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Chapter 264 – Beast Tide Crisis

The sword howl was faint, chilly, and melodious.

At this moment, azure light that seemed like a layer of ripples faintly flowed about the surface of the ancient and simple sword base, and it was like a flowing and gurgling clear stream that emitted an indescribable sense of intelligence.

If one looked into the sword, one would notice a luxuriant and green world that had formed within it, and the talisman markings that were dense like branches and leaves flickered within like the stars in the sky and emitted copious and surging vitality.

I’ve succeeded!

Chen Xi completely heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this scene, and he couldn’t bear it any longer and lay on the ground. Within his body, boundless exhaustion was like tidewater that drowned him, causing him to unconsciously enter the land of dreams.

All of his energy for an entire five years of time had been placed into the inscribing of talisman markings, causing Chen Xi to be like a tightly drawn bowstring. Even though his body was fine, yet the consumption of the strength of his mind and soul increased with each passing day. If another person was asked to neither eat nor drink, neither sleep nor rest, and continuously do the same thing for five years, they would surely be tortured by the extremely monotonous life to the point their body and mind was exhausted, let alone inscribing talisman markings that were vast like the ocean and didn’t allow the slightest mistake from occurring.

It could be said that even if a talisman formation grandmaster inscribed the talisman marking structures of the Azurewood Divine Talisman, the grandmaster would absolutely not dare say he had confidence in inscribing it successfully.

Besides Chen Xi’s extraordinary comprehension ability in the Dao of Talismans, Chen Xi was able to achieve such a feat because of his persistence, tenacity, and the heavy pressure he placed on himself that disallowed failure.

“I originally thought it was impossible for him to succeed in one try. Who knew that this little fellow would give me a pleasant surprise instead. Haha! Master has a successor. Perhaps he’ll be able to ascend Oracle Mountain one day and compete with those senior brothers and sisters of his….” Ji Yu looked at Chen Xi who was sleeping soundly, and he felt a sense of pride from Chen Xi’s achievements as well, then stayed for a while before turning around and leaving.

Only Chen Xi remained in the entire world of stars.

He slept soundly in the starry universe with the eternally circulating stars, nebulas, and rivers of stars in his surroundings, causing him to seem inconspicuous like a drop in the ocean or an inconspicuous speck of dust.

In the next moment, boundless chilly starlight gushed over from all over as if they possessed intelligence and poured down to envelop Chen Xi’s entire body.



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