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Chapter 15: Ly’s Growth (1)

The Weak Point Capturing skill has been triggered.

Compared to the first time he received the skill, its proficiency has gone up quite a bit, so the percent coefficients were quite useful.


Ian’s arrow rushed towards its destination quickly and hit the target exactly. And shortly after, Ly, who quickly ran towards the bear, bit off a different weak point that was highlighted. This was because Ian, who discovered that the red part that is marked by Weak Point Capturing is also visible to the Familiar, trained him to attack the weak points preferentially.

Ping-! Pi-ping-!

The Half-Moon Bear, who received an art-like Ian and Ly’s combined attack, turned into a grey light in an instant and disappeared. It was a hunting speed that was fearsome.

‘When I was a lv 35 Archer, I’m pretty sure I hunted here… My hunting speed is much faster compared to then, too.’

Ian and Ly began to wipe out the field of Half-Moon Bears like a machine.

Ly’s Affinity and Loyalty towards Ian was already at its max. This was through their maximum efficiency when hunting and system messages popped up without rest.

You have killed the Half-Moon Bear. You have gained 545 Experience Points.

Ian, who only hunted for the longest time as if he was crazy, aimed his arrow towards his next prey when he felt something weird.

‘What the hell? Why does that bear’s size seem bigger?’

After focusing his vision, he looked at it again before seeing the words ‘Jet-Black Half-Moon Bear’.

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