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Chapter 5: Large Update (5)

TL: Haku

Edited: Stealth

3 days later.

“Ahh! Finally, freedom!”

After finishing his last (?) first-semester exam, Jinsung returned home and immediately logged onto his game to check the auction house.

“How much has been sold?”

Ogre’s Warrior Breastplate – 2.2 million gold.

Feather of the Thunder Bird – 120,000 gold.

“Good, good. Aside from one or two, everything’s been sold.”

Ian had a satisfied expression.

“Shall I do an exact calculation now?”

After calculating all of the items that were sold, the corners of Ian’s smile hung from his ears as he saw the gold that was piled in his inventory.

“I made more than I was expecting. With this much, I shouldn’t have a problem for quite a while?”

Ian currently had 19 million gold in his inventory.

Of course, he didn’t make 19 million within 3 days. He made about 8 million selling the items that he had stored away, about 5 million he already had saved up and 6 million gold from the items and gold he earned from the 3 days.

Using Kailran’s official exchange system to change it to cash and removing the service charge, it would still be a huge amount of 35 million won!

By doing a direct trade through another user, the service charge cost could be saved, and the total amount that could be taken home would be closer to 40 million won.

“Since I have enough for living expenses, I’ll just exchange for around ten million won.”

It was better to keep as much gold as possible. When he first started raising Archer, he used cheap items and hunted with his spirit, but he had no thoughts of doing this again after resetting. He was thinking of using the auction to buy all the items he needed without hesitation.

“Do I only have character resetting left…?”

Even though all of his preparations were complete, as the final decision time came closer, he couldn’t help but feel restless.

There were two ways to reset your character in Kailran.

The first method was through the system support’s ‘Account Resetting’, and the second was using an item called the ‘Elixir of Reincarnation’.

Usually, people that want to reset their characters were low-level users. And usually, the reason these beginner users were resetting their characters were because they ‘want to change their nickname’ or they ‘changed their class but it doesn’t fit their character’.

These people, in general, used the system support’s account resetting. This was because the Elixir of Reincarnation was too expensive for beginners to obtain.

In this situation, your level and stats, and all the items you possessed would be reset, and you would have to start from the tutorial, which was complicated.

Although it was a bother, beginners with no money would have to leave their items and gold with a friend and use the account resetting method.

The only people that were resetting their characters were not just low-level beginners, but high-level players like Ian.

Their reasons were each their own, but the most common cases were players that were trying to cleanse their infamy away.

In Kailran, there was a Fame System.

If you PK (Player Kill) another user or if evil deeds pile up in-game, this Fame System decreased, and once your fame reached below 0, you collected a infamy instead of fame.

Once you collected a infamy, your label doesn’t disappear even though you were collecting fame again, and players with a high, infamy would receive a hostile reaction from most of the NPCs. Your infamy also would be revealed to other users, resulting in a great penalty in-game.

Players that earn money by PK-ing robbed other users of their items and when they had gathered enough funds, they would reset their character to cleanse the infamy they had collected, however, different to beginner users, they used the ‘Elixir of Reincarnation’ instead of account resetting since they had collected a lot of things.

The pros of the Elixir of Reincarnation were, first of all, it keeps everything, aside from level and stats even though you reset your character.

On top of that, if you were lucky, you randomly get a handful of bonus stats, so it was beneficial for high-level users to use the elixir even though it was expensive.

Also, there were four ranks that existed for the Elixir of Reincarnation, and the lowest ranking elixir was about 200,000 gold. The most expensive-ranking elixir was being auctioned at 5 million gold.

The probability of the status bonuses being bigger was supposedly higher the higher the rank, so it was obvious that the prices jumped so much.

The other day, a rich user spent a ton of money to buy five Elixirs of Reincarnation and drank it one after another, and the first reset they got five bonus points, while the last four times they didn’t gain any points.

No one revealed the exact reason, but there was a rumor that the bonuses obtained through the elixir were influenced by the user’s former stats and level.

“Shall we go buy the elixir now…?”

Of course, there was no way that Ian, who didn’t lack money, would opt for account resetting.

Ian left the auction and began to walk to buy the elixir.

It was possible to obtain a low-ranked one from the auction, but you couldn’t obtain the top-ranked one from there. It wasn’t very well-known information, but Ian knew the route to obtaining the top-ranked elixir.


The largest city in southern continent Malik, Trombone.

Not just in the southern continent, but across virtual reality game ‘Kailran’, Trombone could be considered the most transformed city. When a character is created in Kailran, Trombone was one of the three places that they can start at, plus the location was incredibly good.

Also, the underground of Trombone city, the southern continent’s largest black market was placed.

In general, the people in the black market had this certain aura that made first-timers hesitate when they first step in.

It was basically a dark place, but ironically it was crowded with people. And despite the large amount of people that were coming and going, it was strangely quiet.

It was an atmosphere that couldn’t help but feel heterogeneous.

If you were to pick at least one raucous location….

The vacant lot in the black market’s corner.

For whatever reason, several people were gathered around an elder and spectating, while a variety of items were displayed in front of the elder.

And one man with a serious gaze examined the items displayed one by one.

“I’ll take this.”

The man picked up one of the displayed items.

It was an interesting item, with the hilt of the sword shining emerald.

“You cannot exchange your item once chosen. But of course, you know that, right?”

At the words of the elder, the man’s gaze slightly shook. However, he immediately nodded his head calmly.

“Yes, I’ll go with this.”

With a dull voice, the elder continued.

“The price of every item is 100,000 gold.”

With shaking hands, the man passed on 100,000 gold to the elder.

From the looks of the equipment he was wearing and his attitude, it was obvious that 100,000 gold was quite a big amount for him.

The elder instantly passed on the sword to him, and as soon as he received the sword, he grabbed his Identification Scroll.

The spectators nearby watched him with an interested expression.


The man stared at the floating sword with a very flushed expression.


A white light engulfed his sword before dispersing into the air. And in the air, the information about the item he purchased was laid out.

Brave Goblin’s Warrior Sword

Category: One-Handed Sword

Rank: Rare

Requirement: 50+ Strength

Offensive Power: 125-130

Durability: 75/75

Options: Strength +5/Agility +5

It was a sword used by a Brave Goblin Warrior.

The quality was good; however, it was a common weapon that you could find at any blacksmith’s.

The snickering of the spectators could be heard from here and there.

Through the approximate item information, it was an item that a lv 20 beginner could use, and on top of that the Options weren’t good. At most, it was a cheap weapon that would only be sold at about 5000 gold.

The man, who was the owner of the item, shoved the sword into his inventory with a completely flushed face and disappeared as if he was running away.

Even though he was clueless, it was obvious that the 100,000 gold was gathered by hunting day and night.

The elder smirked as he saw that state.

“Is there another adventurer that would like to challenge?”

The elder of the vacant lot’s name was Fleur.

He was well-known in the official Kailran community as Trombone’s popular figure, and between the users, he was an NPC known as the Gamble Elder.

Right then, there was a man that squeezed himself through the spectators and quietly stood.

That man was Jinsung, no, Ian.

Ian looked at the clock hanging at the very end of the black market and muttered in a low voice.

“It’s time for the gamble to end now…”

After the man who purchased the Goblin’s Warrior Sword for hundreds of times more expensive, there were a couple more gambles that continued.

There was no user that was successful in the gamble. The last user at least managed to break even, and that was the best result.

After this, Fleur folded up his stall and began to move somewhere else. Ian followed behind him.

Fleur sluggishly walked and stopped as if he had arrived at his destination, while Ian slowly approached him.

As his eyes met Ian’s, Fleur opened his mouth.

“For what reason did you come find me?”

Ian immediately responded.

“I came to look for the Elixir of Reincarnation.”

As soon as he heard his words, Fleur’s gaze changed. His way of talking also subtly changed.

“You’ve found the right place. You’re lucky, just in time for the items that arrived.”

Ian followed the elder into the building.

And through the elder, Ian was able to obtain a silk pouch containing a gourd from there.

“I’m assuming you’ve come knowing the estimated price?”

“Of course.”

“Give me 5.2 million gold.”

It was a slightly expensive price, but Ian didn’t mind and passed the gold instantly.

“Here you go.”

“I like that you’re very cool about it.”

The Elder, Fleur, grinned.

Ian slightly bowed his head to him after receiving the elixir and escaped the black market.

Truthfully, there was no issue with drinking the elixir right away, but there were too many eyes watching the black market. Ian wasn’t the type to attract attention for no reason.

Ian pulled out the gourd after sitting astride on a rock that people didn’t pass by very often.

Elixir of Reincarnation

Category: Miscellaneous

Rank: Heroic

This elixir was created through ancient alchemy.

All your stats, including your level, will be reset.

Your character’s stats, including your level, will be reset.

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