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Chapter 73: Dimensional Magic Tower (2)

TL: Haku

Editor: Hungry Panda

‘From what I remember, Kaimon Empire was formerly Arnovil Empire…’

Kaimon Empire was one of the two giant empires that controlled half of Colonar Continent, and formerly, it was known as Arnovil Empire.

The reason why Ian knew about the Empire’s former name that was within this continent’s history was quite simple.

This was because, users that were first starting Kailran had to watch a 15-minute video inside the capsule whether they wanted to or not.

The video was quite entertaining, though, so there weren’t a lot users that had complaints about it even in the early days of the game.

‘Let’s see here, what level are the monsters here…’

All of the monsters that infested the basement dungeon of the ruins were in the forms of ghosts or skeletons.

The only interesting point was rather than human-like figures, there were more ghosts and skeletons that had more monster-like forms.

‘If they’re around their early lv 90s, then they’re perfect for hunting. They’ll probably be similar to Snow Gargoyles.’

Ian couldn’t find any ‘Tomb Raider’s Spirits’ that Gripper mentioned, but his body itched.

The reason for that was because of the system message that popped up right in front of his eyes.

You have become the very first discoverer of this dungeon. For the next 5 days, all the EXP you obtain from the dungeon will double. For the next 5 days, the chance of obtaining items from the dungeon will double.

However, at that moment, Ian remembered the 3-day time limit for the quest.

Ian licked his lips.

‘If this was going to be the case, he should have given me a 5-day time limit for the quest as well.’

He felt a little disappointed that he couldn’t hunt for the full 5 days, but he was still very grateful for 3 days.

Wearing a smile that went from ear to ear, Ian started moving in order to fight.



“Hm, no matter how much I look around, as expected, information related to the ancient ruins of Arnovil Empire is practically nonexistent.”

Jinsung, who thoroughly searched the dungeon and wiped it all day, momentarily left his capsule as it was time to eat and so he could look for information while he was out anyways.

“Although I wasn’t expecting much from a place where I received the first discoverer’s message…”

Jinsung was currently looking for information related to the ‘Tomb Raider’s Spirit’, the monster that was most important in his quest.

This was because he couldn’t even find twenty ‘Tomb Raider’s Spirit’ monsters while hunting for a quarter of a day.

On top of that, as the drop rate for the quest item was incredibly low, he had barely obtained two ‘Ancient Relic Pieces’ at this point.

However, they ended up being the same piece, so in addition, he experienced his anger bursting.

‘Euh, at this rate, I don’t think I’ll be able to complete it in three days…’

Jinsung continued to look around the bulletin board while clicking his mouse.

However, just then, he finally discovered the word ‘Tomb Raider’ with his eyes.

‘Huh? The name isn’t the Tomb Raider’s Spirit, but maybe?’

The name in the bulletin post’s title was not the ‘Tomb Raider’s Spirit’, but the ‘Cobalt Tomb Raider’.

However, Jinsung was grasping at straws, and clicked the bulletin post.


Title: Ha… I’ve caught only Cobalt Tomb Raiders for about a week now. Content

I’m a user that received the ‘Lost Relic’ quest from ‘Baron Suikan’, the lord of Carlib Territory.

It is a hidden quest, but on top of taking a lot of time, the reward wasn’t that good, so I wonder if anybody else will do the quest after me, but as there’s something that could be called a tip, I decided to write this.

The quest I received was one where I needed to gather relic pieces and restore them.

It was a method where the relics had a chance to drop if a Cobalt Tomb Raider was caught.


Jinsung, who had read up to this point, inwardly let out a shout of delight.

‘This quest’s method is incredibly similar to the quest I received.’

And he concentrated and began to read the rest of the content.


Firstly, the damned point of this quest is that the same relic piece could drop.

This was a quest that was cleared once you collected a total of 4 unique pieces and brought a completed relic. More simply explained, the 3rd piece will never appear.

The drop rate of the pieces themselves are low, but on top of that, only the other pieces continuously come out, so it’s an act that drives you crazy.


As if Jinsung was saying he fully understood the feelings of the user who uploaded the bulletin post, he nodded his head and mumbled.

“It definitely is a damned quest.”

This quest was truly a carbon copy of the quest that Jinsung was currently proceeding through.

At the anticipation that he could possibly gain decent information, Jinsung continued to scroll down.


However, this is the truth that I figured out after almost a week, but there is a reason why the drop rate of the Tomb Raider monster’s quest item is so low.

When you catch the monster, if you damage the pack that they carry on their backs, then the drop rate for the item decreases.

I actually tested this out, but the quest item that dropped once almost every ten monsters, dropped once every 2-3 times if the pack wasn’t damaged, showing a sharp increase.

This was the truth that I discovered when I was almost finished with the quest, but if you proceed with the quest knowing this beforehand, I felt that it would be a great help, which is why I’m posting this.


Jinsung, who read the post up to this point, noticeably brightened.

“I thought so, as expected, there was some sort of secret.”

Jinsung was certain.

It wasn’t the same quest, but he felt that it was a tip that could definitely be used in the quest that he was proceeding with as well. Jinsung, who almost had to encounter a crisis where he would have failed the connected quests from the beginning, let out a sigh of relief.

“I should test this out.”

Originally, he was planning on going to bed for the day after finishing his meal, but he felt that he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep until he checked the information he just received.

Jinsung quickly finished his meal and hurriedly logged onto Kailran.



Two days later.


“Argghh! I’m seriously going to go crazy!”

Ian, who had just analyzed the relic piece using the magnifying glasses that he received from Gripper, let out a shout before he realized.

“Argh, this percentage has to be a fabrication!”

After receiving the information related to the Tomb Raiders from the community, Ian’s quest progression was incredibly smooth for a while.

He had collected five of the six pieces without overlapping in one day.

However, on the last day of the quest, he had already obtained his fifth piece, but the piece that he needed, the 4th piece, did not come out even once.

‘I’ll actually go crazy. How much time do I have left?’

Ian opened the quest window and checked the remaining time.


Remaining Time 03:39:21


And he automatically let out a sigh.

‘Wow, I don’t even have four hours left.’

From the looks of his current pace, he would only be able to obtain two pieces at most within three hours.

It was truly unknown whether he would or would not be able to obtain the 4th piece, which hadn’t appeared the past five times, within the remaining time.

‘If I had known this would be the case, I should have pushed back hunting on the first day and spent it looking for the Tomb Raider’s Spirit first…’

It all started because of the first discoverer’s buff, as he got excited and wiped every monster that his eyes landed on.

However, as there was nothing he could do to change it just because he regretted it now, Ian began to diligently move again.

“Clopia, go that way and if you see a Tomb Raider, let me know immediately!”

Kku-reuk- Kku-reuk-.

Clopia, who was Ian’s Possession shuttle, was quite a big help during this quest in finding Tomb Raiders.

This was because, on top of having a fundamentally high Agility, as its inherent ability was Wind-Riding, its movement speed was incredible.

‘Thank god this dungeon didn’t have a long-distance damage-dealing monster.’

Clopia’s Wind-Riding ability was an ability that raised its movement speed by 70% if it doesn’t get hit for over 5 seconds while flying.

And if there were no long-distance damage-dealing monsters, then it was safe to say that Clopia wouldn’t get attacked while flying in the air.

However, Ian, who searched for a while in the opposite direction of where he sent Clopia off to, spotted a unique monster that he hadn’t seen with his eyes yet.

‘What’s that?’

As it had a human-like form, he momentarily mistook it for a Tomb Raider’s Spirit, but it was a ghost that was shorter than a Tomb Raider and had a hunchback.

‘Huh? But it’s a Heroic-rank.’

In this dungeon, there were no cases where Ian met Unique-rank monsters, let alone Heroic-rank ones.

‘Ah… Do I just pass by it? Or not?’

Ian contemplated.

He was definitely not contemplating on whether he should capture it or not.

On top of being a human-like monster, it was impossible to capture an undead monster.

He was also not worrying about if he would lose fighting it. He already had experience hunting lv 90 Heroic-rank monsters in the northern continent.

The only reason he was worried was the remaining time for the quest.

‘If it’s a Heroic-rank monster that’s over lv 90, it’s going to take up about 30 minutes fighting it no matter how fast I am…’

However, his confliction was only momentary.

Because of the first discoverer’s buff, it wasn’t proper etiquette towards the Heroic-rank monster to just ignore it, especially right now, when he had doubled item drop rate and of course, EXP.

“Ly, let’s catch it!”


Ian fell into temptation like that once again.



“Ugh, I never dreamt that on the topic of ghost monsters, it would also be a Summoner.”

Ian, who caught the Heroic-rank ghost with more difficulty than expected, mumbled.

The Heroic-rank ghost monster had the name ‘Ancient Summoner’, and befitting it, the ghost summoned several Familiars and stood against Ian.

Because he focused his attacks on the main body in the end, he spent a shorter amount of time in combat than he expected, but as the opponent aimed for Ian first as well, there were several quite dangerous situations.

‘Anyways, since I caught it, shall we check what kind of items dropped?’

Ian raised his hand on top of its corpse, and collected the items.


You have obtained the item ‘Ancient Summoner’s Staff’. You have obtained the ‘Ancient Monster’s Guide’.


As he saw the system message, Ian’s eyes shone.

‘Huh? How long has it been since I’ve seen a Heroic-rank item?’

The item called the Ancient Monster’s Guide seemed to be a Common-rank, as its name was in white, but the Ancient Summoner’s Staff’s name clearly shone a purple light.

It had been a long time since he received a Heroic-ranked item, but on top of that, he was sure that it was an item that was exclusive to Summoners based on the name.

With a nervous heart, Ian opened up the staff’s information.


Ancient Summoner’s Staff

Classification – Staff

Rank – Heroic

Equip Limit – Lv 91

Offensive Power – 497-605

Durability – 820/820

Option – Intellect +124

Leadership +30

Summoning Magic +42

Spirit Magic +20

*The Offensive Power of all summoned Familiars will increase by 32%, while the amount of critical damage dealt will increase by 46%.

*A magical ball can be launched forward with the consumption of 5 Spirit Magic.

The magical ball gains a destructive power equal to 250% Summoning Magic, and if the opponent is hit, the consumed Spirit Magic will be recovered.

*If the staff is equipped, Affinity with Ancient Monsters will not drop below 30.

It is a staff that an ancient Summoner with a name used.

The more exceptional the ability of the Summoner, the more strength they can display.



Ian clenched his fist.

Even the little remaining quest time was momentarily forgotten for now.

‘It’s the same as having gained another damage skill proportional to Summoning Magic. It looks like I’ll be dealing quite a bit of damage now, too.’

As the Offensive Power of the weapon itself didn’t greatly impact the character’s damage-dealing no matter how high it was anyways, Ian picked his weapons solely based on the option, regardless of the level limit.

‘However, this is different.’

Simply put, the option attached to this staff changed Ian’s normal attacks proportionately to Summoning Magic and not to Offensive Power.

It was truly a golden item to Ian.

The item ‘Ancient Monster’s Guide’ was a miscellaneous item, and as there wasn’t any information that could be helpful right now even when he opened it, he was slightly disappointed. However, Ian thought that he did a good job not overlooking the Heroic-rank monster just based on the staff alone.

“Now, I just need to successfully complete this quest.”

Ian, who returned to reality, inwardly shouted out the 4th piece as if he was memorizing an order, and moved his feet busily in order to find Tomb Raiders.



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