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Chapter 75: Dimensional Magic Tower (4)

TL: Haku

Editor: Hungry Panda

A building that was blatantly standing on the outskirts of the town.

Ian wasn’t able to suppress his curiosity and asked Professor Lee Jinook.

“Professor, how did you find out about this place?”

Robos Town was a town that wasn’t that far from Myuran, the capital of Luspel Empire, but because it was located at a remote place and there were no decent hunting grounds nearby either, it was always tranquil.

If the normal leveling-up route was taken, it was a town that you would have had no reason to come to.

‘By the looks of how it hasn’t popped up on the community either, it means that it hasn’t been long since its been created…’

Professor Lee Jinook responded.

“The owner of this Monster Breeding Ground is an NPC named ‘Ralph’, and I was luckily able to meet him when I first went to the Tower of Summoners.”

Ian wore an interested expression.

‘Somehow, I think this is a hidden quest, since if it was a quest that anybody could receive, it would have already been known in the community.’

And Lee Jinook’s words continued.

“Even when I first met him, the Monster Breeding Ground was still being built. And I received a quest from him, and the quest was to capture monsters, whether it be wolves, foxes, bears or others.”

Ian, who heard up to this point, suddenly remembered something.

‘I remember hearing that if you carry out a quest that involves helping the completion of a facility, then you can use that facility once its built.’

This was usually a quest that users who were nurturing their production classes received.

If the quest was carried out successfully, the smithy, restaurant, etc. would build a facility themselves and allow it to be used.

‘Come to think of it, Harin also said she needed to do a quest if she wanted to build a restaurant in the base.’

While Ian was thinking of this and that, Lee Jinook’s words continued.

“Anyways, I’ve finished the quest, so this Monster Breeding Ground is completed, and now I’m working here.”

Ian asked about a part he was curious about.

“By any chance, professor, after you completed the quest, didn’t you get something like a system message saying that you could build a Monster Breeding Ground?”

And at his question, Lee Jinook wore a surprised expression once again.

“No, how did you know that?”

“Usually quests where Production Class users gain a related facility operation qualification are like this.”

Lee Jinook nodded his head.

“Since you know about it, it will be easier to talk. Just like you said, I’ve gained the qualification to build a Monster Breeding Ground. However, as I haven’t met all of the conditions yet, it’s impossible right now.

“What conditions do you need to meet?”

At Ian’s question, Lee Jinook pulled out an item that looked like a unique booklet from his chest.

“This book is an item called a ‘Monster Guide’, which I’ve gained from Ralph, and I need to register at least 50 kinds of monsters in here in order to gain the right to build a breeding ground.”

As soon as Ian saw the item that was called the Monster Guide, he remembered something.

“Uh, I think I gained something similar to that while doing one of the Magic Tower quests.”

And as he opened his inventory, he looked for an item with the name ‘Ancient Monster Guide’.

However, starting from how it looked, it was definitely a different item from the Monster Guide that Lee Jinook was holding.

‘There’s no function or something that allows me to register monsters on here… It must be a different kind of item.’

Lee Jinook handed Ian the Monster Guide that he was holding and continued his words.

“In order to fill the Monster Guide with new monsters, you need to capture the relevant monster, but with my abilities, my limit was about 30 kinds. That’s why, I was hoping that you could take this item and fill it up with the information of monsters that I couldn’t capture.”

Ian, who received the guide, checked the information of the item first.


Monster Guide

Classification – Miscellaneous

Rank – Common

*Captured monsters can be registered into the guide.

Whenever one kind of monster is registered, Fame will increase by at least 100, and the rarer the monster, the more the increase range for Fame rises.


And while he was reading the item information, Lee Jinook opened his mouth again.

“If you help me, I’ll offer you the Monster Breeding Ground that I will build in the future for free. How about it?”

Ian firstly wanted to know about the function of the Monster Breeding Ground.

“But, professor, what can you do with the Monster Breeding Ground?”

Lee Jinook responded readily.

“If a user entrusts their Familiar at the Monster Breeding Ground, they can train their Familiar. As the breeding ground’s rank rises, apparently other functions will be created as well, but firstly, I think it’s a facility where you can train your Familiar.”


Instead of a response, Lee Jinook summoned one of his own Familiars.

“Neukttol, summon!”

And a large black wolf was summoned in front of him.

As Ian saw that, his eyes rounded.


The reason why he was surprised was because it was the first time he had seen a wolf of its kind.

‘Amongst the Common-rank wolves, there is a Black Wolf, but this is my first time seeing one as big as that one. It’s almost as big as Ly.’

Lee Jinook wore a satisfied smile as he saw how surprised Ian was, and he opened his mouth again.

“Haha, have you evolved a Familiar yet by any chance?”

Ian’s two eyes grew a little wider.

‘As expected, it’s a Familiar that was evolved! But how?’

It wasn’t because this was the first user he had seen that had evolved their Familiar besides him.

As he had already assumed that there would be a user that had succeeded in evolving their Familiar by now.

However, because Professor Lee Jinook’s level was not yet at 30, Ian was taken aback.

‘What the hell? Does the Professor have a Training skill as well? Ah… By any chance?’

Ian had realized something.

And while looking at a surprised Ian, Lee Jinook confirmed his assumption.

“I trained my Neukttol at the Monster Breeding Ground, and a few days later, he had evolved to a species called ‘Black-Clawed Wolf’. Although, I don’t really know the exact reason why he evolved.”

However, different from Lee Jinook, Ian felt he knew the answer to it.

‘Just like my Training skill, you could probably develop a monster’s Potential through the training done here.’

Ian’s head spun quickly.

‘Since I’ve come this far anyways, it might be a good idea to tell Yoohyun and help the professor build the Monster Breeding Ground on our base.’

Nobody may know about it yet, but once the truth that through the Monster Breeding Ground Familiars could evolve got out, the Monster Breeding Ground would cause a huge sensation.

‘I don’t know whether it will raise Potential as fast as my Training skill, but since my Training skill also has a cooldown time, it would definitely be a big help for me as well if I entrust Familiars that I won’t be using immediately.’

Even though he had constantly used his Training skill on rotation until he reached lv 93, Ian was still unable to make all his Familiars’ Potentials reach 100.

Soon, all of his Familiars’ Potentials would reach 100 with Ddukdae being the last one, but if he used Skill Grant on him, his Potential would drop again.

And if the breeding ground’s rank goes up, there was no way of knowing what kind of function would be created.

To Ian, a Summoner, its possibilities were incredibly appealing.

On top of that, fundamentally, building a new Production building on the base itself would help with the base’s growth value, so acquiring a Monster Breeding Ground would definitely be a big profit from the guild’s perspective.

Ian decided to help Professor Lee Jinook.

“Professor, I will help.”

At Ian’s response, Lee Jinook was delighted.

“Oh, would you really?”

“Yes, professor. But can I also ask for a favour?”


At Ian’s unexpected words, Lee Jinook momentarily hesitated, but shortly after, he nodded his head passively.

“Tell me.”

And Ian’s words continued.

“Instead of the condition of providing the breeding ground for free to me, could I replace it with the condition that you build the breeding ground on our guild base?”



Ian, who safely completed the deal(?) with Professor Lee Jinook, returned to the Dimensional Magic Tower shortly after in order to proceed with his quest.

As a result, Professor Lee Jinook accepted everything, even Ian’s condition.

Truthfully, what Ian suggested couldn’t even be considered a condition.

Since from Professor Lee Jinook’s perspective, it wouldn’t have been an easy task looking for a site to build his building.

It was simply a deal that could be considered a win-win situation.

‘It was an unexpected harvest. To think that the Professor would have had such talent.’

In reality, Professor Lee Jinook was a professor, but he was also a wild animal lover that liked hiking and animals.

That’s why he immediately picked the Summoner class in Kailran as well.

Ian once again recalled the story of how Lee Jinook even gained the quest and nodded his head.

‘As expected, it’s difficult to obtain a hidden quest by going the normal route.’

Different from normal users, he felt a communion with his Familiars and played the game as if he was raising a pet rather than hunt with them. Because of that, he was even able to receive the monster training ground quest as a connected quest.

Ian pulled out the Monster Guide that Professor Lee Jinook lent to him from his inventory.

‘Before I start the quest, should I register the Familiars that I have right now first?’

He was also curious as to how the guide worked.

Ian registered his Familiars just how Lee Jinook told him to.

“Register held Familiars!”

As he did so, a system message popped up one after another in front of Ian’s eyes.


Monster information registered: Red Maned Wolf – Rare-rank Monster information registered: Abyss Turtle – Unique-rank Monster information registered: Abyss Golem – Unique-rank Monster information registered: Clopia – Rare-rank Monster information registered: Lava Drake King – Heroic-rank


And continued, a message telling him that his Fame went up popped up.


As the ‘Red maned Wolf’ monster was registered, your Fame has increased by 1200. As the ‘Abyss Turtle’ monster was registered, your Fame has increased by 53,700. As the ‘Abyss Golem’ monster was registered, your Fame has increased by 5,600.


Ian, who happily checked the messages that told him his Fame rose, was momentarily taken aback.

‘What the hell? Why did Bbookbbook give the most Fame?’

Compared to Ddukdae, who was also the same Unique-rank, it was an enormous Fame difference of almost as much as 10 times the amount.

‘It’s even to a point where it’s over two times the amount in comparison to Lake, who is a Heroic-rank.’

However, Ian had no way of knowing the reason why it was like that.

‘Have I found the potential for Bbookbbook to become an incredible Familiar once he’s evolved?’

However, as soon as he thought of naïve Bbookbbook, who couldn’t even use his four limbs properly when it came to meatballs, that illusion immediately shattered.

‘It may even be a system error…’

And he scanned over the information of the monsters that were registered in the Monster Guide, but it seemed that there wasn’t a special part.

‘I should go and do the quest now.’

Anyways, Ian, who had gained 100 thousand Fame in an instant, stepped foot into the dimensional portal with a good mood.

Combined with the Fame that he obtained from being runner-up at the rookie league and the Fame he gained in small amounts until now caused him to suddenly have over 300 thousand Fame.

‘Now if the dungeon’s first discoverer buff pops up once more from within this portal, then today would be a perfect day…’

With a pounding heart, Ian entered the portal.


You have entered the field ‘Arnovil Plateau’. You have become the first discoverer of the field. Your Fame has increased by 100,000. For the next ten days, all the EXP you obtain from the field will double. For the next ten days, the chance of obtaining items from the field will double. You have gained the title ‘Time Traveler’.


After reading all of the messages, Ian wore a smile that hung from ear to ear.

To Ian, the first discoverer of the field was a benefit that he experienced for the first time.



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