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Corpses piled into mountains while blood rained down like waterfalls!

Under Shi Yu’s lead, all of them charged straight towards the Combat King that stood at the center of the battlefield.

However, because there were too many Bronze Combat Troops that formed a dense ocean while charging towards them fearlessly, it greatly obstructed their footsteps forward.

When looked at from afar, their group was like a lone boat that was charging through an ocean of enemies, and it was utterly impossible for them to quickly approach the Combat King that stood at the center of the battlefield.

“We don’t have much time left! Kill!” After a short moment, Shi Yu roared towards the sky with a voice that sounded like thunder, and it resounded throughout the surroundings. As he spoke, the God Mystery Sword in his hand tore through the air, and it transformed into a boundless rain of swords that swept out and instantly slaughtered over a thousand Bronze Combat Troops.

They had to kill the Combat King in the time for an incense stick to burn, otherwise it would be impossible for them to leave this Divine Restriction, and that meant that their group would perish here!

So at this moment, none of them dared to slack off, and they executed their strongest attacks.


Nine Clarity Divinelight shot into the sky like a rainbow and flowed towards the surroundings. It was like nine divine dragons soaring through the ancient battlefield, and it carried along a string of bloody waves with it.

Hiss! Hiss!

The Emperor Divine Battle Axe transformed into violent crescents that filled the sky, and it shot explosively towards the surroundings like sharp blades. Everywhere it passed, a horrifying blood red rift was slashed upon amongst the surging horde of enemies.


Compared to Xiangliu Li and Dian Dian’s attacks, Heaven Trampler’s actions were even more direct. He held the dark and enormous axe as he chopped down successively. Every single chop of the axe definitely shook the heavens and the earth, and it caused countless pieces of flesh to spray into the air while pillars of blood shot into the sky.

This battle was extremely intense.

The four Immortal Kings were making every second count and utilizing all the ability they possessed.

Because this was a Restriction of the Gods within the God Attainment Palace, and if they were unable to pass through it, then their fate would be instantly decided!

At that time, not to mention the method to become a god, even their lives would be left behind here.

How could Shi Yu and the others dare be careless under such circumstances?

It was precisely because they were concentrating that they completely didn’t notice that Chen Xi who was being protected at their center was in a strange state at this moment.

Om! Om! Om~

Within his sea of consciousness, the River Diagram fragments were shaking and howling lightly, and they emanated strands of strange energy fluctuations that completely enveloped Chen Xi and seeped into his soul.

All of this happened too suddenly, and it caused even Chen Xi to be unaware why the River Diagram fragments would suddenly awaken once more in this ancient battlefield that was filled with killing intent.

Moreover, the movement of the River Diagram fragments this time was so intense…


Before Chen Xi could recover from his shock, he felt a thunderclap resound within his mind, and then the scene before his eyes seemed as if it had been blasted into pieces, causing even his soul to tremble.

When he returned once more to his senses, he suddenly noticed that everything in his field of vision had changed!

The dense mass of Bronze Combat Troops had actually transformed into numerous strange and dense talismans, and they were twisting about like tadpoles.

The heavens, earth, and space within the ancient battlefield had transformed into obscure patterns that were formed from numerous distorted and mysterious talismans.

It was even to the extent that the towering Combat King that stood at the center of the battlefield had transformed into an extremely mysterious and terrifying talisman marking.

Yes, at this moment, within Chen Xi’s field of vision, everything in the ancient battlefield had transformed into talismans!

He’d once seen these talismans on the entrance to the God Attainment Palace, and they were obscure, mysterious, and twisted about like tadpoles. Moreover, they seemed like the ‘language of the gods.’

However, at this moment, these talismans were moving, and they’d transformed into the Bronze Combat Troops, the heavens and the earth here, and the Combat King that stood in the distance and emanated boundless killing intent!

This is the true appearance of the Combat King Restriction… A flash of inspiration appeared in Chen Xi’s mind, and he understood everything.

However, in next to no time, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered about all of this. Because he suddenly noticed that even though the Bronze Combat Troops that covered the heavens and the earth and were made from mysterious talismans, were being utterly crushed by Shi Yu and the others to the point a rain of blood sprayed through the sky, they didn’t really die.

It was even to the extent that it didn’t take long before the pieces of their flesh and the rain of blood would condense into form once more, and then they would charge over courageously once again!

Of course, in Chen Xi’s eyes, it was damaged mysterious talismans that were being combined together once more.

What did this mean?

It meant that the Bronze Combat Troops on this ancient battlefield couldn’t be wiped out at all!

Om~ Om~

In his sea of consciousness, the River Diagram fragments were still droning and trembling, and they reminded Chen Xi that all of this hadn’t ended.

Amidst this strange state, all the mysterious and obscure talismans in Chen Xi’s field of vision grew clearer and clearer, and it was even to the extent that he was able to identify how the smallest talisman markings within the talismans circulated…

So that’s the most basic circulation pathway of the Grand Dao of the five elements.

Wind and lightning…

Yin and Yang…


In next to no time, various comprehensions surged into Chen Xi’s heart, and he recognized the energy of the Grand Dao that he was familiar with from within the dense talismans that covered the sky.

However, at this moment, these familiar Grand Daos had transformed into mysterious, distorted, and obscure talismans, and the pathways that the talisman markings of these talismans circulated with were the most intrinsic characteristic of these various Grand Daos.

For example, the Grand Dao of Fire’s quintessence pathway seemed to be lively and unrestrained. It wasn’t a fixed pathway, and it would instead evolve like water, grow like wood, seem condensed and heavy like the earth…

Every single one of the other Grand Daos were like this as well.

As his comprehensions grew deeper, Chen Xi finally dared to confirm that these mysterious and obscure talismans were formed from the true quintessence energy of the Grand Dao!

They weren’t Dao Insights, or Laws, or Allheaven Divine Crests… It was the true energy of the Grand Dao. It had returned to its source and was displayed in the form of talismans.

Chen Xi faintly captured a type of enlightenment.

It was a type of enlightenment related to ‘fusing the Dao’ for the Saint Immortal Realm. If one wanted to advance into the Saint Immortal Realm, one had to completely fuse all the various Golden Immortal Laws that one possessed before establishing a Saint Dao Law of one’s own. This was the fusing of the Dao.

Earlier, even though Chen Xi was clearly aware of this, he wasn’t able to figure out exactly what he should do because he was only at the Perfection-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm, and he wasn’t a Saint Immortal.

Yet now, the mysterious talismans before his eyes that were formed from the quintessence of various Grand Dao seemed to have completely fused various Grand Daos into the Talisman Grand Dao!

It felt like everything within this ancient battlefield had displayed a lifelike process of fusing the Dao to him!

Om~ Om~

The fluctuations of the River Diagram fragments in his sea of consciousness grew in intensely. If it was said to be like a surging river earlier, then it was like tempestuous waves in an ocean at this moment.

Before Chen Xi could comprehend even more profundities, the scene before his eyes rumbled and changed once more!

This time, Chen Xi noticed to his shock that all the talismans in his field of vision actually contained a strand of the aura of divinity., and even the circulation pathways of the talismans were filled with an indescribably wonderful rhythm.

What’s this? Chen Xi was puzzled and dazed.

This force was too terrifying, and it seemed to be supreme and paramount. It wasn’t something that he could come into contact with at all. Perhaps this is the true Restriction of the Gods, and it’s filled with the Laws of Gods!

Swish! Swish!

After that, Chen Xi noticed to his shock that the talismans that covered the sky actually seemed to have been pulled by a shapeless force and ceaselessly swarmed towards him!

Yet the four Immortal Kings by his side actually didn’t notice all of this at all…

What’s going on? Chen Xi was astounded. Those talismans formed the Bronze Combat Troops, yet they’re charging towards me now. What if they kill me?

However, what happened next proved that Chen Xi’s worries were unnecessary.

When the first talisman charged into his body, it didn’t cause any damage to him, and it instead transformed into an indescribably warm flow that spread throughout his body.

After that, Chen Xi suddenly sensed that the energy of the Grand Dao of Fire he possessed actually faintly improved a tiny bit!


Before Chen Xi could figure out all of this, strands of talismans surged into Chen Xi’s body like tidewater, and they surged in ceaselessly as if there was no end to them.

During this entire process, Chen Xi didn’t feel any discomfort at all. Conversely, all of this was like a warm current that swiftly improved Chen Xi’s grasp of the various Grand Daos!

In practically an instant, his grasp towards the Grand Dao Laws of Creation, Eternal, and Devour had actually been condensed into a completely new Allheaven Divine Crest, the Enduring Divine Crest!

It contained boundless forms and was capable of devouring the heavens and the earth, thus it was eternally enduring and was called ‘Enduring!’

All of this occurred so suddenly and swiftly, and it caused Chen Xi to lack the time to figure out why exactly this had happened. After that, all of this had already occurred, so it naturally caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but feel shocked and even dazed.

Fortunately, he was clearly aware that this was caused by the sudden awakening of the River Diagram fragments, otherwise he would truly doubt the state of his mind and wonder if his heart had been invaded by inner demons, causing him to hallucinate…

This wasn’t the end of it.

In the subsequent period of time, along with the ceaseless surging of talismans into his body, Chen Xi grasped the Taichi Divine Crest that was condensed from the Grand Dao Laws of Light, Darkness, Yin, and Yang. Then it was the Risefall Divine Crest condensed from the Grand Dao Laws of Paramita and Oblivion. Next…

At this point, all the Grand Dao Laws Chen Xi possessed had been completely condensed into Allheaven Divine Crests, and they were respectively the Five Element Divine Crest, Tempest Divine Crest, Star Obliteration Divine Crest, Taichi Divine Crest, Risefall Divine Crest, and Spatial Divine Crest.

“Hmm? Wait! Why has this Combat King’s strength weakened?”

“Perhaps he was putting on an empty show of strength earlier.”


“Who cares?! Let’s kill him first!”

Suddenly, a wave of clamorous noise resounded, and it jolted Chen Xi awake. Before Chen Xi could see the situation before him clearly, a wave of terrifying rumbling of battle swept over.

After a short moment.

“We’ve succeeded!”

“This Combat King Restriction isn’t really great.”

“Don’t get happy too early. This is only the first step in the God Attainment Palace, and there are even more terrifying restrictions waiting for us.”

“Eh, Chen Xi! What’s wrong with you?”

When Chen Xi’s field of vision cleared up, he instantly noticed that he’d already escaped the ancient battlefield and returned to the limestone path that seemed to be boundlessly long.

At this side, Shi Yu and the others were looking at him with puzzled expressions.

Chen Xi completely returned to his senses when he saw this, and he shook his head as he said, “I’m fine. The battle just now was too formidable, so I couldn’t help but be slightly affected. I’ve recovered now.”

Shi Yu and the others came to a sudden understanding when they heard this.

At the same time, along with the departure of Shi Yu and the others, the ancient battlefield within the Combat King Restriction had returned once more to deathly silence.

However, above the sky that was covered in roiling black clouds, a deep, icy cold, and indifferent eye opened up, and then it vanished almost instantaneously…

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