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Chapter 58: Powerful Enemy, as well as a Level-up (3)

TL: Haku

Editor: Hungry Panda

Canoel, a lv 24 Summoner, was currently hunting in Nareuhan Swamp, a mid-lv 20s hunting ground, in order to raise his level.

The average level of the swamp was around lv 26, and it was a hunting ground where a lizard-like monster called ‘Peragon’ appeared.

For an average user, it was a hunting ground that’s level of difficulty was slightly higher compared to their level, but even if Canoel put that into consideration, he was severely struggling.

“You dumb bear! What’s the point of you swinging your arms over there? Argh!”


As the Familiar’s Loyalty is low, it has rejected the command.



Canoel’s Familiar was a lv 29 Half-Moon Bear.

It was a monster that took a quarter of a day to catch, but as his Affinity and Loyalty was low, it didn’t obey him and his fighting power was even worse.

‘Ah, this one’s really useless.’

Canoel, who was narrowly making his way through hunting Peragons, chose to run away when he was surrounded by three Peragons.

“Summon Release!”

He darted towards the village quickly after Summon Releasing the Half-Moon Bear.

Because he had used his ‘Possession’ skill and maximized his Agility, fortunately, escaping was easy.

It was thanks to Possessing a White Raven, which was famous for having high Agility even amongst flying-type monsters.

“Hoo, I can’t hunt like this anymore.”

Canoel shook his head.

In real life, he was one of the heirs of SH Electronics.

In other words, a so-called second generation chaebol, and because of that, his pride was incredibly strong as he was raised like a prince.

That’s why he didn’t get any help from others, and he believed that you needed to play your own way in order to play the most enjoyably.

That’s why he chose the Summoner class.

The Summoner that everybody believed was hard to nurture had stirred his desire to conquer.

‘If you’re a man, it should be done ‘my way’.’

Because of that, he didn’t even go into Kailran’s official community.

His reason was because he didn’t want to see the way someone else worked through.

However, his patience had finally run out to just watch his level not rise even after playing all day.

And he sent a message to someone.


Canoel: Ranma, send over 5 million gold to my account.


Truthfully, to a normal user around lv 20, 5 million gold was a fortune that they haven’t even gotten the chance to spectate.

However, to Canoel, an amount like that was nothing.

It was similar to buying a luxurious earmuff that was a little bit expensive from a street shop because it was a chilly day to him.

And shortly after, a message came.


Ranma: Oh, young master. Have you now decided to accept my help? Canoel: Yeah. I was planning on just doing it alone until the end, but it’s too boring.


Rather than it being boring, his incompetence and lack of information on Summoners was more at fault, but Canoel didn’t think like that.

Truthfully, it could be considered close to a miracle that with his impatient temper, he raised his Summoner to lv 24 without any help.


Ranma: Yes, young master. Good choice. I’ll send it right away. By any chance, if hunting is difficult, should I help you? Canoel: No, no. I don’t need that. Just send me the money.


‘Still, I can’t ride a bus[1] as well.’

That was his last bit of pride.


Ranma: Yes, understood. If you ever need help, let me know. Canoel: alright, Ranma.


Canoel, who finished with the conversation, returned to the village using his return scroll as soon as he escaped the swamp.

And the place he headed towards was the auction house.

‘Hoo, firstly, I need to buy a Familiar. 5 million gold isn’t a huge amount, but I could probably buy a decent one to use for now, right?’

In Kailran, Familiars were traded sealed to a Sealing-Magic Order Sheet.

As the auction house system was updated a while ago, the volume of Familiars remarkably increased.

Because it had changed to a method where once the Sealed Order Sheet went up into the auction house, the buyer could even check the Familiar’s stat information, so the supply and demand had both increased.

He cancelled his contract with one of his Familiars, the Half-Moon Bear, and sealed it to a Sealing Sheet.

It was a monster that was hard to even get 3 thousand gold for, but the reason why he chose to seal it was nothing complicated.

This was because, as its Loyalty was low, if he cancelled and let it go, it could attack him.

“I wanted to hunt with a monster I captured myself… But I guess it can’t be helped.”

Canoel, who arrived at the auction house, immediately began to search through the Familiars.

The Familiar that he first began to search were ‘wolf’-form Familiars.

“What, why are all the prices so low? The Red Wolf is even 100,000 gold?”

Truthfully, the set price of 100,000 gold for a Red Wolf was not actually cheap, but rather a high price for something quite common.

The Red Wolf was a Rare-rank monster, but because it was a monster that you could catch at a low-level field, it was quite common.

Truthfully, the reason why the prices had inflated for wolf-type Familiars was because of Ian.

Thanks to the active part of Ian’s Red Maned Wolf ‘Ly’ in the rookie league, wolf Familiars’ popularity skyrocketed.

After the video of the rookie league arena of Luspel Empire was broadcasted, all wolf-form Familiars’ prices increased over 20%.

However, Canoel, who was nonchalant about information, had no way of knowing about Ian and Ly’s active part, and as he had no sense of market prices, it was an incredibly cheap price to Canoel.

‘I should have purchased a Familiar from the auction house in the first place.’

Canoel, who slowly looked through the Familiars, shook his head shortly after and began to search for different Familiars.

It seemed as if he didn’t like their stats.

“Ha, it must be because they’re so cheap, but how come all of them are lousy Familiars? Shall we look through the expensive ones from the beginning?”

Canoel changed his search requirement and looked up the most expensive Familiars.

As he did so, Familiars bearing an incredible price were listed.

And Canoel opened the information of the Familiar that was listed at the very top.

“Hmm… Lava Drake? What is this to bear the price of 15 million gold? Shall we take a look at it at least?”

Canoel opened the information window only thinking of looking at it.


Lava Drake

Lv: 32

Classification: Drake

Personality: Violent

Evolution impossible

Offensive Power: 395

Defensive Power: 175

Agility: 125

Intellect: 105

Vitality: 4950/4950

Mana: 2470/2470

Inherent Ability:

Flame Absorption

Damage that is Fire-type will be 30% less effective.

Breath of Lava

As a Fire-type breath is launched, the front will receive a damage of 475% Offensive Power. (Cooldown Time 30 minutes)

This is a ‘Lava Drake’ born from within hot lava.

It specializes in Fire-type attacks, and boasts an incredibly strong Offensive Power.


Canoel, who read through the drake’s information window, momentarily lost his words.

They were incredible stats that he couldn’t understand with his general knowledge.

“Th, that doesn’t make sense!”

The Half-Moon Bear that he had been carrying around as a Familiar just a moment ago was insignificant compared to this drake.

“There’s only a 3-level difference between this and the Half-Moon Bear, but how can its Offensive Power be over three times higher?”

Its Defensive Power and Health weren’t much different when compared with the Half-Moon Bear, but its 395 Offensive Power value was truly terrifying.

‘I, I want it…’

Canoel firstly closed the drake’s information window and checked the other monsters’ information one by one.

However, no matter how much he searched, he didn’t see a monster that had stats like the drake he just saw.

His heart started to shift.

“It is a little expensive… But it looks like it’s worth that much of an investment…”

Canoel was making an idiotic decision that could have caused Ian to form a disease from repressing his emotions of frustration.

Truthfully, not even Ian, anybody could see that the Lava Drake’s price was illogically expensive.

Unfortunately, the Lava Drake that had snatched Canoel’s heart could be called an item that was put up by the seller in order to snipe a pushover.

Even if it was a Unique-rank, ones with ‘Evolution impossible’ weren’t that expensive currently in the auction market.

The most popular Familiars that went up in the auction house were ones with the option ‘Evolution possible’.

Even though a user that had succeeded in evolving hadn’t officially appeared, evolution possible monsters sold out like fire as soon as they were put up in the market.

If 5 million gold was in the hands of a Summoner user that had his finger on the pulse of information unlike Canoel, they probably would have searched through the auction house to find a Half-Moon Bear or Golem-type evolution possible monster.

As the highest-class monster with ‘Evolution possible’ that could be purchased with 5 million gold were the Half-Moon Bear and Golem-type ones.

However, let alone such detailed information, Canoel didn’t even know that there were monsters that had the evolution possible option.

Canoel’s heart was simply sold on the Lava Drake’s cool visuals and strong Offensive Power.

‘That’s right, whether you use 5 million gold or 15 million, it’s the same thing.’

If a normal user heard such thoughts, they would have shaken their head with an exclamation, but Canoel sent a message to Ranma without hesitation to additionally receive the remaining needed amount.

And shortly after, he had purchased the Order Sheet that the ‘Lava Drake’ was sealed into.


With the corners of his lips hung onto his ears, Canoel hurriedly used the Sealing Order Sheet in order to make a contract with the Lava Drake he purchased.

However, a hopeless message popped up in front of him.


You cannot make a contract with the ‘Lava Drake’ as you do not have enough Leadership.



Canoel, who felt like all the strength in his body left him, plopped down on the spot.

“No, I bought it, but why can’t I use it?!”

After much consideration, he cancelled his contract with his last Familiar, the White Raven, and reused the Order Sheet.



You cannot make a contract with the ‘Lava Drake’ as you do not have enough Leadership.


The unfortunate system message helplessly rang out again.

“Damn it.”

Canoel stared at the sky blankly with unfocused eyes.

Canoel, who gathered himself shortly after and stood up, opened the auction again.

“I’ll just need to equip my whole body with items that raise my Leadership, right?”

And he sent a message to Ranma again and ripped off an additional amount of money.

It was hard to spend it the first time, but once started, his pocket opened like an automatic door.

‘Err, father will probably say something at this sum…’

However, he felt he wouldn’t be satisfied if he couldn’t use the Lava Drake in his hands right now.

And Canoel, who spent a large fortune of close to 20 million gold in an instant, justified himself.

“Hm, still, if I can play this game more entertainingly after using this much money, then that’s a gain. It’s a good thing I bought it before someone else did.”

It was an item that may have not been purchased by someone else if it wasn’t for Canoel, but Canoel, who got his desired Familiar, was happy.

You could say ‘ignorance is bliss’…

Like that, one user was satisfied by their rational(?) consumption today at Kailran’s auction house.


[1] ride a bus = to get carried


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