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Chapter 59: Second Evolution (1)

TL: Haku

Editor: Hungry Panda



You have leveled up. You have reached lv 62.



A system message that made Ian happy popped up, letting him know that he had leveled up.

Ian clenched his fist and wiped the sweat that ran down his forehead.

“Leveling up is still pretty decent. I need to level-up quickly though when it’s like this…”

It took Ian a little over a week in order to reach lv 62 from lv 50 at 90% EXP.

If a normal user had heard, it was a crazy leveling-up speed that would have had them shaking their heads.

However, Ian wasn’t satisfied.

No, he couldn’t be satisfied.

There was no time to rest until he reached lv 93.

‘At least thanks to the class special skills I gained at lv 60, hunting is a little faster.’

When Ian reached lv 60, he had gained two more class special skills.

As expected, the skill with the highest Proficiency amongst all of Ian’s skills was his Training skill, which was close to reaching ‘high-class’ rank, and because of that, another skill related to Potential was created.

‘Shall we check to see how much Potential Capacity Explosion’s Proficiency has increased?’

Ian opened the information for his newly gained skill, ‘Potential Capacity Explosion’.


Potential Capacity Explosion

Classification – Active Skill

Skill Level – lv 1

Proficiency – 5%

Cooldown Time – 20 minutes

Duration – 1 minute 20 seconds

Conditions for Use – Can only be used on Familiars.

Explosively increases one Familiar’s Potential capacity.

All fighting abilities of the Familiar with the awoken Potential capacity will increase as much as the stat ‘Potential’s %.

*The higher the level and the Proficiency of the skill, the longer the duration of the skill.


‘Potential Capacity Explosion’ was a buff skill related to Potential. As it was a skill where the higher the applicable Familiar’s Potential was, the higher the proportion of the raised stats, so it was only usable on Familiars.

For example, if you used ‘Potential Capacity Explosion’ on a Familiar with 100 Potential, all stats would additionally increase 100%.

As Ly’s Potential was currently in a situation where it was over 80, although momentary, his fighting power would increase almost twice the amount if he received the Potential Capacity Explosion buff.

“Oh, when did it become lv 1? Its duration increased by 20 seconds.”

Currently, Potential Capacity Explosion’s duration was 1 minute 20 seconds.

In some ways, it was an incredibly short amount of time, but if this time was used properly, hunting could become really efficient.

On top of that, because Ian could reduce the cooldown time if he used the bow that he received as his arena award properly, he could use it around once every 10 minutes.

“Speaking of which, the Possession skill’s effectiveness truly drops with my hunting method. Still, I was pretty happy when I got it…”

The class special skill that Ian received with Potential Capacity Explosion was the ‘Possession’ skill.

It was the most basic Summoner skill that, not the hidden class, but the normal Summoner class received from the beginning and started with, and allowed them to possess a spirit of one of their summon-able monsters and receive 30% of the applicable Familiar’s stats.

When Ian first received the Possession skill, he hunted, rotating using Possession between Bbookbbook and Ddukdae.

However, the result of hunting like that for a quarter of a day, it was a situation where he decided that it was more effective to not use the Possession skill on one of his main-force monsters.

“Bbookbbook is now lv 61. Ly is lv 63, and Ddukdae is lv 64.”

Ian slowly felt the need to move to a different hunting ground.

The place where Ian was currently hunting was Ryuran Canyon, where the appearing monsters were around lv 65-68.

It couldn’t be considered such an easy hunting ground, but as Ian preferred a hunting ground that pushed the level of difficulty for hunting to the limits, it was obvious that he wanted to change to a different hunting ground.

‘Hm… I wonder where would be good?’

Ian, who momentarily contemplated, suddenly remembered a place.

‘Ah, should we just go to Forcal Mountains right now instead?’

Forcal was a large range of mountains that was towards the east of the southern continent.

The appearing monsters were known to be around lv 70-75, and it was a hunting ground with a reasonable level of difficulty that Ian wanted.

On top of that, there was another reason why Ian was planning on going to this hunting ground.

‘After I hit lv 70 at Forcal Mountains, I should immediately cross over the mountains and go to the Dimensional Enchanter.’

He had decided to finish the B-rank quest that he had received from the Legendary Dragon Tamer, Oakley.

If Ian reached a level at the Forcal Mountains that would allow him to fulfill the Even if there was a reason for him to stop by a different spot in the middle, he just needed to have a return scroll for a village within the vicinity prepared before hunting.

“Good, good.”

It seemed he was satisfied even thinking about it himself, as he wore a happy smile and called Ly.

“Ly, let’s go to Forcal!”

Grr- Grr-!

Ian got on Ly’s back and began to move.

‘I notice whenever I ride Ly lately, but it’s become really comfortable.’

Ian’s skill in riding Ly also increased, but it seemed that Ly’s skill in moving with Ian on his back also increased, as Ian wore a satisfied expression with the perfect riding quality.



Ian, who momentarily logged off in order to eat lunch, was rummaging though the kitchen here and there.

“What the hell? Why are there no more corn flakes?”

At the unexpected shortage of food, Ian was flustered.

“Err… Then I wonder if there’s leftover crumbs from a snack I ate.”

He thoroughly looked through the small room for 5 minutes, but there was not even a slice of bread or a bag of chips left.

It was a situation full of despair.

“There isn’t even ramen…”

In the end, Ian moved his feet while holding his wallet.

However, just then, an item caught onto Ian’s foot.


It was a plastic bag from his last grocery run that was rolling around the room ever since.

And the mart’s phone number written on the plastic bag caught Ian’s eyes.


Ian, who saw the blue ’24-hour delivery available’ logo printed next to the mart’s phone number, hit his knee.

‘Ah, I’m so stupid! Why hadn’t I thought about this?’

And he reproached himself.

‘To have put in so much legwork buying groceries this whole time when I live in this kind of century…’

Ian, who reflected on his idiocy while he called the mart and ordered the food he needed, turned his attention to the capsule.

However, he immediately shook his head.

“Hm… They said it would be delivered in about 30 minutes, and since its awkward to log on right now, shall we go search for some information as its been a while?”

Ian, who sat at his computer, logged onto the Kailran community shortly after and clicked on the bulletin board with the phrase ‘New Monsters’ written in blue.

Just like the name suggested, it was a bulletin board that handled information on new monsters that appeared after patches.

Despite quite a lot of time having passed by now since the large patch, new information related to new monsters endlessly popped up on the bulletin board.

This was because Kailran’s developer, LB Sports, never released information related to the new monsters.

All information related to Kailran were solely created through the sharing between users.

‘Are there possibly any newly found monsters around Forcal Mountains?’

Ian was searching for information related to the monsters of Forcal Mountains, the new hunting ground he was currently moving towards.

He was well-informed on the already existing monsters, but if there were new monsters, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to prepare beforehand.

“Let’s see here…”

The clicking of his mouse rang within Ian’s quiet room.

‘Eh, looks like there hasn’t been any new monsters found in Forcal yet. They definitely are there, it’s just probably that nobody has found them yet.’

Ian, who had searched thoroughly for about ten minutes with the search word ‘Forcal’, wore a sad expression.

However, the moment he was about to leave the bulletin board, a new post popped up at the top.



The title of the bulletin was written in a bold red that immediately caught the eye.


The basement dungeon of Scorching Land. New Monster Lava Witch.


The title caught Ian’s attention in an instant.

This was because, in addition to hearing the name of the monster ‘Lava Witch’ for the first time, ‘Scorching Land’ was the name of a map that appeared right after going over Forcal Mountains.

Ian clicked on the bulletin without hesitation.

As he did so, information related to the monster ‘Lava Witch’ popped up.


Lava Witch

Level: 72-75

Classification: Elemental-type

Rank: Rare

Personality: ???

Offensive Power: ???-??? (Estimated to be around 400)

Defensive Power: ???-??? (Estimated to be around 200)

Agility: ???-??? (Unknown)

Intellect: ???-??? (Estimated to be around 1000-1100)

Vitality: Around 12000

Mana: ??? (Unknown)

Inherent Ability

Domain of the Flame

Continuous fire damage is inflicted over a wide scope (estimated to be around 3 m^2).

There is a fixed chance to fall into a burned state, but it’s presumed that the more it’s overlapped, the more amplified the damage.


The Lava Witch’s information was organized well to fit the style of the new monster information bulletin board.

Most of it was filled with question marks, but that was obvious.

Unless the monster was captured and the information window was checked, it was impossible to find out the exact stats.

Despite that, Ian felt enough interest.

‘Its inherent ability is an AoE attack.’

The most common reason why normal users came to the new monster bulletin board was to find out how to easily attack a monster that they were encountering for the first time.

However, Summoners, including Ian, visited the bulletin board in order to gain information related to Familiars they could capture and use in combat.

And this Lava Witch was an AoE damage-dealer that Ian so wanted.

Ian scrolled down to the bottom, reading the information related to the Lava Witch while doing so.

And, a screenshot that the user who posted the information personally took was attached at the bottom.

‘Oh, I even like its appearance!’

The Lava Witch’s appearance could be generally described as a ‘ghost with lava flowing all over their body’.

Along with the floating form of the upper body composed of lava, flames twisted around it and mingled, emitted a mysterious aura, and it had quite a cool appearance.

‘This skill shown in this video must be the skill Domain of the Flame.’

Ian watched the Lava Witch cast the skill with excitement.

And he attentively watched the Vitality of the user, who was hit directly by the skill, drop.

‘If you consider the fact that it’s an AoE attack, the damage it dealt is pretty handsome, too.’

The information related to the Lava Witch ended off with a comment from the poster.


I think this is all that I can find out on information related to the Lava Witch as a Knight. To find out the exact detailed stats, a Summoner would need to capture it and check the information, no?

I don’t think there’s a Summoner user that’s at a level where they could capture a Lava Witch yet, but I would be happy to hear the news that someone succeeded in capturing one in the near future.

I would be happy for my information to be updated, but the Lava Witch monster itself was a ball of coolness from what I’ve seen.

I hope to see a Summoner that uses a Lava Witch in combat.

Then, that’s it for now!


Ian, who read the comment, grinned wickedly.

“Keke, I will catch and use it.”

He replayed the video two to three times again, but it was truly a charming Familiar.

However, the part that slightly got to him was just about the ‘Rare-rank’.

Of course, Rare-rank was not a bad thing.

Ian, who had caught Common-rank Familiars up until now and evolved them to use them, definitely had a desire to catch a Rare-rank Familiar from the beginning and evolve it.

The problem was time.

‘How long will it take me to catch one that’s a Rare-rank and evolution is possible?’

The hardest one to find amongst the common monsters that scattered the fields were the ‘evolution possible’ ones.

Much less for a Rare-rank monster that appeared occasionally even on the field.

‘Eeuhh… This is something to contemplate.’

If it wasn’t for the situation where he was pressed to level-up, he wouldn’t have cared even if it took several days.

This was because it looked like a Familiar that was worth that investment.

‘Still, if I just properly catch one, I feel like my level-up speed will increase more than double the amount…’

While thinking of this and that, he scrolled down and saw a lot of comments.

And more than half of the comments were from Summoner users.


Pts1120: Wow, the Lava Witch is explosively cool. I want to catch it and use it. T.T KimGundal: However, the reality is Half-Moon Bears. BarkTree: Previous commenter, what about Half-Moon Bears? T.T Do you know how strong our bears are? T.T LegendaryMagician: Ha, if there’s a Summoner that catches a Lava Witch and uses it in combat, fire magicians will lose their job. Summoners are a scam! Please nerf! jjang123: Magician, how dare you call Summoners a scam. On top of that, even nerfing. That’s killing Summoners twice. On top of the level-up speed being atrocious, just because you order a lot of Familiars, it doesn’t mean that you can control all of them. There are a lot of cases where they were too focused on controlling their Familiars that they couldn’t pay attention and suffer instant elimination because of it. 1004yj1: Previous commenter, do you know how long ago that was. Summoners are the trend lately. You must not have seen the rookie league that happened a while ago. The very first class amongst the new classes that hit lv 50 was the Summoner class and by looking at Ian, they fly through PvP. AssassinBboongBboong: Still, he was immediately eliminated by Limlong in the finals. Hooray Assassins! 1004yj1: Ha… BboongBboong. That was just a terrible match-up. Truthfully, if a Summoner lasted that much against an Assassin as their opponent, I see it as Ian’s win against Limlong just based on skill.


Ian, who read through the comments, felt satisfaction as well as fury at the same time.

‘Keuk, I should have won against that Limlong or Bingbong, whatever his name was. Ha…’

And shortly after, he grabbed a post-it and wrote down a couple important information regarding the location of the Lava Witch and stuck it onto the top of his monitor.

‘After I hit around lv 80, depending on the situation, I’ll go catch a Lava Witch then.’

If it was up to his heart, he wanted to catch it immediately, but on top of still lacking in level, in Ddukdae’s case, because he received double the damage of fire-type attacks, it was definite that it would be a struggle unless he used Possession.

And he stuck another small post-it that had a solid will written on it.


Next time we meet, I’ll win, Limlong.


It was only until then did Ian wear a satisfied expression and closed his computer.

“Good, good. It was a time that was more profitable than mass-leveling.”

And as if on cue, Ian’s food delivery from the mart arrived.

Ian, who thought he efficiently spent the 20 minutes he almost wasted, was in a better mood.



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