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“Ugh, Ly, should we rest for a bit?”

Ian, who checked the stats of the Ice Golem he just caught, shook his head and plopped onto the floor.

He looked incredibly tired.

Grr-, Grr-.

It seemed as though it was tough for Ly too, as he quickly sprawled next to Ian as soon as he said let’s rest.

“Ly, do you want to eat a meatball?”

At the word meatball, Ly, who was lying down with his eyes closed, turned his head towards Ian, his eyes popping open.

Ian laughed at that image and gave him a meatball that he pulled out from his bag.

“Here you go, eat it.”

Ly, who took the meatball from Ian, instantly devoured it and licked his lips.

And a courtesy message came up again.

Familiar ‘Ly’ ate a chewy meatball.

As Ian watched Ly lick his lips, he held out another meatball.

“Compared to your size, the meatball is too small, right? Do you want one more?”

Ly gazed at the meatball that Ian held out blankly, before pushing it towards Ian slightly.

“Why, do you not want to eat it?”

At Ian’s words, Ly shook his head.

Grr- Grr-!

Ian, who momentarily thought about what Ly was trying to say, understood Ly’s intention and smirked.

“Oh, you want me to eat it?”

Ly nodded.

Gr- Gr-.

Ian petted Ly’s head and gave him the meatball again.

“Ha, you good fellow. You think about me as well. But I’m going to eat something else, not this. This is yours.”

It seemed as though he understood those words, as Ly took the meatball that Ian held out.

This time, a system message didn’t pop up.

‘There’s no point in eating two. Although I assumed so…’

Ian blankly looked at Ly, who was lying down and resting, before opening the Familiar’s information window.

Aside from Ly, there were two other Ice Golems in the information window. The two Ice Golems’ levels were 37, but as Ian’s Leadership increased a lot since then, it was possible for him to carry three extras with him.

‘They’re both alright… but I still feel greedy.’

The stats of the two Ice Golems that Ian had caught were quite outstanding compared to the other, average ones.

Because it had already gone over ten hours since he started catching only Ice Golems…

However, they didn’t satisfy Ian. The reason was because of Ly.

‘Aside from everything else, I want to catch one that is able to evolve… Hmph.’

It was possible that not all monsters had the ability to evolve. Ly could possibly be just a special one. In that case, that meant Ian’s efforts were in vain.

‘But I’ll still trust my senses!’

However, Ian’s senses were telling him that there were Ice Golems that definitely could evolve.

Ian, who had rested about 5 minutes, slowly lifted his body again.

“Ly, let’s keep going a little more. We need to get a good one here, even for the sake of those valuable 10 hours!”

As if he had understood all of Ian’s words, Ly nodded his head and let his breath out.


“This one seems to understand me more as time passes.”

Ian often felt like he was raising a one- or two-year-old child while raising Ly.

At first, he only understood very basic commands, but lately, he understood most of the difficult commands given to him.

It was really amazing.

“Alright, I see an Ice Golem over there. But I don’t think that one’s it.”

Because Ian had already grinded a ton when catching Ly, he had the title ‘Golem Expert’.

That’s why he was able to differentiate the ones that had a good chance.

And after looking through a couple other places, he was able to discover one that’s name shone in gold.

‘There’s one. It’s a relief that a gold name popped out quickly.’

Based on the intensity of the gold light, it didn’t seem like it would be much better than the two he had with him but Ian turned his head towards Ly, deciding he would try and catch them first.

And just when he was about to let out a command to Ly, something of a different nature caught his eye.

‘Huh? What is that?”

A small and cute turtle was crawling where Ian’s eyes were focused on.

It was even a turtle with a head that was incredibly big compared to its body.

However, the thing that caught Ian’s eyes was not its cute and ridiculous appearance.

‘What the hell? Unique-rank?’

Ian had forgotten the existence of the Golems and with slow footsteps, he approached the turtle.

And he checked the turtle’s information.

Abyss Turtle / Lv 30 / Unique-rank

“Was it too weak?”

Ian increased the intensity little by little and hit the turtle’s shell.

Puck- Puck- Puck-.

You have attacked the ‘Abyss Turtle’. You have dealt 1 damage.

You have attacked the ‘Abyss Turtle’. You have dealt 1 damage.

However, as if the staff was to be blamed, it bounced off and the damage was still 1.

“What kind of guy is this?”

Ly, who was watching from the side, tilted his head.


“Ly, try biting him.”

At Ian’s command, Ly bit the shell but the result was no different.

Rather, it seemed as though Ly’s teeth hurt, as he whimpered.

‘How high is their Defensive Power exactly?’

Ian, who tried hitting for a while now, eventually discovered that there was no answer with this method.


Ian, who squatted down in front of the turtle and momentarily thought, suddenly stood up as if he thought of something.

‘Huehue, shall we try tempting him with something to eat?’

Ian took out a meatball that Harin gave him from his inventory and held it. And he left the meatball in front of the hole where the turtle’s head went in.

“Hey, turtle, this is really delicious. You’ll probably regret it if you don’t come out?”

In the end, it was Ian that was trying to talk to the turtle.

‘Normally, it’s the rule where you’re supposed to open your door and leave when a chicken delivery comes even after fighting with your mom!’

He didn’t believe that the turtle could tolerate the smell of delicious food right in front of him.

‘Even I can’t tolerate it!’

Would there have even been a chance where any country neighbourhood turtle that had seen this kind of special dish.

Ian was confident and waited.

And Ian’s patience wasn’t betrayed.


The big-headed turtle finally let its head out slightly and studied Ian.

And as Ian was still, the turtle began to eat the meatball little by little.

Ian, who was watching that image, had a violent thought.

‘If I suddenly hit his head, will I be able to catch him?’

However, he shook his head.

‘No. If I hit him while he’s eating, he’ll probably get peeved and never let me catch him.’

When you walked in someone else’s shoes, that was not mannerly.

Thinking about someone striking a blow on the back of his head while he was eating chicken, it was a shameless action that should never be done.

While Ian was thinking of this and that, the turtle had finished eating the meatball at some point and went back inside his home.

Just then, Ian had a good thought.

‘It’s a little dirty, but oh, well.’

Ian took out another meatball and left it in front of the turtle. This time, it was a little bit farther rather than right up front.

Then, this time, the turtle’s head immediately popped out of his house.

“Hey, turtle, if you want to eat this, you have to come here.”

At those words, the turtle began to slowly crawl over.

Bbook- Bbook- Bbook-.

The weird sound was still the same.

And just when the turtle had almost arrived, Ian grabbed the meatball that was in front of the turtle at once.


The turtle glared at Ian again.

However, Ian just grinned from ear to ear.

“If you want to eat this, come with me.”

It was a plan that had nothing that was as comparably childish and cheap.

The turtle shook its shell.

Bbook- Bbook-!

As if protesting, he let out a weird sound, but Ian was not that easy.

“Hey, turtle, come with me. I’ll give you a lot of delicious things.”

However, the turtle turned its head away.

Ian snickered and cast the Capture skill.


However, as expected, this time as well, before the Capture skill could even touch the turtle’s body, it flung off.

“Hey, turtle, don’t you want to eat this?”

As Ian grabbed the meatball with his hand and shook it in the air, the turtle’s head slightly turned back again.

“Do you think you can find something more delicious on this barren ground?”

Ian’s attack continued.

“If you come with me, there’s stuff that’s even more delicious than this.”

The pupils of the turtle shook lightly.

Bbook- Bbookbbook-.

And Ian’s acting method continued again.

“Ha, this is a bit of a loss for me in this case.”

Ian pulled out two more meatballs from his inventory.

“Firstly, the moment you make a contract with me, I’ll give you three meatballs!”

As soon as he saw three meatballs, the turtle lost all rationality.

As if the short legs that crawled over suddenly got longer, the turtle ran over to Ian, standing in front of him and raising his head toward the meatballs.

Bbook- Bbookbbook-!

And Ian was assured that the contract was accomplished.


The light that flooded from Ian’s hand flew to the turtle and this time, the turtle’s body shone in a white light and was sucked in towards Ian.


Ian clenched his hand into a fist.

“This haughty, big-headed turtle. It would be easier trying to tempt a celebrity.”

Ian, who mumbled nonsensically, quickly opened the Familiar’s information window and checked the turtle’s information.

Abyss Turtle

Lv: 30

Classification: ???

Rank: Unique

Personality: Naïve

Evolution possible

Offensive Power: 15

Defensive Power: 725

Agility: 5

Intellect: 55

Vitality: 3520/3520

Mana: 1005/1005

Inherent Ability

Ruler of Water

When hiding in its shell, its Defensive Power increases by 5 times.

This turtle inhabits the bottom of the abyss and appears once in a century. It cannot walk fast because its head is too big.

After Ian read the information window, he firstly uttered a yell of delight.

‘It’s even possible for it to evolve!’

As it was, Ian, who wasn’t even able to see an Ice Golem that had the possibility of evolving for 10 hours, was very glad at the phrase evolution possible.

However, happiness was only for a moment, as Ian was immediately flustered.

‘No, but what’s up with these stats?’

Its Defensive Power and special abilities were especially something to see.

‘It’s because of this that no matter how hard I hit him, I didn’t leave a mark.’

His Defensive Power when he went into his shell was 3625. It was a similar Defensive Power to a decent lv 100 monster.

‘Hah… What the hell is 5 Agility…’

Despite that, they were stats that absolutely could not be used in any way during combat.

‘Shall we look at Potential at least?’

Ian opened the detailed information window and looked. And he couldn’t help but feel disappointment once again.

‘What the hell, his Potential is even at 0? Its Affinity is at 10…’

They were figures that naturally caused sighing. However, Ian comforted himself with the ‘Unique’-rank, the possibility of evolving and by looking at the plausible monster information.

‘That’s right, if I can make him evolve, he may become incredible!’

He tried hard to ignore the explanation that ‘it cannot walk fast because its head is too big’.

‘I saw it move really fast to eat a meatball earlier.’

Ian let out a low sigh.


Anyhow, this was the newest family member after Ly.

Ian summoned the turtle.


And along with a white light, the big-headed turtle appeared in front of Ian.


And a courtesy message came up.

You have summoned ‘Abyss Turtle’ for the first time. You can give it a name.

Your Affinity with Bbookbbook has dropped. Bbookbbook’s Loyalty has dropped by 5.

Your Affinity with Bbookbbook has increased. Bbookbbook’s Loyalty has increased by 10.

It was Ian, who felt that the personality ‘Naïve’ written in the Familiar’s information window was incredibly accurate.

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