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Chapter 479 - Extract

The Demon Lord’s gaze fell on Nie Li with a bizarre flash in his eyes as he took a sip of tea, acting perfectly composed.

Nie Li could sense a terrifying aura emanating from the Demon Lord. He had a feeling that if he fought with the Demon Lord, he might not be able to defeat the latter.

After seeing the Demon Lord, hatred rose in Ye Ziyun’s heart. She wanted to charge right up. However, she was held back by Nie Li.

“I never expected your cultivation to rise so much in such a short period of time.” Nie Li said coldly. Ye Zong’s revenge was absolutely irreconcilable.

“The Draconic Ruins Realm is truly a place with a swarm of experts with innumerable cultivation techniques. So it’s not hard trying to be a powerhouse.” The Demon Lord smiled as he continued, “Compared to the Tiny World, it’s a completely different world.”

“You’re cultivation is the Spirit-Devouring cultivation technique.” Nie Li narrowed his eyes as he looked at the Demon Lord.

“Indeed, I never expect you to have seen through that.” The cup in the Demon Lord’s hand briefly paused before he returned to normal.

“The Spirit-Devouring cultivation technique can absorb the soul of Demon Beasts to raise one’s cultivation in a short time, reaching a stunning height. However, this cultivation technique is extremely dangerous and you might explode if you’re careless.” Nie Li sneered, “The higher your cultivation, the more dangerous it will be. Now, I wonder what level have you reached in the Spirit-Devouring cultivation technique.”

“You actually know so much, what a pity.” The Demon Lord sighed.

“What’s there to pity?” Nie Li’s gaze flickered with a cold flash.

“It’s a pity that you’re my enemy, not my friend. If you’re able to help me, it won’t be difficult for the two of us to gain control of the Draconic Ruins Realm.” The Demon Lord laughed out.

Hearing the Demon Lord’s words, everyone in the hall showed displeased expressions.

“Who is he?”

“What arrogance.”

Everyone looked to be angered by the Demon Lord’s words.

Nie Li faintly smiled. “People who walk on different paths cannot make plans together, not to mention that we have an irreconcilable grudge between us.”

“You’re talking about Ye Zong?” The Demon Lord smiled as he continued, “Just a person from the Tiny World, is he worth such concern from you?”

“To me, he’s a relative.” Nie Li spoke coldly.

“What a pity, I actually don’t want to fight with you. At least now since we have a common enemy. Who knows, we can even work together.” An unusual light flickered in the Demon Lord’s eyes.

Nie Li snorted disdainfully, “Common enemy? Why don’t you emphasize about it?”

The Demon Lord stared at Nie Li for a long time before he slowly said, “The Sage Emperor.”

Hearing those words, Nie Li’s body trembled and he stared at the Demon Lord for a long time. Nie Li couldn’t figure out how the Demon Lord knew about the Sage Emperor’s existence. Even if the Sage Emperor was currently attempting to refine the entire Draconic Ruins Realm, those in the Draconic Ruins Realm shouldn’t know about it.

That’s because they did not have the ability to know about it.

In the tens of millions of years, anyone that could surpass the boundary of Martial Ancestor Realm would all be killed, no one knew how they died. Only Nie Li knew that they’re all murdered by the Sage Emperor’s subordinates.

Back then, when Nie Li broke through to the realm beyond Martial Ancestor, he had hidden in the Temporal Demon Spirit Book for a few hundred years before he managed to avoid the crisis.

But in the end, he had no choice but to face the Sage Emperor.

As if he was satisfied with Nie Li’s reaction, the Demon Lord smiled and took another sip of tea.

When everyone else heard the conversation between Nie Li and the Demon Lord, they felt puzzled and they started to discuss.

“Who is the Sage Emperor?”

“Never heard about him before.”

“Neither have I.” They’re all guessing the identity of the Sage Emperor, someone that could cause Nie Li and the Demon Lord to be so concerned about this matter.

“How do I know that you’re not his opponent.” Nie Li held onto the cup of tea by his side.

“If I was someone on his side, you would have died by now.” The Demon Lord said with his eyes narrowed.

Nie Li held onto the cup for a long time before he slowly placed it down.

“I will not make things difficult, but it’s impossible for me to work together with the murderer of my Father-in-Law.” Nie Li raised his head to look at the Demon Lord. “I was just pondering why your cultivation has increased so quickly. Now I understand, you must be the reincarnation of a supreme powerhouse, right?”

“It’s not hard to guess that, I’ve only just awakened for a month.” The Demon Lord also raised his head to look at Nie Li. “I believe you know how powerful the Sage Emperor is. Even if we work together, we don’t have a 100% chance of winning, not to mention that we’re working alone.”

“Not exactly, I can’t think of how useful you are to me.” Nie Li coldly said.

“Looks like you’re still brooding over the death of Ye Zong.” The Demon Lord smiled before a bottle appeared in his right hand and he placed it on the table. “I’ll give this to you. Although we might not be able to cooperate, we can at least forget our former enmity.”

Casting a glance at the Demon Lord, Nie Li took the bottle and gave it a sniff. Instantly, a fragrance that penetrated deep into his heart emanated from the bottle. With his eyes widened, Nie Li’s face was covered with disbelief. “The Spring of Life!”

“Indeed, the Spring of Life from the end of the cosmos, and I believe you know how to use it.” The Demon Lord looked at Nie Li as he continued, “This can at least prove my sincerity, right?”

Before the Demon Lord continued to speak, Nie Li had immediately stored the Spring of Life.

“Thanks. Although we cannot cooperate, but our enmity is wiped off.” Nie Li nodded his head. With the Spring of Life and the Ye Zong’s soul that he had collected, he would be able to revive Ye Zong through a secret technique!

With Ye Zong coming back to life, his enmity with the Demon Lord was also nonexistent.

“But I believe your motive for giving me this Sping of Life isn’t as easy as burying the hatchet, right?” Nie Li looked at the Demon Lord as if he wanted to look through the latter.

“Indeed, aside from burying the hatchet, I also have something that I’d like to ask from you.” The Demon Lord nodded his head.

“What is it?” Nie Li asked.

“The extract of the Divine Phaseless Fruit, regardless of the amount.” The Demon Lord looked at Nie Li.

“How do you know that I have it?” Nie Li asked.

“The Sacred Elixirs should have been made with the extract of the Divine Phaseless Fruit. But the purity in those Sacred Elixirs is too little, it’s useless for me. So I need the purest extract.” The Demon Lord said.

“How do you know that I’ll give it to you?” Nie Li stared at the Demon Lord.

“Since you can create so many Sacred Elixirs, you must have a Divine Phaseless Fruit. Giving me some extract won’t do any harm to you.” The Demon Lord looked at Nie Li with his eyes narrowed. “Then again, you have the right to refuse. But I suppose that you do not wish to have another enemy, right?”

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