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Chapter 1 Part 5 Teng Po*

Warning: This chapter has a violent scene.

It was strange to say that the sanctuary, apart from the altar, does not worship any gods at all. In the East corner, there was only trunks height as one-person-tall three logs, looked like the logs on the wall outside the stockade, generally covered with rattan vines, but a piece of them bulges out in the middle, which looks like three big spindles standing in the distance.

There’s nothing weird about it.

He heard Li Da's moaning. Like it was soul-stirring. Couldn’t stop it. Long Ya secretly laughed and turned back, in a twinkling of an eye. he saw the gentlewoman and white arms around Li Da’s neck, and her indescribable love was lingering.

Suddenly, a terrorize scene happened!

The woman’s delicate and symmetrical arms suddenly surged several zhang, becoming winding and slender, like a vine around Li Da’s neck! Then climb up and hold Li Da’s whole body tightly! The strength of its power was so great that Li Da could not move a little!

The woman’s body suddenly turned into a miserable green, waist, abdomen and other places also spread rattan-like things, the speed of derivation was so astonishing, in the blink of an eye had tightly tied up Li Da, even mercilessly strangled into the flesh!

Long Ya hid and watched the terrible situation outside the sanctuary then startled, but he saw that the woman’s legs had also changed, alternating and circling with each other, pulling several zhang high, firmly clinging on the top of the stone roof, in a flash, Li Da had been hanging upside down in the air!

Poor Li Da did not die suddenly, but he could not utter even a word, Li Da useless struggled, his blood flooded along vines and branches, “patter” on the below altar!

The woman’s figure was not human anymore, as pupa tightly wrapped Li Da in. And Li Da’s spilt blood was undoubtedly nourishing the growth of vines, more densely multiplied, more closely wrapped Li Da, only revealing a face of panic, despair, pain and distortion because of blood loss, gradually dry and gloomy!

Obviously, Li Da is dead, the process is just a blink of an eye.

Anyone who saw such horror scenes could not be calm, Long Ya was no exception. When he suddenly regained his sense and was ready to flee, there was a cold voice behind him.

“Did you see it?”

Long Ya turned back instantly, but the newcomer started first and pushed him forward to the sanctuary!

When he stood firm and turned around, the figure of an old and bent woman stood at the door, indescribable ghastliness and terror!

“Haha… After waiting more than sixty years. Finally, a prey delivered himself to me.” Teng Po trembled in, touching the moonlight that shined from the roof, chirping sounds, the old body like a bunch of rattan lashed around, interwoven on a rattan net, roaring toward the Long Ya!

Long Ya relied on his light skill to avoid them one by one. Once it touched the ground, it took root and multiplies itself from the ground. It seems endless. In a short time, half of the hall is covered with rattan, and a stone door had already been sealed up!

Long Ya had no choice but retreated to the eastern corner. It was only near that corner that there was a horrible face on the huge spindle-shaped object. Although it had been distorted, it could be dimly distinguished that face. It was Li Er, Li San and Li Si who disappeared last night.

Soon the hanging Li Da, would become like them, the wood wrapped by the rattan!

At this moment, Long Ya just thought about what the crack pattern he saw on the log on the wooden wall that day was, just like them, many distorted human faces!

When he still thought, a large vine had swept in, tightly tied his legs, stretching a few time, had pulled him down to the ground, then a great force came, he had been unconsciously towed to the lush vine!

Even pulling out the steel sword, inserting it directly into the ground, could not stop the slip!

Seeing the rattan net getting closer and closer, suddenly a flashed of a sword. The big rattan had been torn off and brought a terrifying howl that made the heart chill!

A hand stretched out beside him and pulled him up. Turned his head, it was Sha Man!

Sha Man took hold of Long Ya with one hand, another hand grabbed rattan that hanging down from the roof, then rose up. In a blink of an eye, they had jumped out of the hole on the roof and landed on the roof. He could only hear the screaming from below, and the tangled vines seemed to want to spew out from the hole, but it could not come out.

“You can rest assured that as long as she transforms in the sanctuary, she would never be able to come out unless she succeeds in reincarnation.” Sha Man stared at the vines were spreading below, and her eyes filled with sadness.

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"What are you?…"

“I don’t know.” Sha Man shook her head and said blankly, “We have been here for a long time. One life that lived for 25 years. If we can’t find trees before the age of 25, our body will be withered and difficult to find trees to rely on.”

“But that’s a human, not a tree!” Longya murmured, “My four subordinates…” For a moment, he felt sad and angry, but couldn’t say any more.

"They became trees. Women are like vines men are like trees, if we are not entangled, how can we miss each other endlessly? Sha Man said lightly, “Soon, our sisters will be reincarnated, and then they will continue to repeat cycle, next life cannot escape this cycle. Even though tired of fate like this, I can’t help it." Sha Man’s voice is gentle, but Long Ya could felt indescribable loneliness.

“Why did you save me?” Long Ya asked in a trembling voice. But saw Sha Man pulled her skirt up to show the symmetrical leg, there is also an egg-sized scar on the right leg, it is the wound bitten by the rat during the day, Unthinkable that scar could heal in one day, but the scar was dark green, more like the fracture of the rattan vine.

“You go before it's too late.” Sha Man raised her hand and pointed to the path hidden in the deep forest outside the stockade. “If you leave the stockade, you must not look back. Close your eyes before you go, you can open your eyes again when you go out of the forest.”

Most of the cottages below were lit up, many people were already shocked.

Long Ya knew that he could not go out if everyone came out. So, he jumped down from the roof, rushed to the gate of the stockade. Suddenly, he turned around and saw Sha Man standing on the roof, gentle as a fairy in the moonlight, with a slight understanding of his eye, smiled at him and fell into the sanctuary.

Then he saw many rattan vines winding out of the sanctuary, entangled with the vines of the former Teng Po vines, and sealed the door of the sanctuary tightly!

Sha Man turned into a rattan vine before his eyes, there was no more a beautiful woman with a soft and charming voice.

Long Ya stood there blankly, watching the group of Miao guniang rush from all directions to the sanctuary, and scream desperately. Suddenly he regained consciousness and ran down to the path, closed his eyes and kept asking himself, “Why did she do this…”

It was a very long night. Until felt the light he opened his eyes, he had returned to the intersection two days ago. There were still marks on the barks of the road, left by him before entering the forest, but they had already been mottled and cracked, and the scratches by a sword was covered with floating soil. It seemed that there had been more than two days.

Looking back at the smoky path behind him, there are many rules or incomplete footprints on the muddy ground. There are his footprints, the four brothers of the Li family, and the footprints of countless pedestrians who were unknown before, all heading towards the depths of the dense forest…

Only his footprints zigzagged out of the woods…

Long Ya fell to the ground and gazed at the mysterious path, confused by all kinds of confusing experience. It seemed that the songs sung by the girls on that day were ringing in his ears:

Large trees, large trees, vines without trees blown away with the wind.

Trees grow, trees grow, vines hold trees well without root.

Loneliness and emptiness until senescence, can't compare with one love's night…"

Long Ya said that he poured a cup of Lishoushao from a jug and was about to reach his lips, but suddenly stopped. He murmured, “When I found my way out of Miaoling and returned to the city, I knew that the outside world had passed more than two months, the truth is I had only been in the mountains more than two days.”

Yu Ji smiled and took out a small and exquisite white jade bottle from the wine rack, walked to the table. “One day in the mountains, the world has been a thousand years, no wonder the Long Butou caught the head of it without knowing it.”

She reached out and took the wine from Long Ya’s hand. She raised her hand, splashed the wine on the street. “After hearing such a wonderful story, inviting Long Butou to drink Lishoushao. It seems ungenerous.” Then put the wine from the white jade bottle poured into the wine cup and put it on the table.

The wine in that cup is green like dripping. Long Ya sipped it, a sensation was lightly touched. It’s only a lingering mouthful. It was so refreshing and a bit bitter in some way.

“What kind of wine is this?”

Yu Ji put the white jade bottle on the table with a smile and slowly moved back to the counter. “This wine…call it…Lovesick”

When Long Ya heard her words, felt a shiver in his heart, he took a look at the wine bottle and saw a small piece of fine rattan vine in the white transparent jade bottle, beautiful and enchanting…

*藤婆 (Téng pó) = Vine (Old) Woman

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