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Chapter 26: Goblin Camping Ground (2)

Bang-! Baang-!

The clubs of the attacking Goblins bounced off along with swooshing sounds of splitting air. This was because the Shield of Brilliance had surrounded Harin, not leaving a single gap.

“Harin, how much divine magic do you have left?”

Ian asked as he blocked the incoming Goblins that attacked without rest.

“I think I can still last 10 more minutes! Don’t worry about me!”

Ian’s plan was quite successful since Harin held out longer than he thought she would.

‘She’s doing better than I thought? Though she is a user that is over lv 40, so did I just worry too much?’

Truthfully, it wasn’t that Ian had been needlessly worried, but rather, her role was simply too easy.

Aside from the buff that she put on Ian and Ly every so often, it was a situation where she just needed to check her Health and focus everything on healing or shielding. However, this kind of control was something that even a person playing Priest for the first time could do.

Originally, Priests were well-known to boast their level of difficulty, which was the highest among the Combat Classes.

It wasn’t like it needed detailed control, but it was a position that needed an eye that knew how to see the whole battlefield or else they wouldn’t be able to do their job properly if their range was small.

‘It seems like Harin has room to relax.’

After Ian killed the Goblin he was facing, he glanced over at Ly.

Of course, Ly was flying around like crazy.

Grrr-. Grr-.

The Goblin Warriors had a stronger fighting power than the Goblin Scouts, but if Ly bit them a few times, they turned into a grey light without question and disappeared. Although Ly’s Defensive Power and Health were weak and Ly’s Health went up and down as if it was performing an acrobatic feat, Harin had a blocking buff, so it wasn’t as dangerous of a situation.

You have killed a Goblin Warrior. You have obtained 910 EXP.

Despite Harin obviously dividing the EXP with Ly, an unbelievable amount of EXP poured in.

You have leveled up. You are now lv 27.

Falcon and Millun accurately understood Rukin’s meaning.

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