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Chen Xi obtained a rough understanding of the strength of these villains of Firecrow Town from Qiao Sheng.

Amongst the over 1,000 villains in Firecrow Town, the strengths of Scarecrow Zhang, Skull Li, Crimson Matthiola, Wu Fuzi, and Qi Yin were ranked at the top. All of them possessed cultivations at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm, killed people like flies, and had extremely abundant combat experience.

Actually, Chen Xi was extremely surprised when he just obtained an understanding of this situation. After all, as far as he was concerned, since the Firecrow Town gathered the wicked and evil of the entire Darchu Dynasty, then logically speaking, the most formidable villain shouldn’t possess just this level of strength.

But after Qiao Sheng explained it, he instantly understood.

Villains at the Rebirth Realm and above posed too great of a threat, and the crimes they committed in the outside world were too heavy and caused widespread indignation, so it would be insufficient to appease public wrath without killing them. The Darchu Dynasty didn’t dare dally when facing these villains, as it was worried of fostering a tiger that would cause harm to the Darchu Dynasty, thus the most cold blooded extermination was launched on these people.

Under these circumstances, how could these villains that possessed cultivations at the Rebirth Realm or above dare stay at Firecrow Town?

On the other hand, the existences of Scarecrow Zhang and the others were as laborers. In the area controlled by the Darchu Dynasty, they didn’t have to worry about the possibility of being exterminated, but so long as they advanced to the Rebirth Realm, then they would be unable to avoid being killed.

This was too painful to cultivators. They were unable to advance, which meant their lifespan was limited, so living was no different than waiting for death.

Perhaps this was the punishment of the Darchu Dynasty towards them. Living while waiting for death was sometimes even more tortuous than directly killing them.

In short, after he found out about the strength of Firecrow Town, Chen Xi didn’t worry about his life being threatened any longer, and he followed behind Qiao Sheng to push open the door and enter Firecrow Tavern.


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