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Chapter 54: Ian’s Performance (4)

TL: Haku

Editor: Hungry Panda

The Archer that matched up against Ian for the 64-player round was none other than Millun.

He was one of the three disgusting members that wanted to steal from Ian during the Chief Priest Quest.

‘Wait. Was that Archer dude exactly lv 50? I’m positive he looked like he was over lv 50 at the time, so how was he able to participate here?’

Truthfully, Millun’s lv was at lv 51 during the Chief Priest Quest.

However, due to Ian’s counterblow, he was de-leveled to lv 50, and since that was the case, he had waited and participated in the arena rookie league.

And sure enough, Ian’s opponent remembered him as well.

“Ian, you PK bum! You must be using my Halio’s Necklace well!”

Millun faced Ian and ground his teeth.

The Halio’s Necklace he lost back then haunted him.

At those words, Ian smirked.

“Well, that’s something I don’t know about? Why are you looking for the Halio’s necklace from me?”

Of course, he remembered selling the Halio’s Necklace at quite an expensive price in the auction, but Ian just said this to tease Millun.

And Millun, who heard Ian’s mocking, was enraged.

“Ergh… This little! You may have killed us then using your sly wits, but today I’ll beat you to a pulp with my own hands.”

From Ian’s perspective, it was a line that caused him to snort.

‘What? Beat me to a pulp? He would have died even if we fought back then, too…’

Since they had already met like this, Ian wanted to play with that disgusting dude a little more.

“Hey, you, this is a body that’s gotten through the preliminary rounds with a perfect score. How exactly do you plan on beating me?”

Even at Ian’s quite rational provocation, Millun responded without losing, as if he was confident in that he could beat Ian.

“Is there anybody here that got this far without getting an all-win? Plus, I even know your secret.”

Meanwhile, the spectators that were listening to the two people’s conversation in real time at the stands had on faces full of curiosity.

“Yo, it looks like those two fought on the fields before!”

“Really? This looks interesting!”

There were a total of 32 matches going on at the same time in the arena for the 64-player round, but most of the spectators were gathered at Ian’s match and Limlong’s match.

That’s why a lot of spectators were listening to Ian and Millun’s conversation before the match started with interest.

Meanwhile, Ian’s eyes slightly rounded at Millun’s words saying that he knew Ian’s secret.

“What? What secret?”

Millun ground his teeth as he responded.

“You can’t be thinking that you passed the preliminary rounds with perfect games just purely with your strength, can you? Especially when you’ve only reached this far because of your items?”

Ian, who had on a taken aback expression, waited for Millun’s next words.

And at Millun’s words full of rage caused not only Ian, but the spectators as well, to have a shocked expression.

“Your wolf Familiar! The secret that it’s a Familiar that you didn’t tame, but that you summon using a Sealing Magic Artifact!”

The spectators began to talk noisily.

“No wonder… It seemed too strong for just a lv 50 Summoner to logically have around.”

“That’s right. Now the questions are answered. If I had a Summoning Magic Artifact like that, I probably would have won the rookie league as well.”

“Ha, in the end, the best is a rich dude.”

At Millun’s unexpected attack, Ian was incredibly taken aback.

‘What? He thinks that Ly is a Familiar that I summon using an artifact? Did he really think that was the truth this whole time?’

And anger started to bubble up inside him.

One of the words that Ian hated to hear the most while gaming was ‘rich noob’.

Millun’s provocation continued.

“There’s no need for long words, just come at me! It will be the end if I ignore the wolf and kill you first.”

Ian was mad at the stupid guy in front of him, and he felt stuffy towards the spectators that believed Millun’s words.

‘Ha, do they really believe that dimwit’s words?’

And before Ian got a chance to explain, the system message that stated that the match would start began to ring out.


The match will start in 5 seconds.


Ian was enraged.

“Ha, this idiot. 30 seconds and you’re done.”


5… 4… 3…


Ian was planning on going a little easy on Millun and play with him a little, since he had to wait for the other matches to end anyways, but his heart changed.


2… 1… Start!


As soon as the match started, Ly used Berserk and began to charge towards Millun.

Grr- Grr-!

And as if Millun knew that would happen, he pulled himself back and drew his bow.


The arrowheads of the arrows that Millun shot out had a white energy.

And Ian, who had raised an Archer class character up to a ranker-level, knew exactly what that was.

‘That’s Induced Arrow. Still, that’s a pretty good skill book, how did he get his hands on it?’

Induced Arrow was one of the advanced skill books that Archers wanted to get.

Although it was a skill with power that terribly dropped compared to other skills, once shot, it could be blocked, but it was almost impossible to dodge.

Ian knew that there wasn’t that big of a damage even if he just took the hit, but he had no intention of standing still and getting hit.

‘I happen to have a bulletproof vest.’

It was a strangely-shaped vest that was worn on the back, but Bbookbbook, who sufficiently fit the modifier bulletproof, protected Ian’s back.


Ian purposely began to run away with his back facing the Induced Arrows.

Ian looked as if he was running away from the Induced Arrows.

And Millun, who saw that, laughed out loud and moved his legs.

This was because it was a situation where he couldn’t allow Ly to intersect with him at any rate either.

“Keke, do you think you’ll be able to avoid the Induced Arrows like that?”

Millun, who had incredibly high Agility as he was an Archer class, was able to run away quite well from Ly and continue to shoot Induced Arrows.

Induced Arrows were rated the strongest skill for Archers in 1:1 PVP. And as over ten Induced Arrows chased after Ian’s tail, Millun let out a yell of delight.

This was because, although he was also getting chased by Ly, he thought it would be faster for the Induced Arrows to catch Ian than for Ly to catch him.

And he thought that if Ian, who wasn’t a Warrior or Knight, was hit directly by the more-than-ten Induced Arrows, he wouldn’t be able to survive.

However, that was only Millun’s delusions, and he could only fall into despair shortly after.

Ting- Ting- Ti-Ting-!

This was because as the Induced Arrows he shot hit Ian’s back, a system message popped up.


‘Induced Arrow’ skill has hit ‘Ian’s Familiar ‘Bbookbbook’. 1 damage has been dealt.


‘Induced Arrow’ skill has hit ‘Ian’s Familiar ‘Bbookbbook’. 1 damage has been dealt.


‘What, 1 damage? Argh! And what the hell is Bbookbbook?’

And Millun, who ran away from Ly with a lot of effort, at the fault of the arena that was shaped like a circle, could only run into Ian, who was running towards him from the other direction.


‘Weak Point Capturing’ skill has been invoked. The weak point of the target will be indicated with the accuracy rate rising 20% and the chance to critical hit increasing 25%. If the weak point is hit, evasiveness will increase 110%.


Along with the invoking of the Weak Point Capturing skill, Ian and Ly raided Millun at the same time from either direction.


And his fate was decided just like that.



There was a momentary commotion(?) because of Millun, but Ian was able to make it without much difficulty to the 8-player round, winning the other rounds easily.

Now, the semi-final matches were finally starting.

‘Hmm, will I meet some strong opponents now?’

Just then, the user that looked like his opponent stepped up to the arena.

His opponent wore a full-body robe that was a solid grey as well as a dark black cone hat, and held quite a long staff decorated with a skull with one hand.

They were typical Black Magicians’ items no matter who saw it.

‘It’s been a while since I faced a Black Magician again. I wonder how this opponent will be.’

Ian stared at his opponent as he remembered Himenes, whose level was only high and was a total nobody.

As he checked his opponent’s appearance a little more closely, he saw an incredibly short height that only came up to his chest and a baby face that still hadn’t lost its baby fat.

His appearance was even cute, holding a staff that was taller than his own height.

‘Since it’s the semi-finals starting now, their outer appearance might not be everything.’

Still, the opponent’s appearance couldn’t help but soften Ian’s wariness.

Ian smiled as he opened his mouth.

“I’m Ian. I’m looking forward to this.”

The child Black Magician, who was looking somewhere else, snapped his head towards Ian and lifted it as he stared at Ian.

And he spoke with an incredibly serious expression and voice that was unfitting.

“Psh, in the end, I meet a strong opponent here. This match won’t be easy.”

At the line that sounded like it would come out of a main character in a child’s cartoon or a bitter boy, Ian was taken aback.

The opponent that watched that image continued his words.

“However, if I, the strongest Magician in the continent, lost here, a lot of people will probably be sad. Summoner of the darkness! Your evil deeds will end today. Be prepared!”

No, to call himself the Summoner of darkness when he’s a Black Magician? Ian was at a loss for words.

And to call himself the strongest Magician in the continent…

Ian flinched and took a step back without him realizing.

‘Wha, what the hell? Is this the Grade 8 syndrome that I only had heard of?’

To say that he had Grade 8 syndrome, he had too much of a baby-face that looked like he was only in elementary school.

The Black Magician boy threw another word at Ian, who was in chaos at the mental attack.

“My name is ‘Kanjihoonie’. It would be best to remember my name. Although it is a name that is wasteful to let someone who’s going to disappear soon know, keke.”

On top of the continued mental attack, he spoke informally so incredibly naturally.

‘Wha, what on earth… What the hell is this guy?’

Ian felt an unknown incompatibility.

And while the two shared a heated conversation, a system message alerting the start of the semi-final matches rang out.


The match will start in 5 seconds.


It seemed because it was the semi-finals, the amount of spectators that were watching was incomparable to anything before.


5… 4…


During the preparation time, Ian and Hoonie summoned all of their own Familiars.

And as Ian saw Hoonie’s Familiars, he had on a slightly surprised expression.

‘Hidden class! For sure, he has a hidden class.’

The skulls that Hoonie had summoned looked different to the skulls of a normal Black Magician.

Firstly, the most prominent characteristic was that they were not skulls from a normal white bone, but skulls that were made from a pitch-black bone.

And their sizes looked to be a little bigger than normal skulls.

‘Instead, there’s a smaller number of them.’

Ian tucked away his heart that belittled him a bit.

This was because as he couldn’t get a sense of what kind of hidden class it was, he couldn’t predict what kind of skills he’ll use.

‘Damn it, why didn’t I see even one of this Black Magician’s matches up until now?’

Ian made sure to watch one match that was held at each timeslot, but Hoonie was a user that he was seeing for the first time.

While Ian thought of this and that, the match began.


3… 2… 1… Start!


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