired of walking around, you can go to the shacks and rest. Of course, you can also go now, and we'll have the Disciples of this Sect come and entertain you."Luo Wei said, arched his hand: "If there's nothing else, then I'll leave first."

"Brother Lin, let's go together!"Xu Yin asked in a crisp voice.

"Yeah, Junior Brother Lin, you're the only one from your sect. If you don't dislike it, it's better to stick with us, and we'll be able to offer some help if needed."

"Thank you for the kindness brother Xu and junior sister."Lin Xuan wanted to refuse: "But

I would like to be alone, hope you won't be offended."

"You…"When Xu Yin was half way through her words, she was interrupted by her brother. She looked at Lin Xuan with dissatisfaction and a pout her mouth.

This sweet looking beauty, is also very attractive when angry.

"In that case, be careful Junior Brother Lin, we will meet at the Pavilion."

"Alright!"Lin Xuan clasped his fist in return, and turned it into a ray of light, heading into the distance.

"Brother, you are really too.... , this Lin Xuan looks like he doesn't appreciate you, why do we have to befriend him."

"Little girl."Xu Feng turned his head and glanced at the girl with dissatisfaction: "The Rejuvenation Pill made by junior brother Lin saved your life, how can you say that to your benefactor behind his back?"

"I'm just unhappy, we kindly invite him, but he turned down our good will."

"Well, you're not young, but still with a child's temper, Junior Brother Lin might have something to do."He touched his sister's head in doting manner, but the expression on his face became serious, he also glanced behind at his junior brothers and sisters: "Everyone remember, Lin Xuan is not only the saviour of my sister, but he's also the Spirit Pill Mountain's Future Sect Master, I think everyone knows what pills means to us cultivators, so what attitude should everyone use toward him, I don't think I need to say more. "

"Senior Brother rest assured, we know."

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"Of course we will not offend the future Sect Master of Spirit Pill Mountain."


After listening to the words of his juniors, Xu Feng nodded with satisfaction.

The Heavenly Mountain Sect people immediately flew to the direction of the Pavilion.

After Lin Xuan left the Xu siblings, he flew for a short distance and stopped. He then took out he Jade slip, which had a map of Blue Cloud Mountain, and injected his Spiritual Sense into it.

After a short while, Lin Xuan looked up and recognized the direction, he then flew away toward the southeast.

After half an hour, Lin Xuan had arrived to a relatively remote location.

Looking around, there were only a few sparse trees at front, which is quite different from the fairyland-like scenery from before.

"It's here!"

Lin Xuan muttered to himself and then flew down.

Sweeping around with his Spiritual Sense, Lin Xuan's mouth showed a smile: "Come out, I know you're there, do you still want to behave like a thief?"

"The young master is joking, junior wouldn't dare?"

A familiar voice, with a hint of flattery, a blue mist appeared out of thin air in front of him, and Lei Ao got out of it.

"I let you go as agreed, so you will offer the treasures as you promised!"

Lin Xuan is not bad in nature, but he's definitely not a good person. His creed is clear-cut. Lei Ao has disrespected him, Lin Xuan has generously let him go. He did not use Xu Feng's hand to destroy him. It was not him being soft hearted, but Instead, Lei AI asked for forgiveness, and was willing to offer a Treasure as a gift.

Destroying the Thunder Sword Sect would leave nothing but a bad taste in his heart. It would be more cost-effective to obtain a treasure.

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"Okay, enough nonsense, just take them out!"

"Yes!" Seeing the impatience on Lin Xuan's face, Lei Ao quickly reached out to his hand and took something for his storage Ring.

"this is....."

Lin Xuan raised his brows and looked at the object in front of him. It was a book, looking extremely old. Lin Xuan released a white light and pulled it over.

There are three big characters written on the cover, "Heavenly Thunder Art".

"A Cultivation Method ?"

Lin Xuan showed disappointment on his face. There's no other reason. He already has the "Nine Heavens Profound Art". Regardless of the power of this "Heavenly Thunder Art", it's certainly not very useful for him, let alone it being something from a Fourth-rate Sect. Can it really be anything good?

"Don't worry young master, I wouldn't dare use trash to fool you? This "Heavenly Thunder Art" may not be a top-level Cultural Method, but the treasure that i want to give you is not this."

"it isn't this?"Lin Xuan said: "Then what are you doing with this book?"

"Take a closer look senior."

Seeing that the other party wasn't joking, and him know that he wouldn't forgive him if he fooled him. Lin Xuan lowered his head and carefully looked at the ancient book in front of him.

It stands to reason that it's a bit strange. Generally speaking, sects usually store their Cultivation Methods in jade slips, which is easy to read and can be kept for a longer time.


That's what the secular world uses.

Holding the "Heavenly Thunder Art" in his hand, and slowly looking through it, Lin Xuan's expression gradually became solemn…

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