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Chen Hao nervously looked towards his brother Chen Xi, he does not dare to show his anger.

Big brother has care less about his own wellbeing of his food and sleep, to send me to Song Yan City’s best martial arts school. All his hard-earned Yuan Stones were all spent on my wellbeing. Brother has never spent those Yuan Stones on himself before.


Chen Hao knows that brother may seems cold hearted, but in fact, he has a kind person, he very attentive to his grandfather and me always, but, why does everyone laugh at him?

Expressionless Chen, cursed ……

Every time when Chen Hao thought about those viscous nicknames, Chen Hao’s heart will be filled with anger, he could not resist tearing out the mouths of those people.

“Heng, as long as they laugh at big brother again, I will beat them up.”

Chen Hao clenched his small little fist, deciding it secretly in his heart.

“First, let’s go into the house to have dinner.”

Chen Xi then broke the silence, took in a deep breath, patted Chen Hao on the shoulder, opened the worn door and walked into the house.

“Brother? You are not blaming me?”

Chen Hao froze for a moment, with a joyful grin and said: “Okay, brother, I am very hungry.”


In the room, the dim pine oil lamp flickered dim light, which illuminated the small narrow cramped shack.

A man with only 1 thin hair left on his head is seating silently at the dining table, he is as skinny as a stick, wrinkled face, and a pair of milky eyes emitting a decadent atmosphere.

That old man is called Chen Tian Li, he was the previous most influential figure in Song Yan City, unfortunately, his influence was destroyed along with the Chen family, taken the fact he is also suffers a traditional illness relapse, repairs fees completely spent (修为彻底被废), so he became an ordinary old man.

“Ye ye (grandpa)”

Chen Xi quietly sat at the side of the table, looking at the plate of pickled cabbage and three bowls of rice on the table, sighing without him knowing, he himself is too stupid, every day earning more money, Ye Ye and Di Di (brother) would not need to suffer.

“Eat” Chen Tian Li (the sickly old man) said with a low hoarse voice, “After dinner, I have something that I have to say”

Chen Xi hesitated, nodded “Nn”

The three eat their meal interestingly, Chen Xi and Ye Ye only eat white rice, let the small plate of pickled cabbage for Chen Hao, the little guy knew refusing to eat is wasting, he buried his face while eating, but in his heart he repeated the vows: “Ye Ye, Ge Ge (elder brother), I will train to become strong, I give both of you all the exquisite food under the heavens, then both of you don’t need to eat this damned pickles anymore!”

After the meal, Chen Hao cutely (or cleverly) went to do the dishes, walked the house while carrying a wooden sword, he wants sword practice, he wants to seize every second, for him to grow stronger.

“At which stage are you at the training?” Chen Tian Li listening to the rattling sound of the sword from the window, while showing a very pleasant old man’s face.

is the Chen ancestral way of training (imagine it is something like Tai Chi), totaling of 18 stages, according the detailed records states after the 9 after birth training and 9 before birth training. (I am not very sure does it by birth or day like in daylight; 详细记载着从后天九重至先天九重的修炼法诀)

“I am still at the thirteenth stage.” Chen Hao was telling Ye Ye, his head was sweating cold sweat, the calm and stiff atmosphere never changed.


Chen Tian Li nodded, even though not expressing it, he was showing a bit of his complicated feelings.

He showed both love and hatred, ever since the birth of Chen Xi, the entire family was receiving bad new again and again; The Chen Clan destroyed, Chen Xi’s mother abandon the house and left, Chen Xi’s father swallowed in anger and left ……

What was more appalling was the Long Yuan, City Soviet, in front of the entire Song Yan City destroyed the wedding proposal, making Chen Tian Li lose face, taking care of 2 of his grandchildren single handedly, no one taking care of him, he hates these so much that he wants to commit suicide to end his life!

Sometimes he even suspects his that the rumors are true about his very own grandson is indeed cursed with bad luck. However, he will immediately abandon that thought, because the entire Chen Clan was only left the three of them, in addition to his decaying body, and they are surviving on the income of Chen Xi’s selling of talisman.

In other words, because of Chen Xi’s existence for all these years, their family status never reach to the level of beggers, and because of Chen Xi’s hard work, Chen Hao was able to enter the famous martial arts institute in Song Yan City.

Thinking about this, Chen Tian Li felt a warm gush in his heart, then bad luck, little Xi is his own grandson, and also the flesh and blood of the Chen Clan.

“Over the years, I was unfair towards you.”

Chen Tian LI let out a sigh: “I let little Hao eat well, wear well, and even let him study martial arts, but made you work hard for our livelihood, not a trace of goodness to you, me as your Ye Ye …… I am sorry for you.”

Chen Xi stiffen himself, surpassing the grief and sorrow in his heart for many years, he immediately took in a deep breath, to surpass the sorrow and grief even more, shook his head and said: “You are already at an old age, little Hao is still young and ignorant, so it is nature for me to do all these things.”

Chen Tian Li smiled, waved and said: “Don’t need mention it.”

Chen Xi nodded and became speechless.

His temper has been withdrawn, talkative, over the years he was often ridicule by the people who was around him, provoking him, but he prefers to do the silent treatment to not say any nonsense.

“Dragon District City will be  having a thousand blades event two weeks from now at the to open the mountain doors, recruiting disciples, I have planned for little Hao to try it out.” While meditating, Chen Tian Li suddenly said.

Chen Xi was startled, he said: “That’s good, leaving Song Yan City, it will beneficial little Hao’s growth.”

Chen Tian Li could not help it but asked: “You ….. you wouldn’t blame Ye Ye for being bias?”

Chen Xi shook his head: “I will listen to Ye Ye’s decisions.”

Chen Tian Li was carefully inspecting his grandson’s face, see if there was any expression then, then he was disappointed about Chen Xi was just emotionless and was as stiff as a log.

“In the public I’m losing face, my stubborn temperament is becoming tougher, still not knowing whether is good or bad, alas.”

Chen Tian Li thought deep in his heart, got up and return home


Early in the morning.

When Chen Xi got up from bed, the sky was just breaking dawn, washed his face with lots of cold water, just right outside of the house, his brother was still training his swordmanship.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The wooden sword swayed, letting out an audible burst of rapid piercing in the air, Chen Hao’s right hand was holding the wooden sword, his thin body flexibly jumped, cut, stab, pick up, thrust, while training not stop.

His small little was covered full of sweat, there was no trace of his trembling from holding the wooden sword, calm and skilled.

Chen Xi silently looked for a moment, not interrupting his Di Di, after preparing good food hastily, not doing his daily routine, he quickly ran to Zhang grocery store.

“Ah, the facial paralyzed Chen is back again!”

“Well, I thought I had to come to work in the morning, don’t touch him, who knows I will met him here, what bad luck.”

Inside Zhang grocery store, the new apprentices were seeing Chen Xi walk in, fleeing away from him, staring at him as if he was just bad luck.

“Uncle Zhang, I would like to borrow 100 Yuan Stone, not knowing if it is possible?” Chen Xi was just ignoring the cold glances, and went straight to the counter, requested Zhang Da Yong about his request.

Zhang Da Yong had doubts: “Chen Xi, what happened? Do speak up if you have any help.”

Chen Xi has helped him in his talisman business for more than 5 years, Chen Xi had never asked to borrow money, but today he was surprised for Chen Xi wanting to borrow 100 Yuan Stones, he was naturally confused by it, whatever the case, he was planning to help Chen Xi.

After hearing Zhang Da Yu’s words, he felt warm in his hearth, shook his head and said: “I didn’t get into any trouble, but I need to buy a thing.”

Zhang Da Yong suddenly took out a spirit jade and said: “Well, if it is not enough, you are welcome to borrow more.”

“That will be enough, thank you very much Uncle, I will return it very soon.”

A spirit jade is roughly equivalent to about 100 Yuan Stones. After taking the spirit jade, he left the place in a fast pace.

“That’s strange, that worked for his family’s livelihood, usually extremely thrifty, never simply spending money, what happened today?”

Zhang Da Yu was seeing as Chen Xi’s back disappear through the shop’s door, wondering endlessly.


Bai Lian Tang, located in the middle of Song Yan City, it monopolies some of the weapons needed by monks (修士), it is quite well known in Song Yan City.

Chen Xi took a trip in, the spirit jade was spent in less than a quarter of an hour, and this slightly hurt his feelings.

When he arrived home, noon was already approaching, Chen Tian Li was packing his luggage, Chen Hao was sitting in front of the door, folding his hands covering his face, not knowing what was he thinking.

“Ge (brother), you are back.” Hao Chen stood up, his little face was filled with joy.

Chen Xi stroked Chen Hao’s head, said: “You will be departing in a while.”

Chen Hao nodded, he looked depressed, he did not want to leave his brother, given the thought of going to Dragon District City, he will never be able to see his brother again, he felt very sad about it.

Chen Xi took out a long shaped jade box, hand it over: “This is for you, work hard.”

“You bought this for me?”

Chen Hao was shocked, staring at the fine looking jade box, and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

From young, every time he see other people child holding a variety of gifts to show off, he will become envious of the child, but he never dare to expect those gifts. Because he knows, his family is depending on Chen Xi’s hard work to sustain, in this case, he never dare to luxury.

Today, just before he departs, Ge Ge didn’t say a word and bought him a present, how could he not be touched by this?


Chen Hao choked while saying, he then lower his head, trying his best not to cry, but his eyes were already red.

Chen Xi patted his brother’s shoulder: “Take care of Ye Ye, but also remember to take care of yourself.”

“Nn!” Chen Hao nodded his head fiercely.

“I will see Ye Ye, then I will send both of you off.” Chen Xi showed a rare smile, turned and enter the house.

Chen Hao took in a deep breath and slowly opens the jade box, there was a cold glowing long sword in it, quietly resting in the jade box.


Picked up the sword, giving it a few swings, the sword made a very nice clear sound, as if it was the air was sharply cut.

“Ge, don’t worry, I would not let you down.”

Chen Hao looked at the long sword in his hands, it was as if he just grew overnight, he is no long an ignorant child anymore.


At noon, the golden sun was hanging up high.

Outside the city gates.

A carriage carrying both grandpa and grandson slowly left.

Chen Xi was standing on top of the city’s walls looking at afar.

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