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Chapter 53: Ian’s Performance (3)

TL: Haku

Editor: Hungry Panda

Sponsor: Fullmetalj4cket

Ah, what’s this? Could it be that that Summoner has received an unbelievable hidden class?


Truly unbelievable fighting power! Especially that giant wolf with the red mane, it eliminated number 1 ranking Black Magician Himenes within three attacks!


Within the silence, the voices of the broadcast commentators, who gathered their senses first, rang out clearly.

And the spectators began to get noisy.

“What the hell? Where can I catch that wolf? I need to stop watching the arena and go find information on that wolf.”

There were people that left the other spectators to go and find the Red Maned Wolf as their hearts were stolen by Ly’s unbelievable Offensive Power,

“That Summoner, he probably Possessed a Familiar that specialized in Agility, right? Did you see his movements? It was no joke.”

“No kidding, my level is a bit low, but even still, he moves more swiftly than me and I’m an Assassin.”

While there were also people that analyzed the movements Ian showed with the information they had.

However, the people that had just watched the match had a common thought.

‘The current Summoner class has been incredibly undervalued!’

Summoners were undervalued compared to Assassins and Black Magicians and were recognized as a minor new class.

However, the number one ranking Black Magician was thrown off guard by an unknown Summoner in front of their eyes.

While everybody was in shock, Ian walked out of the arena with a leisurely expression.

However, truthfully, Ian was equally as taken aback.

‘What the hell? I thought they said he was the number one ranking Black Magician? Why is he so weak?’

He did think that he could deal a large enough blow with Ly’s pre-emptive strike, but he never imagined that he would be eliminated by the continued attacks in one go.

‘And although Ly’s Agility is fast, he looked as if he could at least avoid one of the follow-up hits well enough…’

From Ian’s perspective, the user’s control ability was terrible.

On the other hand, Himenes, who was kicked out of the arena, clenched his fist and trembled.

‘Ah… I was careless because it was a Summoner. Damn it.’

He was so disappointed that he was eliminated from the arena without even getting the chance to do something that he didn’t know what to do.

‘He was even wearing knuckle-like things as weapons, so I thought he was a complete starter….’

Currently, the weapon that the normal Summoner favoured were crossbows or magic wands, which were weapons that comfortably allowed long-distance attacks to be operated.

Even if they used Possession and raised their fighting power, there were almost no Summoners that favoured close-combat.

‘What exactly are Summoners in guilds doing?’

Truthfully, the biggest reason why Himenes looked down on Summoners was because he easily won a mock battle against a high-level Summoner a couple days ago.

As the Summoner that belonged to his guild was at around lv 43, he had quite a big level difference with Himenes, but even if he considered that, he felt that the Summoner class itself was incredibly weak in pvp.

‘Ha… To be eliminated at the first preliminary round…’

He felt incredibly embarrassed about having chatted about tips for Black Magicians on broadcast.

‘Euh, if only I hadn’t been so careless, I would have surely won!’

However, he didn’t think at all that in the end it was because he was weaker than Ian.

He simply believed that he was eliminated because he was careless and because the wolf’s attacks were all critical by luck(?).

However, no matter how Himenes thought, the match was over and there was no way to change that.

He hid his face from the arena, leaving only a forlorn backside.



The official Kailran community was once again in chaos.

This was because of a combat video of one Summoner user that was spread in the morning.

The 3-minute combat video that was posted on the community’s combat video bulletin board at around 10 a.m. took over as today’s best video within only five hours, recording it as a hit.

There were already over a thousand comments alone.


SummoneroftheWind: Damn, what is that wolf? It’s my first time seeing that monster. Is there anybody that can tell me where you can catch it?


syw1203: Person above, it would be best to carefully read the comment at the very top first before coming here. Currently, the majority’s opinion is that it’s a monster that he gained through a Summoner class quest from the Tower of Summoners, or it seems to be leaning more towards that it’s an evolution of a Wolf.


Sharmir: But could there already be someone that had succeeded in evolution? I think there’s a higher chance of it being a monster that he received as a reward from some sort of hidden quest within a class quest.


DescendantofMyuran: I also agree with Sharmir. It’s only been found out that there are Familiars with evolution possible options, no one knows anything about the requirements to evolve, so it doesn’t make sense that someone’s already evolved one.


ShadowWarrior: I’m an Assassin class, but I’ll ask a question towards you Summoners. Do Summoners’ Agilities go up that much when they use Possession?


kka0707: The Summoner in that video looks to be in their late lv 40s at the least, and it also looks like they most likely Possessed a Familiar that’s about 10 levels higher. I’ve seen someone with an intermediate-level Proficiency with Possession, but they only take about 45% of the Familiar’s stats. But in order to have that much Agility with Possession, I think they Possessed a lv 60-ish raptorial monster.


The comment window was rampant of all sorts of speculations.

Starting from comments saying that Ian used Possession, a skill that he didn’t even have, to Ly being a special Familiar that could only be gained from a class quest, there were various kinds of hypotheses.

And the Summoner class bulletin board was multiple times more worked up compared to the combat video comment window.


Php0931: Ian, if you happen to be looking at the class bulletin board, please leave a comment!


SummonersaretheBest: Anybody who knows where to obtain the Red Maned Wolf, please let me know, I’m getting dizzy over it.


Lullang: Guys, the lightning-type skill that Ian used was the Current Proliferation skill or something like that, right? I had read the information in the Class’ Tower before!


And videos that added to the fire of explosive interest towards Ian even more continued to be uploaded.

Someone in the scene was taking videos of Ian’s preliminary rounds and immediately uploading them into the bulletin boards.

It wasn’t as impressive as when he went against Black Magician Himenes, but these videos were a hot issue for a different reason.

This was because no matter the opponent in the preliminary rounds, not one of them could face Ly before they dropped out.

The users’ interest towards Ly increased rapidly, and Ian, who wanted to become famous(?), was gradually becoming a celebrity without him knowing about it.



Lucia and Hines, who relayed the preliminary rounds of the rookie league for a quarter of the day, were conversing as they took a short break.

“Hines, don’t you think this rookie league is truly the best? Especially the Summoner named Ian and the Assassin named Limlong, I think they’re truly amazing.”

At Lucia’s words, Hines nodded his head.

“I also think that way. It looked like those two users raised themselves using some sort of special method.”

“That’s right. Their characters looked special, and their control level is unbelievable.”

Hines, who lifted his water bottle and slightly quenched his thirst, slowly continued speaking again.

“But Lucia, there’s something that’s been bothering me since a while ago.”

“Huh? What do you mean bother you?”

Hines slightly knitted his brows together as if he was thinking of something as he spoke.

“You know that Summoner user. Ian.”


“I think I’ve met him before somewhere.”

At those words, Lucia’s eyes slightly rounded.

“Huh? Really? Where did you see him?”

“I feel like I’ve definitely seen that red wolf somewhere…”

Hines, who momentarily thought about it, finally clapped his hands.

“Ah, right. I remember now!”

Lucia waited for Hines’ next words with a curious expression.

“I went to the Abysmal Island a while ago to help my friend with the Magician’s quest. There was a Summoner user then that rode the ghost ship with a giant red wolf, and I’m positive that person was him!”

Hines assured himself as he spoke.

‘That’s right, I’m sure it’s him. He probably caught that Ice Golem he used in the match at Abysmal Island.’

He didn’t know the identity of the strange turtle(?) he carried on his back, but as he matched up the Ice Golem, he could now confidently guess that it was him back then.

“Ooh, I see.”

Lucia had on an expression saying it was cool, but that was it.

Truthfully, it wasn’t like he was acquainted with Ian, and just having seen him was nothing to fuss over.

And rather, she thought it was a relief.

This was because Lucia was secretly planning on snatching a contract with Ian herself.

In the case that Hines was acquainted with Ian, she would be losing a chance to raise her performance.

‘When the arena schedule is over, I have to go approach him.’

Because the top-ranking Summoner ‘Loren’ that she tried to contact last time was acquainted with Hines, she had lost Loren to him, so this time, she wasn’t planning on losing Ian.

However, Hines had a secret plan of his own.

‘Since his impression looked really nice back then… I should be able to approach him a little easier if I say that I was the user that rode the boat with him then.’

Hines, whose mood brightened thinking of the bonus he would receive after clinching a contract with Ian, grinned as he stood up to relay the next match.



“Huehue, Huehuehuet.”

Ian, who won 5 matches with a perfect score one after another, passed the preliminary rounds early and watched the matches with an arrogant expression as he sat in the corner of the stands.

There were quite a lot of people that now recognized him after the preliminary rounds, but no one could bother Ian.

This was because the place that Ian was sitting at was the battalion sector, where only people who have passed the preliminary rounds could come into.

Because even Limlong, who was driving towards complete victory like Ian, had only finished four of his listed matches, only Ian sat in the waiting room.

“Will there be no capable person that can block me from winning, hoho.”

He already originally had strong self-pride in his own gaming skills, but as he hadn’t met a worthy opponent in the preliminary rounds, he was holding his head even higher.

‘It looks like the 100,000 Fame and lv 50 Summoner full-set items will soon belong to me. On top of that, they’ll all be Heroic-rank!’

Once he received the first-place reward of the rookie league, an easy journey towards level-grinding would be opened.

A happy feeling came just imagining it.

While Ian grinned and happily imagined to himself, the preliminary rounds of the rookie league came to an end, and lastly, 64 users remained in the arena’s waiting room.

Only a couple users that appeared to already be acquainted with each other were quietly conversing with each other, while the rest waited for the list of matches to appear with nervous expressions.

‘Even if they were progressed with 50 matches at once… Did less users participate than predicted? Or is it because it’s the rookie league. If all goes well, it looks like we could finish all the matches in a day.’

Just like Ian thought, there was the fault that only a few participated in the rookie league, but because the arena generally had a merciless rule that eliminated you even with one loss, the users were filtered out faster than expected.

‘It’s better for me. I could probably start hunting again right away tomorrow.’

As Ian was expecting to have to continuously stay at the arena for 2-3 days without leveling, he really liked the forwarded schedule.

While Ian thought of this and that, the arena’s schedule was progressing incredibly fast.

The list of matches came out instantly, as if corn was being popped with lightning, and shortly after, all of the matches for the 64 progressed.

And Ian looked at the opponent in front of him.

‘Huh, what is this Archer? I feel like I’ve seen him before somewhere…’

The opponent was glaring at him with the intentions of killing him.

And Ian was able to figure out who he was shortly after.

‘Ah… It’s that Goblin Chief Priest PK bum!’


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