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Chapter 33: New Family Members (2)

TL: Haku

Editor: Stealth

Ian grumbled.

“Ugh, anyhow, why is it so hard to find an ice block that I like?”

He did catch Bbookbbook but that was separate from the Ice Golems.

His reason for coming to Abysmal Island from the beginning was to tame a new Familiar to raise his fighting power.

Although Bbookbbook’s Potential was unknown, because his current stats were at a level where they were absolutely no help in raising Ian’s fighting power, Ian’s goal was not yet achieved.

‘An AoE skill is important but it’s absolutely necessary to have a Familiar that can tank in the front.’

In the Goblin Camping Ground Quest, Ian took on the role of tanking himself but he felt that not only did he not have an aptitude for it, but that it wasn’t efficient.

Therefore, Ian absolutely required an Ice Golem.

He was forcibly ignoring the thought that Bbookbbook could possibly tank.

Ian began to grind with Ly, with Bbookbbook released onto the field.

In any case, if it’s Bbookbbook’s Defensive Power, there would be no situation where he would have to suffer from another monster.

Bbook- Bbookbbook-.

And just as Ian predicted, Bbookbbook poked around the field delightedly as he received no restraint from any other monster.

After about 3 hours had passed just like that.

Ian caught an Ice Golem with the ‘evolution possible’ option that he wanted.


As he had more difficulty compared to when he was catching Ly, Ian felt even more satisfaction.

‘Shall we check its information?’

Ian opened the information of the newly caught Familiar.


Ice Golem

Lv: 38

Classification: Golem

Rank: Common

Personality: Simple-hearted

Evolution possible

Offensive Power: 205

Defensive Power: 315

Agility: 66

Intellect: 125

Vitality: 5450/5450

Mana: 1275/1275

Inherent Ability

Ice Wave

When they stomp their foot down loudly, a cold shock wave will shoot out 15 m.

50% of their Offensive Power will be forcibly dealt to enemies within range and for 10 seconds, it will slow their movements by 30%.

Cold Body

The lower the surrounding temperature is, the higher their stats additionally increase, going up to 30% and receives twice the damage from fire-based attacks.

This is a golem that’s composed of ice that inhabits Abysmal Island.


Ian, who read the explanation, had on a satisfied expression.

He thought that he had obtained a Familiar that would be useful in many ways.

Even checking the detailed window, its Potential was already at 75.

‘Huehue, nonetheless, it was worth grinding that much. Since Ly’s Potential is almost at 20, after granting a skill to Ly, I’ll have to use the training skill on this one.”

Ian, who was satisfied with the Ice Golem’s stats, immediately summoned the Golem.


And the imposing figure of an Ice Golem appeared in front of Ian.



You have summoned ‘Ice Golem’ for the first time. You can give it a name.


‘Oh, right, name.’

The pain of creation returned to Ian once again.

‘Since he’s a big and strong guy…’

Ian opened his mouth.

“I’ll make your name ‘Ddukdae[1]’.”


The ‘Ice Golem’s name has become ‘Ddukdae’.


Different from Ly or Bbookbbook, Ddukdae had no reaction.

‘Does he not understand my words very well?’

Ian tried calling Ddukdae.



As soon as Ian called his name, Ddukdae turned his head and looked at Ian.

‘Fortunately, he at least understands my words.’

“Summon Release!”

For now, Ian summon released Ddukdae again.

There was no problem when moving when he had Ly or Bbookbbook out but because Ddukdae had a large build, equivalent to the size of two adult males, the difficulty of movement would follow.

Ian used the Intermediate-level Training skill on Ly once more and held Bbookbbook with one hand.

‘Alright, it looks like I’m pretty much all set…’

He had used up two days trying to catch a golem. Now it was time to accelerate the delayed leveling up.

‘To Crupia Snow Mountain!’

Crupia Snow Mountain was a place located in the outskirts of the northern continent released along with this update.

He had received information about the Crupia Snow Mountain from current Sub-Guild Master Fiolan and Ian thought it was a suitable location to level up.

‘Although it is slightly unreasonable, if I just use my head a little while hunting, there’s no reason for it to be impossible.’

Amongst the northern continent, Crupia Snow Mountain was where the lowest level monsters appeared and it was a location where the monsters that inhabited there were approximately lv 50-60.

Common-rank Ddukdae was still incredibly weak when compared to Ly but since the position, ‘Tanker’, was newly developed, he thought that the general fighting power had increased by a large amount.

And as one of Ddukdae’s inherent abilities had the effect to increase his stats when in a cold area, this was also one of the reasons why Ian chose this snow mountain.

‘Firstly, let’s go to the village and buy some things I need.’

Because the northern continent was still an undeveloped land, a proper village did not exist.

There was a need to prepare required potions and assisting items to help endure the cold beforehand.



The value of YTBC, the game expert channel, was riding up a steep incline lately.

Before virtual reality games had come out, they were in a pretty good position as they broadcasted the pro league of popular games and information on new games, but in no more than a couple months, the company had grown almost twice its size.

And there was no need to say any more than that the foundation was none other than virtual reality game ‘Kailran’.

The other world inside Kailran was a hidden treasure with infinite content that was broadcast-worthy.

Now, people who normally didn’t have interest in games were being sucked into this incredible virtual reality one by one and in the case of Korea, in particular, where people were enthusiastic about virtual reality games from the beginning, there were many users that enjoyed Kailran, to the point where it was not strange to call people who didn’t know about Kailran a spy.

Thanks to that, the planning team of YTBC was crazy busy.

This was because competitors were increasing like bamboo shoots as YTBC expanded through broadcasts of Kailran. Because of that, the planning team was always in a frenzy in order to constantly find content that their viewers would like.

Even today, Lee Hansung, the leader of the planning team, had to pick up an urgent call as soon as his lunch time was over.

Team leader Lee, you know one of the users that are exploring the northern continent, was it the Blazing Knight? The ranking user with the hidden class.

Director Park Moonsung, who was well-known for his pickiness even within the broadcasting station, was grilling the planning team lately.

“Oh, yes, Director. You’re talking about Ceilron, the Blazing Knight, right?”


Yeah, that user. That user is the Sub-Guild Master of the Titan guild, right?


Titan guild was a huge guild that ranked within the top 5 guilds in the Korean server.

And Ceilron, the Blazing Knight, was ranked the second-best Knight in the Korean server, and was also the Sub-Guild Master of Titan guild.

“Yes, that’s right.”


How did the contacting that you said you would do go?


The latest northern expedition that Ceilron had run was the hottest issue between the Kailran users.

This was because a video of them killing a Mammoth, a Boss-rank monster that appeared for the first time in the northern continent was put up in the community.

And in order to gain his personal video, YTBC had already contacted him multiple times.

“Yes, fortunately, we finished negotiating yesterday. It’s going to start airing next week.”


And the profit distribution?


“It’s around 4:6.”


Hmm… It feels like you’re giving him a lot but to grab a person like him, there’s nothing much you can do.


After speaking to Park Moonsung Director about a couple other things, Lee Hansung, who ended the call, grumbled.

“Ugh, let me rest as well. I also want to play Kailran but I can’t find time to log on at all.”

However, even though he was grumbling, his hands continued to move incredibly quickly. The quicker he moved, the earlier he would be able to head home.

And he needed to head home earlier in order to play Kailran even a little longer.

He checked the ratings of the programs that were already organized one by one while sipping his coffee.

‘It must certainly be because it hasn’t been long since the update, as the broadcasts related to new classes and undeveloped lands are high.’

He began to check off list written in his notebook one by one.

‘Now most liaisons should be finished, I just need to find one user that has star traits between Summoners…’

It was a situation where he had already gained the videos after finding visibly ahead users that were Black Magicians and Assassins. He even heard that the Black Magician user was already over lv 30.

Compared to that, because he had still not found a user that was a Summoner over lv 25, it was troublesome.

‘Let’s just keep looking for a little longer.’

There absolutely had to be a user that was quietly ahead of the game even amongst the Summoners somewhere.

It was his job to find that user before any other broadcasting station.




Jinsung, who sat at the table and ripped open the bag of flakes, turned on the TV.

“Will there not be any useful information?”

Jinsung’s TV supported all cable channels but the channel he watched was always fixed.

That was exactly YTBC.

‘Since this is the game channel that you can at least gain decent information from.’

It was absolutely not because it was troublesome so he only kept it fixed on one channel.


Jinsung mixed his flakes with milk and ate it while he began to watch TV.

“Huh? Finally, information about Summoners are coming out?”

Jinsung stopped his spoon and began to focus more on the TV.

On the TV, one female Summoner user was being interviewed as she held a Red Fox.


Wow, is this the exact fox that had called over countless Summoners to Kalymputh Hill?


Yes, that’s right. Call her Coco.


Haha, the name is really cute as well. However, they say that Coco here is different from other foxes, is that the truth?


The user within the screen had on a proud expression as she nodded.


Yes, correct. I can’t show you here, but on the information window for this one, it has the option ‘evolution possible’.



Jinsung momentarily almost spit out the cereal he was eating.

He also felt like he suddenly couldn’t digest his meal well.

“Ha, information about Familiar evolution is finally released.”

Jinsung grumbled.

He thought it was information that would eventually get released, but since such high-quality information was now shared, his stomach hurt.

‘Still, it’s a relief that the information was released much later than I thought.’

The number of users that were class-changing into Summoners were increasing in arithmetical progression.

Even if all those users had tamed one monster each, there would have been multiple Summoners that had tamed one that was able to evolve by now.

In this kind of situation, as the information was released now, after 2 weeks had passed, it was actually quite late.

This was because the users that had caught ones that could be evolved probably had kept quiet about that information like Jinsung.

‘Still, without the Training skill, it won’t be easy evolving them.’

Based on the results of Jinsung’s analysis up to now, even without the Training skill, if its Affinity towards you increased in the process of you taking it around, its Potential increased little by little.

Other users could probably gain an evolved Familiar eventually. However, Jinsung thought that point would take over two weeks at the least.

“I should just eat my flakes quickly and log on.”

As the interview related to Red Fox Coco ended, there wasn’t much information that grabbed Jinsung’s attention afterwards.

The information that at least grabbed his information was about an interview with a user that had caught a Unique-ranking monster.

The monster that he had caught was the Jet-Black Half-Moon Bear, which Jinsung had also encountered a week ago.

‘It’s a Jet-Black Half-Moon Bear. He really strained himself to catch that at lv 23… He probably caught it with the help of his guild members or friends by the looks of it.’

However, as it was a monster that he had hunted easily with Ly even before he evolved, he wasn’t jealous.

While looking at the bottom of the screen, where the caption said ‘The very first Unique-ranking monster to be tamed’, Jinsung grumbled.

“Now that I look at it, I had caught a Unique-ranking monster before him…?”

For a moment, Jinsung remembered Bbookbbook’s cute image. And Jinsung automatically let out a sigh, his reason unknown.

‘Ha, I should just go and see Bbookbbook now.’

Jinsung, who roughly threw the bowl that he ate his flakes from into the sink, hurriedly sat in the capsule.


Iris recognition complete. Player ‘Ian’, welcome to the world of Kailran.


Along with the system message, Jinsung’s eyes slowly began to close.



[1] Ddukdae = referring to the large size/build of one


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