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Chapter 16: Ly’s Growth (2)

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The ‘Jet-Black Half-Moon Bear’ was not just a Rare-ranking, but a Unique-ranking monster that was hard to find. Different from other Unique-ranking monsters, it didn’t look much different from the other normal Half-Moon Bears nearby, which is why it was a monster that wasn’t discovered very often.

Firstly, Ian checked if he was able to capture it. This was because if his Leadership was high enough, the Capture skill would be invoked without subtracting its Health and before raising its Affinity.


Right away, a disappointing message popped up.

You cannot capture anymore as you do not have enough Leadership.

At the same time, Ly’s body shone a white light.

Familiar ‘Ly’ has leveled up. It has reached lv 20.

You have obtained the ‘Half-Moon Bear’s meat’.

You have obtained the ‘Necklace of Pitch Darkness’.

‘Potential! Potential was the secret!’

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