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Chapter 27: Goblin Camping Ground (3)

“Then, are you saying we should PK (Player Kill) that guy?”

At Millun’s words, Rukin pressed his finger to his lips and continued his words with a cautious tone.

“Be quieter, Millun.”

“Oh, alright, sorry.”

Falcon spoke with a slightly uneasy expression.

“But, isn’t it a bit of a hasty judgment?”

Truthfully, they weren’t expert PK-ers but, depending on their needs, they were people that had experience killing other users occasionally without hesitation. Between the three of them, there was no one that would feel guilty over something like this. The only thing they were anxious about was the items dropped by the killed user were of low value compared to the penalty received from doing PK.

Once dropped to Infamy, it was hard to recover from it, so discretion was necessary.

“Think about it. If we pick up and sell one Summoning Magic Artifact, it’s at least 20 million gold. Even if we divide it between the three of us, each person can pick up 6-7 million gold.”


Millun gulped without realizing it himself.

To them, who were about lv 50, 20 million gold was truly an astronomical amount.

Even when it was converted to cash, it was a fortune approaching 40 million Won[1].

They were naturally moved by greed.

“If we make it big, we won’t have to worry about equipment until lv 80 at the least. And you want to let this opportunity pass by?”


The other two said nothing. However, Rukin read their desire just from looking at their gaze.

When Rukin thought that they had almost fallen for it, he began to talk about his plan.

“And I have a brilliant thought.”

At his secretive voice, Millun opened his mouth.

“What is it?”

“Those amateurs will definitely not know about the Chief Priest Quest.”

“Probably. Since it is quite high-class information.”

The fighting power in Ian’s party was nothing special when Ly was excluded, at least, from what they had seen.

“If we tell them about the Chief Priest Quest and act like we’re being generous, then they’ll probably loosen their guard on us.”


“And next, well, we act like we’re completing the quest with them and at a crucial moment, we’ll hit them from the back. If that wolf helps out, it should be able to catch all of the Goblin Warriors… We just need to catch them off guard before the Chief Priest dies.”

There was nothing greatly amazing about Rukin’s plan, but it was definitely a plan that looked reasonable. Additionally, Millun and Falcon were already blinded by their desires.

“Alright, let’s do that.”

While they were talking, the second part of the quest began. They exchanged glances with each other and firstly moved to progress with the quest.

They just needed to do what they had been doing until they caught the Goblin Chief.


Before they knew it, they were reaching the final stages of the quest.

The quest would be completed once they caught the leftover Goblin Warriors and the Chief.

Harin was doing better than expected and, through Ly’s explosive active part, Ian’s level would reach 30 at any moment now.

‘What special class skills will I get?’

All classes got two special class skills every time they reached lv 30, lv 60, lv 90.

The skills you gained during those times were not fixed, but instead, it was different for each person. So, users thought that at every level intervals of 30 were important. This was because, if you gained good skills starting from the early stages, it would be easier to develop and you could raise the proficiency of those skills beforehand.

It was understood throughout the community that the special class skills you gained were both 100% random, but Ian believed that was wrong.

‘For special class skills, when you reach the lv 30 point, you gain one skill related to or linked to the skill which you have the highest proficiency in. The other one is completely random, not both are random.’

When Ian was an Archer, he obtained the two skills ‘Sniper’ and ‘Concentration’ when he became lv 30. The skill with the highest proficiency that Ian had at the time was Intersection Increase, and just as he had expected, he gained the Sniper skill.

This was not just from Ian, but it’s a conclusion drawn from the base of many other users’ data, so he was almost sure of this formula.

‘The skill with the highest proficiency from what I have right now is…’

Ian examined his skill window. Shortly after the skill with the highest proficiency caught his eye.

Intermediate-level Training

Classification: Active Skill

Skill Level: Lv 3

Proficiency: 79%

Cooldown Time: 25 minutes

For 15 minutes, the appointed Familiar will be put into ‘Training’ status.

The more ‘Training’ is repeated, the Familiar’s ‘Potential’ increases.

The only skill that was raised to Intermediate level 3 was, as expected, ‘Intermediate-level Training’, the one that Ian used attentively.

‘In the end, Intermediate-level Training is a skill that raises Potential… so will I get a skill related to Potential?’

Even just thinking about it, it made his heart race.

‘In any case, the other one is random… but I hope I get a skill related to capturing.’

Ian caught the Goblin Warriors in front of his eyes while imagining things that made him feel good.

Whether it was because his level went up or he got used to the fighting method, Ian was quite good at facing the Goblins with his staff now.

“Ian, I’ve only got 5% left of my divine magic!”

Ian, who heard Harin’s words, immediately gave a command to Ly.

“Ly, help Harin! And Harin, fall back a little!”

When they first started hunting, they used the method where Ly stuck to Harin’s side and killed the Goblins that charged towards her. However, as Ly and Ian’s levels increased and Ly got stronger, Ly ended up going in a little deeper and fought there.

At Ian’s command, Ly jumped and killed the Goblin facing Harin at lightning speed.

Familiar ‘Ly’ dealt critical damage to a Goblin Warrior!

You have killed the Goblin Warrior. You have obtained 921 EXP.

For 20 minutes, all stats will rise 10%.

The Goblin Chief’s Vitality decreased by 1215 (0.7% of its total Health).

As the Goblin Chief was a boss monster, despite being a magician-like monster, its Health and Defensive Power was unbelievable. However, the leftover Goblin Warriors were all killed shortly after and its Health began to rapidly drop as it gained the focus of many people.

The Goblin Chief has 52,071 Health (30% of its total Health) left.


The Goblin Chief let out a horrible shriek full of fury and swung its staff around.

Bang bang bang-!

Then, explosions rose from here and there and many vigilantes were killed again.

You have been hit by the chain explosions. You have received 684 damage.

He was taken aback momentarily at the unexpected heal, but Ian slightly bowed his head towards Harin and focused on fighting again. Because the Goblin Chief turned more violent as it became the final stage, so if you made a mistake, you could die in vain.

Like that, 10 minutes passed and, in the end, the Goblin Chief’s form turned into a grey light and collapsed down.

You have killed the Goblin Chief. You have obtained 6,740 EXP.

And finally, another message that made him happy popped up.

You have leveled up. You have reached lv 30.

You have gained the special skill ‘Space Distortion’.

[1] 40,000,000 KWD = 34,032.00 USD

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