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Chapter 72: Dimensional Magic Tower (1)

TL: Haku

Editor: Hungry Panda

‘This is my first time personally coming here.’

The Dimensional Magic Tower was a place that he had never visited even before resetting.

It was a place where there was no reason to come unless it was for a Class Quest for the ‘Dimensional Magician’, a hidden class for Magician, and before Ian reset, there weren’t a lot of people that even knew of the Magic Tower’s existence.

‘As expected, it’s chilly. Well, how many users are there that have a reason to come here?’

Ian mumbled to himself as he entered the entrance of the Magic Tower.

And in front of his eyes, a mysterious space emitting a pitch-black light swayed.

“Is it a portal?”

Ian took a slight step inside.

As he did so, a system message popped up.

Will you go up to the upper floor of the Magic Tower?

“Sure, why not?”

As soon as Ian gave consent, his body was sucked into someplace.


And along with a slight resonance, Ian arrived at the upper floor.

And on the opposite space of that floor, Ian discovered another swaying portal similar to the portal he had just used.

‘Do I just need to keep going up using those?’

And just when Ian moved his feet thinking like that, the space in front of him distorted and a white light jumped out.

At the sudden phenomenon, Ian flinched.

“What the hell?”

And the thing that appeared in front of him were monsters that Ian knew well of.

‘What the hell? Why have Trolls appeared here?’

There were also closed blue curtains behind the monsters.

Ian, who had seen that, suddenly understood the current situation.

‘Those seem like dividers… Do I need to catch the monsters that block my way in order to go up every floor?’

Ian, who roughly understood the situation, summoned all his Familiars.

Jjaekee, who was the last to be summoned, busily shook like normal and began to fly around Ian.

‘Euh, this noisy one. Speaking of which, exactly how many more times do I need to use Current Proliferation in order to evolve this one?’

Ian had blindly fired Current Proliferation continuously until he passed lv 90, but he was in a situation where he still hadn’t evolved Jjaekee even once. Ian checked Jjaekee’s information window while he remembered.


Familiar Jjaekee – Spirit Capacity: 975/1000


Based on the numerical value, it seemed like he wasn’t far from reaching the max.

However, Ian shook his head.

‘How long ago was it when I passed 950, yet for it to still be at 975…’

When he first obtained Jjaekee, his Spirit Capacity quickly increased even if he used Current Proliferation only a little.

That’s why Ian thought he would be able to evolve Jjaekee quickly, but as the numerical value of his Spirit Capacity increased, the slower the growth speed.

‘Still, about 25 shouldn’t take too long.’

Ian, who closed Jjaekee’s information window, let out a command to Lake and Ly.

“Lake, Ly. Quickly catch them and let’s move on!”


Ly immediately got in combat stance, but Lake wore an unwilling expression.

Pu-reung- Pu-reung-.

It was reaction saying as if the Trolls in front of him were ridiculous.

It made sense, though, as compared to Lake, who was at lv 95 on top of being a Heroic-rank, the Trolls in front of him were incredibly shabby.

The Trolls’ levels were barely around 55-60, and they were Common-rank monsters.

However, Ian was not happy with Lake’s reaction.

“Hey, you, stop holding your head so high, and go and catch them quickly. If you don’t do your job, I’ll send you back to Helian!”

It was a truth he found out by chance, but despite being a Lava-type Spirit, he hated hot places with a passion.

That’s why Ian’s threat, saying he’d send him back to the humid Source of Lava, was quite effective.

Of course, however, it wasn’t as effective as threats with meatballs to Bbookbbook.


Lake, who had pulled himself together at Ian’s threat, ran towards the Trolls shortly after.

Even just thinking about the Scorching Land, where heat emitted in every direction, was horrendous.

And along with him, Ly also lunged forward.


As Lake’s Inherent Ability, ‘The Ruler of Lava’ effect was activated, the Trolls turned into a grey light in a instant and disappeared.

They were weak opponents that weren’t even worthy of having Ddukdae tank in the front.

And as all of the Trolls disappeared, as expected, the blue curtains disappeared and the path opened.

With a satisfied expression, Ian smiled as he moved his feet.

“Now then, shall we go up?”



It took Ian just a little more than around 30 minutes in order to reach the highest floor, the 15th floor, of the Dimensional Magic Tower.

The levels of the monsters that appeared at each floor slightly went up as Ian progressed, and on his way up to the last floor, he needed to fight and win against a monster that was over lv 90, but it wasn’t that difficult of an opponent.

‘This is only this easy because I raised my level a lot right now, if I had challenged this right away, I would have suffered.’

When Ian received the quest, he hadn’t even reached lv 50.

Of course, because it was a B-ranked quest in terms of level of difficulty, there was no reason for him to go right away, but based on Ian’s personality alone, he would have come to immediately challenge when he was just a little over lv 70.

Because of his bet with Professor Lee Jinook, he wasn’t able to do so at the fault of his time being tied down for leveling-up.

‘Now then, the Dimensional Enchanter or whatever, will I be able to meet them?’

And just as he predicted, the laboratory of ‘Gripper’, the Dimensional Enchanter’, was located on the highest floor of the Magic Tower.

Ian strode up to Gripper, who sat in a corner, absorbed in an experiment, and as Gripper discovered Ian, he stood up from his spot and greeted him with a welcoming expression.

“Oh-ho, how long has it been since I’ve had a guest? Looking at the fact that you’ve made it all the way up here, you must be quite a talented traveler.”

At his sympathetic expression, Ian mumbled inwardly.

‘He looks mean, but what a surprise.’

And along with his first words, a system message popped up in front of Ian’s eyes.


You have completed the ‘The Remnants of a Forgotten Ancient Monster’ quest. You have obtained 567,500 EXP.


Once Ian saw the quest completed message, he wore a satisfied expression even though it wasn’t a lot of EXP, because he felt like he had received it for free.

And he got straight down to business with Gripper.

“Nice to meet you, Gripper. I am Ian, a Summoner that came here due to a request I received from Oakley, the Dragon Tamer.”

At Ian’s words, Gripper’s two eyes slightly widened.

“Oakley…? You don’t happen to mean the legendary Dragon Tamer Oakley, do you?”

Ian nodded his head.

“That’s right.”

“Ho-ho, to have thought that I would hear his name again while I lived.”

“Do you know Oakley well?”

“I can’t say I know him well, but he’s someone I respect.”

Gripper grabbed Ian’s hand and pulled him.

“Come over here. Let’s sit down and talk.”

Like that, the two people that sat across from each other in Gripper’s laboratory began to share a conversation.

Because Ian was an incredibly interesting being to Gripper with just the one truth that he had come due to Oakley’s request, the conversation proceeded smoothly.

And Ian meticulously memorized what Gripper said.

‘He’s a guy that truly has an ability that suits the modifier Dimensional Enchanter.’

Gripper had the ability to bypass time and space and open up a dimensional door.

Of course, it wasn’t an ability that was possible without any conditions.

It was only possible for a relevant time, and if he had a special item that was in that space.

“So, in order to awaken this Soul Stone, you’re saying that your current experiment needs to be completed, right?”

At Ian’s question that summed up the main point, Gripper nodded his head.

“That’s exactly it.”

As he actually pulled out the Soul Stone again and lifted it up, the anticipation towards the God Dragon that he had forgotten about slowly returned.

Ian felt his desire pour through even more.

“Is there anything that I can help you out with?”

Gripper smiled brightly and nodded his head.

“Of course. Why else would I have explained so diligently to you?”

“I see.”

“Of course, you’ll take my request, no?”

And along with his words, a quest window popped up in front of Ian.



Ancient Relic

Dimensional Enchanter Gripper said that in order to awaken the God Dragon’s Soul Stone, he needs to activate a magic equipment that he’s experimenting with.

In order to activate the magic equipment, he needs some material, and he wants you to seek them out and obtain them.

Enter the Dimensional door that Gripper created, and obtain the pieces of the Ancient Relic he wants.

There are a total of six different kinds of pieces, and one piece of each kind must be collected and brought to him.

Quest Difficulty Level: A

Quest Condition: Unable to party for the duration of the quest.

Time Limit: 3 days

Reward – Unknown

You cannot reject the quest.


It seemed because it was a connected quest to the quest received from Oakley, the condition where Ian was unable to party anyone and the option where he could not reject the quest followed suite.

Ian felt somewhat uncomfortable.

‘I didn’t have any intentions to give up anyways, but still, as expected, because of the condition that I cannot reject the quest, it’s a little unsettling.’

The quest’s difficulty level also went up to an A-rank.

It wasn’t a difficulty level where it was terrifying to even challenge, but still, it wasn’t a difficulty level that could be seen as an easy level.

Ian scratched the back of his head as he responded.

“Well, alright. Then, I just need to gather the pieces of the relic, right?”

Gripper nodded his head.

“That’s right.”

And hot-headed Ian immediately stood up.

“I’ll head out right now, I guess. Where do I need to go?”

At his form, Gripper laughed as he followed him and stood up.

“Whoa, whoa. Just wait a bit. Don’t you not know how the relic even looks?”

Ian almost blurted out past his lips that the game system would let him know anyways, so why did it matter, but he just barely held back.

“That… That’s true.”

Gripper, who momentarily made Ian stand in his spot, went into the storage room of his laboratory and brought out an item with him that looked like a magnifying glass.

“Alright, take this.”

“What is it?”
“It’s a tool that will allow you to distinguish the ancient relic. You need to collect one of each relic for a total of 6 different kinds of relics, but they look almost identical. If you don’t have this distinguishing tool, it will probably be difficult for you to distinguish them.”

Ian put the item within his chest and responded.

“I see.”

And Gripper, who momentarily took a breath, continued his words again.

“The portal that I open will probably connect to the basement dungeon of the Ancient Ruins of Arnovil Empire. You just need to go in there and catch a guy called the ‘Tomb Raider’s Spirit’.”

“The Tomb Raider’s Spirit must have the relic pieces, I assume.”

Gripper nodded his head.

“Apparently so. Using the distinguishing tool I gave you, distinguish six different kinds of relics that are unique to each other from the ones the spirit gives you, and once you’ve gathered them, you just need to return through the portal.”

Ian nodded his head.

From what he thought, it wasn’t an overly-complicated, simple grinding quest.


Griffin added another word to Ian, who was about to go into the portal.

“Ah, as this portal closes after 3 days automatically, you need to make sure you return before then. 3 days should probably be enough for you, though.”

Until he proceeded with the quest, he wouldn’t know if it was enough time or not, but if there was a time limit, it was important that he moved as fast as possible.

“Yes, don’t worry.”

Ian, who responded concisely, stepped foot into the Dimensional Portal without hesitation.



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