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Chapter 75

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Looking at the battle among the four ancestors and the bloody fighting among disciples of each sect, Qin Shaofeng shows a disdainful smile . They just see so many magic weapons here, but ignore the danger here . They are way too stupid .

Although the four old ancestors fight hard, they all suppress their actual strength because if they go all out, maybe they could destroy this place, so they haven't even exerted one tenth of their full strength now, but even they restrain themselves, they have made a turmoil of this place .

With the blood smell, the 365 magic tools floating in the sky begin to vibrate a little bit, and the light released is more and more intense . However, the four sects in the war do not notice this . Qin Shaofeng sees this situation, shaking his head without saying anything .

The reason why he doesn't go up to fight for those magic weapons is that not only he does not want to have a conflict with the four major sects, but also that the 365 magic weapons make up the Qiankun Hunyuan killing formation which can easily trap the people even if they reach the level of to Taoism . So when he sees the formation, he doesn't dare to do anything rash . With his strength, if he goes in, he will definitely die .

However, four ancestors don't know this, which makes Qin Shaofeng admire the Longhu fairy man . If he doesn't inherit all the memories of Demon, it would be impossible for him to come here safely because there are so many formations here . Now, four ancestors are in great trouble .

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As they begin to fight, all the magic weapons emit a strong light which is shot down to the ancestors from the weapons . What a powerful blow of magic weapons that are at least of the medium quality . Without preparation, all the disciples of the four sects are killed one by one .

All four ancestors are shocked by this sudden change . They stop the battle immediately . With a loud roar of Qingyun ancestor, the Qi of Zhenyuan in his body breaks out, and a huge blue protective cover is raised around him . The magic light shoots on the protective cover with a big roar, but it can never break through it . The other three also make protective covers and protect their own disciples .

All kinds of magic lights shoot down from all kinds of magic tools . It seems that they are attacking endlessly, even though the ancestors feel it  hard to resist . They are sweating all over in a moment . They never think that such things would happen . They could not be repentant any more .

What makes them regret even more happens immediately . Qin Shaofeng sees that all the people are trapped in the killing formation and he smiles, takes the snow dragon in one hand, waves to the ancestors and others with the other hand, and then bypasses the formation and walks towards the last picture .

Seeing his action, the ancestors are stunned, and then they all scold . They previously excluded him from the ranks of sharing the spoils, which makes him not trapped by the formation . Now he is walking towards the piles of refining materials and medicine fields . How can they bear such things .

However, Qin Shaofeng does not care about the curse of the ancestors . As he walks, he collects the piles of refining materials and medicine fields into his ring . Then he comes to the portrait of the Longhu fairy man, and then he steps in with the snow dragon, vanishing in front of the rest .

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"Ah! Qin Shaofeng, how dare you! I will kill you! " After watching this, the ancestor of Qingyun becomes furious . At this time, he knows that the good things are still behind them . He feels a regret in his heart, but it is useless to regret any more . He could only howl there to vent his anger .

The other three ancestors also curse loudly and regret deeply, but now they activate the killing formation . Facing this, they feel it extremely difficult to fight against . They can't break through the big formation to chase Qin Shaofeng . Therefore, they can only watch him disappear in front of them .

Qin Shaofeng ignores the scolding from the ancestors and he takes the snow dragon with him . After collecting the materials and medicine fields, he goes into the space behind the portrait . This space is not big, but the things in it make him very happy, because there is a stone platform with three things on it which are exactly the three spiritual weapons of Longhu fairy man on the portrait .

It turns out that Longhu fairy man robbed all the sects at that time to prepare for the tribulation . Later, he went through it, but he felt sorry for the sects . So he left this fairy house and even his own artifact, in order to make up for all the sects . However, he does not expect that most of the things here are gotten by Qin Shaofeng .

There is a small pool beside the stone platform where there is a pool of water that is full of the essence of Kui water . It is gathered from the East Sea . After seeing the essence of the water, Qin Shaofeng says to the snow dragon, "This is useful to you and quickly refine it . "

The snow dragon disdains Qin Shaofeng when she hears this . It is right that the essence of this water is very useful to the snow dragon, but to absorb the refinery, she must be undressed to enter the small pond to soak . The snow dragon knows his dirty idea very well even if he behaves very seriously .

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But the snow dragon belongs to Qin Shaofeng, so though she knows his dirty idea, she does not refuse . The good stuff such as the essence of Kui water could hardly be met, so she directly takes off her clothes and walks towards the small pond . But he looks at the snow dragon's graceful body, which provokes a “fire” in his heart . His eyes are shining without any action .

After looking at her body for a while with appreciation, Qin Shaofeng turns around and looks at the three weapons on the stone platform again . A Yao Qin, a jade flute, and a long spear, each of which is of top-grade quality . Just looking at them, he thinks they are extraordinary, which makes him very happy . These three tools are definitely the biggest harvest .

It can be called a spiritual weapon, which means that it has some intelligence and can attack by itself under the control of the master . Qin Shaofeng immediately begins to communicate with the spirits of these three top-grade spiritual tools by using the demons of Seven Emotions and Six Desires, but he is disappointed .

Because although these three spirit weapons are top-grade spirit weapons, the spirits contained in them are extremely weak, which is not as powerful as the spirit in his own Star Breaker . Moreover, the spirit of these three spirit weapons is still the kind that can not be developed, and can only stay in this realm all the time, which makes Qin Shaofeng very unhappy . Of course, if his idea is known by ancestors outside, they will definitely have the impulse to strangle him .

Even the five major sects like Qingyun immortal sect have only one or two spiritual weapons, and they can't be used until it affects the survival of the sects . It can be seen that the spiritual weapons are precious, but Qin Shaofeng gets three of them all at once and he is not satisfied!

He plants the demonic seeds directly in the three spiritual tools, collects the three spiritual tools, and then gets the introduction of the three spiritual tools, which finally makes him smile . Although the three spiritual tools are not so good, they are barely enough for him now .

The Mingfeng Qin is a top-grade spirit instrument, which can greatly disturb the opponent's mind and spirit with its sounds . When playing it, it can gather the Phoenix's shadow and achieve the spectacle of thousands of birds paying homage to the Phoenix . Of course, its attack power is also very strong . The condensed sound blade can cut a mountain with Qi of Zhenyuan pouring in it .

Purple Dragon flute is a top-grade spirit instrument . The notes it plays also have the effect of disturbing the opponent's mind and spirit . When playing, the virtual purple dragon’s shadow is also a great spectacle . After infusing the Qi of Zhenyuan, it can also shoot out infinite sound blades, which are as powerful as the Mingfeng Qin .

Tiger roaring Spear is a top-grade spirit weapon . The overall shape of this spear is very similar to that of a fierce tiger . Its body is black and of yellow patterns . Its head is bitten by the tiger's mouth, and the tail of the spear is more like a tiger's tail . Although it is placed there quietly, one can feel an endless evil spirit from the body . Naturally, there is no need to describe its attack power .

After learning the function of the three spiritual tools, Qin Shaofeng waves his hands to collect the three spiritual tools . When he collects the three spiritual tools, there is a sudden vibration on the stone platform, and then a ball rises slowly, crystal like a jade . In the ball, the situation of ancestors and others outside is mirrored .

Seeing such a situation, he walks over and touches the ball . Then a stream of information rushes towards him, which immediately makes him ecstatic .

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