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Chapter 6: Large Update (6)

TL: Haku

Edited: Stealth

Sponsor: Kuro

“W-what? You want me to be the sub-guild master?”

Fiolan’s two eyes rounded at Herz’s words.

“Yes, starting from today, I’m hoping that you’ll take charge as sub-guild master.”

Lotus guild’s sub-guild master was Ian. Since Herz was the founder of the guild, it was only obvious he was master, and Ian was in charge as the sub-guild master because he was the strongest and of the highest level, so there were no disagreements. However, at the sudden request to take over sub-guild master position, Fiolan couldn’t help but be bewildered at the situation.

“Ian is in a situation where he can no longer take charge as a sub-guild master.”

To join a guild in Kailran, you needed to be at least lv 20. As soon as Ian reset his character, he was immediately withdrawn from the guild list.

At Herz’s bitter expression, Fiolan became even more bewildered.

“This sudden… Did Ian say that he would leave the guild?”

Herz shook his head.

“No, that’s not it…”

He let out a deep sigh before continuing his words.

“He drank an Elixir of Reincarnation.”


There were situations where one becomes so bewildered they panic temporarily. That was currently Fiolan’s situation.

A moment later, Fiolan collected herself and continued.

“No, why, though?”

“Exactly, why would he have done that?”


Herz felt a hesitant feeling from Fiolan, who was at a loss for words.

“Well, even though the circumstances, the choice is up to you.”

“That’s right.”

“That’s why, don’t ask why the dude reset his character and please take charge as sub-guild master.”

Fiolan was a lv 89 magician. Before Ian reset his character, she was the next highest-leveled user in the guild, which is why Ian was asking her to be a sub-guild master.

“Ha… Ha… It’s a little, no, quite bewildering.”

“It’s the same for me.”

After the awkward silence passed by, Fiolan accepted Herz’s offer.

“Well, then first give me the position of sub-guild master. Once Ian hits lv 20 and joins again, do I just have to pass it back to him?”

Herz shook his head.

“No, even if he returns, to be a sub-guild master at lv 20 would be a bit weird to see.”

“It would… Wouldn’t it?”

“Yes. That’s why for a while… No, you might have to be sub-guild master forever… Haha.”

Shortly after, a system message popped up in Fiolan’s view.

You have been promoted to ‘Sub-Guild Master’ of ‘Lotus Guild’.

Ian began to walk. Kalymputh Hill was not far from where he was in Trombone City.

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